Best AC/DC Songs


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Back In Black
Awesome song this is one of the best songs of AC/DC! This is the title track of the second best-selling album of all time, and is by far their best song would tell you that

Man do I feel like jumping while hearing this song! CHEERS
This is the title track of the second best-selling album of all time, and is by far their best song.
Best solo ever better than the stairway to heaven solo and I an not giving you my opinion even jimmy page would tell you that
[Newest]Definitely this song is icon of AC/DC and the rock and roll
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THE GREATEST SONG & INTRO EVER! Needs to be in first place, come on guys, let's get this song to first place, where it belongs.


Well, Back in black is a very great song, but thunderstruck is the best song that ac/dc have made. If you just ask Angus you'll have this confirmed!
Why is this song not in the top spot. It has a way better intro and is much more engaging than Back In Black. I just wish they would put there songs on iTunes then I would be set.
[Newest]My best song ever from AC/DC.
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3Highway to Hell
Insane song. This should be at the top for sure. No band ever comes close to what AC/DC is. AC/DC forever!
The best exponent of no fear to the hell! That's why we write AC/DC with capital letter, and this is a classical exponent of rock!
Wow I didn't know acdc went down the road to MY suburb.
Laugh out loud I love this song.
[Newest]To me, this is not just the best AC/DC song. It's the best song ever done. Seriously, it cannot be better.

With the awesome intro, probably the best ever, you can feel something is growing on you.

Then, everything starts. No words to describe the level of perfection every single instrument reaches, and the singer, Bon Scott has the best voice I've ever heard.

No matter how old is this song, it would never be old-fashioned.

AC/DC is immortal.
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4You Shook Me All Night Long
My favourite ACDC song! While not as well known to others as say, Back In Black, it's so cheerful and makes you happy! Plus one of the catchiest choruses EVER!
This song really speaks about ac dcs versatility and how they are flexible, unlike what many critics say they are- predictable... I love this song
Amazing! Really gets you up and rocking, true classic. If you say you don't rock to this, you're a liar! AC/DC will never be irrelevant.
[Newest]I can describe it as an orgasm...

5Hells Bells
Man, this song should have been in the top three. Amazing guitar riffs. I've listened to this countless times. I wish I could catch AC/DC performing it live.
This is an easy and awesome play for all those guitar players out there.
Oh my god! How this song can be not in the first place? The best of ACDC! One of the greatest hard rockheavy metal songs ever!
[Newest]Come on guys, this is so their greatest. Electrifying riff

Simply best song of AC/DC. Its the one that got me to listen to them.
This song on tony hawk pro skater 4 was my childhood. My sister and I would always play that game and set to only play this song over and over. Great riff and lyrics a true classic.
Best one, great music and lyrics. I like it because it's simply the best. For really Rock'n'Roll lovers and those who knows what real music is.
[Newest]The best song ever.

7Shoot to Thrill
Vote it up
I mean its also has been featured in IRON MAN!
After back in black and highway to hell,.. SHOOT TO THRILL deserves the the third position,. At least I think ya'll need to listen to this track again and then decide,... If you still think the ranking is correct,.. Then listen to it again and again till it reaches #3...
I just love this song, its so catchy and lively you just wanna listen to it all the time
I wish there was a botton to choose all there songs but I can't :(

But I got to say this is my favorite one out of ac/dc's songs. It's a very catchy song that I listen to every time before I go to bed... Its that Badass. It may be Number Seven on this list but in my mind its number ONE!
[Newest]Just can't stop moving my body
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8For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)
Too bad not many people know about this awesome song. Once the cannons start firing on the latter part of the song, you just can't help but feel the energy of the song. Fire!
What the hell? A masterpiece like this should be the 1st. Come on you haven't even listened this song and you vote for something else. So obvious.
How is this? how can that freakin awesome song can be number 8?! COME ON THIS IS THE BEST ACDC SONG EVA! this one should be in 3 first best acdc song with you shook me al night long and highway to hell
[Newest]You should have heard the cannons and felt the vibrations while seated at the Brendan Byrne Arena! I have never ever felt anything like it! You need to hear this song live and in an arena. Best damn live song ever. I am partial to Back in Black and Shoot to thrill as badass ever songs...

9It's a Long Way to the Top
this is one song you get hooked up to and never get bored!
Guitar is although, simple sounding, very very addictive!
One Hell Of A Song!
Very Classical When Bon Scott Plays That Bagpipe!
Love It And Listen To It Everyday!
Such a rocking song, if you took rock n' roll and boiled it down for a hundred years, this is what would be left.


