Top Ten Best Compilation Albums


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The Top Ten

Greatest Hits - Regine Velasquez
A compilation of songs she has popularized throughout her reign in the music industry. The album consists of two CDs wherein the other one includes the beautiful music videos of the songs


She is just an amazing diva. The best singer in the Philippines. No one can surpass the Asia's Songbird.

2Greatest Hits Chapter One - Backstreet Boys

3Whitney Houston The Greatest Hits - Whitney Houston

4Something To Remember - Madonna
Pure perfection. Madonna was going through a turbulent time in the beginning of the 1990s. She released this album, a collection of her best ballads, as an introspective declaration of her true self to the world. Beautiful album. There's no other artist in the world like Madonna. She's different, unique, and everything pop needs.
SOMETHING TO REMEMBER is a collection of Madonna's ballads. So Unique So Romantic So Beautiful


5Greatest Hits - Shania Twain

6Greatest Hits - Robbie Williams

7Greatest Hits - Queen

8Greatest Hits - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Gosh, chili's are my favorite band but Aerosmith and Queen are right beside them on the list, hard choices... Hard choices..

9Devil's Got A New Disguise: The Very Best Of Aerosmith - Aerosmith

10The Immaculate Collection - Madonna
A truly classic compilation album. Everyone should go and buy it, man. It's full of masterpieces, and gave us a classic like Justify My Love
Best selling collection album


The Contenders

11Greatest Hits - Paula Abdul

12Best Of Me - Bryan Adams

13Best of l'Arc-En-Ciel - l'Arc-En-Ciel

14Best Of - Vanessa Amorosi

15The Very Best Of Cher - Cher

16Greatest Hits - Thalia

17Design Of A Decade 1986/1996 - Janet Jackson

18Their Greatest Hits 1971-75 - Eagles

19Best of - Ricky Martin

20Greatest Hits - Guns N' Roses

21All The Way...A Decade Of Song - Celine Dion

22Reflections (The Reproduced Hits) - Sandra

23Greatest Hits - Lenny Kravitz

24Pandora - D'erlanger

25Mothership - Led Zeppelin

26The Essential Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson

27The Singles 1969-1973 - Carpenters

28Best of the Doobies - The Doobie Brothers

29The Best of Bread - Bread

30Recurring Dream: The Very Best of Crowded House - Crowded House

31Greatest Hits Live - Journey

32Hot Rocks (1964-1971) - The Rolling Stones

33Best of Volume I - Van Halen

34The Cars Greatest Hits - The Cars

35Musique Vol. 1 1993-2005 - Daft Punk
Best compilation album of the 2000s without a doubt. They defined a generation with their music.

36College Radio Day: The Album, Vol. 2 - Various Artists

37Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003 - Pearl Jam

381 - The Beatles
Its really not even fair to the other artists.
The Beatles have had more #1 hits than any other, and all of them are on this one album.

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