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I've worked with Arabs for several years. This breed is very versatile and can do any discipline you want to. Maybe not the best but they will compete in every event you try. The breed is VERY intelligent and usuall they can outsmart their owners/riders. The breed has an average height range 14-16 hand high. All the Arabians I've ever met we very gentle and really fun to ride.

Arabians are also very pretty. They have dished faces and less veritbrae making their tail seem high set. People say they are crazy and hard too ride. Well It's the people that make them that way. Whether they are heavy handed, or use too much aids Arabians are just as gentle as any old Quarter Horse. The horses just seem so excited constantly, because they are bred to be high spirited for flashinss

They are gorgeous, elegant, graceful horses. If you were to race a thoroughbred, quarter horse, and arabian, for the first part a the quarter horse would be in the lead. After that the thoroughbred would be in front. After that the arabian would be in the lead. I think that is what makes the arabian great.

Those horses are all built to run differently. You can't race them all together. For example, the arabian was built and created for endurance and yes, would go further than a quarter horse or thoroughbred. But the thoroughbred was specifically built for speed. And the quarter horse for speed going a quarter mile. The Arabian was not built for speed like the thoroughbred. Therefore, would not be faster or win in a regular race. But I agree that the Arabian is gorgeous, elegant, and graceful. - turnandburnbaby_1026

Arabians are agile and beautiful I have rode an Arabian before and they are so graceful. Arabians can also do both riding styles which can be helpful. Arabians are very easy to work with and are good listeners I have always dreamed of owning a Arabian.

So beautiful! Amazing horses with a great temperament.

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Fast, powerful, strong & brains who could ask for anything more, I mean what more proof do we need than all the famous race horses or maybe even the ex-racehorses that didn't make and turned out to make GREAT companions to their owners! And the eventing horse, the elite athlete.

Thoroughbreds are marvelous breeds. Everyone thinks they are hot headed and pushy, but they are so sweet and loving, I have a 10 year old mare off the track, she's had four foals and I am now retraining her to be a hunter and jumper horse, I can take her on the trail and she does great, I am only 12 and she takes great care of me as I do with her. Thoroughbreds are one of the sweetest breeds out there and I'd definitely say they're number one.

They are defiantly hot headed my instructor is trying to retrain an of that track race horse that only came out of the gate 15 times and she got bucked of and she nearly broke her back and she has been riding for longer than you have been alive

They are good for just about any discipline. Strong and muscular, and a crowd pleaser.

I love to watch these amazing horse. They are fast, and beautiful. They have a nice shape. Tall, long and slender. They are great horses.

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3Quarter Horse

In my personal opinion, the Quarter horse is the most responsive to rider as an individual. This breed can pick up on different temperaments of individuals, as well as styles of handling. They feel more relaxed with someone who will reward them and respect them, than they do with someone is a harsh handler and does not thank the horse for a job well done.

They're just so versatile. They can do anything from jumping, to barrel racing, then you can plop a kid on them and take them for a trail ride. If I had to go with one breed for the rest of my life, the Quarter Horse would be it!

I had a quarter horse and it was amasing she was a fast learner and a fast barrel hores to I also have a colt and he's 2 and I've rode and trained this horse all by myself and I'm only 11

Everyone we spoke to. Said they are the sweetest and one of the easiest for beginners and children.

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4Paint Horse

A paint horse is the same thing as a quarter horse, except colored. Same personality, same build. Both beautiful wonderful extremely versatile breeds. The paint should be right up there with the quarter. More people need to recognize that they are pretty much the same thing

I own one and she is a perfect horse we do English pleasure jumping barrel racing trail riding they are just an all around horse

I think that they are amazing and just breathtaking to watch anywhere, also when foals look nearly like their mother, I think it is so cute.

I love paints they are great horses

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I have 2 appalopsa and they are such a wonderful breed very strong legs and powerful runners at the start to the end great show ponies all around my number 1 pick plan on breeding my 2 to hood stallion...

I believe that the Appaloosa is a great Family horse and suitable for any rider. Fast learners and very intelligent. They can be used for any sport. Hardy horses that can easily live out day and night and with a minimum of extra food.

