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Best superhero ever. He can dodge almost every attack with his Spider-Sense and his amazing powers can destroy Batman. He is the best hero ever. He in his black
And Future Foundation is such a bad ass and he has tons of costumes and I gotta tell you that they were all amazing and the Zombie Version of Spiderman is great and I could tell you, he has the most Incredible Villains which are so much menacing
Than Iron Man, Cap, Hulk's villains cause they really have cool powers and everything so I should say, STAY IN NUMBER 1 FOREVER!
Spiderman is the most famous superhero of the all and he's a bad ass in his black symbiote suit and will alway be the best, plus he's been through a lot.
Teenagers can connect with spidey because he has to face problems in school and everyday life. He's not rich or invincible but he still manages to take down a whole host of real powerful villains! He is also hilarious and his powers rock! I mean, who wouldn't want to web sling around town whenever you want?! And he has to remember "With great power comes great responsibility"
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2Iron Man
I m surprised 2 see ironman at 2!
He is the best... List should be lIke 1. Ironman 2. Wolverine 3. Hulk...
Ironman coolest and powerfulest hero! An awesome hero with awesome power, mindblowing. It can take spiderman easily. I don't think spiderman can beat ironman, he can never win!
What the heck iron man is the best. Spider man he is just rank compared to iron man he has machine guns spider man has webb what would you choose using webbing to stick someone together or ambushing someone with rockets and machine guns and repulsor beams
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With adamantanium bone and his regeneration ability, he's capable to fight hulk (comic), and I think if the fight not disturbed by sabretooth etc, wolverine can win
Wolverine has an indestructible adamantium skeleton along with sharper than a razor claws than can cut like a supernova through thin air. His regenerative healing ability is unmatched even by Sabretooth which has proven him to be hyper immortal, because even Asgardians can die. Although I chose Hulk to be an extremely close second, I believe Wolverine would outlast him and find a way to cut his head off. WOLVERINE #1
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4The Hulk
The madder hulk gets the stronger hulk gets!
And plus Hulk has beaten everyone on this list at least once! so why isn't he number 1?
Captain America met two gods and he's still a Christian. So did Iron man, and he's still an atheist. Hulk met them and beat the crap out of both.
Hulk is the best marvel character, he can kill anyone with one finger. He's a big green guy that never dies even when he's bruce banner!
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5Captain America
Captain America is the most noble and honorable of the marvel heroes. He is the definition of a super hero because he is always standing up for people who can't stand on their own. He always fights for justice and goes up against insane odds despite his mortality and limited power set. Any guy who can stand his ground with the likes of Ironman the Hulk and Thor with nothing but an awesome shield, super soldier skills and bravery has my vote.
Captain America saved more lives than any of The Avengers. He saved the world in 1941 and was a WWII Veteran. Iron Man just saved Pepper in Iron Man. Hulk didn't save that much people and he basically caused more destruction. Iron Man just saved the expo in Iron Man 2. Thor saved a little town in New Mexico. So yeah Captain America is pretty much more awesome than any of them.
He's awesome, he is the first hero, the toughest, has the strongest will and is extremely smart a strategies, he always consider others, unlike iron man, has the most experience, unlike Spider-Man, isn't crazy, unlike wolverine, and doesn't turn big green and ugly when he is angry
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Deadpool should be number 1! He is like a comedian mercenary ninja! He has guns, swords, and humuor! Also he can put his legs back on if its cut off! He can put his arms back on! Also his head! And every single part of his body! He also has a nickname called Merc with a mouth! So guys, vote for deadpool!
CHIMICHANGAS! Deadpool is, without a doubt, the funniest marvel character and probably the best superhero ever created. He's the typical mercenary who'd do anything for money, but does it with style and always cracks us up. Not to mention his healing factor similar to Wolverine's, though Deadpool's allows him to reattach separated body parts! And he's always looking out for ladies ;) VOTE FOR THE MERC WITH A MOUTH!
Feadpool is amazing he is kinda like punisher but deadpool also uses swords and he has the health regeneration thing that is faster than wolverines. I think punisher is more realistic but deadpool kicks more @$$
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Thor is clearly the Best of the Heroes, I means he is a God after all and his Hammer, which is forge from a dying star, is immovable by any other being unworthy of its power. He also opens the doors for many awesome villains including Loki and Enchantress.
Thor, an norse god of thunder really did existed. He gained numerous powers including weather manipulation. Thor is the only superhero that alone can protect our humanity. His experiences in many heroic battle exceeds him over other superheroes. Being 'ODINSON', he is the handsomest blue eyed super richest prince of Asgard. Vote 'THOR', FOR MIDGARD!
The Reason why Thor can be the best is because he is the God of lighting and with his mightiest hammer he can but it on top of people then they can probably die because of hunger or Thor can just punch them in the back to eliminate them
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This guy has a very dark past, plus most of his girlfriends were either killed or made insane by kingpin & bullseye... On top of that he's blind, which makes him more badass...
Daredevil is WAY more badass than any super hero ever, he's kinda like batman only he isn't depressing. Also Daredevil is the only marvel movie that I really like.
He's blind, trained as a ninja, defends Hell's Kitchen at night, kicked Kingpin and Bullsye's @$$ multiple times, has a sexy girlfriend, and he's blind.

