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The Top Ten

This was such an amazing, suspense filled episode!
Favourite monster, the weeping angels, amazing episode and will always be my favourite I think
Its not even a question.
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2The End of Time
When the Tenth said, "I don't want to go", I knew the greatest Doctor of all time was gone, and nothing could bring him back, except for a 50th anniversary special! But now he is gone :'(
The best episode!
David had an amazing finale! :D
What the hell blink is number 1.
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3The Day of the Doctor
Tennant and Smith were awesome together. John Hurt worked well with them too! Great story!


Oh, come on. I know it's new but david tenant and matt smith are the best.

4The Deadly Assassin
Awesome episode plus the first time the doctor doesn't have a companion
This episode contains thrill, adventure and murder which a Doctor Who episode should rightfully have

5The Caves of Androzani
Always been my favourite. But can everyone stop calling Doctor Who stories "episodes"? Most of these stories actually have several episodes...
This episode is number 1 in the top 200 and I have to admit, this episode is very good

6Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead
This is the first place we see River and get her ripped away. It was terribly sad the second time I went back and watched it. That fourth season was just great and maybe Cal was Clara.

7The Eleventh Hour
I thought Matt was absolutely brilliant in this one! Even though I was sad to see David go, Matt stole my heart in his first episode.

8A Good Man Goes to War
This episode was an awesome intro to Team Vastra, who everyone admits to liking! Madame Kovarian, The Headless and Dorium in one wonderful episode! All set on an asteroid! The twists and turns had me on the edge of my seat.

9The Robots of Death
This episode is a classic Whodunnit, it is the least expected person and the robots are very scary

10Amy's Choice
This was one of the most riveting episodes ever...the HUGE plot twist at the end makes it all come together!
This episode bought chills into me, this makes it a chilling and scary episode

The Contenders

11Turn Left
This episode was amazing in every way! Definitely the best Doctor-lite episode I have seen, usually episodes which are focused mainly on a companion can be slightly boring but this episode is so slick and mind-boggling that you just want to keep watching! Definitely one of Catherine Tate's best episodes!

12The Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone
A magnificent sequel for the weeping angels. Words cannot describe how good it is.


13Vincent and the Doctor
Hard to beat the emotional impact of the episode. Seeing the painting through Pond's eyes at the very end was truly touching. It also made foe a good starting point on a discussion about mental illness with my boys.

14City of Death
Awesome episode, stands the test of time and holds up perfectly!
Phenomonal story. Oh it's a classic everyone knows it is. Berilliant location filming in Paris. wonderful and funny perfromances, brillaint and strong storyline and the nasty Scaroth, last of the Jagaroth! This is my favourite Doctor who episode.


15The Time of the Doctor

16The War Games
This episode is one of my particular favorites, even though it is 10 episodes, it is still perfect for that time by the long tale of the different wars

This episode is a thrilling tale of another universe and that makes it a perfect Doctor Who episode

18The Doctor's Wife

19The Invasion
This episode is creepy, scary and has a shocking plot, what makes this episode very good

20The Stolen Earth / Journey's End
I wonder why this one isn't higher up! It was so amazing. All of the amazing characters who return, the twisting plot line, and the very very very emotional ending scenes. It was so sad, so emotional, so exiting, and just so perfect. I think Tennant did an amazing job- one of the best performances I've seen. I loved these episodes- it wasn't the happiest. but I think it had some of the most meaning.

21The Tomb of the Cybermen
Outstanding classic story. My favourite cyberman stroy, well written, well directed. Absolutely outstanding. Thank goodness this one was recovered in Hong Kong.


22Genesis of the Daleks
A brilliant origin story, Genesis of the Daleks is great Doctor Who all together, featuring a superb cast, regular or otherwise, beautiful imagery, a memorable score, but the star here is the script. Terry Nation at his best.
Terry Nation makes the Daleks great again! The explanation of the Daleks' origins, and a wonderful story for Fourth Doctor Tom Baker (and Lis Sladen, RIP).

23The God Complex

This episode is very scary, it is set in a hotel and hotels always freaks me out

24The Waters of Mars
This is a freaky and nail-biting story because of the fear of how dangerous water has become
This was the first Doctor Who episode I ever saw. Once I saw it, I was hooked!

25Army of Ghosts / Doomsday

26Carnival of Monsters

27Utopia/The Sound of Drums/The Last of the Time Lords

A thrilling story, both Derek Jacobi and John Simm make a chilling master and the performances made by the whole cast is superb

28The Seeds of Doom

29The Talons of Weng-Chiang

30Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways
Just so awesome. Ties together the bad wolf storyline, great dystopian settings, return of sattlite five, return of the daleks, emotional, epice fight scenes, anne-droid, big brother, bear with me, christopher eccleson rose tyler and john barrowman! Just amazing

31The Bells of Saint John

32Terror of the Zygons

Intense and thrilling, alas a special episode of Doctor Who set in a train is certainly in flexed to claustrophia!

34The Girl In the Fireplace

35Horror of Fang Rock

36The Unquiet Dead
Come on! People rise from the grave and kill people and they meet Charles Dickens! Definitely my favorite episode.

37Planet of the Daleks

38The Face of Evil

39The Angels Take Manhattan

40The Unicorn and the Wasp


42Silver Nemesis

43The Five Doctors

44The Dalek Invasion of Earth

45The Three Doctors

Really fun story, leading up to 'Snake Dance, ' a year later.

47The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances

48The Satan Pit



51The Two Doctors

52The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon

53The Krotons
The krotons is epic! There's only two at first and then there's a whole army attempting to disperse The Joctor, Jamie, Zoe and The Gonds in a massive battle and a parting of the ways. One of the best stories ever get it!


54Snake Dance

55New Earth

56Revenge of the Cybermen

57Terror of the Autons

58The Daleks' Master Plan

59The Mind Robber
The best episode of Patrick Troughton's career as the Doctor by far

60An Unearthly Child
This one makes it on the list for being the first episode of a show that amazed audiences for 50+ years.


62The Ark in Space

63Delta and the Bannermen

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