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I haven't heard any song by her I haven't liked, but this song is AMAZING! She has one of the best voices I've ever heard. Her music is great because it's special, I listen to it because I'm not really into dub step or techno music. I don't care if my classmates say it's stupid and mock me because of it, they don't know what they're missing!
This one just has such a simple melody and a catchy tune with really cute and appropriate lyrics; it's one that I listen to all the time to get into the right mood for life, really. I love it!
I cannot express how much I love Ingrid Michaelson and her music! I just love everything about the songs! They are so beautiful! I love her songs!


2You And I
So adorable. I love the pureness of her voice. Unlike the many artists, of today, she uses no auto tune because she already has a perfect voice. This is one of my favor songs from her.
Pretty cool song. Sweet, too. I love how instead of almost all other songs about getting rich, it's not saying "OH, YEAH! I'M RICH, SO I GET TO BUY REALLY EXPENSIVE STUFF AND I CAN THROW MY MONEY AWAY! " it's saying, "Hey, if we get rich, let's do nice things for all other people and then maybe build a house on a mountain."
I think this is the best song of Ingrid Michaelson...

And I still wonder why is isn't in the List?
[Newest]Just such a sweet and cute song. My crush recommended it to me.

3Be Ok
Ingrid Michaelson is my favorite song artist! I've listened to her music since I was a little girl!


I really love this song because it evokes a ton of emotion!

4The Way I Am
Stupid song :3
It makes me grinning. It makes me happy when I'm sad, and even more happy when I'm already happy. Not many songs are fitting to any mood like this one. I just love it.
Its just too great. I mean its so... Epic
You just can't beat using "Rogan" in a song!
[Newest]Love love love is felt from this song.

5Girls Chase Boys
This song has an amazing beat and is just amazing! Love it and this song is what made me fall in love with Ingrid!
Very catchy and it also has some good lyrical backbone as well. Recipe for a hit song!
How can this song be 8th?! It's so good!

6Turn to Stone
One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard... If you don't love it already, watch the So You Think You Can Dance routine or Sophia Lucia's dance, and you WILL love it.
I first knew about this song in the routine of Marko and Melanie from So You Think You Can Dance, and since then, I couldn't get it out of my head. Most beautiful indie song in my opinion
Her voice and the piano are simply amazing...

7Can't Help Falling In Love
The best song in my opinion! So beautiful and just purely about true love!

8Over You
This song is absolutely fantastic. The lyrics are very sweet and charming, and the round with A Great Big World at the end is so intense and gorgeous. Chills the entire way through!
This is just stunning. This should be up more!

9Everyone Is Gonna Love Me Now
I actually WOULDVE put this way higher if I had thought about the sings and which order they should be in.

10Blood Brothers

The Contenders

Good Song. Bummed it never gets played on the radio.
Amazing song, wonderful lyrics!

12Without You

I cannot believe that this song isn't in the top ten! It's so simple and beautiful and one of her best works!
It's just one of the best songs she has ever made!
How is this not in the top ten, it's so good.


15Wonderful Unknown
This song is extraordinary and sung well by the artist (s).

Even though it might not be about the happiest thing in the world it is really fun to listen to and I absolutely love to listen to this light hearted song for a pick me up!
Love! This song is how I first found out about Ingrid Michealson and it's so far my absolute favorite.

This song makes me reminisce about the past. A powerful song.
Its catchy and just a likeable song.

18Keep Breathing
Great song! Really helped me get through tough times. All you can do is keep breathing...
I love this song good to go to sleep to
It's SO LOW! THIS IS LIKE SO GOOD - its slow and deep and catchy and a geat song! Definitely in the top10

19Locked Up

20Time Machine
Extremely catchy and and the style of the song is just amazing.
Such a catchy tune, with a sly and dark tone. One of those songs you can just sing along to an do those embarrassing head bobs too :D

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