What's not to love? He's a blind badass!
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Hawkeye kicks seious butt! His bow and arrow really make you think WOW!
He's so cool because he doesn't really have any superhuman abilities but he's so good! >>------>
I think Ultimate Hawkeye is way better but 616 is still good.
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10Silver Surfer
Silver surfer is the best as he possess infinite powers of space and cosmic powers. He should be first. He is invincible and incredible.
Incase anyones forgotten, silver surfer did actually blow up a PLANET, yes a planet with the power inside one small board... not being bis cause he's not my favourite hero but still should be higher up on the list
He's an invincible, cosmic being. I would like to see someone just try to take him down.
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The Contenders

11Human Torch
Flame On! Vote for me! Join the Fantastic Four!


Fire one huh nice
The human torch is the most best superhero in marvel universe
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12The Thing
Ben Grimm has a heroic personality and heart to go with his powers.
Vote for the Fantastic Four stong man right here!


The thing is far better than several of the other heroes

13Iron Fist
I know it's not a well known character but it is finally getting some credit, being put in the Marvel vs Capcom games, starring in Earth's Mightiest Heroes: Avengers and being a main hero in the New Avengers comic. He is the best fighter in the MARVEL universe
One of the most strongest. Has the strongest and coolest looks and punches

14Professor X
Prof X can control your mind which makes him extremely powerful.

15Black Widow
She is my sisters favorite character. She is a good athelete with good fighting skills. And has good weponary like her guns are awesome she should at least at 11 position in my opinion.
She is cool I love her


17Black Panther
Come on MCU!? All this Vibranium... And no Black Panther? Caps Shield, winter soldiers arm, & Falcons wings all vibranium. And Ultron is next? Please. If the Panther doesn't show up soon ( in Cap2 ) I'm going to feel it intentional. That's not very cool Marvel? You want to be more international? You want to hear a Roar/standing ovation in theaters? Let the Panther show up in Cap2... Or soon... It will make the net explode! Please!
Sad for me to see Groot ahead of King T'Challa. I am, however, happy to see the fine job Marvel is doing in developing Panther better now that he "leads" the New Avengers in saving all of reality. Here's still hoping for his cinematic debut soon!

Great hero from the X-Men and Cyclops is amazing but badly he died and I can tell you that a lot die from X-Men but they picked the coolest heroes you can imagine and Cyclops is great and then he shoots out laser from his eyes which I think is an amazing power for an amazing guy and Cyclops likes Jean Grey but Jean killed Cyclops so that is not what I call romance, in fact there wasn't any romance at all in X-Men but that I like cause I hate flirty people, my apologies if you are. Cyclops is a great character and I was happy they put him in the X-Men gang.

