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1 Agnes Monica

Winning so many awards.. Hard worker... Very smart women... HUGE TALENT

If you hear her voice, you will think that's amazing..! The next international voice! And she is very inspiring... :) powerful voice! Yeah! Pop, Rock, R&B, Ballad, Electro techno, and so on! She can sings it perfectly! She is perfect!

Everybody can talk, but the real thing is in the fact.. Agnes is the fact...

Indonesian top diva, versatile, multi talent.

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2 JKT48

I'm proud of you
I know you can do the best in Asia and maybe you can be the best idol group in the world

JKT 48 will always be the best for me! JKT 48, JKT 48, JKT 48, Yea! JoyFul, Kawai, Try To be the best and never make me sad of every perform they show, I Love JKT 48!

JKT48 GO INTERNATIONAL. JKT48 SISTER GROUP AKB48. JKT48 from Indonesia. They are not girlband but they are Idol Group. Good Luck for JKT48

I love this girl group because they're all try to the best

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3 Super Junior Super Junior Super Junior is a South Korean boy band. Formed in 2005 by producer Lee Soo-man of S.M. Entertainment, the group comprised a total of thirteen members at its peak.

Super Junior fight, Super Junior win, Super Junior is the winner!
Super Junior is the King of Asian Pop! Super Junior the Last Man standing! ELF the Last Fandom Standing! SJ ELF = 1!

Super Junior, the last man standing!
ELF, the last fandom standing!
Super Junior I love you so much! FIGHTING!

Everyone likes them
They are awesome and the best of the best
They work so hard

Super junior, the last man standing - anhphuong0914

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4 Girls' Generation Girls' Generation

Wot! Girls' generation daebak! I love this girl group because they're all the best hmm I love girl's generation

I Love All Of SNSD's Songs! Especially "Gee", their first single. I just love how they sing, the songs that I favor are their more energetic music.

SNSD is the best girl group in the world. They have many hit song's such as GEE, Tell Me Your Wish (Genie), Oh! And the latest one would be The Boys which they promote in US... I hope it would be a great success in the US... SNSD hwaiting

SNSD is the best girl group in the world. They have more recognition than any other girl group EVER. They all have such different and unique personalities and are the FUNNIEST girl group without even trying. If you want to get into SNSD, ignore the haters and WELCOME TO HEAVEN.

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5 Fatin Shidqia Fatin Shidqia

The uniqueness of his voice to hypnotize people and reconcile the hearts unrest.
You will only find singers with voice kharakter just as he was 100 years..

Love her voice very much, very amazing, hot, sexy and very uniq voice like brenda lee,

She is so blessed as she has natural born voice which sounds like Brenda Lee. Although she didn't get any vocal practices/courses before, but she was able to hynotized millions of viewers both Indonesian and foreigners through her appearances in Youtube. Moreover, she is well known as a low profile, friendly to her fans, and priest as shown by wearing hijab, making her personality and appearance captivate not only teenagers's heart but also adults even older people. She trully got X Factor!

Just stupid people want to hear Indonesia singer sing and Her voice also terrible. - BeaM456

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6 AKB48

The best Idol Group in the world, was created by the best song writer A.K.A Yasushi Akimoto

They are my Idol, no one can replacing them, anything happened, GANBBARRO AKB48

AKB48 is the Best Girl Group in this Generation,
This idol group that have been criticized by so many. Like being presented as imperfect in everything. Ugly talentless etc. But that is what a real idol is they didn't presented themselves as perfect instead they show their imperfections. Started their idol career as an amateur and beginner in everything as little by little they get better and better up until they become National Idols.and time and time again they proved everybody criticizing them that they are wrong. I think that is everyone should follow. Be true to yourself, you don't need to have plastic surgery to be beautiful, and don't give up and believe in yourself more until you reach your dreams.
AKB48 River

This girl group is more popular than JKT48..but JKT48 got second place because they got a lot vote from indonesians..AKB48 have been famous in Asia and they're also well-known!

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THEY are the BEST. Their songs are a form of art. Their voices are pure,
I just love them. And for me and more people think so too. Right now we r in such a difficult time. But love is patience and will continue on always keep the faith.

Just Keep on Voting Guys, we must show to them that we have the faith to vote! Always Keep The Faith Cassies!

TVXQ duo band is the best group of Asia. they sold more than 15 millions records and are one of top acts in Japan (second biggest music market in the world). From their music to their personality they are simply the best.

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8 Charice Pempengco Charice Pempengco Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco, popularly known by the mononym Charice, is a Filipina singer who rose to popularity through YouTube.

