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41Club Rocker
42Come With Me
43In My Mind

Awesome song of Florida

44Say You're Just a Friend

I really like this song with Austin Mahone. The song is perfect for them. Flo Rida often sing something with new artists to help them to get famous (for example: iYiYi with Cody Simpson or Turn Around with Conor Maynard. And he also did a song with Justin Bieber: Next 2 You) and now he did it with Austin.

45Just Know Dat
47Gotta Get It (Dancer)
48Bitch I'm From Dade County
49Kiss the Sky

Great rap song I've ever heard

51There Goes My Baby

Enrique and flo rida rock in this song must be in top 10.

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52Once In a Lifetime

I love this song. How can I download it?

53Still Missin
54Say Yes
55Why You Up In Here
56Sweet Spot

Great rap from Flo rida and J lo's vocals is too good...

57You Make the Rain Fall

Kevin Rudolf rocks. In this song so does Flo Rida. A really nice song, good beat and pleasant instrumentals.

58Thinking of You
59Rihanna (That's My Attitude)

Really good song. I must admit it is a bit weird but flo rida kills his lyrics.

Pretty awesome song! If you havnt listened to it before then do it! One of flo ridas best. Never mind kills, flo murders his vocals and overall the song is fantastic. Definitely deserves to be in the top ten!

60It's Going Down for Real (G.D.F.R.)
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