Top Ten Best Deftones Songs


The best songs from one of the pioneering n-metal bands. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Change (In the House of Flies)
At the first lines of the song I was almost bored, but when I've heard the chorus I stop for a moment until it ends. I always remember to hear it on youtube anytime I go to the interne shop.
Such an amazing song from a great band. Reminds me about Queen of the Damned every time I hear it
Absolutely brilliant song. It is so complex, and yet so simple. It can be interpreted in so many different ways. One of my favorite songs of all time.
[Newest]Damn near perfect song with a sound like no other

2My Own Summer (Shove It)
Wow... just wow. This song is bloody brilliant! How can you possibly get better than this? How can this possibly not be number 1? It's amazing!
Just awesome.. Great lyrics, guitar and this you should be at number one for sure. It's just amazing

Shove it shove it shove it!
YES! This is definitely the best song on this album and the band's best song as well. Just gonna write more.
[Newest]First song I heard from them incredible, the lyrics are just... Wow

3Digital Bath
this song is absolutely incredible! every time I hear it I feel every emotion hit me at once like a wave. it gives the sensation of free falling and drifting away. very powerful, very moving, an absolute perfect representation of music with feeling.
The emotion on this song is just amazing... I always like the heavy Deftones songs but there is something about this song that is mysterious and haunting and yet relaxing...
It haunts and soothes
[Newest]Every fiber of me is touched every time I hear this song. There is no song better. Anywhere.

4Diamond Eyes
"Time will see us realign. Diamonds rain across the sky. And shower me into the same realm... " What a great song! Definitely one of their best!
Love The guitar hear, and the lyrics... Amazing, my favorite, White Pony is a great album, but this is better, and where is You've Seen The Butcher? , Other Incredible...
One of the BEST RIFFS EVER!, Excellent song
[Newest]Simple yet very effective, near perfect song.

5Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
In my opinion, the best Deftones song. There is so much raw energy and emotion on this song, and the heavy guitar and screaming vocals will keep this song in your head for a long time.


This must be first... This song and "Diamond Eyes" are my favorite! My favorite part: "I don't care where just FAR" great part!
The best song off of Around The Fur and perhaps Deftones' best song of their early years, even though it's my personal favorite Deftones' song of all time. One of my favorite riffs ever.
[Newest]By far one of their best... Top 3

Possibly the darkest and the best song they've ever made. When second chorus kicks in it's impossible not to get chills.
Maynard and Chino voices are just amazing together
Great song Love Maynard and Chino! Amazing song, but ever single song of theirs is amazing
[Newest]Heavy, creative, and just a midnight blur of a ride!

Chino's best screaming. One of their heaviest tracks to date.
Should be a lot higher, one of my favorites!

Great tune... Well put together... Awesome!
The raw youth and anxiety tone to this song helps me relieve the days I first listened to this song! BEST SONG!
Not a big fan of deftones but will say that this songs is truly amazing!

It has a beautiful ambient flow that makes the song seem like you falling
Hands down the best song on koi no yokan!
The chorus give me chills and chino's voice is epic
[Newest]All time favourite Deftones song. Always makes me think of my car!

For me, this is the best song, because it's really emotive, so beautifull, every time I hear this song I must pick up my guitar and start playing the song, and when Chino start singing I just start singing, almost crying because of the beauty of this song. It should be in N# 1
A truly amazing song, its hard to believe its number 10, definetily my favourite deftones song, I love their early stuff like 7 words (can't believe it's not on the list) but this song is a simple MASTERPIECE, all about it it's beautiful, my body chills every time I listen to it with my headphones, should be at least n3
No 10 now but I'm sure this song will move up the ranks over time, it's one of their newest but definitely the most beautiful song they've ever written and Chino's voice is incredible on it. This and Digital Bath are up there with my favourite songs of all time

The Contenders

What in the name of Minerva this is doing at number 8? This piece of art screams the kind of sensuality that won't attract unwanted public staring!
It is a very explosive, in your face song. You think it's going to be calm, then bam. Surprise.
Every time I listen this song it makes me smile. I absolutely love this song. One of my personal all time favorites and should be #1!

