Top 10 Best Female Superheroes


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The Top Ten

Wonder Woman
She has the respect of everyone in the DC universe, because she is an excellent fighter with superb reflexes and a strong will. She is stubborn, very compasionate, a diplomat, but also a warrior who understands that there are times when that final step must be taken. She is the most beautiful woman in the DC universe, having been blessed by her gods, and she is a princess (of the Amazons), which makes her very graceful and poised. And to quote The Bluebeattle: "Everyone loves Diana. Even Batman. "
By far the best. The only true top tier female lead in comics. Along with Batman and Superman, she completes the trinity of DC comics. She's also willing to go that next step and kill when she feels its for the greater good which sets her apart from the other mainstream good guys.
No offense to all the others, but wonder women is in a class by herself. It's not just her powers, she's got staying power as the base other female super heroes were built on. She even survived the period when men freaked out over the womens lib movement and took away her powers. Growing up in the 80's I didn't read comic books but, I and every other kid knew who she was. Now I know of lots of other female super heroes, but they still don't compare to Wonder Woman.
[Newest]Lets see, wonder woman sucks and phoenix should be number one not her

2Black Widow
She is much stronger than you think- just because she doesn't have super powers, it doesn't make her weak. Her skills are far better, far more realistic than others. Heroes like superwoman and invisible woman were born with their skills. The Black Widow had to train hard to be able to get her awesome skills! She works harder than other female superheroes and deserves to be on my top 5 superheroes list!
She hot ninja skills she got it all who can beat her she should be number one when she came out in iron man 2 she shook me but when I saw her in avengers I was hypnotized
She kicks butt and can knock out 15 guys in 1 minute! The Ted hair and tight black suit is just like a black widow spider! She got ninja moves that can be Wonder Woman ass any day! Black widow should be number one, not the stupid Wonder Woman
[Newest]She's just plain awesome!

3Invisible Woman
Love her. Immune to psychic attacks she is stealthy she can fly she can use her force fields for super strength she can fight she is good looking don't mess with her you might get an invisible kick in the nuts. With enough concentration she could beat Phoenix! Best super hero ever!
She is really cool in the movie fantastic four and she suits the roll
She is awesome! How can you kill someone you can't see?
[Newest]Invisible woman is not immune to psychic attacks

Hello? Goddess of weather? Extremely powerful manipulator, who against popular belief can do more than just control the weather, such as ocean currents and galactic storms. defeated as many enemies as wonder women but has never taken a life. Dam sexy and knows right from wrong- amazing strength of spirit.
Most catchy, interesting of all female superheroes..
I love storm she can kick but not with her hands and legs but with the weather! She is pretty and smart and very strong storm is awesome!
[Newest]Possibly marvels most iconic female superhero

5Jean Grey
She's beautiful, She's kind and She's one of the most powerful beings of the universe. Plus, telekinesis is the best power, EVER.
Jean grey is the second most powerful telepath plus she has telekinesis also the phoenix force has technically become jeans power
Jean grey can take down all of the ladies on this list plus she is very beautiful

6Rogue from X-Men
She's the most believable super heroine in the X-men. She used to be a villain, is haunted by the fact that she can't touch anyone (or she could kill them) and is in love with Gambit. What's not to love.
She takes people's powers away and then she gains them. She could be blog and Cyclops at the same time.
Rouge should be number one cause she can take any power...
[Newest]Mystique's daughter and, by extent, Nightcrawler's sister... 'enough said.

