Top Ten Best Joe Satriani Songs

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The Top Ten

Surfing With the Alien
Surfing with the Alien was the one song that changed my whole view of what guitar playing is. Until then, I thought strumming a couple chords and playing an eight bar melody is good enough. My parents handed a Greatest of Joe Satriani CD, and this is the first one I heard. This song inspired me to create my own solos, and he is my role model. In short, fantastic song!
great masterpiece, is really his best song ever! the best part is in almost the ending, but all the song is awesome!


Ultimately his most influential song
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2Always With Me, Always With You
I envy this man! So much soul in this song. It is the best Satch song that I have ever heard
This is such an unreal song! He pretty much sings through his guitar in every song, but this is so beautiful! I love him! :D and by the way, how is If I Could Fly not on the list? It's a masterpiece :)
Majestic guitar interpretation... the beginning of lounge music... The sound of a decade.
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3Summer Song
It's really a good song, from "The Extremist" album that it entire good! But this one had to be my favorite from him! Nice intro and riff, then solo... Just awesome!
Great high energy song perfectly captures the excitement of summer. Great guitar/bass exchanges too in the bridge, not common in Joe's music. If only he would play Speed of Light publicly...
I think this song make poeple who listening it become fire like this song
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4Satch Boogie
Joe is the best guitarist out there. This song shows off his amazing skills on the guitar. This is also one of the hardest guitar songs in Rock Band. Surfing with the Alien is great but this is his signature song. This should be number one.


I think that this should be on top tied with Surfing With the Alien.


Funful, rockful and a bit punk, it really rocks!


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5Crystal Planet
This is one of my favorite compositions... It so rich with the joe sat flow and charm.. Very goog guitar licks.. Brilliant song
It sounds like it should be in Ratchet ^^ Clank. Driving arpeggios that are relentless make this an excellent track
It is a really nice compose and great playing, enjoy the enjoyment
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This is one of the best and most emotional pieces of Satriani, can't believe it's not in the top ten.
Its just Damn good for to hear
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7If I Could Fly
The first 30 seconds of this song should get you hooked. The song with the most elegant melody, in my opinion.
A classic that certainly deserves more votes here.
I think this is one of those kinds which only Joe could have imagined and played. I don't think any one would ever had thought of this song and the melody is of "awesomeness" quality. Its wonderful to hear it any time and is a song to be heard by all the guitarists in the world.
This song deserves to be in the top 10. If you disagree, please listen to it again. Amazing rhythm!
This is the song that made me go on a rampage for Satriani songs!
Also the song he claims Coldplay stole from.
Please listen to this and vote for it.
Hands down, his most elegant song beginning ever
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8Crushing Day

This is one of his best songs. It's very intense. Listening to it at full blast is amazing.

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9The Forgotten, Pt. Two
The best instrumental song ever written. A true masterpiece
Is there anything that comes close to the intensity of this song?
I have been hooked for more than 10 years. And I keep playing this song.
I thought picking one from Satch's collection would be difficult, but really, nothing matches the intensity and range of this one. Listening to it from beginning to end is an emptional rollercoaster. A true masterpiece
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10Flying In a Blue Dream
I can't believe none of you put this at the number 1 spot. This song is absolutely amazing.!
I was listening to Indian classical music for years and this appeared somewhat a rock rendition of Raag Shri. Whatever it is, its a great piece of music and that's what we want.
I feel like I'm flying in a blue dream just listening to this song
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The Contenders

11A Train of Angels Listen to sample

12House Full of Bullets Listen to sample

13A Door Into Summer
Relatively new, but what a cracker of a song! Definitely a top 10!
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I love this song more than flying in the blue dream but I can call it a tie
Oh man I love this song. Don't get me wrong, I mostly agree with this list in terms of the popular opinion. But Circles gets my vote, mainly because it should go higher than 10. It's so catchy, you gotta love it!
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15The Extremist
WHAT a RIFF man!
It will blow your hair away!... I'm now a permanent fan of Joe Satriani... Thanks to this song!
The extremist at number 17 are you kidding me... This should be up there
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16The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
Too many of his casual fan favorites. Songs like Crowd Chant and I Just Wanna Rock don't compare to this classic. A song Satch admits is one of his technically most difficult.


There may be songs with better melodies and hooks, but this one features his best playing from a technical standpoint. Definitely my favorite Satch tune.
Umm, how is this #37? It's one of his best..
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17S.M.F. Listen to sample

18Super Colossal
This song straight rocks like no other song I have ever heard in my entire existence. There are those other songs of Satch's (my personal FAVORITE guitarist ever) like Made of Tears or Alwaya with Me, Alwaya with You that are amazing, but this song rocks so freakin hard.
This song just takes you to another world... It's that good!
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19Luminous Flesh Giants Listen to sample

20Ice 9
Ice 9 is the best. It has killer riffs and solo is amazing.
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I think I've listened to this tune pretty much every day since I first heard it in 1990. The superbly simple and repetitive bass riff, the shuffling background guitar, the haunting harmonics, the moody guitar intro, and the excellent saxophone-sounding lead. It's not a shred-fest, it's emotion embodied into five or so minutes of superb music. This is my number one Satch piece, and one of my favourite tunes of all time.
The most awesome song ever, I listen to it like 20 time a day and write articles with this as a background, google gnaritas2010 blogspot and read this article with this song as background.. Just epic
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22I Just Wanna Rock
As the riff starts, you'll know a great song is gonna kick in. This is one of the greatest riffs I've heard from him. The solo jams through the song and you'll not be able to stop yourselves from jamming with it. My favorite from him. Joe is really a legendary guitarist.
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23(You're) My World Listen to sample

