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Meryl Streep
"There's no such thing as the greatest living actress. " - Meryl Streep

For once, Meryl got it wrong. Not only is she a superb actress, the woman was able to maintain a private life, raised 4 kids, keep her 32-yr marriage while sustaining a successful film career.

She never plays the same character twice. That time when she lost the Oscar to Sandra Bullock, I thought, "Well, Meryl could do Sandra's role and be better in it. But I bet my life, Sandra can't and won't be able play Julia Child the way Meryl did it. " She is beyond brilliant. Never one to be physically conscious, Meryl Streep just dives in and do whatever it takes to do justice to the role regardless if she'll look glamorous in it or not.
Meryl without a doubt, nobody else even comes close. Every film she plays a completely different character, with 100% accuracy and commitment. Seen every one except the Abba one, can't bring myself to watch that, but I'm sure she's great. Too many favorites to mention, Devil wears Prada the best recent one, Bridges of Madison County great because it stars the 2 greatest actors of all time, the rafting one her best action film, and Sophie's Choice the most distressing. Kate Winslet is the only one who has a chance of surpassing her, but I think at the end of the day 123 will be Meryl, Kate, Angeline.
Meryl is in her rightful position at number one. She is smart, beautiful, talented, dedicated, funny, elegant, sophisticated, sexy, well spoken, flexible and magnificent. Meryl can play any role better than any other actress. I have never seen her in a film without being inspired by her.
[Newest]Meryl Streep is without a doubt one of the greatest and most talented actresses that we have ever had. Meryl gives outstanding performances in every single movie. I love many of Meryl's films, such as The Devil Wears Prada, It's Complicated, Mamma Mia, Death Becomes Her and Sophie's Choice. She is an incredible actress as well as being smart, beautiful, caring, dedicated to her family and her work, sexy and inspirational.

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2Sandra Bullock
AMAZING! My Favorite with her is The Blind Side! She was absolutely fantastic it was a fantastic and inspirational movie. I cried and laughed and awed more then I can even beginning to explain. She nails every single one of her roles weather is it Comedy, Drama, Romantic, or Action she is a fantastic Actress!
I've seen most of her movies and she is very good
Either she makes me laugh or be hypnotized by her complexion
No one can really say she is a bad actress maybe gets every scene in two takes
Millions of people know through her achievement in oscar which brought her as the best actress
[Newest]Almost all her movies are awesome... She is my favorite...

3Jodie Foster
Jodie is the best best and best actress in hollywood. Her performance in contact was so remarkable and I love to see her films, what a super actor, she is a born actress. Silence of the lambs and flight plan all made hit only because of her performance. Beauty with acting in right proportion and SHE IS THE BEST
Prefer her earlier roles as they will stand the test of time. Amazing actress as so believable in most of the roles, just a shame she didn't make wise choices near the end of her career but thankfully can be forgiven
People the list is for best actresses. Is that so difficult too understand.. No doubt its all about Jodie, Winslet and Blanchett (among the recent). I choose JODIE for her 3 decades..
[Newest]Queen of the universe.

4Angelina Jolie
She is the best number 1 for sure
She is an amazing and talented actress that is able to portray many different characters who can mold herself into different roles.
She's pure perfection
Her ability to fall into a role and tottaly claim it as her own is unparalleled among actresses. When you watch her movies you will never find yourself thinking why didn't they go with whatshername instead. From Hackers to Mr and Mrs Smith, it was always gonna be Angelina Jolie.
[Newest]Love her acting in SALT.
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5Nicole Kidman
The most amazing actress of our time, and is already a Hollywood icon - in fashion and acting. Classy, gorgeous, poised, incredibly talented and concise of the different roles she always takes, she'll always be the Nicole Kidman that we'll always know who even gives an amount of money to various charities. Fact is, she can steal the show even with just a glimpse of her. Her accent and beauty steals the show, that you forget about everything. Get this - she can actually sing and dance, hence Moulin Rouge (2001). She can do drama, (The Hours, Cold Mountain) horror (The Others) and, she's incredible funny (Bewitched, To Die For, Flirting) while winning awards on the way. She'll probably even win three Oscars with that kind of natural talent, poise, and beauty.
Nicole Kidman is the most beautiful woman in the world. Never Ever in my life I've seen somebody prettier than her. She is a pure goddess... Any time I watch her on the screen I'm spellbound by her gorgeous and luxurious beauty and incredible talent. She's a pure GODDESS and a true talent. Ans I was so disappointed when she didn't won an oscar for Moulin Rouge... How come it didn't happen =(( Her performance is shattering, remarkable, AMAZING, HEART-WRENCHING and totally precious... Very very underrated... I LOVE YOU, NICOLE... YOU ARE THE BEST
She is very good and very very diverse
I liked her in the hours, eyes wide shut, and she was so good in the Others
[Newest]She is amazing. You talk about films but I never hear anything about Australia and Cold Mountain. I loved her in both, they are definitely my favorite films. She is the best actress of our time. She steals the screen. I love her ability to totally fall into any role and claim it as her own.

6Kate Winslet
I like very much kate winslet. I really appriciate for titanic movie work.
Come on! Kate Winslet is the epitome of acting, with that kind of grace and beauty Kate is born to be a superstar! And mind you, she's very young still but has achieved greater heights than most of the world's actors. Imagine 20 years from now, and voila, she'll collect thousands of awards again and again. Must watch movies of her: Titanic, The Reader, Heavenly Creatures,... Spotless Mind, and Mildred Pierce. You'll be blown away!
Kate winslet performance in "The Reader" and "Revolutionary Road" is the best performance of her generation because of his extraordinary depth in acting she made it to the top! Kate is simply amazing!
[Newest]I love Kate Winslet and I also love her British accent. I LOVED her in the titanic she is an amazing actress.

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7Maricel Soriano
An epitome of a great and best actress, because of her versatility.. The Diamond Star of the Philippines!


Maricel soriano is the great actress of our country, even if she in comedy, horror, primetime, she deserve it...


She's an actress that registered in my mind when I was a child...
[Newest]Diamond is forever just as the Diamond Star is...

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8Gillian Anderson
Gillian's ability to convey 3 or 4 conflicting emotions simultanesously without speaking a single word of dialogue, makes her one of the most usnique and captivating actresses of our time. Plus she is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful to see, a truly devastating double shot of talent and beauty and offscreen, very passionate about many interests and charities.
An amazing and talented actress who has stared in both small and large screen hits. We loved her in all eight seasons of X-Files, both X-Files Movies, and Bleak House. She is as intelligent and independent woman as Special Agent Dana Scully, whom she is famous for portraying.
She a strong and bright actress, thus is surprisingly convincing in each role. It is so convincing, that involuntarily you start to trust in that that you look not simply film, and really a fragment from real life.

She shakes and does not cease to stun!
[Newest]Pure talent and beauty.

