Best Eagles Songs


Best songs by the Eagles - one of the finest rock bands ever. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Hotel California
One of the greatest songs of all time with a fantastic and trademark guitar solo
This was the song I selected for my 1st live performance! And I will always remember it that way. It's rythm is historic and I sure hope it will be remembered as a classic! Show's the amazing power of the acoustic guitars!
This song made me love English numbers
I love this song very much,
I love eagles... What a guitar.. I get overwhelmed after
[Newest]It's my best song ever because I like the fact that from 4:20-6:30 it's the guitar solo & the lyrics don't start until 0:50 mark. So, it's my best song ever.

2Take It Easy
I put this song on whenever I need to sing my bean off. Just when you think it can't get any better the banjo kicks in and you dribble down your leg... Ahh!
This a great tune to listen to
This song is awesome I always sing to this song because I know every word to it to me this the eagles best songs but you know they have many many more hits that I like but this one is just my favorite


[Newest]Great song to sing and dance to.

One of the greatest songs and guitar solos ever! This song is a masterpiece and should be up there with Stairway to Heaven and Bohemian Rhapsody as the best rock song ever.
The best classic rock song. It is unique; one the singing starts, it doesn't stop, the drums don't begin until halfway through, there is no guitar solo. Everything is perfect about this song, from the amazing musicianship to the singing to the gradual build, not to mention some of the greatest lyrics ever. In this case, less is most certainly more, so despite the lack of crazy wailing guitar solos and showy drumming, this song is profoundly beautiful and melodic. This should be first on the list, not because the others are bad but because this song is truly a masterpiece.
Best song ever. There is nothing else that I could possibly say about this song. I heard it in my dad's car on the way home from my basketball practice and immediately fell in love with it. GO EAGLES.

4Take It to the Limit
Great song. Should be well inside the top 10
best song.. better than hotel california which is number 2
Great song the eagles are the best in a lot of different music categories although I think they're on of the best
[Newest]Randy's voice is fantastic!

5One of These Nights
one of there best songs right after hotel california
Its a simply amazing song, my favorite lyric is I've been searching for the daughter
Of the devil himself
I've been searching for an angel in white
I've been waiting for a woman who's a little
Of both
And I can feel her but she's nowhere
In sight
Love it!
A great song from 1975. I love listening to
[Newest]The music is so orgasmic

6Lyin' Eyes
This song totally deserves to be in the top 5 at lest! It is a classic! The melody is wonderful, beautiful vocals, and the lyrics are.. Well just breathtaking!
Fabulous melody with beautiful vocal harmonies, the usual well crafted lyrics makes this a timeless classic sounding as good now as it did when it was written.
Awesome song! My personal favourite..
[Newest]The perfect eagles song. beautiful story captured in beautiful music

7New Kid In Town
Does anyone else find her/himself in these lyrics? I don't mean literally but just that feeling when you love someone and you're losing her/him... And there's not much you can do...
Magnificent song... meaningful lyrics and awesome music
"I look in her eyes, the music begins to play. " Now that's called lyrics.
It is the best song ever to grace the earth

They'll never forget you till somebody new comes along

8Already Gone
Best guitar licks and awesome vocal harmonies.
But if he's already gone - why do we keep hearing him singing it?


I love this one... Should be higher on the

9Life In the Fast Lane
Awesome guitar riff and slide guitar by Joe Walsh and Don Felder as well as great vocals by Don Henley in this AMAZING song.
Followed my hotel California, followed by heartache tonight!
Love this song so much. Should be top 5

10Love Will Keep Us Alive
this song soothes my anxious mind
My favorite, all time song!
I adore this songs its my real favorite
[Newest]A favorite of mine for a long time

The Contenders

11Peaceful Easy Feeling
Not very famous, but it's a hidden beauty. Music is slow and calming, and the lyrics are really meaningful. Found it to be even better than Hotel California. A must-hear for all rock lovers.
This is one of the most beautiful songs I know. The harmonies are wonderful. Possibly the most underrated song of all time.

12Witchy Woman
One of the best groovy songs you jam to on repeat.
How this song is not in the top 5 is beyond me.
This song is so Groovy its Crazy Just talking about it makes me want to sing Woo Hoo Witchy Woman
[Newest]Loved it when Don Felder dedicated this to Tiger Woods at Orange Beach.

13Heartache Tonight
This should be in a higher spot.
A very Soul Touching song.


Hotel California is best, but this should be in the top ten.

14Tequila Sunrise
I love Tequila Sunrise it is just a legendary song and should really be in the top ten.
Fantastic a perfect combination of music and lyric! Best song from the eagles playlist a must have!
This, Desperado and Love will Keep us Alive make up the top 3 best songs by them man...

15I Can't Tell You Why
Such a soothing song. Perfect for relaxing and chilling out.
I wonder why this isn't in the top ten. Guitar riff is good too. Amazing vocals.
This song is so soothing and melodious. Wonder why its way down here, since I find it much better than Take it Easy, really.
This song makes me nostalgic, a very unique melody and great lyrics!
[Newest]This song is way under rated.

16How Long
How Long did it me take to notice this is a true eagle classic

17Get Over It
This song is amazing. If I hear it during the day all I can do the rest of the day is listen to this song. I could have it on an all day loop and never get bored. It is an insanely fun song and if you know the words you will find yourself singing along to it.
Are you kidding me not having this song in the top ten? It is an awesome message with an amazing musical rhythm with it. This is one of the Eagles best songs.
This isn't actually my favorite, but it is one of them and it deserves a higher spot.