[Newest]Sure it is a long way to the top for this song.

10Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Bon Scott will never be equaled and this tune is the epitome of classic ACDC. You immediately get hooked by the opening guitar chords...
Best song ever! Especially on the live album which got me into AC DC. Rock On!
One of my favorite songs by AC/DC, gotta love a bit of the old AC/DC songs sung by Bon Scott R.I. P
[Newest]Excellent drums. Best Bon Scott song!

The Contenders

11Let There Be Rock
This song rocks! Hear the Angus Young solos, the Bon Scott voice and the fusion of the drums and bass and you will know what I am talking about! The video is great too


Greatest song ever it should be in like the top tens at least it is a hit acdc always play at at concerts and has the best solo the world has ever seen. Also album is great


This should be #1. Love that relentless driving beat. It starts out hard and fast and keeps it up! It's like a marathon, don't they ever get tired? And Angus has an amazing solo, again, he's like the energizer bunny! When they were elected into rock n roll hall of fame this was the song Brian Johnson integrated into his speech. Enough said... Let there be rock! Rules!
[Newest]11? Vote it in the top 5

12Whole Lotta Rosie
what the hell is this song doing so low it has one of the best riffs ever and then it just starts going crazy. which is why it one a poll in kerrang years ago


Best solo ever! Great song and preformed live one of the greatest songs to be made from the album Let There Be Rock. If you haven't heard this song than go search this on you tube you'll listen to it over and over again Angus plays the solo like his life depends on it and the begging is awesome also!
Power and power second to highway to hell from the scott era
my personal number 4
[Newest]What a solo. It never ends.

13Rock 'N' Roll Train
Why isn't this in the top 10? It is the song which made me get attached to AC-dc in the first place!
The guitar riffs makes you dance the hell out of you. It is on board with back in black and thunderstruck. One of best ACDC songs! You simply enjoy every second of the song and it never gets boring!
The top song the band.
Awesome song and amazing solo by Angus.


[Newest]I agree.. never bored & dance the whole way through

Very underrated. The vocals and its contrast with the guitar part is amazing. It's so catchy and the guitar solos are cool. Not their best song, but it should at least be in the top ten.
One of my favorite songs of all time! I can't believe it's at 14 right right now. By far one of their easiest songs to get in to. I guess I'm just shocked more people aren't into this.
I p[icked this one cause I was listing at it at the time ><. but all there songs rule there just amazing at rock there new album is not as good as the others though ><


[Newest]Not very heavy, but still good

15Touch Too Much
Oh come on this song doesn't belong all the way down HERE! At least in the top 25! Very LAST? Are you kiding me?! Come on move it up a little bit!
This. is. un.. believeable! What is this song doing down here? Am I the only person who's listened to this and realised what an awesome song this is? I can't listen to it without singing, or dancing for that matter! If you like ac/ dc in the slightest, you should get yourself on YouTube and listen to this song right now!
One of my favorite songs with Bon Scott. Should be in the top 10.

Vote for it.
Thanks for all the fish
[Newest]One of the greatest songs ever. Amazing lyrics. A tale of seduction. Starts out great and picks up intensity.

16Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution
This song is simply one of the greatest classics ever made.. So low down the order just doesn't do justice to this awesome song!
Best guitar riff out of anything they made. And rock and roll really ain't noise pollution


[Newest]The triplets in the chorus are brilliant!

"There was a friend of mine on murder and the judge gave him fell. Jury found him guilty, gave him sixteen years in Hell! " Fantastic song about a man doing all in the name of Liberty!
How is this song so low? What a fantastic rock song! One of the very best of the Bon Scott era, which was when they did their best work.
Such an awesome song, so bloody catchy.
[Newest]Live version is awesome

18If You Want Blood (You've Got It)
Mate, if you are just starting to like AC/DC, or you enjoy the bands music, this is a great song to listen to and even play on the guitar. I totally recommend this song and or album to anyone that is a huge AC/DC fan like me!

AC/DC Is the best band ever and any other band couldn't make better songs even if they tried!


My absolute favorite ACDC song ever. All of their songs are great but this one just gets you pumped up for anything! I always listen to this in my 67 Mustang and have hit 100 more than a few times with this song blaring!
Damn good riff, every time I hear this song, no matter what mood I am in, this song pulls me in and I jam my a$$ off!
[Newest]If you want blood is the best song ever!