12Hole In the Earth
Sat night wrist is so underrated! My favorite album of theirs and I've been a fan since ATF days!
Maybe not 1 but definitely should be higher

No words are needed to describe how great this song is. If you just listen to it you will know why it deserves to be in the top 10
This song should be number 1
Slow tempo, but totally reFuses to bore.
Moreno's as mesmerising as usual.
I'd rate it among the top 3, at least.

14Rocket Skates
Damn epic with a lot of power riffs. Steph did excellent work

15Back to School (Mini Maggit)
First song I heard from them. The experience was reminiscent of melting into with the music and subsequently falling into depression from not being able to touch the music in any physical or emotional way. Shortly thereafer, I bought the album and came to appreciate the gloriousness of the unconditional love the music provided me.

167 Words
Should be much higher
I love this guitar sound
This. this times a million. adrenaline is one of the greatest and heaviest nu-metal records ever.

Easily the most epic deftones song, definitely in the top 5 for me.
So chilling, Saturday Night Wrist is way too underrated.

18Knife Party
Deserves to be way higher on the list. Simply a masterpiece, with chilling vocals.
"this song should be higher" doesn't do this song justice. I get goosebumps every time I hear the two opening chords. After that, it truly can't be described with words.
Best song, or at least the most underrated. Just listen to it, and come back singing "In this room, we're all anemic; in this room, anemic and sweet.."

19Engine No. 9
Belongs in top 10
one of their heaviest songs amazing
This list is all wrong, we need Engine no,9, Root, Headup and 976- EVIL in the top ten.

20Around the Fur
This song was stuck in my head for ages. I feel like I can relate to the song somehow, should I be different and maybe make a fool of myself to impress you? Or should I be like everyone else and be safe? Either way I want you to notice me somehow. That's how I interpreted it and I think it relates to a lot of people.


Seems as though th easier listening songs got the top votes. I prefer their heavier sound. I can name a few favourites but the chorus to this is explosive. So much energy in this!
The song that made me fall in love with this band.

This song is quite fresh but it has the potential to be a 'tones classic. I can listen to this track all day and never get bored, it fuses so much melody, emotion and and anger together. Just give it a listen
Best song on the koi no yoken album and that is saying a lot. Koi no yoken is an amazing album and there is not a single bag song on it. No song on it you say "eh I kinda like this song"... What you really say is "ok that song is the best on the album next song... No this song is the best on the album". Most deftones fans will probally hate me for this but imma say it... Koi no yoken is the best deftones album period.

RAWR! Awesome song! Get it now and you will believe me
Slipknot is my favourite band their songs 'wait and bleed' nominated at the grammy but the grammy went to 'elite' and I was so pissed and I said to myself I am gonna check this song but after checking it out I wasn't pissed not one bit. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE GUYS THIS SONGS IS THE TRUE BEAUTY OF METAL GENRE
How is this not number one you stupid dumbtards! This won a Grammy in 2001 for best Metal performance. I bet most of you kids weren't even alive at the time.

One of the sickest riffs created by the greats.
The best song on Adrenaline

This song is just so amazing. It's like a journey through Chino's mind, the way the song flows through emotions. Kind of like a ballad, but so much better. Just, the ending lines "Just stay with me" so beautiful and then the heavy guitar crunch followed by notes of tranquility. It's like a nuclear bomb and then the resulting fallout. My favorite song is Passenger, but Rosemary deserves Top Ten.
Amazing song! Really puts you into a feeling you can't really explain just a purely awesome song! One of there best!
Don't know if it's my favorite song (hard to pick one), but it definitely deserves to be higher on this list!
[Newest]There's something so beautiful about this song top ten for sure.