18Wasted Time
In my opinion this is one of the best songs of all times. The exquisite interpretation of Don with continuous changes in the modulation of his voice to express his inner feelings became this song in a master piece. Lyrics and music are a dramatic cocktail of deep feelings that will impact to any music lover.
Don does a fabulous job singing this song. Definitely deserves to be higher on the list.
Beast eagls song ever

19The Last Resort
Never fails to send a shiver down my spine - great slow-burning anthem with thoughtful lyrics
Easily the best Eagles song. Powerful lyrics and soothing tune, One of my all time favorites. I'm sure anyone familiar with the eagles will agree with me.
This is brilliant when I listen to it, it takes me back to where I found Love, but today it hurt me so much that couldn't bare to keep.

20The Long Run
I didn't realize I liked so many of there songs, this one is easy to listen to 😎

21The Best of My Love
Best ever! Awesome lyrics... Beautiful guitar sounds... And his voice is just awesome! I love it. Can't stop playing it again and again!
Its one of the best songs in the Soft Rock genre! The acoustic guitar is too good! Amazing chord-work! :-)
Best of My Love... Top 3 easy.

22On the Border
I'd HIGHLY recommend this song.

Here are my top five
1. On the Boarder
2. Already Gone
3. Take It Easy
4. One of These Nights
5. Hotel California

It's just good.

23In the City
Hands down Awesome Song to blast in the car
How can you not love this song

24No More Cloudy Days

25Dirty Laundry

26Hole in the World

27Seven Bridges Road
Its such a vibrant song! Beautiful lyrics! One of the best acapella's and acoustic songs I have ever heard! :D And the guitar is so melodic. Beautiful song overall.

From the looks of it (here)... A very underrated song..
I would definitely recommend everyone to listen to this song..
A very nice & melodious song..
Deserves much better ranking than 26, guess people haven't heard this song

29Learn to Be Still

30I Wish You Peace
Can't believe someone didn't added this master piece

31Waiting In the Weeds
Extremely powerful song with lyrics you can put in a dozen different situations of life if you think about it. Slightly long but it's end is awesome "answering the tune of the tide's eternal tune, phases of the moon, chambers of the heart, the egg the dart, a small grey spider spinning in the dark despite all the time the web is torn apart."
That's the thing I can say
It's a very big shame that people prefer to listen to these new singers. They just regard to their clips and try to attract youth by making their clips like a porn
Most powerful eagles lyrics I think... Always touches my heart..
Last part is my sleeping pill...

32The Girl From Yesterday

33Victim of Love
I love this song and all the songs above and under this one. Eagles is great

34Journey of the Sorcerer
Simply awesome!

The creativity just flows out...

Deserves to be in the top 5 at least.
Amazing instrumental...

People really have bad choices on this site!
[Newest]Number 2 after Bitter Creek

35Guilty of the Crime

36Try and Love Again
What? Number 35? This is not the best song by The Eagles but it surely deserves to be in Top 10!

37All She Wants to Do Is Dance

38Busy Being Fabulous

39The Sad Cafe
One of the best songs written by anyone ever. Very moving song and wonderful everything.
One of the best slow songs I've heard.
Beautiful instrument work, great vocals, awesome lyrics!
This is a lovely wistful song full of longing for days gone by. It has a beautiful guitar break and vocals.


41Outlaw Man
Epic song! Starts with a banjo and then transforms into a real good jive. Makes me want to shoot whiskey bottles and rob stagecoaches

42Those Shoes
This one is definitely in my top ten. I can't believe it's at number 40 here.
This deserves to be much higher in this list. This song rocks!

43Long Road Out of Eden
One the the Eagles greatest songs! Truly epic, spanning over ten minutes with brilliant lyrics and a powerful guitar solo.
I rate this song to the top of the list. Guitar Solo is best ever.
The most ignored song of eagles
But the best one

44Pretty Maids All In a Row
Great sad song this has to be at least 15th.

45Certain Kind of Fool
You guys are deaf. Listen to this song...why hasnt anyone voted for this? It has so much meanings...and the song itself is eargasmic. One of the top tens at least. LISTEN AND VOTE.

46After the Thrill Is Gone
This song still sounds really poignant and has a beautiful tune with heartfelt lyrics. I loved it when I first heard it and continue to appreciate it as a beautiful song.
Great tune and lyrics...
"empty pages and a frozen pen"
Great words

47James Dean
Song about the greatest actor of all time

48Midnight Flyer

49Do Something
Deserves to be up there above get over it!

50Most of Us Are Sad

51Ol' 55
Love this song. Though I can't rate it number one my list it most certainly would be in my top 10 Eagles songs. I'm sure a lot of people aren't familiar with it... The only reason why I can imagine it is so far down the list.
The Eagles captured a sense or nostalgic longing for times past. It is a lovely arrangement on their hands.

52What Do I Do With My Heart

53Fast Company

54Hollywood Waltz
Really pretty melody and instrumentation. In the same vein as Saturday night.

55You Never Cry Like a Lover
This is representative of the melodic ballads and has soaring harmonies.

56Saturday Night
This is a really pretty song with lovely unusual instrumentation. The harmonies are exceptional as usual.

57Train Leaves Here This Morning


59Good Day In Hell
Amazing song. One of the coolest tunes out there. Along with peaceful Easy Feeling and Get Over it, their most underrated. Everyone needs to check it out! Great slide guitar."Oh well, It's been a good day in Hell, Tomorrow I'll be glory bound"

60Dust In the Wind
Not the Eagles. This is a Kansas song.

61King of Hollywood
That groovy style complemented by the solos. Strange it wasn't already on the list.

62You Are Not Alone

63Life's Been Good

64Last Good Time In Town

65All Night Long

66The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks

67I Don't Want to Hear Anymore

68Bitter Creek

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