7Bat Girl
She is pretty, has awesome connections (Batman), and can kick some series butt.
Bat girl is a good girl and is a lone wolf she never usally hangs out with anyone she's been trying to track down joker like batman but bat girl is pretty bad ass
Barbara Gordon is awesome
[Newest]She is just so sassy

8Super Girl
Yap finally I see a true supergirl fan, many people say supergirl is only the female version of superman and not hot well that's what they r saying because they may like black canary or zatanna more. Cause supergirl was very pretty and hot in the superman classic series, may be not so hot in the old 90s supergirl comics but still pretty. I have a krush on the supermam/batman apokalypse kara were she is hot, se.X.. ,cute, pretty, beautiful and her voice is cute and of course superman unbound kara also cool. Well actual supergirl fans will love her and I know the number of the supergirl or kara fans are thaT HIGH MANY CANNOT IMAGINE.
When Michael Turner created Supergirl in one of the DC Comics stories, she's looks sizzling hot and she's look really cute including her face and outfit!
I never like the old Supergirl way back around the 90's and early 2000's. Since the New 52 opens in the DC Universe today, I like the new Supergirl and she's a lot better without the skirt!
[Newest]She is super sexy and beautiful, most importantly, super powerful!

9Phoenix (X Men)
Why the hell is phoenix at 10 as She should be at 1
She is one of the most powerful beings in the universe and could wipe out any other hero, so am I wrong here?
Phoenix should be #1! She can't be killed & she has the strongest powers! She is a bad ass!
Phoenix is the best ever way better than wonder woman phoenix would burn her ass off

10Ms. Marvel
I just think she's awesome

The Contenders

catwoman is the perfect anti hero. Not fully good not fully bad. She's 3 dimensional character with sex appeal as well as strong physical power. Shes like a classic femme fatale beautiful but she can hurt a man too. Plus she and batman are my fav comic book pairing ever. hope shes in the 3rd Chris Nolan's Batman film.
Catwoman is sick, it's like if you blended together Wolverine and Indiana Jones and then made it pretty you would get Catwoman, she one of my VERY favorite comic book heroes.
catwomans awesome but she is not a superhero shes a villan


[Newest]She has like no powers

She has super strength and laser eyes and she is very beautiful the Teen Titans cartoon is awesome (teen titans go isn't) and the comic she is kind and she dates Nightwing she is gonna get into a fight with Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) since they both love Nightwing
While the New 52 didn't do anything good for her character. I still love her. Especially her in the Teen Titan comics and her in the Teen Titan cartoon (not Teen Titans Go). Her powers are pretty cool, but I love that she's kind and naive.
Just read the comics
[Newest]She is really cool vote for her please

She is half demon, half human. She can teleport, shoot beams of dark magic, destroy universes. Not to mention she is the daughter of the great Trigon
She's just awesome! She can transform like anyone!

14Scarlet Witch
She has Chaos magic! Hello? In case you DON'T know what it means, she can pretty much destroy what ever she "shoots" at with her killer beams! Not to mention her looks
Scarlet Witch is awesome cause she has created her own dimension, has telpathy, telekinisis, mind control, hypnosis, she ha spells, and she can levitate so she is pretty awesome.

15Spider Woman
All around bad ass and had a wicked cartoon back in the day!
And also the hottest butt on the list.
She can control the mind of Hulk who is otherwise immune to mind control with her Pheremones.

16Black Canary

Psylocke is badass! She has telekinetic and can teleport through shadows and can change people's memories and virtually can do whatever she wants to another person's mind. She is also a model am was a racecar driver! She was one of the Xmen.
She is asian and british! A very sexy vixen. She has telepathy and cab create a god damn katana via her mind! Go psylocke

She's funny, she's vivacious, she's intelligent, she's mighty and she's got a beautiful heart... Something intrinsic about She Hulk speaks to a lot of girls- you know, behind all the dumb hyper-sexualization (some of it is actually just who she is, and some of it is misogyny in the comic industry). The people writing for her have never understood who and what the character clearly is and it's a real shame because she's probably one of Marvel's most iconic women in addition to being the answer to 'wonder woman' as one of the DC big 3... She's not just some princess of justice, but a flawed, red blooded woman with an impeccable brain and a sense of humor to match. And something about that makes her seem so real.
She hulk is the best she is strong and pretty

Just watch Young Justice and then tell me you don't like her
Play injustice and then try to say shes not the best!

20Kitty Pryde
Tried to grab her sexy ass, but she phase it. No wonder she's a great survivor of the X-Men.
She awesome and in the Ultimate universe dated Spiderman
She is so sexy that I have decided to make her inconcious and cut open her body

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