She has a very beautiful and powerful out of this world voice. David Foster 15 time Grammy Award Winner will not support her if she just have an ordinary voice and talent. That's why I voted for her to be the Best Asian Pop Artist. And to add something Ellen Degeneres and Oprah were blown away with Charice's performance during her guest appearance on there shows.

Charice is a natural, I just can't help myself fall in love into her voice
Every time she sings, I can tell she pours her heart and soul into the song

Charice's extraordinarily talented, gifted of golden voice, cute as a button, humble, great personality... She's undeniably lovable!

Great singer, never did an autotune, never did lipsync, she's great especially LIVE concerts.. Just pure voice.. Never cheat in singing.. She can dance and play guitar too.. She can also mimic other singer like rihanna, lady gaga, britney etc.. She's also one of the voice behind alvin and the chipmunk.. Her chipmunk voice is cute in an interview.. Sh also tried to act in glee..

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9 Blink Indonesia

Blink is a teenage girlband from Indonesia aged 15-16 years old who not only depends on dance skill but also rely on their vocal quality. All of its members have ever entered contest at the international level, even Sivia ever get silver medal at World Choir 2007. Not only Sivia, Ify is also a participant at Java Jazz 2011 and has performed in front of the Sultan of Brunei with Sivia. Pricilla has performed at France in 2008 and has been incorporated in a well-known musical theatre in Indonesia that have been perform on Esplanade Theater Singapore, named 'Musikal Laskar Pelangi', and Febby ever being a participant of a dance competition with her friends in Korea. Almost all of Blink member can play an instrument. Ify can and has created two songs titled "Andaikan" and "Blinking". In the still fairly young age, that is 1 year, Blink has been nominated for Inbox Awards, Dahsyat Awards, and Indonesia Kids Choice Award 2012. If you want to know more about Blink, you ...more

The best girlband in the world! Their voice were amazing'!

Girls Band from Indonesia who has an amazing voice than other girls band in Indonesia! Pretty, can act on T.V.! Totally Amaze!

Girl band from indonesia who has an amazing voice.

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10 Cherry Belle


Number one girlband from Indonesia..
i love them so much... And I'm InsomNisa.. Hehe

Cherrybelle is undoubtedly the best and the most famous girlband in Indonesia. Apart from their beauty and talent, factors like hardworking, kind, friendly and being humble to their fans, among others have made them quickly becoming prominent in Indonesian music industry. They have constantly faced unjustified and unreasonable critics from haters, but they can thrive under pressure and rise above hate. The way they response to those critics is very simple, by winning trophies after trophies. I am sure someday they will realize their dream in breaking into the international music industry. Go Chibi, you are the best, you can do it!

Fabulous! Love is you! I will always support you! You are the best girlband I've ever seen!
- record on Trending Topic Twitter World Wide
- unbreakable trendsetter
- real idol, real singer & musician, real artist, and many more

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11 SHINee SHINee

SHINee is a great group. They are all extremely talented, and care for each other like a family. They all have their distinct personalities, and that's what their fans, "Shawols", love about them!

The shining shinee, the best one! Is not about the song is about the love
One True SHINee World!

This group made me appreciate KPOP. They just turned me into this awesome creature :). Onew's angelic voice, Jonghyun's high notes, Taemin's dancing prowess, Key's awesomeness and Minho's rapping skills, low voice, sportiness and coolness, can make everyone go crazy.

Lol cherrybelle is in front of this

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12 YUI

A humble and talented girl, her songs are great indeed. Her best works are LIFE, Good-bye days, Rolling star, CHE.R. rY, SUMMER SONG, again, and GLORIA. The real singer and angel I could say

Great songs for bleach anime series rolling stars - tanker58

She is beautiful a lot.. And her song is very nice.. Especially "good bye days" :D we love you Yui

Her songs are amazing! Especially Again! Here voice is just stunning.

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13 Big Bang

The reason Big Bang is the best pop artist is because they show strong friendship between each members. They trust each other and they win their conflicts and obstacles together. They show us what true cooperation means by understanding each other and withstanding hardships together.


Singing, "Let's all play together, let's all jump together, let's all circle around together, let's all go together. "

G dragon writes their songs unlike other artists who takes songs they don't even deserve to be called artists

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14 EXO EXO Exo is a South Korean-Chinese boy group based in Seoul. Formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2011, the group debuted in 2012 with twelve members separated into two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M, performing music in Korean and Mandarin, respectively.

EXO is very great and talented. They are already famous around the world in the immediate future! Vote for them because they were eligible to vote... VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Exo are one! Let's love too EXOTICs!