9Michelle Pfeiffer
This gorgeous woman is by far one of the most underrated actresses, ever to have graced the screen. She is beyond beautiful and luminous in "The Witches of Eastwick" undefinable in "The Fabulous Baker Boys", absolutely adorable and what comedic timing in "Married to the Mob" and richly authentic "News Year Eve". I even loved her in"Icould never be your woman" what an actress, what a talent, what a beauty and what a mother. Probably a great best friend, as well. Love you, michelle, love you michelle, love you michelle. Oh and thanks so much for your gifts.
She is absolutely the best, the top and by far, number one. I love her chemistry with her leading men. She makes them shine which is also a tribute to her generosity and her consummate acting ability. She was so vulnerable yet funny with Al Pacino in "Frankie and Johnny" and was surely a stand out with him in the cult classic, "Scarface" She inhabits any role to it's fullest and there's never a question that she's the only choice for that role. She is heaven on earth.
Amazing actress in all types of movies. Excellent in Dangerous Minds (1995), Up Close & Personal (1996), The Deep End of the Ocean (1999), What Lies Beneath (2000), I Am Sam (2001), White Oleander (2002), Hairspray (2007).
[Newest]Just watched. What Lies Beneath... what an amazing actress.. she breathes such life and vitality into that role and many others...
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10Emma Watson
She IS amazing, face expressions, every thing, she is the coming best actress in the world and trust me when I say she will receive the Oscar one day. SHE IS... SHE IS MY DREAM.
Emma Watson is the most beautiful teen and the most talented actress. She is awesome, outstanding, gorgeous, cute, pretty, beautiful, hot, cool, fantastic, fabulous, mindblowing, superb, can not comparable, the best, the greatest anb 'THE BRITISH SUNSHINE'. I love her so much.
Emma watson you are my idol you are so pretty intelligent you are the best girl in the whole world you are the girl of my life and another think how are you in college also I will see your new movie the perks of a waterfall I think that is very good also I love hermione granger I love harry potter with all my thanks to be an actress I think that you are the best actress in the whole world thanks your best fan from Mexico thanks emma!
[Newest]Emma Watson is a brilliant actress and she's beautiful. I loved her in Harry Potter, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Bling Ring and I am looking forward to Beauty and the Beast. A brilliant actress.

The Contenders

11Sigourney Weaver
I had to choose her not only because she is a wonderful actress, playing heroes, damsels, and even villains. She also has such a powerful, commanding voice that let her sneak into such films as Wall-E, Cabin in the Woods, Paul and many others. She may be a sci-fi legend but she's also done many well known comedy and drama movies.

Side note. Whoever put Kristen Stewart on this list needs to be smacked upside the head. That girl has the acting range of a potato.
Come on! How is Sigourney Weaver not no. 1! Has anyone even seen her amazing acting. Watch Alien or Aliens sometime soon. I'd like this list better if you did.


She's an awesome actress! Her performances is Death and the Maiden, Gorillas in the Mist and Prayers for Bobby are unique, and in the Alien Ellen Ripley became her alter ego. The two better ideas of the last two Alien films, the death of Ripley (Alien 3) and making love with an alien (Resurrection) comes from her.
[Newest]Love her to pieces.

12Julia Roberts
I can't stand this actress. Hit her by mistake. Big mistake.
No, no, no. Way over-rated!
Nasty self centered unimpressive phoney pretentious
[Newest]What a waste of space cheap and superficial

13Kim Basinger
Sorry Kim is not acting. She is always believable and funny.
Kim is my favorite movie sex symbol. Now she's old but just look at her - she looks gorgeous, stunning, fantastic!
She is my favorite, actress all time.

14Anne Hathaway
I love her! She is amazing in movie she does. She was great in One Day because she showed everything that was needed for an excellent book. She was perfect in Devil Wears Prada. All of her work is thanks to the Princess Diaries!
Her unique acting style captures the heart of her fans, tough and strong both physically and mentally! Not to mention, her beauty! Fabulous actress. Can't wait for this Friday's dark knight rises for a different aura of Catwoman by Anne Hathaway!
unique style and personality. all the others are just the sama. blond hair short skirt high heels and tiny top. SHE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE!


[Newest]She. Is talented and I want too be like her

15Jennifer Aniston
Amazing and Beautiful actress. She's great in all roles she does.
Most underrated actress, she never tries to outshine other characters - a true actor. Subtle.
Wow, Jenn should be in the top 3 easily. I would rate her number 1 of all time best female actor. Dude it's Rachel green from friends. She has awesome actor skills and has done more movies than 3/4 of the girls on this list. She needs her votes up. I love you Jenn keep up the good work and bring us more awesome movies. She has been a crush of mine since friends during my high school era in the 90's
[Newest]She's so beautiful and deserves to be #1

16Natalie Portman
I fell in love with this actress in the year of 2008 when I went to see the movie "The other Boleyn girl". Natalie Portman portrayed a capricious and a stubborn character (Anne Boleyn) and blew me away with her outstanding performance. Since then she became my favourite actress and I have enjoyed every movie I've seen her in (yes, even "No strings attached" because she is really cute in it). I was so happy for her when she received her Oscar award because she truly deserved it. She is talented and beautiful. She's got it all.


She is amazing. Her role in Black Swan was not easy to play at all. I respect her for playing such a role because I don't think that any other actress could ever pull it off. And then there's her age. Being so young she's so amazing. So hell yeah! Natalie Portman is the best!
[Newest]Should be in top ten. Was amazing in the Star Wars prequels

