Best Drama Actors From South Korea

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The Top Ten

Lee Min Hoo
He's Good talented. He's one of the most perfect Boys I've ever known.
He just perfect being as an actor... He did it effortless but great and natural at the end... Can't wait to see his coming up drama soon!
Very good talented most handsome actor in k-dramas that I have ever seen. Greetings from Sri Lankan fan. God bless you lee min ho
[Newest]Yas Lee Min Ho is totally bae!

2Kim Hyun Joong
Best actor ever... Expresses his feelings in such a nice manner...
I want kim hyun joong because he is a nice actor, handsome and most of all he is very talented.. That's why I like kim hyun joong
[Newest]He is a gentle guy that is not egocentric but lee min hoo is egocentric

3Lee Joon-gi
What I admire with him is the way he treats his fans. He knows that without them he will not be in that stage of being famous Korean actor. He is so down to earth and at the same time He has a baby face, his smile and killer looks will definitely knocks you down and his really very good in his craft, whether in acting, dancing and singing. I wonder what else he can offer for his fans.
He must be on top 5 ^_^
A versatile actor with a very beautiful and handsome face.
[Newest]He is the best

4Kim Soo Hyun
I very like Kim so Hyun... His acting in The Moon Embracing The Sun is so~~~ good! I am waiting for his new project!
His acting in Secretly Greatly was really good! It really showed how he has seriously awesome acting skills and not just a really hot face
Kim so Hyun is the best actor!
His act so good in Dream High! So Handsome too..
[Newest]Loved his drama "My love from the star"

5Jang Keun Suk
Best looks, by far the best voice, intelligent and fun in conversations, incredible actor
He's very good looking. He possess a unique personality. He acts very well on his drama. He is a versatile actor, he can play any roles that will be given to him... For me, he's the most handsome actor in South Korea,...
He is such a versatile actor. He deserves even better and best. I always liked the way he performance in his every single drama and movie. He is quiet dedicated and passionate towards his career. Best applaud to jang guen suk such an diligent and versatile actor in S. Korea.
[Newest]Because he is very very hot

6Kim Bum
Kim Bum is VERY HANDSOME and SO HOT! When I showed the American girls, they think he is BEAUTIFUL! They said that among Asian guys, no one is better looking than him. Kim Bum is a good actor. He chooses difficult roles for his dramas and expresses different sides of his personality. Also, he is such a good singer with a nice, strong voice. I've seen him play piano, guitar, and saxophone. Overall, he is very talented and one of the most popular Korean actors.
Such a good actor and singer, but why he always second lead? His dramas are good and popular though. He's so HANDSOME! Hopefully, he'll get a leading role in upcoming dramas. Good luck! Wish you the best!
He is SO GOOD LOOKING and HOT! I think he is the most handsome and perfect looking Korean actor. His dramas are awesome and he's always playing interesting characters.
[Newest]He is very handsome

7Lee Seung Gi
He so good personality, talent and intelligent, perfect people, he always do the best for multitainer, became singer, actor and MC he always got number one awards, He very humble and smart.
I really like him because he can portray his role very well, and he is a talented person. He is really cute especially when he smiled.
He's acting is very good. Every time there's this hug scene if he is the male lead. I really wanted to be the female lead and I can feel his love and warmness. He's also very very handsome and a smile killer. He's cute and a calm person. I love many actors but he's in my list of my favorite actors. He is also very smart and very talented. I envy I'm Yoona from Girls generation who is dating him right now. I am so jealous of her! Well hope all the best for you Lee Seunggi! I love You!
[Newest]He's so cute with is adorable smile

8Park YooChun
Good actor, singer and composer. Very talented.. First episode of rooftop prince Lee Gak already got my heart.. And also Han jung woo made me cry. First korean actor/kpop star that really caught my attention. And I also like his group JYJ. I love you yoochunie.! ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH.
Best idol turned excellent actor. Does enjoyable dramas that showcases his strong points.
I loved him in rooftop prince, it was really great he acts with emotion and it shows. Among all korean actors he is my most favorite actor. He has this cute childish but sometimes mature and wise aura about him I just go crazy... Aww I liked sungkyukwan scandal but in rooftop prince his acting was way bettr, I miss you was kinda over the board crying for me, that I found myself laughing (i know right?! Its weird) whl watching serious scenes. Anyways conclusion is he is the best drama actor out there and I'll look forward to his future works. Saranghae yoochun oppa!
[Newest]He is amazing for me