This song is absolutely amazing. Starting with the acoustic guitar in the beginning with a slower tempo then a couple minutes in, shredding the electric guitar. By far my personal favorite song by Satch.
The one of the two songs that he composed when thinkin' about Asik Veysel, the flamenco parts and th metal keep is really cool...
My personal favorite... The Spanish acoustic coupled with breathtaking electric guitar gives you a high that even weed cannot... Laugh out loud
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25Made of Tears
Live it actually sounds better than the studio version. It also has a bit of Steve Vai-ness in it. One of Satriani's best without a doubt.
The best song ever made by Joe Satriani
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26Hands In the Air Listen to sample

Unique and beautiful. Can't believe Satch could still write music this amazing so long into his career. Most artists put out their best work in their first few albums, but Satriani is so consistent and in my opinion Musterion slightly edges anything he's put out in the past, balancing weirdness with elegance and beauty the way Joe only knows. I think as far as modern instrumentalists are concerned, Satriani has no rivals, just fans and students. Musterion should make that obvious if you are a slow learner.
Absoulute amazing song. My favourite solo of Joe Satriani.
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28Love Thing
Truly this song ia thing to love
This should be on a top 10
Greatest song of JS
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29Ten Words
I love this song. It sounds like a perfect love song to me. ♥
Just falling in love with it always when listening
Something more than Best
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30Raspberry Jam Delta-V Listen to sample

31Crowd Chant Listen to sample

32Professor Satchafunkilus Listen to sample

33Starry Night
Being a guitar teacher myself I honestly don't care much for how fast he can play or what wizardy he's capable of. In fact I've taught plenty of students to play Satriani, but something things you can't teach. This song is Satriani best in my opinion. He has so much feel on this one..
Simple, Slow but great work... #1 for me
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Beautiful ; the title explains it better than I can
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35Belly Dancer Listen to sample


Best song in my opinion. The melody is out of this world. Followed by always with me always with you.

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Awesome rhythm... Not too heavy not too light. Just epic!
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38If Listen to sample

39Asik Veysel
Simply a great song with great riffs especially intro is awesome. It is very unique
ıt takes ıts name from aşık veysel. He was a turkish musician

40God Is Crying Listen to sample

41Until We Say Goodbye Listen to sample

42The Crush of Love
Please this is one of the best Joe satriani's songs ever!
This is an awesome song, and one of my favorites, this should be in the top 10.
I love this song! Very catchy!
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I can listen to this song 20 times in a row. The ride that the picking technique takes you on just feels like the guitar truly is singing... So much drama love it.
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There's so much emotion in this song. Such a simple, but awesome, riff. Watch him play it live in 1988
This slower song has a lot of feeling. Great version on Time Machine.
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45The Souls of Distortion
Wow. I am just shocked this is not in even in the top 50. ?
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This should be in the top 5! Great song!
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47Unstoppable Momentum
This song should be in the top 10
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48Time Machine Listen to sample

49Cool #9

This really should be in top ten. If I could have a personal theme song, id want this to be it because the main melody and solo are so cool, hence the title. Great song that I never get bored of and is a blast to play on guitar... Attempt I should say.

Grand Theft Auto 3's backup Theme Tune XD

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50Borg Sex Listen to sample

51Big Bad Moon

29? What? This song screams "Rock 'n Roll" more than any of his others. And it's real catchy, just like his other songs. His singing is really good, and it makes you wonder why he doesn't sing that much. But I guess that would ruin his style.
And the music video for this song? BAD. ASS.

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The best song on the best album
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53Lights of Heaven
This is good song, if You want to have a party with playing with guitars, You should stream this song. I like it.
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54Is There Love In Space?
Its a good song!
My first satch song.. So gonna be special to me always!
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55A Love Eternal Listen to sample

56Midnight Listen to sample

57Mind Storm
One of the heaviest grooviest rifs ever! Eveybody should listen to that song!
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58Back to Shalla-Bal
This was my introduction ot Satriani, for me is this is in the best musics with summer song
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59Lords of Karma Listen to sample

60Wind In the Trees Listen to sample

61Sleep Walk Listen to sample

62Clouds Race Across the Sky
Probably one of the most relaxing and yet technical songs Joe Statriani has ever done. Listen to it at least once a day.
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63Dream Song
One of the best melodeies Satriani has ever made.
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64Three Sheets to the Wind

65Lies and Truths Listen to sample

Incredible song, good intro riff 3:08 extra riff with 2 guitars
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67One Big Rush
His most powerful song
Listen to sample

This song should be in the top ten!
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69Jumpin' In Listen to sample

70Redshift Riders Listen to sample

71Littleworth Lane Listen to sample

72Down Down Down Listen to sample

73What Breaks a Heart Listen to sample

74Psycho Monkey
Original, groovy and pure Satch!
Listen to sample

75Come On Baby
My absolute favorite Joe Satriani song. So emotional, and not very fast or upbeat, but one of his best.
Listen to sample

76Flavor Crystal 7
Great Melodic playing - dreamy stuff
Listen to sample

77Dreaming #11 Listen to sample

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