17Vilma Santos
The Best Actress for all seasons and for all reasons. A very respectable and sincere person; true beauty that shines inside and out; full of humility and integrity. A kind-hearted woman who has good values and does not want to be a trying hard person just to please everyone. A genuine gem in Philippine Cinema. Nobody has achieved something as what Vilma has done - from a talented child in Trudis Liit, to a sensational teen actress in the Vilma-Edgar movies (Dama de Noche), to a super woman in Darna (the most popular and successful Darna ever), to a phenomenal Dyesebel, to brave and daring roles in Burlesk Queen and Miss X, to box-office blockbuster movies as in Paano ba and Mangarap, Karma, Pakawalan mo Ako, to the award winning movies and characters in Relasyon, Broken Marriage, Adultery, Sister Stella L. , Dolzura Cortez, to offbeat and experimental roles in Tagos ng Dugo, Sinasamba Kita, Hahamakin and Lahat, to one of the greatest box-office award winning films that touched everyone's hearts in Anak, and until now even with little time to do movies as in Dekada 70, In my LIfe and The Healing... Is there any other actress here who is so successful both as an Actress and a Politician ( Mayor before and Governor now)? In fact, if only Vilma has concentrated with movies for the past many years and if she did not pursue politics (as what we, her fans, would have wanted), Vilma should have done much more award winning box office movies with very challenging roles. Vilma Santos is the Best Actress and Queenstar of Philippine Movies; most of the time underrated, but we're blessed because of her kindness and honesty - on and off screen. Let's vote the true Best Actress worth deserving of our votes and respect.
An actress could not be called great without versatility. Vilma has portrayed almost any kind or role one could think of and with flying colors. She is without the doubt the most versatile actress in Philippine cinema garnering the most number of best actress awards. She is the only actress in Philippines could truly be called a LIVING LEGEND and the GREATEST.
An actress par excellence, Vilma Santos' brand of acting has continue to evolve through the years and never got stagnated. She can play any character to different genres, be it in drama, horror, comedy, musical, etc. Her latest film "The Healing" is her 210th movie to date, more than 90% of which are lead roles. Her achievements in terms of Best Actress Awards and Box-office Queen Awards are unequaled by her contemporaries. Not only Vilma Santos is a complete actress, she has become equally successful in the field of public service having completed her three terms as Mayor of a major city in Luzon. At present, Santos serves as Governor of a vote-rich Province of Batangas. Vilma achieves an amazing feat of effectively fusing Cinema and Politics. And no one is complaining!
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18Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence deserves to be higher on this list. She is so talented, one of the youngest ever oscar nominees, her work in Winter's Bone was outstanding. She was amazing in the Hunger Games and was beyond amazing in the Silver Linings Playbook. She is so talented, so moving, so emotional. I love her so much and look up to her. She is truly one of the greatest actresses I have ever seen, if not the greatest.
I think she is a great actress. She has a lot if talent. Others may not agree but I think she I a pretty good actress. In real life she is kind if weird though... We'll not weird but a little more hyper than she is in the hunger games. In the hunger games she is more tough and peaceful, but in real life she I loud and hyper an funny and I think that is what makes her who she is. And that is why I think she is a great actress.
I am literally inlove with her! She is my role model and my life! I firkin worship her! She is an amazing actress who has her own ways of expressing herself into the beautiful person she is! I will be a future actress soon, Sophie matar, and she is the reason why I am dying for this job and because it is who I am! I love Jlaw... She is an amazing actress with a naughty hot sexy great personality which can steal an audience in seconds! I love her and I think she is the best actress alive
[Newest]Jennifer is the best actress, why is Emma watson higher than her?
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19Helena Bonham-Carter
Here are so many awesome actresses on the list like Maggie Smith or Emma Thompson but HELENA BONHAM CARTER is definitely the best!
Movies like Sweeney Todd, Harry Potter or THE KING's SPEECH are just awesome because of her!

She is pretty and talented and always who she really is and that's why she deserves a much better place on this list! (I'm sorry, I come from Germany, so my English isn't very good. :))

She os one of the most inspiring people on this earth and my number 1!
Helena Bonham-Carter is awesome! She gives you such an eerie feeling when she acts, and it's great. Not many people can pull off her roles. She was great in The King's Speech, Fight Club, Harry Potter, just to name a few. She is also so dark and quirky in real life and I love her for that. She deserves a higher ranking on this list.
Helena Bonham carter is my life. She's is by far the best actress, IN THE WORLD, and will never be beaten. Not only does she portray her characters excellently (The Red Queen, Bellatrix Lestrange, Mrs. Lovett, etc etc) but she is truly a differrent and inspiring person.
[Newest]Helena Bonham Carter is one of the best actresses that we have ever had. Each of her performances are brilliant and I love so many of her movies. She is beautiful, caring and inspirational. A fantastic actress.

20Charlize Theron
Her performance in Monster was the best acting performance I have ever seen. You just forget she's acting, it's incredible.
One of the best current actresses. Will win many Oscars.
Her performance in Snow White & The Huntsman really made her shine.
[Newest]She has it all Talent and Beauty! Wonderful in the Monster!

21Meg Ryan
One of my all time favorite. I like her most in You've got mail.
How in the world can this lady be so low in this poll? She has been the star of some of the best romantic comedies of the past 25 years.


She is one of the best Actresses of the 20 century And the 21 century She so brilliant at ever movie she is in.
[Newest]Lol I though is Meg Griffin HAHA! Sorry guys.

22Audrey Hepburn
She is the one. Best actress of all time. No one can be compared with her. She had a great personality & beauty. She is immortal in the heart of her fans around the world. Her acting acting is really praise worthy.
It's a little pathetic that people are voting Angelina Jolie and people like that before Audrey Hepburn. Audrey Hepburn is a talented legend... How couldn't you vote for her?
I only just discovered Audrey Hepburns movies and I can't believe I've never seen her before. I was totally captivated by her immediately with her incredible presence, her natural beauty, her innocence, and her personality that just wins your heart. I think anyone who didn't vote for her as the #1 actress hasn't seen her. No one on the top 10 list here is in her league.
[Newest]I am in distress seeing that Audrey is as low as she is. She is not only the greatest actress but possibly the greatest person of all time. Those who know her story would never disagree.

23Katharine Hepburn
Simply the best! 'Best Actress' Oscars: "Morning Glory"(1933). "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"(1967), "The Lion in Winter" (1969), "On Golden Pond" (1982). Achievements? Amazing. Loved all her movies, especially enjoyed "Woman of the Year". I wonder how many more 'Best Actress' awards Katharine may have won if she hadn't been labeled 'Box-Office Poison' for her spunk as a libertarian. Longevity in the movie industry for a woman is a mountain that is difficult to climb. Katharine's acting is a shining example to other actors that it can be done. What a gal!


Come on, Kate Hepburn at number 18. Something is very wrong here for such a gifted Actress to be this far down on the list. She is clearly a Top 5 Rated Actress!
Just to begin, she has won the most Oscars of any actor or actress. And there is a reason for that. My particular favorite movie of hers is On Golden Pond. She won the Oscar for it, and did it in her late 70's. She had some serious longevity in the film business. Katharine Hepburn with her wit and brilliance will always be remembered.
[Newest]The Genius of all times

24Winona Ryder
People, vote for her. Winona isn't my fav #1 but she's definitely one of the best actresses ever: Lucas (1986), Edward Scissorhands (1990), Mermaids (1990), Night On Earth (1991), Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992), The Age of Innocence (1993), The House of the Spirits (1993), Little Women (1994), Reality Bites (1994), Alien: Resurrection (1997), Girl, Interrupted (1999), Autumn in New York (2000), Mr. Deeds (2002), A Scanner Darkly (2006), Sex and Death 101 (2007), Star Trek (2009).

I hope Enough said!


She had her issues in the past, but who doesn't? She always comes on top no matter what. I get that other actresses might be better than her, but I don't know why, I like her style. She seems relatable to me, believable. Very humanly.

25Reese Witherspoon
a great example of a young teen actress turned mature and sophisticated. She will win many more awards and continue to choose smart and sexy roles to play.