9Song Seung Hun
He has great acting skill. He acts marvelous in every drama that he casts. Moreover he is very very handsome and attractive, known as heart stealer and it is absolutely true.
He is the great actor. He acts very good in romantic comedy (my princess) and drama (east of eden). Is very very handsome.
He is the best he is so good that he makes others that play with him look good best best best
[Newest]He's the great actor in Korea. He has the killer women's charisma, and he has the beautiful eyes,

10Song Joong Ki
Very adorable, cute, intelligent and talented actor. I love him in Innocent guy and Werewolf Boy. Especially in Running Men, he was so hilarious with his way of dance and sing. I wish a successful life for him. I love you so much Song Joong Ki
Song Joong Ki is very cute, intellegent, and has great acting skills! He never gives up and tries his hardest at whatever he does... He moved my heart so many times in Running Man, where he kept on trying, and never lost his hope... I hope that he continues to improve and I am rooting for him! ;P
[Newest]He is pretty for me

The Contenders

11Kwon Sang Woo
He could act even with only his facial reaction. A very good actor who has been neglected so far...
I love him, he is very talented
Because his acting is very natural, cool, and his style is very comfortable.
Stairway to Heaven, sad love story, into the sun, cinderela man..
It's my favorite drama..


I like him in iris as he was act as a hunter who want to kill all iris characters. He should be number 1. His evil eyes, his skills give him some badass power.
T.O.P... You're the best actor with your evil's eyes..
I like T.O. P who act in Iris
[Newest]The best singer and the best movie actor love you"


13Jo In Seong
One of the best Drama actors I've seen. The way he acts, it's just so captivating.
He is one of the bests in Korea. He can act well and he portrays his role with passion and feeling. He is also very cute...
He is very handsome and talented actor. His eyes are full of emotions. He does woonderful works.

14Kim Woo Bin
He's a hottie... He may play bad boy role all his life, but he will be the one I love most compare to any protagonist leading actors. YOU ROCK MAN!
New actors but he rocks in the drama "Heirs" and in "School 2013" with lee jong suk

15Hyun Bin
He was the shining star in both hit dramas, My Lovely Sam Soon and Secret Garden. His shows stellar performance in any drama and is able to play a wide range of characters. A reason for those dramas to be such popular hits is his remarkable acting.
He‘s the best actor and he has a great personality
He is best in acting. The very difficult role was played by him in Secret Garden. He acted very good as a lady soul inside his body. He is simply superb...

16Im Yoona
She is a great actress I hope she win and I can't wait to see her new drama
She acting in Cinderella Man, and she;s so good
Also, the latest drama, LoveRain, its nice drama and she act well
Yoona is the best

17Lee Min Ki
Versatile and has an interesting way of portraying a character.

18Park Si Hoo
Park Si Hoo is a great artist. This actor is unique - he is V. Talented and charismatic, he has the ability to display deep emotions, the ability to give life of the character. I saw all his dramas and his movie. All his characters are play diverse and you can fell deep emotions of the character.
Park Si Hoo is the best Korean actor. He is very talented, expressive, versatile and charismatic artist. Love all his dramas and his movie. He has displayed versatility and each character he breathes life into is so distinctively different from each other. Just by looking at his photos, I can tell which character and for which drama...amazing right
Park Si Hoo is a very talented and charismatic actor. Love all his dramas especially The Princess Man, Family Honour and the recent Cheongdamdong Alice.

19Gong Yoo
Love him he has the cutest smile and you can see his great charisma and how funny he is
His abs have their own fanclub, his smile too

20Joo Won
An amazing actor with a charming, baby-like face, Joo Won is one of the fastest rising young male actors in Korea. With lead roles in top-rated dramas under the belt for him (Ojakgyo Brothers, Bridal Mask, Good Doctor, 7th Grade Civil Servant, Baker King etc.), his acting skills still have endless potential waiting to be unleashed. Taking on roles of different natures, this man-boy is able to make us believe he is evil, damaged, heroic, pure and autistic (! ) when we watch him in different characters. You would not believe that it is the same person, giving such a magnificent performance that shows his understanding, depth and genuineness of his emotions.
Good appearance and best actor especially in action drama also he's so handsome
He is cute n talented

21Yoo Ah-in
Seen most of his dramas and his acting skills are really amazing. He really potrays his characters well, regardless of whatever role he takes. Unlike most of the other famous actors with good looks and their charming, sweet and rich guy roles, YAI is definitely one of a kind. He takes on roles with flaws, roles that might not give him the best popularity but still carries them well. The way he acts makes audiences share a deep connection with the character he's portraying. Sure, some of his dramas may have bad endings but I do not think that a good actor means choosing a drama with a good ending that would please everyone. His acting skills are great, no doubt (even for the badly criticized dramas, he acted really well on his part). I was charmed by not only his talent in acting, but his depths as a person. He's intellectual and inspiring. An actor who's not acting just for fame, but who wants to make a difference in the acting industry. A positive difference.
He's a good actor and has that charm
He is a very good actor

22Yeo Jin-goo

23Kwon Yuri
She so goodin Fashion King.. She can speak English, France well.

