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21 Some Kind of Bliss Some Kind of Bliss

Whoever doesn't like this song you will once you listen to it about 6 times its funk and pop and indie mixed well done Kylie

This is really one of Kylie's finest songs to date. Let's not forget, though, that this song is also part of a masterpiece, a truly work of art of an album. It is sad to think about how painfully underappreciated and underrated "Impossible Princess" is. And so is this song, sadly. Probably people were scared of the "new" Kylie, of her new image, of the musical direction she was taking, of the fact that she was experimenting with her sound. People were not ready. Sad.

This song was the perfect choice for the lead single. It was new and fresh and it still sounds refreashing to this day. I hate it when even some of her fans say that this shouldn't have been released as a single, let alone the first one. I am like 'Big no! '. I myself was one of those people who used to be not that much into this song but one day I realized how amazing this tune really is. It just hit me. It was like it came out of nowhere. I just felt this track the way I'd never felt it before. And then I ...more - DissolvedGirl

22 Fever Fever

it is the sexsiest song I ever heard though the others are as horrible as french fries and pineapple juice

This song makes me feel nostalgic... I love it - mood333

23 In My Arms In My Arms

Kylie's most experimental song, she mixed sweet vocals with a hard beat, very impressive.

Very uplifting Kylie tune, very happy, catchy and lovely video. Should be higher.

A lot of pop stars dream to have a tune like this one.

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24 Into the Blue

I am literally obsessed with this outta this world song. For real! I was blown away when I first listened to it. I could not believe that, just when I thought Kylie''s touched perfection, musically wise, of course (I mean, "Aphrodite" is a perfect album. No flaws detected. And after that, I kind of expected Kylie to let me down a little, just like she did with "Light Years". After the delivering us the masterpiece "Impossible Princess", she made a 180° change and released "Light Years". Don't get me wrong, I love that album, "Spinning Around" is my jam. But I kinda thought she would follow the same path and release at least something similar to "Impossible Princess". Anyways, what I am trying to say is that I thought that it would happen the same with the album following "Aphrodite"'.) she released this perfect tune. This song really made me have big expectations for the album that was announced by this first single. And I was not disappointed, "Kiss Me Once" is so good, I couldn't ...more

I feel so empowered with this sing

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25 Better the Devil You Know Better the Devil You Know

"Better the Devil You Know". Now this one's a classic, let's be real. Sure, it's not one of her most well-known songs (I mean, when compared to bigger hits such as "Can't Get You Out Of My Head", "The Locomotion" or "I Should Be So Lucky"), unfortunately, but it surely is one of her finest tunes, especially from the Stock Aitken Waterman era. The only song I can think of right now that can stand against this song is "Word is Out" -a seriously underrated song; underrated when it was released, underrated to this day. Or maybe "Things Can Only Get Better" -how in heaven wasn't this released as a single, by the way? Just how? What were they thinking? But I guess that that's another story.

Now, I'll only focus on this song's flawlessness. Because it is flawless. It even stood the test of time. Clearly, it does not sound that "fresh" but it still appeals to the young. Like, my case is the perfect example. I was ...more

One of her old songs but it is amazing.

Her finest hour. should be number 1!

26 I Should Be So Lucky I Should Be So Lucky

The song that she is probably most famous for and the song that made her famous. Simply a fantastic song and her first song recorded.

27 I Was Gonna Cancel I Was Gonna Cancel
28 Red Blooded Woman Red Blooded Woman

My favorite Kylie song. Ever!

My favorite, I hear everyday!

A brilliant song, should be in the top 10!

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29 Like a Drug Like a Drug
30 The Locomotion The Locomotion

I used to always listen to this as a little kid! It would get stuck in my head and I would sing and dance to it with my sisters. Man, those really were the coolest days ever :) It brings back many memories and just sets me in an awesome mood every time!

31 2 Hearts 2 Hearts

One of those songs that needs more listenings to be fully appreciated. It's sofisticated and sultry, definitely one of her best!

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32 Where is the Feeling Where is the Feeling

I Can't Agree more with you... She's stunningly beautiful and hot in this video... Love The water Music Video... She Seduce you like no other!

Simply her Sexiest music video with almost no make-up and of course the Bir Dolphin Mix that is mixed to the video

33 Kids Kids
34 Did It Again Did It Again

Did it again has been and always will be my favourite Kylie song it's ashame this song and the album it came from got bad advertisement

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35 Higher Higher
36 This Girl This Girl
37 The One The One

Should have been a single. Gets a start in every tour and always brings down the house

This is my favorite Kylie's song I believe! Yes, both versions out there are great.

Either the Album or the Freemason versions are on my top 10 best tracks. Ultra danceable.

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38 Especially for You Especially for You

Very nice song, duet with Jason Donavan

39 Turn It Into Love Turn It Into Love

One of her best tracks from her 80's era. Quite futuristic for that time. Sad she hasn't performed it as much as the track deserves.

40 Step Back in Time Step Back in Time

Another hidden jam in Kylie's almost flawless discography. I love this song so much, for so many reasons. I love her voice, I love her attitude, I love the rhythm. And yeah, I can'l leave a comment on a third single released from an album I just adore without at least, mentioning its name or how amazing it actually is. The album, I mean, about its parental album. So here I go. "rhythm of Love" is the bomb. Even though it was released like 2 decades ago, it still has that magical spark. It has it, you know. I could listen to it all day long. And "Step Back in Time" is my favourite from the entire album. I so wanna funk... I also like it's video. Kylie was at a crossroads si she was

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