Reese I love you! You are awesome!
[Newest]She stars in me and my friends' favorite movie. Just like heaven!

26Keira Knightley
She is a wonderful young actress. Her performances in Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, The Duchess and the Edge of Love show that she is developing into a very good actress. In my opinion she should definitely be higher on the list. I think she will become one of the leading actresses of her generation.


Awesome performance! Sexy and beautiful body! Should definitely be #1! I mean Pirates of the Carri bean? Come on people!
She is amazing in pirates of the Caribbean.


[Newest]Keira is so moving in all of the roles she plays!

27Dame Maggie Smith
Dame Maggie is my absolute favorite actress of all time. Her ability to play any character there is makes me truly in awe of her talent. Her performances as Jean Brodie, Judith Hearne, Dianna Barrie and Minerva McGonagall make my heart melt. She truly is the best actress of all time. Highly underrated? Of course. Highly under-appreciated? Yes. But she really is the best.
Harry Potter, Sister Act, Tea with Mussolini, The First Wives Club, Hook, Clash of the Titans... She is great in everything she is in.


I love all the movies I have seen Dame Maggie Smith in. I especially like her part in Hook - my favorite movie of all time - as Grandma Wendy. She also plays the part of Professor McGonagall well. I liked her part in The Secret Garden as well.
[Newest]Amazing in downton abbey she always makes me laugh

28Scarlett Johansson
She was so awesome to watch in The Avengers. I liked her facial expressions, as well as her fighting scenes. I thought she did a great job. I also liked her in Iron Man 2. She had some great scenes there, too. To me, she is an actress who can play several different roles, and play them well.
Shes beautiful, young, fresh, and a great actress! Miss Scarlett should be so much farther up on this list.
For me she is the best actress, she's perfect physically and scene game. I love her so much!
[Newest]She is just sexy and is the best

29Cate Blanchett
Cate Blanchett's range supersedes any other actor of her generation. She has a chameleon like ability to transform herself into any role. All her performances are of a standard rarely seen. Her depth & emotional connection with audiences is evident in all her films. Her convincing & award winning portrayals of real life characters, such as, movie star, Katherine Hepburn in "Aviator", Queen Elizabeth 1 in "Elizabeth" & Jude Quinn(Bob Dylan)in "I'm Not There", are performed with an unsurpassed honesty, empathy & integrity.
She's completely in a league of her own. In every single performance, she embodies all that the character is meant to be from stunning emotional depth to well though personal touches which gives her characters their own unique traits. She stands out from film to film as one of the most versatile actors in the world. She's undoubtedly the best actor (male/female) of our time!

Don't believe me? Elizabeth, I'm Not There, Babel, Notes on A Scandal...
To name a few, but everything she does is golden.
BY FAR Cate should be number one. Streep is overrated and has no business being number one. It has been said, and I agree, Cate is in a league of her own.
[Newest]A bit farcical some of the names that appear above Cate. Meg Ryan? Give me a break. she couldn't act her way out of a brown paper bag. This is a popularity list rather than an ability based one... Gimme a break.

30Bette Davis
How dumb some people can get! Bette Davis should be at least in top 5! We're talking about ACTING people! You people who voted for kristen Stewart are obviously not familiar with the term! Kristen Stewart is without a doubt the worst actress of her generati or even of all generations.. I'm not quite sure..! Her silly and pretentious attitude is disgusting! I don't need to refer to her acting again because I suppose my sentiments have become very clear. Whereas Bette Davis is a brilliant actress and has been among the geniuses who founded the industry. Placing "actresses" like Kristen Stewart over her is a huge disrespect.


A Fine Artist: she took roles others wouldn't take, she played variety of characters from tough, evil, murderer, to comedic, endearing, businesslike. I believe she would have won more awards but the voters couldn't take her tough, aggressive persona... she should be number 1, thank you.
There is no beating Bette Davis! Period! She is the ultimate in translating any character to the screen. What other actress in the world could have pulled off Whatever Happened to Baby Jane/ Absolutely
Brilliant a piece of work. The only actress since Davis who can drum up the degree of magnetism on the screen would be Meryl Streep. It is interesting that Davis was Streep's mentor.
[Newest]I agree. She was awesome. She should be in the top 5.

31Marion Davies
major star of 20s and 30s


32Dakota Fanning
War of the Worlds, Hide and Seek, Uptown Girls, Man on Fire, Cat in the Hat, Sweet Home Alabama, I Am Sam, Tomcats, this little girl is gonna burn out by the time she is 16 if she doesn't slow down a little, but she is one hell of an actress!


I think she's the most talented actress of all time! Shes just amazing, and she has always been so good. I mean, have you ever seen I am sam? she was so young, but still an amazing actress. (:
Just my opinion
Dokata Fanning is my idle. She is the same age as me, and I secretly wish to start acting. Dakota is my hope and inspiration. I think she is amazing, and you'd do anything to meet her. I see all her movies and there all really good. My favorites are Uptown Girls, Charlottes Web, and Dreamer. I can't wait to see her act as an adult!
[Newest]She is very classy and chic, she is always dressed very nice and she seems like a really nice person. I mean, I don't know her personaly, but she seems nice. I like her energy and all the characters she has played are awesome.

33Marilyn Monroe
Geez, what can I say? Marilyn was and still is beautiful, funny, talented, strong, and just amazing. She was outstanding throughout her acting career and her singing was unique and beautiful. Marilyn is iconic throughout the world because of her beauty, intelligence, and her passion. Rest in peace darling.
Whether they like it or not she was a brilliant actress, comedian, singer, and dancer. When you think actress, you think Marilyn.
she should totally be in the top 10, it is a crime that all this crap is ahead of her!
[Newest]She should be #1

34Drew Barrymore
How can you Put DREW at 44th - She was Riding in Cars with Boys- went on 50 First Dates with Adam - and for Jimmy she was the Perfect Catch in Boston- Even Charlie thought She as an ANGEL. Hugh wrote the Music and Lyrics were here speciality- Vote HER Up the LIST People - GB


she the best of all she didn't diserved to be in 39th place she should be at, atleast 5th place so pick her up
Surprisingly, I didn't expect that drew would be in the 27th place, despite of her talent in acting, and her beauty. I mean, an actress like drew should be on the top 10 actresses, and she deserves it. Like, totally. She is one of favorite actresses, I even have a girl crush on her, I mean who wouldn't, right? So uh yeah, DREW BARRYMORE GUYS! :))))) please vote her :DD
[Newest]She is the best in 50 first dates and going distance never been kissed the wedding singer and blended and also he is just not that in to you

35Kathy Bates
MISERY. What a performance. This woman should come before people like Jennifer Aniston etc. Ridiculous. And Marilyn Monroe? Give me a break. One overrated individual. So overrated that it is actually annoying. She was the worst thing about "Some Like It Hot" which is a great movie. I wish, they'd hired someone else to play Sugar though.
One of the greatest actresses of all time, it's ridiculous that names like Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman are in the Top 10 but Kathy is down at 52.