Amazing! My family have 9 horses, 3 of which are appaloosa, and although I love all of them equally, I can say from personal experience that appys learn anything the quickest, and are the most naturally responsive. But because of their intelligence they can be a bit challenging when they get bored!

Some can be challenging but they are real easy keepers because they are such survivors. If I had to travel across tough land it would be on my appaloosa. He is the toughest horse I have ever seen. I had two mares the same way. They are an amazing breed.

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I have mustangs of my own and once you get their trust they are they are very smart horses. I've had other types of horses but after I got mustangs I will never go back to another type of horse, because to me they are the best horses out there.

To me at least, besides the fact that mustangs are the embodiment of our ideas and the spirit of the wild west, they are one of the most enduring and intelligent horses ever. They have survived without our help for as long as they have existed, and continue to despite our efforts to interfere. It saddens me that they are suffering under our oppressive "care". I hope they will continue to be free, for as long as they can.

I've never had a horse but I've seen movies with mustangs and I think that they are really fast.

I love mustangs. They are the most coolest ever.

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The Friesian is an ancient beautiful breed originally regarded as a powerful all-around utility animal. Throughout history it has been used as a war horse, having the strength, agility and sturdy bodies to carry armored knights into battle, and in every sort of farm work and riding purposes. In the last few hundred years Friesians have gained a reputation as a fine saddle horse and as an excellent harness horse because of its active trot. They are also intelligent horses. Their predominant colour is black. THIS IS AN AMAZING GORGEOUS HORSE! VOTE!

Awesome breed. Best nature and the most inquisitive of all breeds. Stunning behaviour and learning is slow but its quality results.

They make a lovable companion and sometimes happy and prance around I think friesion IS THE BEST HORSE ever! Vote for me peeps


I love how beautiful they are. They have sweet personalities and are my favorite breed.

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The Morgan can do anything that any other breed can do. They are highly intelligent and can compete and win in every discipline from riding, driving, jumping and can pull weight as well as even the big draft horses. They love people and show that love by bonding with there human partners to form a team that can't be beat,

Morgan's are the best thing that ever happened to me. They're sporty friendly and always be by our side. I really enjoy riding them and spending social time with them because they always have a powerful personality and always makes me feel better no matter what. That's why I think Morgan's should be at the top of the list

I have had Morgan's for 25 years. They all have real personalities and bond strongly with their rider. My 22 year old Morgan mare has done it all: endurance, carriage driving, showing, search and rescue, parades, trail riding and horse camping. Most of the time she is smarter than I am with a lot more stamina. Morgan's are the best all around horse breed and will love you forever.

Morgan's are an awesome breed. They can do pretty much anything unless physically unable too. They can barrel race, reining, roping, western pleasure, show jumping, cross country, dressage and English pleasure

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Beautiful Big horses!
They are very famous for commercials mostly beer commercials because they were saved by them.
Great for hauling huge stuff too!
Wish I had 1 though :/

I have a Clydesdale and it has the best temperament in the world and it is so affectionate if you where to buy a horse ou should buy one of these amazing beautiful stunning animals, they are so stunning and breathtaking, I could never have chosen a better breed also fell ponys are the best they rock xx

I wish I owned one. Very gentle and loving! Also, very pretty! Lovable, big sweet, and loyal, what more could you ask? Big babies, really. Smooth ride and they even look nice doing jumps up to 2 foot. Fine with dogs, kids, and anything else! Bombproof if trained correctly. MOST are never high strung, but bad lines could be hot heads. Easy to train, ride, and calm. Different horses are different, regardless of breed, but Clydes are usually fine with their hooves being picked up and being clipped of summer. All rounders, Gentle Giants!

Strong horses but not my favourite.

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10Gypsy Vanner

I was shocked at how versatile the Vanner breed is and, yes they can jump. I have watched them jump a four foot fence flat footed (big engines) and know of one who jumps in competitions. Pam Fowler Grace a 2008 Olympic Contender in Dressage once said to me,

"he is one of the most extraordinary horses of any breed I have ever ridden in my life " Pam was talking about The Gypsy King, one of the first two Vanner stallions to ever enter North America.

