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41 Watch Your Words Watch Your Words

Way underrated if you haven't heard this song yet do it cause it is one of if not the greatest Alter Bridge song.

Huge song and lyrics. Powerfull riffs. Meistewerk

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42 Show Me a Sign Show Me a Sign

33rd SERIOUSLY? This should be in the top 10 easy! Definitely worth your 6 minutes, this is an amazing song!

What the hell you r lisening, it should be in top ten, it has marvolous theme and feels like flowing water from sky to our heart.
Guys please lisen this song!

43 Fallout Fallout

I totally agree with him.
This song Is Totally AWESOME. It definitely should be on top of this list.
Cool Guitar solo and Awesome Chorus.
Man! This LIST look more like a POPULARITY List instead.

Man I just can't not believe it! It's not in the top ten. this song is just pure awesome... everyone just please hear this song - shuvro

Come on, this song should be in the top 5.

Very underrated in my opinion

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44 The End Is Here The End Is Here

Don, t think you people have heard this song. Deserves to be in the top ten. Anyways, it is unbelievable how underrated alter bridge is.

WHY IS THIS 45?!? It makes me cringe hearing this amazing song a solo would just make it better but it should be in top 20 at least

I think it's the best alterbridge song after broken wings... It's a shame its at 31st place. Awesome lyrics, great guitar riffs.

Like all the best songs, has a simple riff and is the best.

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45 Lover Lover

This is the their best song on Fortress and deserves to be in at least top 10. Just listen to it. It's like a better version of Watch Over You. If you like that song, you'll LOVE this one

This song is so damn beautiful, this album was so great.

Come on! This should be at least in top 5!

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46 Show Me a Leader Show Me a Leader

This songs gonna be AWESOME.. 2016 album of the year on my opinion.

Powerful guitar work and very meaningful lyrics. looking forward to the whole album!

Cry of Achilles, Addicted to Pain, and Fortress had a child...
Extreme high octane, intense drums - May be one of their biggest songs! an

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47 Bleed It Dry Bleed It Dry

The best solo by Tremonti so far... enough said

48 Breathe Again Breathe Again

Whenever a five minute walk to the shops or pub is necessary, I usually stick this beast of a song on. Can't get enough of it. Has an amazing finish which always makes a song score more highly with me. Top ten in my books.

Brilliant song, I wish this was higher on the list. I am a WWE fan, if I didn't watch that, I wouldn't have known how good Alter Bridge is! Alter Bridge are my favourite band EVER and this song is my favourite!

Rise above the hands that try to hold me down. Enough said...

Wow this song is so underrated. So epic.

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49 Break Me Down Break Me Down

Nice song with beautiful music and lyric.

50 All Ends Well

I think Alter Bridge has a wide variety of songs, there are songs like "Blackbird" (which is also my favourite), "Watch over you" and "In loving memory" that really have a sad tone about them and will make you cry out loud. And then there's this song. I have yet to find another song as uplifting as this one. In my opinion it's Alter Bridge's most positive song. Should be higher in the list.

50?!?! Top 10 hands down! This song is radio friendly and amazing should be performed live

Absolutely mad song, uplifting!

I love this song. Unique for AB and very uplifting. I understand AB's trademark is Mark's high-speed guitar alongside Myles' impossibly ranged voice. I'd say
1) Blackbird
2) One By One
3) White Knuckles
4) All Ends Well
5) In Loving Memory

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51 Cry a River Cry a River V 1 Comment
52 New Way to Live

This is one of the best songs by Alter Bridge.

53 My Champion My Champion
54 The Last Hero The Last Hero
55 Poison in Your Veins Poison in Your Veins
56 Save Me Save Me
57 Outright
58 Home Home

It seems no one has even tried this, which is in the 55th place, this song is so nice it should be at least below top 20. Come on vote for it!

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59 We Don't Care at All We Don't Care at All
60 The Damage Done
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