19Stiff Upper Lip
this one belongs in the top 3! definitely one of my favorites... greetings from germany! PUSH THIS SONG! & Rock On!
Because it's one of the best AC/DC songs ever! Gives a good feeling when you're listening to this while driving.

It's a must have on top rock songs of all time!
Just got into AC/DC this year. Buying their CDs one at a time. Just caught up with this one and SUL stood out immediately. Being a newbie I come in with fresh ears that haven't heard these songs since the mid 70s. Also liked Meltdown and Safe in NYC.
[Newest]20? You are crazy this song must be in top10

20High Voltage
well you ask bout the clothes i wear and you ask me why i grow my hair
This song should be number 11, 12 or 13 not 17 vote this one up come on! Amazing guitar singing bass drums love this one great tune really electric
I'm a percussionist and honestly I like this drum part the best. First of all AC/DC's drums have the best tone to them, and second of all it should be up there ^. But I can understand being that it is AC/DC and all of their songs are amazing.
[Newest]AMAZING, seriously though... Amazing

21Big Balls
Hilarious! Cannot help but sing along every time I hear it. The innuendos involved are just priceless.
Loved the double meaning in their song titles. SINK THE PINK
This song is hilarious. I always knew that Bon Scott had big balls.


22Rock 'n' Roll Damnation
As much respect I have for Brian Johnson bon Scott was my favorite. Songs like this should he way higher.

23War Machine
God this song is pure genius! Heavy, brash and typical AC/DC. What an awesome riff. This song needs to be higher up for sure, along with Black Ice.

24The Razors Edge
How can it be out from the top ten? Comes the razor's edge! The atmosphere of it is magic.
This song is absolute magic! It has a nice dark tinge to it that most of their other songs don't really have! And might I say that the backing vocals just add to the whole dark feel! Top Notch
One of my favourite AC/DC songs of all, I can't belive it is not at least in the top 15. "Here, comes the RAZORS EDGE! THE RAZORS EGDE! Such an awesome song
[Newest]For me, this song is second only to Thunderstruck.

25Who Made Who
The perfect Song. Has the best vocals, the best Bass and killer drums. Rock and roll at it's finest.
So many to choose from, but in my opinion this is their best, maybe I just feel the others are overplayed.
Who made Who Rocks
If you don't rate this as their best then you haven't listened to it. When Angus fires up his axe this song just goes ballistic
[Newest]This Song simply takes you as high as the sky and never brings you down. There's no other way around

26Anything Goes
This is a great song! Clean guitars, smooth vocals. Smokin guitar work and a great melody. I've been an AC/DC fan for 35 years and came upon this song recently because I don't have the Black Ice album. This is now in the 10 on my list. Blown away that it's AC/DC!
I love it! I found out that this song written mostly Malcolm. Brian Johnson's voice sounds awesome.

27Have a Drink On Me
Has to be top 10, come on! Blinded out of your mind! Sour Mash and cheap wine! Forgot about the check get hell to pay! Great riff, great jam. Top 10!
This should be a top 10 song. In my opinion, It's a Long Way to the Top If You Want To Rock And Roll isn't that good to be called the 10th best AC/DC song of all time. There are a lot of really great songs from AC/DC, and It's A Long Way doesn't deserve to be number ten.


Why is this not higher on the list? Everyone wants to hear this song when they are drinking. Classic dive bar song!
[Newest]This song is great! The guitars are clean and Brian Johnson's voice is flawless in this one! Should be top 15.

28Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
Really? 34? You guys probably haven't heard this song yet
This acdc best song should be in a least the top 10 okay it's better for those about to rock and he'll ain't a bad place to be

29What Do You Do for Money Honey
In my opinion, this is the hardest rocking' AC/DC song around. That mammoth riff, those screaming vocals, the pounding drums and of course, that sexy, thumpin' bass. Roughest, toughest song there is. Rock hard, rock on!
This wasn't on here so I put it on... Come on... It's an amazing song why isn't it already on here!

30Rock or Bust
I liked this song when I first bought the album but when I heard it on the Grammys it went way up for me. The audience, including many celebrities, couldn't help nut get into it. It's that kind Iof song. It's so hard for rock bands to come up with a true rock anthem in this world of sampled music, drum machines and auto tune. This stripped down ball busting tune accomplishes just that. Love it!
Their new album is underrated and the best album of the year.


