Top Ten Best Bands Performing at Gwar-BQ 2015


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1ClutchClutch is an American rock band based out of Frederick, Maryland, originating in Germantown, Maryland.
2DownDown is an American heavy metal supergroup that formed in 1991 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The band's current lineup consists of vocalist Phil Anselmo, guitarist Pepper Keenan, guitarist Bobby Landgraf, bassist Pat Bruders, and drummer Jimmy Bower.
3GoatwhoreGoatwhore is an American extreme metal band formed in 1997 in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States formed by former Acid Bath guitarist Sammy Duet. Goatwhore is known for their fast-paced fusion of black, death, and thrash metal.
4DescendentsThe Descendents are a punk rock band formed in 1977 in Manhattan Beach, California by guitarist Frank Navetta, bassist Tony Lombardo and drummer Bill Stevenson.
5Arch EnemyArch Enemy is a Swedish melodic death metal band, originally a supergroup, from Halmstad, formed in 1996. Its members were in bands such as Carcass, Armageddon, Carnage, Mercyful Fate, Spiritual Beggars, and Eucharist.

@muffinkid a lot of these bands are pretty obscure, but they are amazing! It's obviously not as good as download or wacken though - ryanrimmel

@ryanrimmel I would rather go to wacken or download, but this does sound brilliant! - gemcloben

6Cattle DecapitationCattle Decapitation is an American Deathgrind band from San Diego, California formed in 1996. Cattle Decapitation's songs protest the mistreatment and consumption of animals, the abuse of the environment and touch subjects such as misanthropy and genocide of the human race. Much of their music is based more.
7GhoulGhoul is a thrash/death metal band from Oakland, California. Though the members' actual identities are meant to be concealed, it is known that some members or past members of Ghoul also play or have played in other bands such as Impaled, Dystopia, Wolves in the Throne Room, Exhumed, Phobia, Asunder more.
8Fear FactoryFear Factory is an American heavy metal band that was formed in 1989. During the band's career, it has released nine full-length albums and has evolved through a succession of styles, including industrial metal, death metal, groove metal, and thrash metal.
9American Sharks
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1. Clutch
2. Descendents
3. Cattle Decapitation
1. Clutch
2. Down
3. Goatwhore
1. Down
2. Clutch
3. Descendents



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