25You've Seen the Butcher
What a song man, the most subtle sexually explicit song ever. The video is destined to make you orgasm. Hear it all the time. Lyrics make so much sense and its bound to make you feel good.
First HD music video I ever bought. Otherworldly sensuality is all I can think of when I hear it.

A dreamy song with awesome lyrics. Definitely one of my favorite songs, cause I'm always getting the chills while hearing it.
Wet myself every time I listen it. Beautiful live!

27Minus Blindfold
Some of these songs on Adrenaline as so underrated!

28Lucky You

29Cherry Waves
This song is so catchy and atmospheric. BEST SONG VER.
So many emotions! It's definitely a gorgeous song that deserves to at the top!
One of the best songs ever.

Need to be in the top 5, its a MASTERPIECE! Very heavy and the guitar is very catchy, as chino's voice is perfect, like always, GREAT SONG!
Unfair... this is top 3

31Swerve City
Perfect rifts with a hard-hitting hook. Chino's vocals sound very defined in this song, but the chorus is what's filled with that primal and ethereal quality Deftones' songs tend to possess.
What, why is this song not even here? , this is 1st the guitar is heavy, everything is cool.

Reminds me when I was playing need for speed underground 2 (#_#)


Why isn't this song higher? It's super soothing and every time I hear it it calms me. Totally one of my favorite songs by deftones.
The heck no. 34?!?! This and 'Digital bath' are my all time favourite.
Teenager is on nr.42 which makes perfect sense if you've read "Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy"

This song is just amazing. The chorus just gets you with its strong guitar work and haunting vocals.


How is this song so low down? It is a masterpiece.

35Beauty School
One of the most beautiful songs I ever listened to. Not only from Deftones, but also from any rock band. Definitely a favourite. It's a shame that not many people know about it besides fans - everyone should.
This is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard! Every time I hear it I have to completely stop what I'm doing and just listen 100%. Such an incredibly beautiful song, and deserves to be so much higher.
One of the best songs from the Diamond Eyes Album! I Can't believe it's not voted higher on this list! Truly a work of art!
[Newest]This song deserves to be WAY higher! It's not their very best song, but it's certainly up there.

When I listen to this song and the chorus comes up, The vocals remind me of an alien being stabbed continuously and then Chino screams at it afterwards, I dunno why but the vocals just don't sound human, well-done Chino!


One of the most emotional songs ever.

Holy Jesus very underrated song... But one of their hardest and so classic Chino

I was so surprised to see this hadn't already been added to the list. Easily one of the coolest jams off Diamond Eyes, love the way Chino screams. It is like a chilled out version of Headup to me, which is my all time favorite.

Easily should be in the top 15. Change in the house of flies only climed up because it's their most popular song. This song has everything, good lyrics and heavy and almost satanic black metal shrieks like in fireal.
Not sure if should be nr. 1 but that creepy mumbling rap does something to me... Real great song, should be WAY higher
This was the skng that got me into Deftones. So catchy yet so original and deep and just so good


I love this song, the woman's voice syits perfectly to the theme and it's so catchy in a slow dark way

Their most emotionally powerful work to date
Not the hardest but it's catchy, and fun to sing along with! Deftones is just it's own thing.
This song is beautiful, what is it doing all the way down here? :(

43What Happened to You?
An amazing song about a couple throughout their life span. Initial romanticism, breakup, and a realization of being soul mates. The chorus... my God, if the chorus doesn't make you introspective on where your life had been and where it's going, I don't know what will make you have a deep thought ever in your life. Chino really hit this one out of the park, especially with Koi No Yokan. The entire album is a masterpiece in its own right. People can always lean on White Pony, but to put it simply, Deftones have evolved in to their own genre of music, and this song, with its thought-provoking and otherworldly demeanor in an all too real world subject, really exemplifies just how far they've come as individuals and as a group.

44Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event

45Romantic Dreams
How is this down at 49? One of their best songs!

