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21 St. Peter's Cathedral St. Peter's Cathedral

So bleak, yet so beautiful. These lyrics make me cry every time.

Great song - deserves to be higher

22 A Movie Script Ending A Movie Script Ending

This song captures some form of lost nostalgia... Maybe longing for something that isn't there? It's sad but really happy at the same time. Damn it

23 Company Calls Epilogue Company Calls Epilogue

If you haven't gone back and listened to this early death cab album, you have missed out so much. Definitely their best album, and this song is the absolute highlight of the album

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24 Codes and Keys Codes and Keys
25 Expo '86 Expo '86

This song is awesome! It would definitely be in my top 10.

26 No Joy In Mudville No Joy In Mudville
27 The Ghosts of Beverly Drive The Ghosts of Beverly Drive

First Death Cab song I ever heard, so maybe I have a personal attachment to it. I think this song is very pretty and unique (though I do think most Death Cab songs are unique).

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28 Black Sun Black Sun V 1 Comment
29 Cath.... Cath....

How is this song at no 30? I voted for this because this song deserves to be in at least top five. Listen to the song and you will know.

This song makes you feel things! You can listen to it on repeat for days and call it an emotional experience in itself

30 Your Bruise Your Bruise
31 Your New Twin Sized Bed Your New Twin Sized Bed

This song will always be my favorite, No matter how many times I listen to it, the same two thoughts race in my head. Oh my gosh I love this song, and When will this song end so I can listen to it again!

32 Passenger Seat Passenger Seat

Such a shame for this beautiful song to be so low on the list. Makes me teary every time

33 Pictures In an Exhibition Pictures In an Exhibition
34 Bixby Canyon Bridge Bixby Canyon Bridge

Brilliant song! It really conveys the raw emotions of confusion, anger, and sorrow as it plays out. One of my favorite lyrics of all time is "When everyone you meet, they all seem to be asleep." The power with which that line is sung combined with the constant guitar beat gets me every time! Totally deserves Top 10 at THE LEAST.

I cannot believe this song didn't make it even to the extended list! A beautiful song, with typical DCFC highs-and-lows, with the lyrics painting a picture open to each one's interpretation. Beautiful!

35 Long Division Long Division
36 Monday Morning Monday Morning

One of the catchiest song I've ever heard from them! It was playing all the time in my mind the first time I listened to it. The lyrics are cute too, love to think it's about growing old with zooey deschanel

I'm surprised no one has added this song much higher up in the list! It's amazing!

37 Meet Me On the Equinox Meet Me On the Equinox
38 All Is Full of Love All Is Full of Love
39 The Ice Is Getting Thinner The Ice Is Getting Thinner

The song is so sweet. Its so nice and soothing.

Heard it on gossip girl! Love this song

40 Stay Young, Go Dancing Stay Young, Go Dancing

Something's so wrong that this song's not on the list. This is BEAUTIFUL! Even Taylor Swift would agree to this.

This needs to be top 10! Such a great song!

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