19The Punisher
The punisher is the best he doesn't fight for justice he just kicks evils butt and that's awesome. Punisher for number 1
Punisher should be way higher! He's a staple for the whole marvel universe, and has even taken on the whole world in one comic
He kills the bad guys he doesn't send them to prison only to escape again and again.

20Luke Cage
The man with unbreakable blade proof skin and a serious attitude. He's got the build of superman and getting punched by him is like getting hit by a load of bricks

I like his powers and when he shoots out the cards he looks cool
Unique, awesome character in Marvel Universe.
Gambit is the coolest x-man ever
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He all the way up hear. I had know idea so many people knew who he his. He rocks.
He can dodge almost any attack! Vote for him man!
He can just keep teleporting

23Ant Man
Ant Man Rocks! Deserves to be in the top 10 list

24War Machine
He is a awesome marvel guy.

Hey dumb asses venom is a super villain not a super hero duh!




29Mr. Fantastic
Mr fantastic is the smartest person in the world
Pretty cool but he is actually the 4th smartest man in the world

30Emma Frost

31Madame Web

32Beta Ray Bill

33Nick Fury
I don't care if he doesn't have powers. That guy is boss
Without him there's no SHIELD and no Avengers
Nick fury does'nt have superpowers

37? Blade is a complete badass. It's because of him we have the epic superhero movies we have nowadays like X-Men, Iron Man, Batman Begins, and Spider-Man


36Kitty Pryde


38Rocket Raccoon

39Invisible Woman

He is one of the classic marvel heroes and omega level mutant. He is one of the coolest heroes in real he is COOL.


42Black Cat

43Dr. Strange

Rated as the most powerful earth born super hero. So powerful he has beaten those known to be gods.

45Doctor Strange

46Jean Grey

47Drax the Destroyer

He can go toe to toe with the hulk
Because is very gentil


50Captain Britain



A Dark character, made the thunderbolts look good


Epic guy, is the person who made the most zombies in Marvel Zombies




59Ms. Marvel
Ms Marvel should be on the top 20, at least. Beauty and Power... That's all she got

60Scarlet Witch

61Black Bolt


63The Beyonder

64Captain Universe
He controls the universe and can vertually do anything. He would destroy all the heroes by putting them somewhere where they can't survive.



67Power Man







74Omega Red


She is so spocky




Kitty Pride has got to be the best of the female Marvel heroes.

80Misty Knight
There are very few amazing black females that get attention in the Marvel world


82The Dogwelder
This guy literally goes around welding dogs to peoples faces!

83Thunderbolt Ross (Red Hulk)



Fandral is so dashing... He is the best swordsman in the whole marvel universe! Number 1 the dashing fandral...

Hogun is superb.. His mace is the best weapon in the marvel universe!

88Spider Woman

Come on. guys, know your characters. Storm controls the weather and all elements, even the air in an opponents lungs.
WHY ISN'T STORM AT THAT TOP?! This is an absurd list since Storm has what it takes to break Spidey's web by the means of blizzard. She can electrocute Ironman in a second. AND Storm > Wolverine. 'enough said.

She could beat anyone. Except maybe iron man because he just has suit. Nick furry can't fight.

91Ghost Rider
He is just awesome with his great powers... The 'Penance Stare' is the best... He is not cool but hot.. Too HOT... He has the Style... Which makes him the Best...
- Johny Blaze
Nobody can kill him as he is a dead man. No captain america, no hulk, no iron, no one.He also can consume others soul which is the most strong attack. He should be at 1 or 2 or 3 guys vote for him.
The most badass hero the world has ever seen! The movies I admit, weren't that great ( bad writing) but Nic Cage still made it a fun, interesting movie to watch
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92Moon Knight
Moon knight is sweet! He has an amazing suit and a great story!

93White Tiger


Vision is an AMAZING superhero, even if he was created by Ultron to kill the Avengers, Vision should be around number 16 if I had the choice where to put him on this list.

He is our indian hero

97U.S. Agent

He's beast a lot of people don't know how powerful NOVA is and how important he is he saves worlds and dose good for all living things and his powers are bad ass what the sute can do and as an example of the NOVA corps power he knoked down the phenix down

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