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Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon
This album cover is so simple, but after listening to the album, it will stick with you for the rest of your life. The spectrum that emerges from the prism is representative of different topics in life, each covered by a different song on the album. Truly a god among men when it comes to album covers.


This is the only album cover on here that is good, sorry but its true. The only good ones is this and the one on the items list. Sorry, but why do I always find heart or sarah brightman on every single music list? , anyway, not trying to hate on this list but its just I always see heart on a music list.


Most recognizable album cover. The light coming in represents the unity, the prism represents society and the spectrum represents disbanded unity. Just shows how a picture can speak 1000 words. And the music is even better
[Newest]All it is a triangle and a rainbow, that is not cool at all! Relapse by Eminem is by far the coolest!

2Sarah Brightman - Fly

3Heart - Little Queen
The girls are just to fine. This is not art its the real thing . Ann and Nancy looking great.

4The Beatles - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Instantly recognizable and the most expensive album cover they made, all the actors, the fancy uniforms, just so classic.


Trully, just epic. if you say it sucks and you have not listen to it then why do you say it sucks


As far as the Beatle's music goes this albums amazing but not their best release. But as far as their album covers go this is truly a work of art.

5Michael Jackson - Thriller
This one is have tobe on top of the list. This album is the best of all. Greetings from Lithuania!

6The Beatles - Abbey Road
There are albums listed higher than this that have artwork that I have never seen or simply don't know since there's no picture beside the entry. How is this lower? It should be #1! I'm horrified to see that it didn't even make the top 3.


It might not be the best, but it's the most famous and iconic. It gets my vote.
This is what made The Beatles so iconic.

7Nirvana - Nevermind
This album cover is awesome Kurt made an inspiration to this album cover :))
Naked baby for the win
This picture is awesome. A A baby swimming under water lolz. Nirvana forever.

8Jackie Evancho - Awakening
That is 14 years old? ! Hope her Dad keeps his 12 gauge nice and clean.
Jackie Evancho has a classic voice. One of the best Classical Crossover artists of all time. This 14 year old young women has a sense of music far beyond her years. Can't wait for Awakening to be released.
Classical beauty and laser beam eyes
[Newest]No more appropriate image than that of the young lady herself, emerging as a teenage chanteuse whose voice is even more stunning than when she burst upon the scene.

9Bryan Adams - On A Day Like Today

10Sandra - Paintings In Yellow

The Contenders

11Heart - Dreamboat Annie
If you don't like this album cover then your Heart is not beating. The too best looking girls in ROCK.........

12Sophie Ellis Bextor - Shoot From The Hip

13The Velvet Underground & Nico - The Velvet Underground

14Evanescence - Fallen
Look him, she's a baby face, she is so cute """, love her!
Fallen cover is definitely number 1.
Best cover ever. Amy is really pretty on this cover.


15Slash - Slash: Deluxe Edition

16Madonna - Remixed And Revisited

17Regine Velasquez - R2K
just love her "fierce" look in here!


18Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare
In my opinion City of Evil has a much better album cover

19Relapse - Eminem
Everyone vote for this please!


It looks so cool, and is a amazing album by Eminem!


I love the way it looks! Relapse refill too!


20Green Day - Dookie
I think this cover represents animals tired of taking crap from humans so they decide to fight back using their own crap. Literally!
i find it funny. monkeys throwing poop everywhere and stuff. awesome album too


There's so much going on in the album cover! This is my favorite with the resistance by muse close behind.

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