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161 Sound & Color - Alabama Shakes Sound & Color - Alabama Shakes V 1 Comment
162 Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better) - Felix Jaehn Feat. Jasmine Thompson Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better) - Felix Jaehn Feat. Jasmine Thompson

How can this song be at 185? I think that Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better) is the best song of the year (only second to Take Me To Church, that was released in 2014) - GianG

163 Lionsong - Bjork Lionsong - Bjork V 1 Comment
164 Masterpiece - Jessie J Masterpiece - Jessie J

This song is so nice and makes my life better. I think you should hear this O0O/

V 1 Comment
165 Hollow - Breaking Benjamin V 2 Comments
166 Good Times - Ella Eyre Good Times - Ella Eyre

I haven't listened to this song yet, but it's still better than Watch Me by Silento.

V 2 Comments
167 Excuse Me - A$ap Rocky Excuse Me - A$ap Rocky
168 Bad Blood - Taylor Swift Bad Blood - Taylor Swift

I cannot stand this song. Radio overplayed this song and I automatically turn the station whenever it is playing. I have never heard the entire song because it irritates me so much. I think this is one of Taylor's weaker songs and I hated the video. I prefer her simpler songs and low budget productions. There was too much and I don't feel that is a good fit for Taylor. She's all about girl power but the song is dissing another female. Too much hypocrisy and her squad makes me nauseous.

I know how she feel when she was betrayed by her best friend, Katy Perry because I also feel the same when my friends betray me almost everyday. If I was her, I would write Bad Blood too. I don't criticize her when she released this song and Bad Blood also one of my favorite songs on 1989 but I feel disappointed with the verse lyrics its said Did you have to ruined what was shiny and now all rusted. I think that line doesn't comfortable with Bad Blood. - BeaM456

As a Taylor Swift fan and someone who thinks lowly of Katy Perry, this song blows hard. Kendrick Lamar, a rapper I also like, is pretty much frosting on the cake here, and it doesn't even go with the "rap diss" power. The beat is also non-existent, it tries to be an anthem but fails. - Swellow

This song sounds like it tries too hard to be great, but it falls short of that. It's wack. - madoog

V 40 Comments
169 Hey Mama - David Guetta Hey Mama - David Guetta

Nicki Minaj Sung Most of it Afrojack sung the chorus no idea what David Guetta did - RockStarr

You are so wrong. Bebe Rexha actually did the chorus of this song.

This year was so bad for music. We got good stuff like Sugar, Gold, and Bad Blood, but then we get trash like The Hills, All Eyes On You, and this. Minaj is boring as always, Rexha sounds hauntingly terrible, and the chorus was ripped straight out of Alan Lomax's "Rosie" from the late '40s. Ugh, this is garbage. - WonkeyDude98

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170 Jekyll and Hyde - Five Finger Death Punch Jekyll and Hyde - Five Finger Death Punch

I found that wash it all away was better, but this is still a good track

As someone who respects FFDP, this is one of the worst sets of lyrics I've ever heard. - WonkeyDude98

V 1 Comment
171 Bloodstream - Ed Sheeran & Rudimental Bloodstream - Ed Sheeran & Rudimental

The remix is terrible but the original is ace

V 5 Comments
172 White Iverson - Post Malone White Iverson - Post Malone V 3 Comments
173 Radioactive - Imagine Dragons Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

How is this not on the list already?

V 1 Comment
174 Sober - Bigbang Sober - Bigbang
175 Dancing in the Dark - Rihanna Dancing in the Dark - Rihanna V 1 Comment
176 Blank Space - Jackie Evancho

Jackie performed this publicly for the first time at her sold-out Las Vegas concert on January 31, 2015. Although it's a cover of a well-known Taylor Swift song, Jackie's voice gave it a whole new life and meaning.

Just a piano for accompaniment. And that's all that was necessary.

Jackie is proving once again that she can do it all.

I think Jackie is really sweet and talented, but why is everyone on the website so obsessed with her? It's like this website is run by the Jackie Evancho fandom.

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177 Let Go - Hollywood Undead Let Go - Hollywood Undead

HU is just the best! I am going on their concert in April. I love how they can write songs about drugs, alcohol, girls and party, but on the other hand they sing about broken hearts, tainted love and other depressing things.

Whenever I feel sad, this songs makes me feel a lot better. This song saved my life. - Tesu_Cassells

The song is soundingly and lyrically amazing, so many people can relate to it, its perfect

Holly wood undead is a great band and does not deserve to be all the way down here

178 On My Mind - Ellie Goulding On My Mind - Ellie Goulding

This song should be horrible. The smug first verse, the awkward second verse, the corny pre-chorus, they are all horrible. But something about Ellie's voice and the beat just work for me. Even then, this song is so profoundly not Ellie that I'm inclined to give it a 2.5/5. - WonkeyDude98

I love this song, but it is a little repetitive...

This song keeps saying "on my mind" over and over again

I love this song!

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179 Papercut - Zedd Papercut - Zedd

This should've received more attention from the mainstream after Beautiful Now. This is one of Zedd's all-time best

180 Tears of a Clown - Iron Maiden Tears of a Clown - Iron Maiden
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