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Jensen Ackles - Supernatural
Jensen is caring & generous. He's charismatic. He really shows his love for his fans. He's values friendship. He is dedicated to portraying Dean Winchester in a way that we love & could never imagine being brought to life by anyone else.
This man can do anything. Act, sing, dance, name it. Jensen Ackles is one spectacular actor. When he laughs, I laugh. When he cries, I cry. I think he deserves all the best actor awards!
Right where he belongs! On top!
Jensen is a great actor and unfortunately, he is not appreciated as much as he should be!
I'm not being biased here, but Jensen Ackles' acting skills are just perfect! Nobody can possibly do better than him, he's a Hallmark! And, oh, his pretty face is just Perfection! Plus, his voice is so out-of-this-world! I just don't think anybody even comes near Jensen, in any regard!
[Newest]Jensen Ackles incredibly talented, sexy handsome actor. Really awesome man, beautiful outside and inside. Wonderful human being. I Love him

2Gillian Anderson - X-files

3David Tennant - Dr. Who
Charming from the first moments, his character is both dramatic and hilarious, so sincere and noble, that he actually takes you all the way through the adventures and hardships, and you really do stick with him to the very end
Someone who really KNOWS how to act, who can make us cry and laugh within 30 seconds...
Mu favorite doctor. He could be so terrifying, but you couldn't help but love him.

4Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
She has to be number one nobody can come close to her.

5Jared Padalecki - Supernatural
Jared is such an amazing actor, and deserves so much more recognition. He's been great since S01E01, but has gotten more brilliant as Supernatural has gone on. He blew me away in the S8 finale, giving a stunning performance, that I am still in awe over!


Jared and Jensen should both be in the number one Spot. No one can act as well as these two. They both are strong actor with an amazing range of emotions!
The best once again

6Tom Wellings - Smallville
GIves us the most human and relateble Clark kent ever.

7David Duchovny - X - Files
The heart, the soul and the mind of The -Xfiles. I love to see how he deals with his boss Skinner, his girlfriend Scully and his friends The Lonely Gunmen.
He is the bravest man in the world.
The most iconic character in the entire world. The only one that never changed (like his partner). He has been always the same perfect hero from the first episode until the end.
The Best Character Ever! A real hero who does not have super powers just intelligence. A man that never gives up.

8Tom Baker - Dr. Who

9Ian Somerhalder - The Vampire Diaries
He is also the best

10Naveen Andrews - Lost

The Contenders

11John Noble - Fringe
Walter Bishop was easily the most complex and beautifully portrayed character on any sci-fi show in recent history. John Noble did a fantastic job playing Walter and Walternate and was the absolute core to the entire show.

12Zachary Quinto - Heroes

13William Shatner - Star Trek: The Original Series

14Leonard Nimoy - Star Trek: The Original Series

15Patrick Stewart - Star Trek: The Next Generation

16William Hartnell - Dr. Who

17Michael Dorn - Star Trek: The Next Generation

18Brent Spiner - Star Trek: The Next Generation

19DeForest Kelley - Star Trek: The Original Series

20Alyssa Milano - Charmed

21Matthew Fox - Lost

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