She has a special way of connecting with the audience that every other actress on this list wishes they could hone in on. Kathy Bates is special
Fried Green Tomatoes, The Bridge of San Luis Rey, Little Black Book, Around the World in 80 Days, Dragonfly, American Outlaws, Rat Race, Waterboy, Titanic, MISERY, Dick Tracy, and the list goes on.


36Jennifer Connelly
Trying to get her above Dakota Fanning. That girl is so annoying... Jennifer Cornell has had too many intense roles which she has pulled off not to beat that brat. Dude. Blood Diamond. Requiem for a Dream. House of the Sand and Fog. etc. Take your pick.
Fantastic and versatile actress. Thoughtful, intelligent roles with a career that spans almost 3 decades. I think she's underrated as an actress since she's not about flash and hype. Both Jennifer and Kate Winslet belong in the top 10.
Connelly definitely has been in many great movies! She should be at least recognized in top 20. Oh, and she hasn't done any horrid movies like Twilight (Fanning), so let's go people!
[Newest]Love her. She is with Kate Winslet my favorite actress. She was astonishing in a beautiful mind and requiem for a dream. Should be in top 10 for sure

37Glenn Close
Emmy Awards
Outstanding Lead Actress - Miniseries or a Movie
1995 Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story
Outstanding Lead Actress - Drama Series
2008 Damages
Golden Globe Awards
Best Actress - Miniseries/TV Movie
2005 The Lion in Winter
Best Actress in a Television Drama Series
2007 Damages
Screen Actors Guild Awards
Outstanding Actress - Miniseries/TV Movie
2004 The Lion in Winter
Tony Awards
Best Leading Actress in a Play
1984 The Real Thing
2002 Death and the Maiden
Best Leading Actress in a Musical
1995 Sunset Boulevard
Other awards
LAFCA Award for Best Supporting Actress
1982 The World According to Garp
NBR Award for Best Supporting Actress
1982 The World According to Garp


Her range is a wonder. She can play epic & roles, as in Dangerous Liaisons, crazy & disturbing roles as in Fatal Attraction, subtle & introvertet roles such as in Albert Nobbs, lovingly & warm characters as in The Big Chill, The Natural and The World According to Garb and she is also unforgettable as strong female turns such Eleanor of Aquintaine in Lion in Winter & Patty Hewes in Damages. Glenn also took Gloria Swenson's iconic role and made it her own in Sunset Boulevard! She should definitely be in the top 10, in the likes of Streep, Dench, Smith, Redgrave, Taylor, Mirren, Hepburn, Davis, Lange, Bening, Sarandon, Thompson, Swinton, Chastain, M. Williams, Ullman, Bergman, Garbo, Adjani and Huppert!
Hell, if half the bloody actresses above Ms. Close were of the high caliber of her then they would deserve to be there, until now, there is no logical reason as to why the likes of Emma Watson and Natalie Portman are higher up than this extremely fantastic and gifitc actress!
[Newest]Come on people. wake up, She deserves many more accolades and many more of your votes. Number one in everything.

38Gloria Swanson
the one and only Norma Desmond!


You can't tell gloria swanson and norma desmond apart after seeing the movie.
Norma will stick in my mind forever. She was so brave to play that part

39Rachel McAdams
A talented child, she began training as a competitive figure skater at the age of four. She began her acting training at a summer theater camp and performed with them throughout high school. She graduated from York University in Toronto with Honors and a BFA degree in Theater. In 2003, she got a leading role on the Canadian television series Slings and Arrows, but back-to-back successes in the US forced her to be written out of the show in its second season. In 2004, she co-starred with Rob Schneider in the comedy The Hot Chick, but it was her turn as uber-popular high school student 'Regina George' in the hit film Mean Girls with Lindsay Lohan that made Rachel a star. She followed up her success in Mean Girls with a role in the tearjerker The Notebook co-starring Ryan Gosling, whom she dated in real-life for two years. 2005 was a busy year for the actress, who played Owen Wilson's love interest in Wedding Crashers, a woman terrorized by an assassin in Red Eye and Sarah Jessica Parker's jaded prospective sister-in-law in The Family Stone. Although she took some time away from Hollywood to spend time with family and friends, she has a number of projects coming up, including State of Play with Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck and The Time Traveler's Wife with Eric Bana. Whether making us laugh or making us cry (a lot), Rachel has 'crashed' audiences' hearts.
This list is riddled with terrible actresses... What is the deal? While she is not the best yet, Rachel McAdams will be eventually. Not only is she jaw-droppingly sexy, she has a very diverse acting ability. A true chameleon, who can play the bitch; the girl next door; the strong lead; any role you throw at her really. Future multi-Oscar winner, if she wants it.
Rachel is great in all her movies. Fighting back in Red Eye, brilliant. Being laughably mean in Mean Girls, incredible. Making a huge decision in The Notebook, excellent. Being mean but also having heart in The Family Stone, great. She's the best.
[Newest]She is the best actress ever. If you watch The Vow and The Notebook, You'll know.

40Elizabeth Taylor
Well, it's been said that her eyes could make the sky pale. Those eyes captivated millions. One of the few Child stars who built a successful career. Through many marriages and illnesses Taylor lived a true Hollywood life to create some great films and a legendary status.
Doesn't need explanation.. It's shocking, she's not even on the list.
HOW IS SHE 40? She should be 1 on this list. Her eyes are just... WOW. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. She is like, a legend. How can a legend like her be at 40 on this list.P.S. I also like Anne Hathaway and jenifer Aniston and Nicole kidman and amanda Bynes.

41Alexis Thorpe
Plays Cassie DiMera in "Days of our Lives".

42Mila Kunis
I loved her in boot camp an forgetting Sarah Marshall! she's so pretty!
She is awesome in forgetting sarah marshall she was so pretty
She is so pretty. I love her so much and yes friends with benefit was awesome
[Newest]So sweet and talented. She's so hilarious as well, great in movies like ted. Go Mila!

43Dame Judy Dench
Meryl and every other actress on the list bows to her. She is a stage actress. Being a stage performer is much more difficult and challenging than being on film. Judi has portrayed some of the most complex characters such as Lady Macbeth and Cleopatra. She is the only actress, I think, on the list that has done Shakespeare's play. That automatically makes her superior to the others.


It isn't really proper to compare stage acting to film acting. They are separate arts and require different approaches. For example, it's difficult to effectively whisper on stage and there are no close ups of facial expression. Stage requires continuity of action and doesn't allow for a re-take


I cannot understand why she is so low on the list. She is an absolutely stellar actress and always believable no matter what production she's in. Spy movies, Shakespeare this lady has done it all. She should be the top.
Why is she so low on the list!?... Easily one of the greatest actresses ever... Can rival even Meryl Streep..
[Newest]She is so low on the list because this is an American survey and lets face it, Americans don't have a clue what culture is!

