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Hells Bells

Hells Bells
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Saying Back in Black is your favorite AC/DC song is like saying Down With the Sickness is your favorite Disturbed songs... The most popular by each group, but definitely NOT the best... This is the best from the Back in Black album HANDS DOWN!
When this song starts up I get chills. It's the first track on Back in Black for a reason-because it is the BEST! That album was chock full o' great classic AC/DC tunes, but this one reigns supreme in my opinion.
This was the first AC/DC song I ever heard... Literally life-changing! It was the song that made me an AC/DC fan... The intensity of the opening bells still gives me chills years after the first time I heard it!
Best Song I've ever heard! It's just amazing. From the start with the dark Hell's Bell till the end with Angus' solo, it is just great. Perfect start, perfect riff, perfect vocal,... Perfect song!
AC/DC has better songs than Back in Black, this song has a better intro, better lyrics, and better music. You are not a true fan of AC/DC if you think Back in Black is their best song.
Yeah this song is the best. Better than back in black I think that songs so repetitive and basic. This song has depth and complexity and is a true metal/hard rock masterpiece
Amazing song. First heard this on the tv show "Supernatural", just a fantastic song that should be heard by everybody.
The best opening of any song. Ever. Period. Baseball fans will know that the beginning of the song means TREVOR TIME! I love this song almost completely for the intro riff.
Quite simply the best side one, track one ever, on the best album ever. Incredible composition and musicianship. Serious and brilliant stuff from messrs Young.
The opening bells are just great, they got me hooked the first time I heard the song. A fantastic song!
All of AC/DC songs are incredible, even after all these years they're getting teens hooked to rock!
that song rock its amazing its just the best, I listen to acdc for ages now and it always makes me love acdc even more m/
This has to be first guys... Unbelievable lyrics and composition and... The way it was initiated you can feel energy growing inside the body.. Damn
I've listened to all AC/DC's songs and this one chills up and down my spine. See what I did there? No? Ok. My favorite of all there GREAT music. When I'm in the car nothing makes me feel more badass with blasting my ears!
This will always be my favorite from AC/DC! I'm pretty much in love with all their songs but this has a special place in my heart!
Most bad ass song of all time. "I give you black sensations up and down your spine! " Goose bump evil wicked song played VERY loud!
When you hear this song you can't help but move with it. Damn good, damn it's their best for me. Can hear it any time anywhere.
I think of this song in a Call of Duty or halo montague it begins with the classic bells:dong...dong...dong...dong...guitar begins. Best intro ever. Song itself is amazing it makes you feel invincible
cool riffs, marvelous song. Energy and rhythm is being pound from vary heart
Come on vote up amazing lyric genius the best song ever made from AC/DC angus is just awesome on this masterpiece
One of the first songs I learn on guitar truely amazing sick opening riff not to mention the cool bells they use in the intro I got to say back in black is god and all but this is surely the best ACDC song of all time in my favor
MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. Even better live in concert. By far the best AC/DC song to exist. That's saying a hell of a lot.
One of the best intros to a song ever! The bells at the beginning, it's an amazing song, should be in the top 2.
The intro alone on this one should put it higher, those epic church bells.. Oh man this ones my favorite
1ST place is where this belongs! AWESOME INTRO and great guitars and vocals by the Young brothers!
Brilliant song just made that bit better by its TRUE connection to the film Black Hawk Down

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