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61Ahmed Samir
62Talal Maddah

Great and awesome singer, poet and sensitivity. Definitely in Top 20! RIP Talal..

64Moustafa Amar

He has the best videos in the arab world.
A warm, romantic voice.
He also arranges, composes some of his music.
A respectable person and an actor with 12 leading roles as well.

Incredible talent since childhood, deserves to be in the top 10. Just watch any music video he made. Flawless.

Moustafa Amar is the king of arab pop for crying out loud! Just watch any of his videos, they're perfect.

Moustafa Amar revolutionized arabic pop music, simply, he is the king of arab pop!

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65Nawal Al Zoghbi

She is always been the number one singer in Lebanon as well as the arab world...

A Beautiful Voice That Still Reminds Me Of Lebanon! Love Her And Her Amazing Voice! Cannot Start My Mornings Without It!

I love your lips your nose your voice

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66Maher ZainMaher Zain is a Swedish R&B singer, songwriter and music producer of Lebanese origin. He released his debut album Thank You Allah, an internationally successful album produced by Awakening Records, in 2009.

Wonderful singer! Both in arabic and English

His songs have inspired many Muslims to regain their faith in Europe.

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67George Wassouf

Should be number 1! George's voice has captured a world audience and his voice captures emotions. This list is all wrong!

Listening to the 1984 Mearoba Festival Lebanon on youtube at the moment, makes me wonder about this list...

George Wassouf is the number 1 Arabic singer!
He is the king and the only Sultan of Arabic Tarrab and music.
God Bless you Abu Wadieh

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68Carmen Salaman

One arab idol (number 1) amazing what a star not that much of a singer but I class her as one because one day she will be well done

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69Latifa Arfaoui

Amazing singer and powerful voice

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70Dounia Batma more.

A really good singer. She came second in Arab idol.

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71Charbel Bakhos
73Kiffaya Al Kalba
74Ali Baher
76Diana HaddadDiana Haddad is a Lebanese singer and television personality who also holds an Emirati citizenship and is based in the United Arab Emirates.

I'm her family I know everything about her

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77Hussein Al Deek

Excellent songs and stage presence is outstanding

For his song "El Denya Zhgiri" a very lovely and soft... Please vote for him.

78Mohamed Nour

He is the best singer ever your voice is beautiful your so hot

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79Soufia SadekV1 Comment
80Khaled Saleem
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