44Amanda Seyfried
She is good. at all this chart is not fair!
You cool. I liked Mamma Mia! Yeah.. Do you ever feel like a plastic bagG? Drift
C is the best... How can c b so down in the list?

45Julie Andrews
I've saw her in a speaking thing she did in Brisbane, and I cried when she walked out on stage she was flawless, and I believe that she should be at least top 5, to be honest, I think she is the greatest human being alive, she has one an Oscar of Christ sake! The magic Mary poppins film made the most money of all films the year it was released! People ask me why do you think the sound of music and Mary poppins were such successful movies. The answer is simple... Because of JULiE ANDREWS!
How could anyone forget about Julie Andrews? No doubt she can act! She's a legend. Also the women never ages an has class! God love her for "Mary Poppins", "Sound of Music", Princes Diaries",...
The Sound of Music & Mary Poppins... greatest movies ever


[Newest]I love Julie Andrews she can act so brilliantly in any role! She's an acting and singing legend! She's also very classy!

46Jessica Alba
She is absolutely awesome! Great actress! She was really good in the movie the fantastic 4 she has a great personality and she seems to be fine when she plays in a movie.
Jessica isn't just a hot actress she is different there is just something about her I mean I can't get enough of her movies every time I watch a movie for her I feel so inspired She is the best
She is a great and hot actress who deserves really to be #1 so vote for her, she deserves at least to be in the top ten
[Newest]She is a great actress. Not very funny though in my opinion

47Helen Mirren
She has done it all for comedy to drama from soft porn to biopic no other actress have the ability to do it all at this level a number in the top ten at least
from caligola , the cook the thief prime suspect and now the queen wow a dame and a half
Very biased US of A list, Sandra Bollcks, please! Helen is a fantastic actress and very versatile.

48Nora Aunor

The ultimate in investing authenticity in her most memorable performances. Her eyes alone can already sear the screen. Magnificent!
Who else? She is the GREATEST ACTRESS in THE PHILIPPINES and also one in the WORLD because of the ACHIEVEMENTS she got From ALL OVER THE WORLD... SHE is A GEM...
[Newest]The one and only superstar
More comments about Nora Aunor

49Emma Stone
I love her so much, she's so funny, down to earth, and of course an amazing actress. She makes her characters so full of life.
One young, beautiful and talented actress I didn't come up with. Kudos to peeps who named her though. She's sweet, yet bursting with talent!


Wait, what is Emme Stone doing on #52?! She's amazing, so talented and young, every time funny and adorable.

50Susan Sarandon
! Susan is way the hay down here? BEHIND the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Nat King Portman, and like, child actresses. Are you people the same ones who drink and then do 90 past the State Police barracks? Its not a beauty pageant... ACTING! REESE WITHERSPOON?
Totally an amazing a actress she's my compete idol

51Jennifer Lopez
Well, there are many noteworthy movies. Her best I think is Out Of Sight, then, Angel Eyes (the romance there is her best), and then Selena. But she's number 2. Number 1 is Nicole Kidman, for sure, but I love Jennifer Lopez very much also.
She likes dancing, she likes singing, likes to entertain. In addition to being a genuienly sincere person free with her emotions, she is one of the best and most underrated actresses of her time. When she acts, I belive her. She carries me with every word and expression. Always appropriate and deep with authenticity.
She is an amazing and talented actress, THE BEST OF THE BEST! WE LOVE YOU J LO you stunning latin beauty x

52Milla Jovovich
She is the most beautiful actress I have ever seen in my life
Her performance in movies was the best acting performance I have ever seen. You just forget she's acting, it's incredible.
Who Didnt think she was hott in Resident Evil and Fifth Element
Very talented, extremely beautiful, should be in first five actresses

53Julie Walters
Julie Walters is a fantastic actress. I especially loved her performances in Mamma Mia and Harry Potter. She can play any role. A brilliant actress.

54Amy Adams
Number one
Watch enchanted then the fighter. Where did she come from/ others pale by comparison.
She can play any part and she is beautiful
Playing from gleefuly roles in movies like enchanted. To extremely serious ones on movies like the master or American hustle. Simply great.

55Barbra Streisand
She is definitely the best.
Not only a wonderful performer and singer, but also such an emotional bright actress.

56Ingrid Bergman
Three-Time Academy Award winning Actress known for her powerhouse acting abilities.
Come on people! Ever heard of Notorious? Gaslight? Casablanca? These are all classics! Get with the program!


Extraordinary actress with intense emotional projection and beautiful that caps that viewers heart
[Newest]I liked her but I always felt she over-acted at times. But the shows she chose to act in were great--especially Gaslight.

57Greta Garbo
Please, no one can argue with one of the girls that started it all, she was a bombshell and a great actress for her time.
To my humble opinion, garbo should at top 1, her acting skills are pure magic for those who can recongnize her immense talent, and the face of the century. Thank you greta xx
She did great comedy. I wish she would have made more films. One of the best

58Angel Locsin
She's a very versatile actress but what I love is her dramatic acting skill because she's very natural her tears just flow without forcing it and it will move you I watch her crying scenes and I also cry with her. Her acting skill is excellent it's like a natural gift because most artist put effort to make their acting good but for her whatever she does it's always excellent.
She's totally good in acting. In fact this year she has four Best actress award if I'm not mistaken.. Go angel..
[Newest]Best actress ever, also down to earth and generous... An epitome of what beauty really means: inside and and out

59Rachel Weisz
great and talent actress, who makes all her movies classic and beautyful. i have seen her movies and she shines in evry of them.
She was luminous in the constant gardener, my heart actually hurt as the story unfolded. Great fun in the mummy to name just 2 well known roles.
She should be much higher on this list.

60Chloe Moretz
Most beautiful face in hollywood. Stunning eyes that smile. Great actress. I'm in love.
Amazing actress! Incredibly talented!
She will be one of the best actress in the future, she is not here for the fame, she is in this business because she loves acting... just wait for her to be in more movies and she will be winning oscars in no time


[Newest]I have no idea why she isn't #1.

61Kirsten Dunst
She's got some real, true talent!
No no number one

62Selena Gomez
Selena is such a good actress like she changes the way she acts in so many movies and shows like in wizards of waverly place she is the bad child up to no good and then in monte carlo she changes form bad girl to a nice girl who just wants to explore the world after graduation. She is amazing I just love her I'm only ten about to turn eleven and all I know is that I hope someday I become a star like her!
Selena gomez is the best her songs are the best and she deserves to be the best actress please vote for her I want to see this beautiful girl on top 5 nabeel
Please vote for her! She deserves a chance! She is so pretty and cute, in wizards of waverly, mount carlo, another cinderella's story, and all those excellent movies. she shows enough bravely for the whole world to see her as a main character. Please vote for her!
[Newest]59th, are you kidding me? She should be on the top 10!

