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61 Lick and a Promise Lick and a Promise
62 Taste of India Taste of India

why ain't this song on this list. this is one of my favorite aerosmith songs - puffle23

Beautiful song about my country India

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63 Make It

This should be in the TOP TEN. One of the greatest by Aerosmith! Not very popular, but buy their first album or guitar hero aerosmith, then you will know what I am talking about!

One of their first and one of their best. I love it!

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64 Lay It Down Lay It Down

Every time I hear this song I shed a tear I don't know what it is but I do, there's something in the lyrics that relate to me

Yeh one of the best 5 by Aerosmith

Really how the hell hasn't this been mentioned yet one of their greatest songs and should easily be in the top 5. In my opinion aerosmithes last real hit to be produced

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65 Get A Grip Get A Grip
66 Devil's Got a New Disguise Devil's Got a New Disguise

One of Aerosmith's best that everyone needs to listen to!

Proof that Aerosmith continued to rock in the 2000's.

67 Walkin the Dog V 1 Comment
68 Magic Touch Magic Touch V 1 Comment
69 St. John St. John
70 What Kind of Love Are You On? What Kind of Love Are You On?

So catchy, so brilliant. Of course it's not a masterpiece, nor even a very serious work.
Nonetheless, you can't help but being caught within the rhythm of this magical song.

71 Line Up Line Up

One of my personal favorites. Awesome Song. It should be in the top ten. I love how they play this song in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

72 Theme from Spider-Man Theme from Spider-Man
73 Never Loved a Girl Never Loved a Girl
74 Rats In the Cellar Rats In the Cellar

An absolute gem from "Rocks", to see such commercial crap higher up the list is really disappointing

This is my favorite song by aerosmith it's so underrated why isn't it in top 10 at least?

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75 Heart's Done Time Heart's Done Time
76 Face
77 Chiquita

Another great underrated song from Night in the Ruts - Aerosmith1

78 Pandora's Box

Underated song From Get Your wings - Aerosmith1

79 The Grind The Grind
80 Sunshine Sunshine

"She's finer than a painted rose... " Love the Alice In Wonderland references! Brilliant song. My first ever Aerosmith song

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