In what we trust, it's rock or bust...

31Girls Got Rhythm
This is a bestest song ever!!!!!
AC/DC RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One of their best.
This one should be much higher

32Walk All Over You
This is the best ACDC song of all time... Best riff, Must be played loud... All true fans know this is the best!
Best song I've heard by AC/DC... And I'm quite the fan. Clearly this song should be up in the top 10.
This is THE BEST song EVER... Must be played loud. IF this song don't get your heart pumping. you MUST be dead.
[Newest]My favourite song off the Highway to hell album

33Big Gun
Great starting solo, very rhythmic. Best for people who are looking to get their fix of energy in a song. The solo is the cherry on the ice cream of this song. Very underrated song in my opinion.
Grossly Underrated Song! I get pumped every time I hear it... Awesome intro riff gets stuck in my head all day and I love it...
Very underrated song. Awesome guitar work and vocals. Should definitely be in the top 10.
[Newest]Great song! One of the best! One of my favorites too! It should be in the top 10!

34Are You Ready
Can't believe this isn't higher up the list. Really catchy and has an absolutely epic, and unique intro. Also the guitar solo is awesome!
Their best intro ever, the energy you feel in the song is incredible.

35Ride On
Got a one-way ticket... going the wrong way.

Great rock interpretation of the blues!
Very cool, blues song. I love this song. You gotta Ride On with this song. It's something to listen to when you don't want anything blasting in your ears.
My personal favourite ac/dc song, and I was raised around them, bon scott lives on forever in our hearts! Rock will never die.
[Newest]Bon Scott's vocals make this song live. By far it will always be my favorite, best AC/DC song they'll ever make.

36Sin City
Come on why isn't this song higher up in the list? Great tune, great vocals, great riff. Everything about this song is well done. Songs from the Brian Johnson era that aren't even that good like from the ball breaker album and black Ice. I have a ton of respect for those albums it's just that these songs deserve
More respect and viewership. Only true AC/DC fans know more from the bon Scott era
One of the best live songs, check it out on the 1979 paris dvd, great lyrics, great riffing, great duck walking, more energy that a Duracell factory
My Personal Favorite ACDC Song. Its very underrated and I've never heard ACDC Play it live

37Givin' the Dog a Bone
THIS isn't ON THE LIST ITS THE SECOND BEST OF BACK IN BLACK shoot to thrill is the best
I can leave the air guitar down when this track comes on..
One of the best.

38Hard As a Rock
This song should be in the top 10, I love it after a few thousands of listening too!
Definitely top ten song!
One of the top 10 for sure!

39School Days
What I like about ACDC is the ironic lyrycs
I think this song should go up a little

ACDC says smart things with funny ways

And awesome solos

40Shot Down in Flames
Awesome! What I believe to be a truly phenomenal example of what AC/DC can do. This song is totally epic and I could listen to it all day. In my opinion it should be way further up the list.
Bon Scott is the lead singer and this is a masterful rendition of this song. I could rock to this all day. Angus excedes as usual on lead guitar. This is by far one of their best songs ever. Brian is good but not Bon. Sorry Brian.
The voice of Bon catch you in the heart, would deserve to be better known!

Why is TNT on here twice?
Tnt is already here

42Beating Around the Bush
Fastest, most intense guitar riff AC/DC has ever done

Love the whole song! Amazing! Great lyrics and sick guitar solos. Epic song.

Its guitar is so catchy. should definitely be in the top twenty at least come on
I don't believe that this song could be here and not al least at the top ten, come on vote for this one
One of the best songs ever! Should be # 2! After "Back in Black"

44Two's Up

45Bad Boy Boogie
REALLY underated. let ther be rock is easily the best acdc album ever

Another top 10 certainty dwindling in the 50's. Come on people!

Why does everyone always overlook this gem? Listen to it and you will understand

47Play Ball
Ac/dc (unlike Metallica) aren't sell outs and are still amazing. this is proof.


Play ball is a good song not the best but still 79
They are not ready to retire yet


48Dogs of War


50Rock 'n' Roll Singer
the most under rated ac/dc song of all time, but its their best
The best ac/dc song ever! just too bad so few people know it
Why on earth is it not on the list? Guys...this is such an awesome song! GUYS LISTEN TO IT! AC/DC at its best. Best song on high voltage.

