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121 Ali - Tears Keep Falling (Triangle OST)

I loved Carry On in Faith and I love this song more. Any song by her is beautiful, goes perfectly with the drama or the drama's character. Beautiful voice too. - akusine

122 Rooftop Prince - Hurt by Ali

The song made me cry, enough said!

123 Lyn - You Are My Destiny (The Man from the Stars) the the drama...its just awesome song...even though I do not understand Korean I just love Korean and the dramas...keep singing like this drama

124 Junsu - You Are So Beautiful (Scent of a Woman)

He's the cherry on top of the drama

125 Echo - Every Single Day (I Can Hear Your Voice)

First Korean ost I had attracted, from this song only I'm started to listen Korean songs. First and Best!

126 Foolish Love (Jewel in the Palace)
127 Ulala Session - Goodbye Day

This is very great... I really miss" Bridal Mask "

128 4minute - Creating Love (Personal Taste OST)

Best 4minute ballad ever. You will not regret listening to this song. It will make you cry.

V 2 Comments
129 Nell - Run (Two Weeks OST)

One of my favorite songs

130 Ee Byol Mot Han Ee Byol - Ji Sun (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon Ost)

The most beautiful song ever heared in a k drama. Really amazing. Beautiful. Forever beautiful. Don't miss it

131 San E ft. Kang Min Hee - What's Wrong With Me ( You're All Surrounded OST)
132 Jaejoong - for You It's Separation for Me It's Waiting (Sungkyunkwan Scandal Ost) V 1 Comment
133 Breath - TaeYeon and JongHyun (Mimi OST) V 1 Comment
134 Sweet Sorrow - She's Mine (MSOAN)
135 Ah Pa - Park Min Jye (Rooftop Prince OST)
136 Goodbye My Princess - Monday Kiz (Prosecutor Princess OST)

Great song to listen to. One of the best ever. It's so pretty.

I listen to this song all the time on my Phone. Can't get over it even since PP. GOODBYE MY PRINCES~

137 I Cherish That Person - Beast (My Princess)
138 SeeYa - Touched Heart (Personal Taste OST) V 1 Comment
139 Joo Hee - Same Sky, Different Time (Queen In-Hyun's Man OST)

This song is so amazing, I love the traditional sound it has to it. It is a very emotional song and it fits well with the drama. - XoNess

140 Rumble Fish - Love (Faith OST)
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