Puga Rants: MattyBRaps

Puga WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING TO THE YOUTH OF TODAY!?!?!?!?! Now that that's out of the way, who exactly is MattyBRaps? He's an assh- I mean, YouTuber, who is the most untalented in the business. And he has 3.5 million subs. What makes him so bad? There's the fact that he does nothing original. He's basically a 12-year-old (yup) rapper who does covers of every popular song in sight. And of course that results in him singing songs about rape (Blurred Lines) and blowjobs (Whistle). Fantastic. It also doesn't help that he has an identity crisis. He calls himself a rapper but 75% of the time he's singing. When he's rapping he sounds like he's singing in a different language where the only word is Numa, and when he's singing he sounds like he's gone four days without a glass of water.

His covers half the time are just awkward. Now get your chalkboard and take notes here because I'm cracking this right open. In his rude cover (one of his worst, he sings about "getting in his car" at one point) he legit asks to marry a girl and puts a ring on her finger at the end, but in his Steal my Girl cover he's clearly appealing to everyone. He could be singing it about your granny for all anyone knows. His "love" covers don't work when he has fifty girls guest starring in every video! His Boom Boom Pow parody PROVES that his parents have some robotic technology which they most likely use on his voice. His Call me Maybe cover (he calls it a cover but it's not, it's a parody) says two things. Either he's a boastful annoyakce or he's insulting his fanbase (just wait until I talk about them). His Gentleman cover is one of the most creepy videos I've seen but no one brings it up because Matty is "the most cutesie-wutsie huggable little boy". And his Juicy parody is the most insulting. In the original Biggie was talking about his struggle in childhood and how hard he worked, and that's actually understandable because he did work hard and is regarded as one of the best rappers. Matty did his cover of Juicy and it's horrible because, again, he sings terribly, and he has had NO struggle in life at ALL. He has had everything handed to him since he turned seven when he started to "rap".

The absolute worst thing about Matty has to be his fanbase though. They call themselves bgirls and bboys (let's be honest though, 99% of people who like the cutie white boy who uses autotune are girls) and they obsess over him like he's their brother. The reasons they use to defend him are:
"He's just chasing his dream"
Murderers were chasing their dream of murdering people.
"He's only 12"
Many pre-teens are criminal who are horrific role-models. Matty may not be a criminal but your role model is a boastful, spoilt, untalented prick.
"Ur a hater, don't say anything at all if you don't have anything nice to say"
I'm sick to death of this word, read my rant on it and shut up.
Is there anymore that needs to be said? I hope the random b in his name stands for brat.

I'm signing out, this has been another episode of Puga Rants.


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The B stands for Brat. - Skullkid755

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Please end your life you ultimate loser f***** - Irishcoon

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