51Riff Raff
Riff Raff, especially the live version from 1978's If you want Blood album, is the ultimate rock and roll song. Sure it is not a mainstream favourite but if you listen to this song a number of times it grows on you and reveals itself as a unique and powerful track that was often used by acdc as a concert opener in the day. My tip... Play it loud!
My favourite Angus Young guitar solo and riff.
My favourite AC/DC song of all time. Needs to be much higher up this list " shame they don't play it live anymore!
[Newest]Really people this has one of the greatest guitar riffs and solos of all time

52House of Jazz
You have to listen to this if you're an AC/DC fan!

53Let Me Put My Love Into You
One of the best for sure I can't believe its not farther up the list
Flying on a free flight, driving all night, with my MACHINERY
Awesome! My favourite song by AC/DC.

54Soul Stripper

55That's the Way I Wanna Rock 'N' Roll
Man oh man this is at the bottom! BUT I think its better than any of the top ten!
Love the album. And this song is no exception!

56Night Prowler
At #36 Night Prowler is highly underrated. Should be top 15. One of the most sinister, hard hitting, blues rock songs out there. Like Golden Earrings Radar Love, listen to it while traveling on twisting roads on a moonless night. Crank the windows down, and the volume up, and feel alive.
Awesome conclusion to their album "Highway to Hell"
My favourite song by far, that really demonstrates their skills.
Fantastic blues rock that has no real flaws at all. If you haven't heard it, look it up.
Wow, didn't know do many people don't know this song, one of their best


[Newest]Too bad a deranged idiot ruined this song for the rest of us and the band never did it again live.

57Stick Around

58Live Wire
First of all, for as much respect and admiration as I have for Brian Johnson, Bon Scott was the greatest frontman of AC/DC ever! He is in the top 5 of hard rock/metal frontmen of all time! Therefore, all AC/DC songs done with Bon at the helm trump anything that they ever did with Brian Johnson. All the top AC/DC songs should be Bon Scott songs. AC/DC also sounded better with Bon. Angus' and Malcolm's guitar work had always been great but they were frenetic when they were with Bon! They were so much heavier with him and at times bluesier too. There are many great Bon Scott AC/DC songs but Live Wire is my pick. It's heavy, has a great build-up, great leads from Angus, great rhythm from Malcolm, and excellent vocals from Bon. The best version of this song is actually not the studio version though (although that one is great) but is the version from Live from Atlantic Studios in the Bonfire box set. It's so heavy and awesome! Really gets your head banging. Never before have I heard AC/DC sound as heavy as they do on that live album! And Bon's vocals are fierce, man! If you don't know it already you NEED to check it out! AC/DC forever m/ m/
This Song shows the raw power that they put into all there music, the absolute thought of this not even being at the top makes me cringe at your judgement of this amazing band, though why put these songs in a list? Every song may have the same chords, same simplistic feelings, but the soul, the effort and dedication that this band put into there music is what I love, I use to hate AC/DC then I listened to the whole album highway to hell, then Fly on the Wall, Blow up your video and so on and now I love every song they've done!
Watching them play it in London in 1976, class! Not their most famous song, but sums up the attitude of Bon ^^ the boys very well. Their early stuff really does rock!

59Rock the House
Up beat and every time a blast to listen to. Great riff. A Listen to at least one minute of this song is recommended

One of my favorite ACDC songs that I listen everyday, it really does drive you insane and spinning you for more!
This is one of my favorite ACDC song, when you keep listening to it, it can really drive you insane!
Btht gh the the hyethteheh htehth hth hrtgfgd oh dear, what am I talking about?!?!?

61Baby, Please Don't Go
Baffling rating. Definite Top 10. Breathtaking riffs and breaks. Mark M
No 58 hey? Although not an original, definitely a top 10 candidate. Studio version is awesome.

62Big Jack
Great song by ac/dc
For my 8 years old daughter is the best AC DC song and for me it's enough!

63Love Hungry Man
out now! my No. 1 song I've never hear it before, but it's awesome
Can't believe its ranked 43rd!
This song deserves much higher rank!
I love the drumming in the beginning of the song. One of my favorite songs.

