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I honestly believe this is her best song besides The Way I Am. It has a great, soothing rhythm, and the way she sings it just shows people her best vocal qualities and abilities to voice out so much emotion and passion. How can you not love this song? Parachute is very deep and understanding to the situation people are sometimes faced with. Loving someone that your friends and family don't like. It's just so beautiful. Keep up the spectacular work, Ingrid Michaelson!

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22Time Machine

Extremely catchy and and the style of the song is just amazing.

Such a catchy tune, with a sly and dark tone. One of those songs you can just sing along to an do those embarrassing head bobs too :D

23How We Love
24All Love
27Sort Of

And If I was stronger than I would tell you no, but here I am and here we go again. You don't need me, but you won't leave me. My love is too big for you, my love.

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28When The Leaves
29You Got Me
30Die Alone

I can't believe it's not on the list, I love this some so much it's my absolute favorite.

31Open Hands

This song is just truly haunting to me. Gives me the chills when I hear it, and made me cry too.

32Incredible Love
33Men of Snow
35I'm Through

This song is so beautiful from beginning to end. One of the best songs I have ever heard.

36So Long

The lyrics for this song are beautiful... it is my favorite song lately... thank you ingrid!

37Giving Up
38Let Go
39Empty Bottle
40In the Sea

This song has so much emotion and amazing lyrics that really make you think. at first you don't really know what it's about but every time you listen to it, you learn a little more. it also has a lot going on in the music. I love when the chorus overlaps with the bridge. Ingrid's voice is so raw and different it sounds amazing. in the sea is hands down my favorite song of all time

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