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21Heat of the Night

So old and so good...

22Native Son
23One Night Love Affair

26... Absolutely ridiculous. This song is awesome but I suppose he just has so many good songs

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24We're Gonna Win

Definitely the best pump up song to listen to before playing sports or a big game

25When You're Gone

Great song... The first time I heard it I was like... Wow. Totally pumps me up... Bryan at his best. This song is definitely one for the lovers.

Total kick ass song... I hear this song everyday!

I can't really believe that this song has been ranked 65

I love this song...

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2618 Til I Die

Great song! I'm not 18 yet but I really think I'm gonna sing this song everyday next year!

One of my all time favourites. The words are just amazing. Fantastic song. And its just so true.

It's a Petrol Pump. If you ever need fuel just listen it. I swear it will work.. (Cites from my own experience)

Love this song I enjoy and sing at 71 years of age

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27Straight From the Heart

I really love this very because its really touch the heart.

Simple song with a wonderful melody, first Bryan Adams song I fell in love with in 1983

Really Really Melodious, the tune after the second chorus makes me nostalgic.

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28Kids Wanna Rock

This song shows his rocker side!

Great album track from his 1984 breakthrough album "Reckless" it criticized hearing New-Wave music on the radio and no Rock calling it computerised crap and claims the kids wanna Rock!

Lyrics say: Turned on the radio, Sounded like a disco Musta, turned the dial for a couple of miles. But I couldn't find no rock 'n roll! This computerized crap ain't gettin' me off

Everywhere I go the kids wanna rock. London to L.A, talking' 'bout the New Wave, for a couple of bucks you get a weird haircut and waste your life away. Around the world or around the block. Everywhere I go the kids wanna rock. Get me my D.J, I got somethin' he's gotta play, wanna hear it I can't wait.So turn it up, turn it up...

Kick down the barricades, listen what the kids say, from time to time people change their minds, but the music is here to stay. I've seen it all from the bottom to the top. Everywhere I go the kids wanna rock! "

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29FlyingV1 Comment
30It's Only Love

How is this not top 10? Him and Tina Turner make magic on this track!

My Bryan Adams favorite, especially the live version

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31Home Again
32You Can't Take Me

Steely determination and "go get it" attitude. Everything you want in a song to bring you up when your low. Gotta love this.

This song is really good and it give you a strong feeling, just brilliant.

How is this so low on the list? Look this up on YouTube people! And for those who work out to Eminem, try this one, it's easily one of the most motivating (while staying positive) songs out there

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33The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is YouV2 Comments
34I Will Always Return

This barely known song was in the movie "Spirit, the Stallion of Cimerallon"(or something like that), a kids movie about horses from 2002. Yes, THAT horse movie! It was easily one of the best movies if its decade, and as someone who was a kid in that era, it stuck in my head well into my twenties, particularly because of this song! This song brings back so many memories and feelings I had as a kid! Should easily be on the top ten list, it is right at #1 for me, with Here I Am right behind it at #2

Such a beautiful song. Very powerful. Shame how underrated it is. It deserves more love.

One Of the best songs ever please vote for it... It should be among top 5

35This Time

Should be at least in the Top 20 - theseth

36Bang the Drum
37Lonely Nights

Classic Adams - Awesome!

Best song he has done.

38Inside Out

This is one of the most romantic song I've ever heard. This is a really nice song. Should be at least in the top 20. I can't believe this song is not even in the list!

There are lot of songs out of which I found this one of the best. If it's my list it will be in Top 10 for sure.

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39Before the Night Is Over
40Nothing I've Ever Known
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