64Dog Eat Dog
Come on, AC/DC's best guitar solo, how come its all the way up here

65Flick of the Switch
One of the best AC/DC songs. The guitar is awesome, so powerful! For me, it's at the same level of Back to Black. It's pure AC/DC. A bomb of Rock'n Roll! Listen and enjoy it!
Love this song, made me an instant ac dc fan

66Fire Your Guns

67Nervous Shakedown
underrated but greAT riff and songm/ malcom young rocks i think it should be in top20

68Gone Shootin'
This should be top ten. Trust me, this is one of their best ones. Epic riff.
Hear the two guitars once separately, and then together, then you will know.
This is the best ACDC song in my opinion Bon Scott rules!

69Money Made

70Skies On Fire
Just one word for all you awesome, lovely people of the internetz.
Only one word for you pplz.

71She's Got Balls
This isn't funny my girlfriend has balls

Best song how the hell is this down there, listen to it and you WILL understand what I mean it's awesome! Writing random
One of my favorites, with an amazing live performance from Angus Young. You should definitely see it on youtube if you still haven't.
Pure hard rock'n roll that make you feel like the wire of the guitar, shaky!

She said She's never been touch before, never been this far before, never liked to be excited, had to fight it, and she never won, never been balled before! I don't think she'll ever ball anymore, fixed her good! Squealer, held her hand, make her understand, kiss her lips, suck her fingertips, starting geting hot, to much, I think I got the magic touch,,,,,,hot song, great, listen to Bon Scot go to town !
Shame on those poor retards Who have kept This one' from going Higher on the list. The mind blowing outro sólo gives comfortably numb and stairway to heaven a pretty good run for their money I'd even go as far as saying no ac/dc sólo has had as much power and up-class. It's just too much not to leave you hanging on it. That's like absolute Six string magic

74Can't Stop Rock N' Roll
53? What crap! This should be much above! One of their best song of ACDC I feel! This songs takes one on a high towards the end!

75The Furor
A Ballbreaker of a song, but must be played at an ear-shattering volume level, or not at all. Although it does sound a bit like Brian is singing about Adolf Hitler, he's actually not!
it's on ballbreaker, if you have the chance, give it a listen


76Love Song
This song is really emotional, Angus must have only been 16 when he recorded this, the solo makes me cry
Very disappointing. Such a great song and deserves to be heard. Bon Scott songs like this need to be higher up. Not fair and not right. They shouldn't be here with all this bad Brian Johnson crap. Have more respect
Great song, I have played this song to people that do not like AC/DC, yet loved this song

77Shake a Leg
One of acdc's best songs, epic riff which is almost surf rocky

78Satellite Blues
Such a classical riff
It may sounds like highway to hell
But generally it's a very good songs
Top 20 of course
Classic AC/DC sound, definitely one of the best!


One of the best for sure


79Safe In New York City
Great underrated song. Goes back to the old days
you would feel safe in this town.


80What's Next to the Moon
Amazing song from the amazing album Powerage! I saw them in 2003 live from the Circus Krone in Munich performing this one! Great!
My favorite powerage best album.

81Stormy May Day


83Inject the Venom

84Mistress for Christmas

85Breaking the Rules

86Rising Power
AWESOME SONG, definitely up there with HTH and BIB

87Whiskey on the Rocks
This song is highly underrated to say the least, It's definitely one of, or if not the greatest AC DC songs and deserves to be much, much higher on this list, just listen to the opening riff in it's self it's got to be Angus Youngs' more creative most powerful riff's. Listen don't vote for popularity, vote for quality, if we were voting for popularity this list would be filled with Britiny Spears songs. I suggest that you all give this song another close listen and you will see what I'm talking about.
Whiskey on the Rocks 95 come on yeah I get its not the best but come on its a awesome song
For me, this one would be on the top 15, this song is awesome

88Shake Your Foundations

89Gimme a Bullet
I never knew what the most popular ACDC songs were prior to looking at this list and I am astounded that this song wasn't even listed as it is my most listened to song by ACDC with well over 100 listens.

90Burnin' Alive

91You Ain't Got a Hold On Me

92Nick of Time
Awesome solo, riff, and lyrics. Really cool song. Should at least be in top 20.


93Hold Me Back

Really under-rated, I love this song!
When driving around the neighborhood I always have this song (or hells bells) playing loud and I drive real slow, definitely a head turner when you wanna make an entrance. Makes me feel s badass B-l

95Mean Streak

96Cover You In Oil

97Show Business

Ac dc's best instrumental
Superb guitar with fantastic drums

99Love Bomb
This song is awesome man, should go to top 10. I love this song like sex. Listen to this every night

100Ain't No Fun (Waiting Round to Be a Millionaire)

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