63Halle Berry
Ridiculous that I am the first to include her on this list. Yes there is Catwoman but I blame that on the Director trying to build the movie on her beautiful rather than her talent. Otherwise she has a great resume that would surpass most people on this list, Selena Gomez, Geez, come on!
Come on people, are you rating beauty, porn or actual talent. She hasn't got it... Talent, that is.
Your hot, sexy, gorgeous, Please spend a week w/me

64Gwyneth Paltrow
I'm her biggest fan of all time! Basically I have watched all of her movies! My favorite was definitely Shakespeare in love... For those people out there who hates her or whatsoever.. They are all just being stupid and jealous of her.. Talk about best actress... Look who owned an oscar?!
She is the best Hollywood actress of all time... I watch most of her movie... And my favourites are Shakespeare in Love, Great Expectation, Country Strong, Iron man 1 2, Sylvia, Sliding Door, A Perfect Murder, Se7en, Emma... Just love all her film.. Hope that she will make more fantastic film in the future!
[Newest]She is just the best actress ever... How can she be so low in this list?

65Jessica Lange
I cannot believe I had to use the find command to locate her name! This is just wrong. I think everyone can agree that Meryl Street is the worlds best actress but this women is a close second. Whenever she is on the screen my eyes cannot stop watching her, she steals every scene. She is so good at playing a manipulative villain that you can not help but root for her character even if they are horrible.
I cannot believe some of the actresses who are currently ranked higher then this talent... It is just so sad. Most voters have no idea what talent is with some of the crap voted higher. She is hands down one of best actress alive to day
She is an awesome actor playing Fiona Goode currently on American Horror Story Coven and she is awesome in emotion. She should be number 1.
[Newest]One of my favorites!

66Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams is amazing. Just watch "Blue Valentine" or "My Week with Marilyn" to understand why.
This lady should be number 1. Talent will show through in the end.
She's the best working actress today.


67Uma Thurman
the very best in everything she does. absolutely loved her in kill bill movies. made me a true fan for life. I love her


The Kill Bills, Pulp Fiction, Be Cool, Vatel, The Avengers, Les Miserables... She's great, and so hot in Kill Bill...


She is very good actor, especialy in movie Paycheck.

68Julianne Moore
she should be in the top ten. she is fantastic! you can feel exactly what she is feeling when she is acting.

Any list without Julianne Moore in the top 5 is a joke. Look at the range of material she does extremely well and it's not arguable.

69Judy Garland
Staring in one of the most known films ever, "The Wizard of Oz", this Academy Award winning actress took the industry by storm and will forever be known for her performances.
She was phenomenal. She should be rated in the top 5.

70Hilary Swank
Two oscars by the age of 30 mean nothing to you people.


she is so amazing especially p. s I love you and freedom writers
She is fabulous and will have a long career. Ms. Swank is hard worker and a true talent which is rare combination. She came up from nothing to make a name for herself. She is my personal favorite.
[Newest]I love Hilary Swank she's the best

71Jamie Lee Curtis
When I think of great acting, I think of someone that convince me they ARE the character. Jamie Lee Curtis does that. I considered Cristina Ricci, Glen Close, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sigourney Weaver, Gwyneth Paltrow. All are good, but tend toward certain genres. Jamie Lee has covered them all convincingly.
good at horror and comedy movies.
Classy and refined, she is always worth watching even when the films are not.
[Newest]Her facial expressions in Halloween 2 made fall even more in love with her

72Vivien Leigh
I don't understand how people like Selena Gomez and many others are ranked ahead of Vivien Leigh. She is one of the greatest actresses of all time and definitely more talented than many of the other women on here. If you can beat out people such as Bette Davis for a role, then you should probably be ranked higher on this list than Mila Kunis and Amanda Seyfried (even though I love them both).
She should be in the top 10 for just playing Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire. That is one of the greatest performances by any actor.
vivien was never herself again, because she changed into Blanche Dubois after that role in a streetcar named desire


73Peyton List
Peyton List is one of prettiest and sexiest girls in the world. She so great in the T.V. Show Jessie if they made film about her or that she got the main role it could be a hit and put her up in the top 3


74Kristen Bell
Veronica mars, frozen, this girl can do it all


75Diane Lane
Way underrated. A very good actress who doesn't always get the best roles but gives a solid performance every time out. A real pro, and easy on the eye never hurts.
Shes a hero! I adore diane lane, shes an amazing actress number 1 man!
Great actreess with intense feelings
[Newest]Her beauty stands the test of time!

76Megan Fox
Sweet! My favorite sexy, brunette Actress in the world. She's awesome, nice, smart, and hot. She did great in 2 Transformer movies, Jennifer's Body, and Jonah Hex. If she played in the movie based on a comic book called "Fathom" after having a baby, she'll be on the top of the list. Keep up the good work, Megan Fox!
Really a weird choice. Never I would have thought to introduce her in a best actress category! But if her talent is debatable, her beauty isn't! And she rocked the house as a Young, clumsy and shameless starlet in HOW TO LOSE FRIENDS AND ALIENATE PEOPLE!
she is so hot and the best. She acted in Transformers 1 and 2, which are my favorite movies

77Katherine Heigl
She did so amazing in The Ugly Truth, Roswell (TV show), 27 Dresses, Love Comes Softly and Life as We Know It! She is such a talented, beautiful and amazing actress.


She is my best comedian actress ever.. I loved her in the killers.. 27 dresses.. The ugly truth and all her movies
Are you kidding me right now. katherine heigl is in 77. you gotta be kidding. she is the best all I can say is that she is the best in her rules in live as we know it, the ugly truth, new years eve, knocked up, 27 dresses or you didn't see it at all

78Fairuza Balk
Well, since her debut like 30 years ago or so in the famous RETURN TO OZ, Fairuza Balk has always been Outstanding and underrated in my opinion. Among her achievements are strong performances such as Cecile in Milos Foreman's VALMONT, the lead female role in GAS, FOOD, LODGING (Which landed her the Independent Spirit award for best actress), Harvey Keitel's daughter in IMAGINARY CRIMES. She played a realistic and sympathic prostitute alongside Andy Garcia in THINGS TO DO IN DENVER WHEN YOU'RE DEAD.

But, although she appeared and many more independent and B-Movie roles in her career (A support role in American History X, A well executed and Noticed appearance in BAD LIEUTENANT and another one of my little buried gem was American PERFEKT. ) Young Fairuza Balk struck back with Fame 10 years after RETURN TO OZ with her role of a Young, unstable teenage witch in the hit THE CRAFT. Film for which, I think is safe to say that Fairuza herself made such an impression that she made the whole thing somewhat mesmerizing.