They are amazing horses, I have a 3 year old mare that is a great rider, I'm training her into jumping and hopefully I can compete with her in a few competitions in the future! I guaratee this horse is the better side of every other horse.

Gypsy vanners are really strong because they are a smaller version of a shire

I think they are the very best horses I am looking for one to loan for a novice rider but it is impossible anyway I think they should be number 1 they are hard to keep clean but I would definitely have one x

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?Suffolk Punch

An exceedingly rare breed of draft, they are a highly coveted horse with an exceptionally gentle demeanor. Hard workers and intelligent, they excel in hauling and drayage, field work, and are very smooth under saddle. Weighing-in at 1800+ lbs, they are massively muscled. They have very alert and active ears. Numbering less than 1500, the Rare Breed Survival Trust lists them as a bloodline that is critically endangered.

I have been blessed with one of these fine horses, and rarely does a day pass without some subtle realization of the perfection of this breed. They are monsterously strong, gentle in disposition, tolerant of fools, intelligent, and LOVE to pull and push things. Want to make a Suffolk happy? Put her under harness and give her a job involving heavy objects. These equine tractors have amazing utility in small logging and field operations, needing little in the way of upkeep. Not prone to biting, kicking or drama of any sort, they genuinely enjoy human company.

As a result of these characteristics, this breed is making a slow comeback. The breed registry expands a little each year, and a few animals are becoming available for general sale. If you are looking for a stout, beautiful animal that has application far beyond being a pasture ornament, get to know a Suffolk Punch!

?Missouri Fox Trotter

The greatest horse the are so loyal and nice.Mine is so trusting he never bites while I am tacking him up.He is great for children and I only got him for 2,500

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Quite beautiful beginners horse. Mostly known for the amazing cooperation. A mans best friend. Very willing and very good for endurance working. They have got the face on an angel

Will try there heart out with anything you ask! Never put a foot wrong. They are great for beginners but also serious riders looking to train that perfect horse.

Sounds so great for beginners

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12Shetland Pony

Shetlands may have a bad reputation for having bad temperaments but it all depends on the horse itself. I known quite a few people who have Shetlands and I think they're sweethearts.

I have a shetland pony and she is the smartest, cutest, and sweetest thing ever. Everybody loves her and wants to ride her. For a young and beginning rider I would prefer a shetland pony. You'll be happy if you get one!

I have a Shetland pony and she is so cute x
Best pony ever! She does all 4 paces and she is the best at jumping x
So smart :)))

My shetland doesn't have a temper there the best

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13Dutch Warmblood

I have a dutch warmblood, well, 2! And they are perfect! The loves of my life. they are so powerful and great jumpers, but both are so sweet around the barn. they love what they do and really have fun jumping. great breed

They are bred for jumping, and that's what they do! They are huge, beautiful animals, hard to beat in any way...

These are such good horses! Great temperament, smart and beautiful!

My horse is a Dutch warm blood and I love him! He's so gentle!

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Best horse to ever come out of Europe bar none!

One of the most ancient breeds in the world possibly even older than the Arab.

Easy to work with and train, learns quickly, affectionate, charismatic, energetic, classy, elegant, proud, strong and many more adjectives come to mind when describing the PRE. One would need hours upon hours to properly type the perfect description for the PRE!

Most beautiful horse in the world!

No other horse can be as majestic and hardworking. They may not have the strength of a shire horse or the stamina of a thoroughbred, but what other horse would work until he drops for you.

What other horse moves and trains like an Andy! They are one of the oldest and smartest of them all! I don't see any other breed performing like the PRE!

Best of the best! Highly intelligent and absolutely the most beautiful horse!

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Definitely should be in the top 10 because they are so well behaved, beautiful and willing to please their riders. I just lost the best horse I ever rode due to a sale and I miss her so much. She was so graceful and wonderful at dressage. She was even hard on herself for things a person might be, such as stumbling or mis-stepping. Such a good girl.