24Ji Chang-wook
Hi is very talented.
I like him in empress ki. He is the best actor. L watch every drama of him. He is so cute...

25Jung Yong Hwa
He has played in many great dramas like "You're beautiful", "Heartstrings", and "The future choice". he is really awesome and also great as the lead singer in his band, CNBlue.
He is the best singer or actor. I really loved all his drama. The way he sing on concerts it's give me energy & I again recharge myself. I wouldn't see him in real but whenever I see him on net I always smile. God Bless Him...
He is awesome (like always ) but I also like Kim so Hyung (my love from the star)

26Lee Jong Suk
He played so Ha in I hear your voice really well, he's perfect
He work from his heart... I love you lee jong suk"
Best and most handsome Guy EVERYONE!

27Song Ji-Hyo
Her acting in mandate of heaven is so addicting

28Lee Ji-Hoon

29Ha Ji Won
She is such a very versatile actress who can do more than expected. She has the passion and the character of an ideal celebrity.
She is my favorite actress in dramas and in movies as well. She can play any role with ease and passion. I love you Ha Ji Won.

30Jung Ilwoo
Is he the actor in A Moment to Remember?
He has a beautiful smile, and his acting is great
Best movie Return of Iljimae.. Very good looking and nice acting abilities

31Song Il Kook
I love him so my country Nigeria in africa, we started watching korean film because of his actin in the film jumong...we all love it and it has made korean film very popular in my country.Thanks to his actin...can't wait to see him and lee min ho
I started watching korean film in 2009 with jumong and since then, I've loved to watch any film that featured oppa! He's a great actor! Loads of love to you, sir!
He is in a League of his own

32Hero Jae Jong

33Yoo Yeon Seok

34Kim Jeong Hoon

35Lee Joon-hyuk
He is handsome he has good appearance and well building body

36Choi Siwon
He has many drama and movies such as: skip beat, oh, my lady. Poseidon, athena, king of dramas and many more. He can act in various genre of movies it can bee seen from the movies title that I have written in the beginning. That's why I choose him as a best drama actors.
He is tall, good looking, he has perfect abs, he has sexy smile and sexy dimples. He can sing, dance, act and play many musical instruments such as: piano, gitar and drum.
And the most important is that he is a nice and friendly guy.


37Choi Minho
Well, Minho is not only handsome but also hot. He is so good in acting, I really like his show TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU and I love SHINEE... He is the best rapper, singer, actor, and as a person.
Simply love you chiming

38Lee Byung-hun
He is so versatile! He is one of the rare tough action star who can act actually. I love his works. He is gifted.

39Kim Nam-gil
He is great in every character
He good in acting l watch in the shark although lm a filifina here n the phllippines l can say his acting is greet hope l can see him in person l pray that l can watch another drama again and he is the bida or the main character kim nam gil good luck

40Yoo Seung Ho
Oh yoo seung-ho oppa I like you too much, you're so handsome and cute!
I wish I can meet you ♥♥

41Lee Dong-Wook
.. He is so handsome, plus he kinda looks like Enrique. He is cute also!

42Shin Min-a
My girlfriend is a gumiho! Agh!

43Jung Woo-sung

44So Ji Sub
He does everything infinitely well acting, rapping, modeling, he is intellegent and a deep thinker. He can do anything well he wants to because he is a true professional.

45Lee Hyun Woo

46Lee Sang Woo
Really handsome, an excellent actor, love all his acting!

47Jung Kyung-ho
His role in Heartless City was well played! He was amazing!

48Nam Woo-hyun

49Kim Jea Won

50Jung So Min
So funny in acting and very pretty

51Kim Joon
Really handsome good in acting can't wait for his next drama Kim join you're REALLY CUTE

52Bae Yong-joon
I love all of his acting. He is an excellent actor!

53Bae Suzy

54Ji Sung

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