Films such as THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU, THE WATERBOY alongside Adam Sandler and Cameron Crowe's ALMOST FAMOUS came along and that didn't stop there for an upright, down to earth Young star that already had such a resume before her big break in the mid 90s.

If staying humble is a + for such longevity, Fairuza's ability to switch roles and remain as enigmatic as number of her characters throughout her career has been amazing. Yeah, the lady herself has made of such little interest/little budget productions special titles in all honesty, but she has enough interesting and entertaining titles to be remembered, even though, she herself is the stuff so easy to recall! And they are all great memories. Sometimes of a present not so distant as I loved her in DOSE OF REALITY.

Some of her roles kind of turned minds into a frienzy. Like some fans would call her "Dark, Crazy, Scary" which is sadly just a part of her wide open fan of talents. The lady can do magic with about everything her name touches. Drama scenes especially. I think that unless someone would be deaf and blind, it is so that people are to be drawn to Fairuza's unusual but natural beauty. Her voice might become what glues you to your seat, yet, she talks as a character in one particular film and sounds as different in another one. But she also has a huge instinct for acting. Enables her to develop a character or a story while the viewer is watching. Making Ruza, one interesting actress to follow as you witness things that she seems to be following with you.

And those translucent eyes? They talk as loud as any other part of her body. Telling bits of story, sometimes a whole story behind her character in one simple glimpse. She could probably easily work as a mime or shoot a whole film without saying a word, people would know how Ruza's character feels, what she's about to do or what hides behind a suspicion or anything else.

Still, to render a good look or sight out of any good actor in no time one needs a good director. Fairuza's acting is very special. In the right direction, it's pure gold to get lost in her characters as much as she seems to be. She'll always dig and find herself after though to discuss a performance, a film or else, which sounds more than human!


One of the best actress that had to appear on the screen since her debut in the eighties! Some of her cult roles such as RETURN TO OZ, THE CRAFT, American HISTORY X or even the smash hit THE WATERBOY put her in the front line but this independant performer has had lots of mesmerizing roles.

GAS, FOOD, LODGING which landed her the independant spirit award for best lead actress, BAD LIEUTENANT (2009) and DON'T COME KNOCKING are just a few examples of her huge and deep, instinctive talents. One of the best of her generation. And one of my all time favorite.

79Kate Beckinsale
I think she is the best looking actress of all time. She is also a very good actress and can play everything as seen in Underworld, Pearl Harbor and Click.
i love her. shes beautiful and a great actress
Her performance in Pearal Harbour is beyond amazing, I literally cried when watching it.

80Liv Tyler
Whats not to love about Liv, expect she can sing but does not need to. More movies please
Amazing grace and beauty. She must select her roles to better allow her talent to shine.

81Neve Campbell
Probably should have been a biggest star than she is at the moment. But I think she stands up to everyone she works with and easily eclipses many of the one oscar names mentioned above. Time will come, I'm sure.


82Toni Gonzaga

83Shirley MacLaine
Wonderful actress. Will be entertaining us for a hundred years.

84Sissy Spacek
The minute she comes on the screen I begin to relax because I know I am going to see a spectacular performance. An astounding actress.
I loved her in carrie

85Sally Field
How in the world can anyone not include her in the top 10. Norma Rae, Sybil, places of the heart...
She is one of a kind. Starting as a flying nun to where is she at now?
So at the top of her game and should be at the top of this list.

86Emma Thompson
The best for sure!! Actress,screenriter, Oscar Winner, great movies, activist, funny, talented, charming. Should be #1!!
Sense and Sensiblity, Harry Potter, Treasure Planet, The Remains of the Day, Much Ado About Nothing, and Howards End to name a few.


her movie 'Stranger than Fiction' is a must-see!
[Newest]Emma Thompson is one of the best actresses we have ever had. She was fantastic in Harry Potter, Nanny McPhee, Love Actually and Howard's End as well as many more. A brilliant actress.

87Helen Hunt
PAY IT FORWARD, not a smash hit but let me tell you this, this film reached the hearts of many and influenced their lives on a unique scale. If you haven't read the book then see the film because the whole cast are amazing, THIS IS HELEN HUNT AT HER BEST and its THE BEST
Mad About You, What Women Want, As Good as it Gets...


88Faye Dunaway
Another great actor. I wish she'd get back in it.

89Sharon Stone
Ground breaking, mainstream defying role in Basic Instinct
Her acting in Casino was superb. One of the best female performances I've seen.
She was nominated for an Academy Award for Casino. She should have won. What an outstanding performance.

90Lucille Ball
Lucy is definitely the best actress of all time. She shaped the sitcom in the 1950's and now, 60 years afterwards she is still recognised as a great actress, that's got to count for something. Has anybody who voted for people like Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus ever seen any of Lucille's sitcoms, she is a pure comedy genius. She made sure everything was perfect and very rarely had to do retakes. Go LUCY!
Greatest comedy actress of all time.

91Sophia Loren
An earthy, passionate, sexy, actress with raw beauty and the ability to bring both humor and tragedy to the screen.

92Betty White
Betty White is absolutely fabulous.
Why is she not number 1 she's 93 years old and still acting

93Rene Zellweger
Brilliant diversity character actress.
Plays such a wide repertoire of roles from Cold Mountain, to Chicago, to Bridget Jones and sells it every time! Always surprises she isn't rated higher.

94Claire Danes
Acting beautifully on stage and in movies! Very talented!
Claire danes is so sexy and hot, and my 3 rdfavorite.

95Lucy Hale
Can't believe she's not higher in the list Lucy is a brilliant actress and has got one hell of a caerer ahead of her, all you have to do a watch her in pretty little liars to see that. In a few years she will be a mega star.

96Ashley Judd
She's awesome! Just check out Where the heart is, and Double Jeopardy... 2 totally different movies, but she makes her character work in both!
DoubleJeopordy one of the best roll I seen done by any one. She is 99 you have to be joking
She is simply fantastic, very credible, and I really enjoy watching her variou personalities throughout the various characters she has protrayed.

97Eliza Dushku
Come on, great hot actress!

98Geraldine Page

99Sharon Cuneta
She's one of the most popular Filipino actress of all time and was voted one of the best actresses of all time in the Philippines.


megastar of the philippines!

most popular star of her generation

true fine actress


Great Filipino actress, has won an international Best Actress award in Brussels Belgium


[Newest]Mega star and most popular star of her generation..

100Bette Midler
love love love the rose ,only this lady couldve played her . why was i only 6 at the time
No! She shouldn't be on the list. Her best talent is being gutsy and able to shock people. But anyone can show boobs.
She can be funny, serious, dramatic...I.E. the Rose, Beaches, First Wives Club

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