Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitarists


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The Top Ten

Phil Keaggy
The Greatest Acoustic Guitarist of All-time! No one can match his Excellence!


Nobody is even in Michael Hedges league. He reinvented the acoustic guitar.
I saw Phil a few years back in Joppa, MD. All I can say is, it was amazing. Just an incredible musician and performer.

2Tommy Emmanuel
Easily the most innovative, creative and technically gifted acoustic guitarists that has ever lived. I highly recommend anyone that is not familiar to check out his pieces. Great arrangements and so much passion when playing. Truly amazing.
I've been playing guitar for nearly 50 years. I've heard all these other guys and without a doubt they are all great. But I've never heard any picker do what Tommy Emmanuel can do.
Just a tremendous guitarist who posseses skills a technique beyond comprehension. Also a great person. If you get a chance to see him live I can assure you wont forget it!
[Newest]Wow! What a performer!

3Michael Hedges
Had the pleasure of seeing him live 3 times. The most gifted, influential, inspiring artist I have ever seen. His music, passion, energy, and love for life will truly be missed.
Saw him right before he died in Maryland. Beyond amazing and unique
Why is there no info on him
[Newest]Just the best guitarist!

4Paul Simon

5Paco de Lucia
No one is as good as Paco! This guy is a pioneer.
Amazing and so cool. When are you coming to Canada?
One of the greatest I have seen,
Don't forget about Al de Meola.

6Chet Atkins
Who else plays two songs at the same time?
He is the best, period!

7Richie Sambora

8Mark Knopfler
Although more known as an electric guitar player, check out "Mark Knopfler showing his magic on acoustic guitar" on YouTube. Probably the most epic ragpicking I've seen.

9Andrés Segovia

10John Martyn
The song Spencer the Rover is one of my favorits and his style of music is like Nick Drake
Rip a legend, inspired and wrote and sang solid air has never been bettered


He floats in the air when he plays
[Newest]An absolutely unique talent

The Contenders

11Sungha Jung
I think Sungha jung should be on top 10 cause his guitar sings the lyrics of every song he wants to cover... Listen to his videos so that you'll know what am talking about
Sungha is still so young that's why he should be in the top ten. He's gonna be better than all those guitarists when he grow up.
Ever listened to him! You should he's better than taylor swift.
[Newest]I think also he should be I top ten!

12Bert Jansch

13Robert Johnson
The most innovative guitarist of all time. Created a genre that was the foundation of following genres.
the king of the delta blues...

14Ed Sheeran
Invented the best sounding technique ever.
Are you kidding me? Best ever

15Paul Buchannan
Sublime whimsical sad angry everyhing really


16John Vesely
Come on John Vesely you should be able to outperform the others and you should be positioned on one, your wife
and kids would surely love to see it ok, you are beautiful guitar player, I support you
You did great John Vesely, you are the greatest musicians in the world and you are also an acoustic guitar player who was beautiful voice, so I'm sure if you'll be the first champion of the world
He is very good guitarist acoustic in america on the group band secondhand serenade, let's go, john vesely is my idol in Indonesia he is very excellent singer and guitarist

17Clive Carroll
One of the most creative and original musicians out there. Awesome technique, beautiful music
Take a look, then decide for yourself.
Or to quote Tommy Emmanuel "one of the best guitarists on the planet"

18Alan Davison
Bewitching player tells a story never took the praise he warrented


19Earl Klugh
Who plays nylon string better


20John Mayer
Killer singer songwriter player! Check out shadow days (acoustic) or 3x5
His not just a good guitarist but a good singer... Rarely seen on this planet

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