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Girl All the Bad Guys Want
This is the best song firstly because its the first of theirs I listened to, and the album (Drunk enough to dance) is one of there better ones! Fun video, also really like Punk Rock 101 and No Hablo Ingles!
FRIGGIN EPIC. Bowling for Soup's highest rated song. Got nominated for a grammy.


How is this not top of the list? One of the best Pop Punk songs of the last decade, it's like an anthem of the genre. Vote this!
[Newest]Great song my second favorite. it got nominated for a grammy need I say more

Best song by them, withought doubt. Its been in my head for weeks and I'm not sick of it yet xD
Even though its close call between 1985 and girl all the bad guys want... 1985 deserves the top place... Especially liked the music video
Actually written by Mitch Allan from SR-71! GREAT SONG!
[Newest]This Should be number 1

This song is easily their best although they do have plenty of good songs like "Girl All The Bad Guys Want" is great for example as is "My Wena", "1985", "No Hablo Ingles", "Punk Rock 101" etc. Great band.
It tells the story of a young adult who goes through many 'almost' experiences during his life, from almost making out with the homecoming queen to almost getting addicted to drugs. He shows remorse for not 'making his move' earlier, and he 'almost' wishes she loved him too.


Sums up my life incredibly well right now, great song by very underrated band
[Newest]**drool** that's all I have to say ha

4My Wena
LMAO, this song is HILARIOUS! Seriously, listen to it ASAP! This should be in the top 5!

5High School Never Ends
Love this song! Catchy song and a lyrics that is completely true. Even though it really freaked me out about high school. My cousin told me the exact same things...
An astonishingly awesome song;however, it makes us remember about our past or what will eventually happen to us.
Deserves number one. Awesome song. The idea is really fantastic and the lyrics has made it even better.
[Newest]This is my favorite song from B4S

6Punk Rock 101
Punk Rock academy. Another song with some really good lyrics like 1985 and High School Never Ends.


Its so catchy!, loved it from the first day I heard it this needs to be in the top 3
My favorite song by them. Great lyrics and a really catchy beat

7Here We Go

8No Hablo Ingl├ęs
This song is amazingly good and fun. The lyrics are great and hilarious, should be in the top 3 in my opinion. Vote this song now!
A really fun song to sing when you're in Class and extremely bored.


9Stacy's Mom
This version is the best version. A classic
Stacy's mom has got it going ON! Love this song, it's a classic
Good you must listen

10Running From Your Dad

The Contenders

11Ohio (Come Back To Texas)

12Right About Now
Band new song 2013, and their most hyper exciting song yet! Best song by far in my opinion!


14Here's Your Freakin' Song
Ha ha. This song is great. Has a great sound. IT'S HILARIOUS. And plus it's just really fun to listen to! ^_^
Laugh out loud, this song is absolutely amazing, and it's funny, too! At least he is honest to his girlfriend, hear the lyrics as soon as possible!
Great if you have people who hate swears in your life, hilarious fun to play it when they are around. Memorized all the words

15When We Die
This song never fails to make me cry like a baby. The lyrics have more meaning than any of their other songs.
Although not as big as the other songs. This song contains much heartfelt meaning.



17...Baby One More Time

18A Really Cool Dance Song

19Phineas and Ferb Theme Song (Today Is Going to Be a Great Day)

20The Bitch Song
Why this song still under top 10? This a very spirit songs... inspiring me.


22I'm Gay
This song makes me feel happy and I can sing along to it all the time and if I'm singing it in public people look and go "what the hell? " but I don't give a crap and that is why it should be number one.
This is just the perfect song anyone to hear when they're having a bad day. Its awesome. Tis song makes all my problems disappear on a rainy day and it really gives people the courage to say "it's perrfectly fine to be a happy individual. "

23Melt With You
Come On, this should be in the top 10, this song is awesome. Yes, it's a cover, but what the hell with that
Awesome song it even made it to a move as the main song and has emotion and filing to it


25Me With No You
Very awesome love song!

26Val Kilmer


2899 Biker Friends

29Everything to Me
Its even included in their greatest hits album. Definitely one of their best songs. You GOTTA listen to it.
Most awesome by BFS! The best song from their recent albums.
The best song from sorry for partying


31Life After Lisa
This probably sneaks into my top 5. It really gets me hyped from the beginning

32Let's Pretend We're Not In Love

33My Girlfriend's An Alcoholic

34Girls In America

35I've Never Done Anything Like This

36If You Come Back to Me

37A Friendly Goodbye

38BFS Birthday Song

39No Opinion

40Only Young




44Scaring Myself

45Ride of a Lifetime

46Normal Chicks

47And I Think You Like Me Too

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