They are a great group, even though they're just a rookies they already have millions of fans! Other rookie groups don't have that! Laugh out loud

Exo has different talents. Since nothing's perfect human so they complete each other

They are amazingly both Chinese and Korean.

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15 Ashilla Zahrantiara

- record on Trending Topic Twitter World Wide
- lefthanded but righthanded guitarist & bassist also piano player
- blood type 0
- unbreakable trendsetter
- real idol, real singer & musician, real artist, and many more

twitter @ZeeAshilla

Ashilla Zahrantiara is an inspiration for many young people in this world. She has struggle for her fans and she loves all her fans. She said that her fans are her best friends and no matter what her fans will support her 'til the end.

I think Ashilla Zahrantiara is one of the best teenager singer & musician ever!. She's Sweet, Adorable, Beautiful for Sure, and She's Very Friendly with her Fans. That's way We Love You Shilla!. Do your Best and let God do the Rest! ASHILLA ZAHRANTIARA YOU MUST KNOW WE ALWAYS SUPPORT & LOVE YOU TILL THE END #ProudToBeShivers

She is an amazing girl, we love her and she love us, she is adorable, amazing, awesome, and on man, I can't describe again. Love you shill

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16 NMB48 V 2 Comments
17 SM*SH

Smash is number one for smash blast... Keep support SMASH... I love SMASH

SMASH is the best.. Always number one.. Keep support SMASH.. Go go SMASH.. I love SMASH..

Smash is perfect, always be my inspiration,
You're best of the best

Smash is the best. Keep be your self. Smashblast love smash and smash love smashblast. Go smash!

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18 JYJ

JYJ is the best! All three members are talented and when united, its amazing. Individually or together, JYJ can conquer them all.

I'm happy because Sarah Geronimo and Charice are included in top 10! Proud to be PINOY
But I would be happier if JYJ is included! I don't know how come the other KPOP groups (TVXQ IS NOT INCLUDED) topped the votes! Well, maybe because of the number of fans but hey, JYJ is a LOT better than other groups there!

Their talent & success are not only in music. They are so brave to fight for their freedom in their career path. They are not only an idol group, they are actually professional artist in all aspect. No matter they are having group activities or solo activites, three of them still can attract fans / the public's attention & recognition. They are the best!

My JYJ talented in everything, and everything means everything.
I am so proud of my 3hree.

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19 Sarah Geronimo Sarah Geronimo Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo aka Sarah Geronimo or Sarah G. is a world class and multi-talented Filipino singer, actress, dancer, record producer, model, host, coach/judge, commercial/product endorser and tv personality . She can also draw and plays the piano. Sarah is popularly known as the one and only more.

Pure talent is not based on beauty... A person can only be called a star not only because of her appearance but attitude... But a TRUE SUPERSTAR is based from attitude, beauty and various talents. There are few in the society.. Yes some would like others because their pretty but you have to admit that.. SARAH GERONIMO is different.. Not only does she have pure heart and beauty but she can sing, act and... Dance.. She sings with emotion.. And high notes don't even matter because we are mesmerized by her voice and the way she portrayed herself to a song... She dance with great attitude and smile that captures attentions.. She was crowned box office queen twice for her exceptional drama talent.. She gained A LOT of AWARDS and she performs one thing and it will surely trend... SHE IS THE TRUE STAR.. To even hear people drag her name down is disappointing.. Bitching about her is tragic.. Using her past problems to gain fame is heart breaking.. And to lose her or to lose the true star.. And ...more

She's one of the best not only in the Philippines but also in the Asia... She's an all around entertainer, she can sing, dance, rap.. She can perform any genre, pop, jazz, r&b hip hop.. See all her performances in you tube and you'll be blown away by this young lady. Fierce is her name of the game... She was also tag as the Philippine's Beyonce.. Kudos Sarah

She's very good in everything she does. Specially in singing! She gives 100% in her performance always! Her simplicity is her best asset. She keeps her feet on the ground, stays humble despite of being what she achieved in her career! That's why she has a lot of supporters! & that's y I like her so much...

She literally becomes beast when she's on stage

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20 BoA BoA

She is perfect... The best singer/dancer/model/composer/producer, the WORLD has ever see.

BoA has been always inspiring me to learn foreign languages and work hard.

She has the greatest dance! And adorable songs! She is the most talented singer SOUTH KOREA has. And the world may be proud of her!

Very hardworking singer. One of my favorites. She can speak many langauges, dance, write songs, and sing. I love her songs. My favorite song of hers is Energetic- AnimeDrawer85

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