This horse should take the place of either the quarter horse cause they're ugly, or the appaloosa cause they are also ugly, or, the gypsy banner which is nice but hanoverians are better.

These horses are amazing all rounders and georgous to look at too!

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The Haflinger, also known as the Avelignese, is a breed of horse developed in Austria and northern Italy during the late 19th century. Haflinger horses are relatively small, are always chestnut in color, have distinctive gaits described as energetic but smooth, and are well-muscled yet elegant. The breed traces its ancestry to the Middle Ages, and there are several theories for the breed's origin. Haflingers were developed for use in mountainous terrain, and are known for their hardiness. Their current conformation and appearance are the result of infusions of bloodlines from Arabian and various European breeds into the original native Tyrolean ponies. The foundation sire, 249 Folie, was born in 1874, and by 1904 the first breeders' cooperative was formed. All Haflingers can trace their lineage back to Folie through one of seven bloodlines.

The haflinger is the best horse breed ever. I have a haflinger named "a kings ransom" he is the best horse I could ever ask for. he is so loving and patient and kind

A chestnut colour the only problem is you need to let them know who's boss. They are about 14-15 hands high. They are both a carrige and an everyday riding horse. If you bought one you have made a great choice

If it's not a Haflinger it's just a horse! Number one breed in the world, get with it website, you are seriously out dated!

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17Tennessee Walking Horse

I have a Tennessee Walking Horse myself so I know first-hand that they are mostly calm but can be spunky and try their best to do what you want and their very intelligent and pick up on what you want them to do quick if you want a trail horse a Tennessee Walking Horse is perfect and they have really smooth gaits too.

Tennessee Walkers are some of the most intelligent and loveliest breeds I have ever come upon. They are also amazingly smooth horses, and can participate in nearly everything! Don't know why only 0.6% voted on them, but whoever did, thumbs up to you!

Tennessee Walkers are definitely the best of all above. They are gaited and sweet and the mature very fast. My horse at six was gentle enough for a five year old to ride bareback. They can be a bit spooky at a new place but they are great overall

My first Tennessee walking horse was named sassy she was very smart and very sweet she was a very good companion

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Brumbies are fantastic but I've heard they are really hard to gentle. Still, I love them and maybe it's their wild, independent nature that makes then great!


I love the brumby because of a movie I watched when I was little


They are pretty and BIG Beautiful creatures <3 them

Love em. No more.

20American Saddlebred

One of the most versatile horses in the world! I have worked with them for over 40 years, and I have bred horses that are now top jumpers, dressage horses, police horses, barrel racers, cutters, and so on! I have sold a saddlebred to almost every discipline known to man! The saddlebred is know for its natural beauty and grace, a top competitor with the Arabian. I believe the arabian is only favorite because nobody has seen the movement and beauty of the show horse, the saddlebred! Not just beautiful, they are powerful! These horses will take you on a journey that you will never want to leave! Best know in their performance of saddleseat, saddlebreds are NOT sored for their gaits like with TWH And the Big Lick. Every dicipline has it's abusers, but saddlebreds are worshiped for their strength, beauty, and of course, their living companionship. Give a saddlebred your heart, and he will stand by you through thick and thin.

One of the most intelligent, people loving, athletic, beautiful and versatile of all breeds. I have ridden various breeds of horses and why they are not listed among the most intelligent of all breeds is nothing, but ignorant breed prejudice.For many years they were the top breed for movie and televison performances. See Mr. Ed, Fury, Giant, National Velvet etc.

The American Saddlebred is the best breed of horse I have ever rode. I know so many people that have quarter horses they ride and I have rode them and I think they are a little rough,especially on trail rides. I think the people that ride them are missing out,but everyone likes something a little different.I think saddlebreds are the most beautiful breed of horse In the world and they are capable to do pretty much anything you want them to do. I ride saddleseat and they are very smooth and relaxing to ride.They are a special breed of horse and I am proud to say I have a half saddlebred mare that I take care of

Very beautiful horses. Wish I had one. (I would still rather have an arabian but I would like one of these)

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