How on gods green earth is this number 44. The fools who voted must drink penguin piss with a straw.
Amazing song I think it should be higher emotive and excelent lyrics.
I, m a deftones fans since 2002 and this is and excelent song of all the album of deftones.


48Needles and Pins

There are not 44 better songs than this one. This is one of the most beautiful sounding songs that Deftones has to offer. Horribly underrated more people should vote for this amazing song.
This song is so explosive and ethereal sounding. Really, how is this not top 10?
This song is unique beautiful and scary... Very underrated


This feeling gets old. And so do your eyes. This is why. I hate you.

52This Place Is Death

53The Chauffuer

Number one most underrated song ever. A song about himself and his fans. This should be top 10.
The most underrated song of Deftones

55Dai the Flu
The single most underrated song on this list if you haven't heard this song you have to list...
For the love of Chino and all that is Deftones - how in the hell is this so far down on the list?! Come on people. Listen again and enjoy the ass-whuppin' thrown down by Abe. 61?

56Bloody Cape
Though this isn't their best song ever, I've been coming back to it over and over as having the most gut-wrenching, driving guitar and vocal bridge in all their music. I have never heard Chino exude that level of pure desperation in any other song. "GOD HELP! GOD HELP! "


Easily the best song from the Deftones album and wasn't even rated?
Sigh.. Korea above this? Seriously?
Best song by them 😡


The beginning of this song is pure genius and this song is definitely underrated check it out
Fantastic song. Has an atmosphere unlike any other deftones song


I love a lot of Deftones. They're my favorite band, but when it comes down to something to listen to when you're depressed or mourning, this song is the most powerful, beautiful, comforting masterpiece you can find. This is what gets me through the rough times. 11/10
Beautiful atmosphere. Should at least be top 30.

Honestly incredible and I love that Serj is featured. Completely underrated song should be in the top 10
My two favourite vocalists in a song together, couldn't get any better. It's so soothing

64Goon Squad

Hardest and most classic Chino on Diamond Eyes. definitely my fave on the album


The deftones first album was on e of the great albums of the 90s I can't believe how little love it gets. This is the best song on there and my favorite deftones song.
So underrated, as far as I am concerned they never topped this track.


69Rx Queen
Come on how is this so low? At least in the top 20.
One of the best on their best album
Dun dun dun dun dun... I won't stop following youu


71Head Up
Easily my favorite 'Tones Song. Sick riff, and so heavy it makes you want to jump up and get angry. My all time favorite song from this band. Max Cavalera being featured is awesome as well. Great song about D-Low. This id one song in my top ten songs ever. The vocals are just great and heavy, you can barely understand what he is saying, which makes it just as bad ass.y favorite from the greats, and also is a damn shame it is such an underground song from them, a real fan knows of this gem though.
And this is coming from a fan of all their work, Adrenaline to now.
This whole song is just intense, and it kicks in with the same power every time

Have any of you guys actually listened to this song? It slays most of the songs off of Deftones.

73When Girls Telephone Boys
How is this song not on here? Yeah its not their best ever but its definitely stand out and one of the top 3 tracks off the Deftones album

Emotional song. Has to be higher!

75One Weak

76Street Carp

77Jealous Guy

78Rats! Rats! Rats!

79U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, A, B, Select, Start

80God's Hands

81Can't Even Breathe

82The Boy's Republic

83Pink Cellphone

84Good Morning Beautiful

Might not be everyone's cup of tea. By this is one of my favourite songs from Deftones. It's like sex in my ears when I hear this song.

This is definitely in my top 20, if not 15, if not, 10. It just doesn't get old... TWO DIFFERENT SIDES... Saturday night wrist is an amazing album.

87Finger of Death

88Black Moon


90(Like) Linus

91Some People







Great cover of a classic song by The Cars. This version is bliss.

99Graphic Nature

100Pink Maggit
This song gets all the feels without breaking a sweat. The fact that it's number 100 makes me question the depth of deftones fans.
You guys are dumb this song is actually really good

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