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Parkway Drive


This really does deserve to be in the top 10. They rocketed to the top of the Metal/Punk charts while staying very Australian. They even won an Aria award so you know they have something going for them.
How is parkway drive not in the top 5 they are arguably the best metal core band in the world. The have the best growler I have ever heard and kick ass drumming and a awesome guitarist. Beast solos and epic intros what more could you want?
these guys ROCK. they wear flip flops onstage
WHAT?! Parkway drive is one the best things to come out of Auatralia! Besides the boomerang of course :p they should at lest be in the top five! ^^ the flip flops are what set them apart man! D haha
Best Australian band in my opinion, great morals, straight edge, genuiune blokes, never put their prices above $40 and just great music in general
Parkway are an absolute tribute to what hard work and having fun is all about when it comes to music... As well as the fact that they sound incredible :D
One of my favorite bands. I love their sound and their breakdowns are incredible. Definitely a band worth checking out and you won't regret it.
These guys are amazing! ACDC should not be number 1, they aren't even austrailian, they're from the UK haha. Parkway are as australian as it gets for bands. They have great personality too, they're genuine aussie blokes!
Parkway are not your typical hardcore band. There way better and they enjoy there music. Legends!
ACDC definitely number 1 and AUSSIE, I used to live down road when they used to practice in garage
Parkway drive are super dooper dooper good (y)
I've fallen in love with this band since deep blue, and now I've got all of their albums/ EP's and cannot get enough of them, their sick breakdowns are just intense and the harshly brilliant vocals are just what makes this band I could go on forever but then this comment would go on for ever.
Silverchair suck balls, PWD number, one :-P

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