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121Somewhere Up Here

Cool intro and overall amazing song - Ajkloth


Catbread is honestly really good, not sure what it's doing at #121. It should at least be in the top 40. - Nebby_

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124Sleeping Beauty Pills
126Bye Friend
127Everything After
128Pixel Cheese
130Carbon Cookie
131Can't Remember the Name
132A Song About Squirrels

Must go up in the top 5 you go

Should be in the top tens


Wow, I think this is a great track! Not sure why it's so unpopular.


Bot was actually one of the better tracks on For Lack of a Better Name. Putting it below "Hi Friend! " is ridiculous. - Nebby_

I actually kinda like this song, but that's just my opinion.

137Sometimes Things Get, Whatever

The robotic voice kinda ruins it in my opinion, without it the song would probably be much higher. Either way, great song, love it! - Nebby_

How is it not even in part one?! It belongs in the top ten!

Love the little joke they made in this (Sometimes Things Get Constipated)

138Word Problems

Word Problems, along with Bot, Lack of a Better Name, Sofi Needs a Ladder, and Sometimes Things Get, Whatever should all be boosted into the top 50... they're all much better than simplistic tracks like "Orca" which somehow is in the top 30. - Nebby_

139Attention Whore
140Sofi Needs a Ladder

This song is pure beat pumping, dance floor awesomeness.

This song, in my opinion, might be not the best, but hell yeah a great song! I think it is not right that this amazing song is down here below in the 16 place. Deadmau5 forever!

This just makes me want to dance in a club in Vegas (or anywhere laugh out loud). It gets stuck in your head, but you don't care because you love it!

This have the best female rap verse I have ever herd! I personally like this much better than raise your weapon.

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