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1 Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet named Rusty. Firestar is a bright flame-colored tom with emerald-green eyes.

Firestar was a very noble cat. He always put his clan first, even if it meant losing cats he loved. He always put Thunderclan first but knew that without the other 3 (4? 5?) clans, Thunderclan would not survive, Even if he came off as nosy to the other leaders. Even the way he died was heroic. He rid the clams of Tigerstar forever as his last act before death, and this remains the only time while reading a book that I have ever cried. He was still prominent in the future of the clans as the guiding force behind all the Skyclan prophecies, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens near the end of the broken code.

Firestar started from nothing but a kittypet. He proved his haters wrong, and it is so satisfying to see his growth from kittypet to literal legend. Thanks to him, many lives were saved and deaths were avenged. He exposed Tigerstar when nobody else could. Firestar's noble, loyal, and a great mate, father, and friend.

He is so brave, although I have not read the book where he dies. He had a hard life, spoiler, being a enemy to a fierce warrior Tigerclaw, dying to green cough to have the other cats and so much more!

I really, truly love Firestar. He even became a hero in THE LAST HOPE. He died a noble death and I really like him, but there have been better fathers. Like, he was a little too overprotective and bossy...I feel like a lot of great cats become like that when they have kits—or is that just me?

2 Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She was one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She broke the code by being mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and having her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, and Mosskit. Stonefur and Mistyfoot live in RiverClan, while Mosskit died of hypothermia. She has a more.

I love Bluestar she went through so much and stayed strong the whole way! Many people admire her for that and I'm a big superfan of this ThunderClan leader! If you read this Erin I love Seekers, BraveLands and Survivors. I even write my own books for inspiration their mostly based on what happened to the mountain clan after Shaded Moss, Jackdaw's Cry, Gray Wing, Clear Sky, Quick Water, Turtle Tail and Jagged Peak went out( a few more, not counting Bright Stream sadly..) ~ Bluestar

Bluestar wasn't perfect, but she sacrificed so much to serve her clan. She was the only one who recognized Fireheart as the fire that would save the clans. I am proud to say she is one of the best leaders of ThunderClan.

YES! No she is not too bossy, though leaders DO need to be bossy, because, if you're going to run a clan, you ARE going to need to be pretty pushy, just to keep the cats in line.

I love Bluestar she went through so much and stayed strong the whole way! Bluestar wasn't perfect, YES! Bluestar was the Queen of ThunderClan,

3 Crookedstar

STORMstar was a very fair leader and lead a very long life. Even though he was cursed by Mapleshade he still fought for life. My favorite parts of these books are the manga stories at the end and his manga was awesome. It showed him losing the last cat he ever loved, his daughter Silverstream. Then he was on the dark forest border and again ran into Mapleshade. She said, "Your punishment is not compete, you have lost every cat you ever loved!" and then STORMstar was all like "No! It is you who has lost Mapleshade! You have lost everything and when I come to Starclan, every cat I ever loved will be here waiting for me!" That gives me chills every time. Even though he lost every cat he loved he still stayed strong and waited out the rest of his life to be with his family again. Best cat ever! STORMstar! STORMstar! STORMstar!

His life was as tough as Bluestar's! It's good that RiverClan was always looking out for him I really respect this leader, o my list he would preferably be third
1: Bluestar
2: Thunder
3: Crookedstar
4: Firestar
And that's just my opinion. I'm glad he had a good apprenticeship, warriorship, deputyship, and leadership. Willowbreeze, Minnowkit, Silverkit,( Forgot the other) Sadly two kits and his mate died, but he had his Clan. and Silverstream

OMG, Rainflower is absolutely the worst mom ever! She renamed Stormkit Crookedkit just because he got hurt, and he was the second best leader of RiverClan! (Aside from Mistystar) And MAPLESHADE! I liked you before and now I don't! Crookedstar forever!

He went through a lot, his mate and kits died. All he had was Silverstream, and she died..(rip Silverstream) but everyone knows he's protective of her and doesn't like the fact that she was mating Graystripe

4 Tallstar Tallstar is a large, black-and-white tom with a very long, thin, black tail with a white tail-tip, powerful shoulders, amber eyes, strong paws, short, thick fur, and a white muzzle and paws.

Now here is a truly good cat, go Tallstar! Even though he never had a good relationship with his parents he still was a good cat. He also found a friend in Shrewclaw in the end which was good. He was always loyal to his parents and even though his dad turned his back on him Tallstar still fought to find the killer of his father, when all along the killer to his father was the tunnels. After discovering what really happened he saved the life of the cat he was going to kill. He was told that Sandgorse was killed in the tunnels and he had held them up for Sparrow! Sandgorse really was a hero and Tallstar gets that from his dad when he saves Sparrow.

I love Tallstar! He was so brave. And it was so sad when he died! He also made the right choice to make Onewhisker/Onestar deputy. Mudclaw would of torn the Clan to pices. I just love him. He was so brave to bring his clan out in peril to find and knew home and except Firestas help. He is just the best. I wish he was still Clan leader. WindClan is a bit uneasy with their new Leader Onestar. But I love Tallstar and I think he made good choices. -Robbinpaw

Tallstar was a VERY good leader. He thought that Sparrow killed Sandgorse and went out of the clan. He showed mercy to Sparrow and let Sparrow live. Then, Heatherstar LET Tallstar back into clan and then Heatherstar made Tallstar DEPUTY. Tallstar is totally number 1 and I don't know why he is number 4 in this list.

Tallstar has gone through lots, his father dying, his mom dying, and almost killed Sparrow. I think he's better when he was a warrior, but I'm glad he was Windclan's leader

5 Sunstar

If he didn’t choose Bluestar deputy then Thistleclaw would become leader then Tigerstar would become then they would take over Clan life as we know it. So, if Sunstar.didn’t choose Bluestar as his deputy Clan life would get destroyed. That is why he’s one of my favorites.

I like Sunstar he was a great cat...but I don’t have much to say. He was pretty noble, and (I think—if I remember correctly) was the first to welcome Redtail into StarClan. He also was one of the first cats to agree with Jayfeather’s plan. So...yeah. I quite sure that means he’s a willing risk-taker?

He's so underrated. He's my 2nd favorite leader (1st is Tigerstar, not the evil one, there's another Tigerstar, his warrior name was Tigerheart.)

He's not a very major character, but he's definitely worth the vote. Why? Cause he helped Bluestar a lot whenever she was upset (even though at first Bluestar didn't like that). And he had the good sense to choose Bluestar for deputy and NOT THISTLECLAW. Imagine if he'd chosen Thistleclaw, who's much more experienced than Bluestar. ThunderClan would turn into a living disaster.

6 Mistystar

Mistystar is a very nice cat. And I totally agree with Violetcreek! Stormfur, Feathertail, Bluestar, and Oakheart are some of the best cats in Riverclan and ThunderClan. Mistystar is lucky to have such respected relatives. Mistystar is the best!

RiverClan's pretty lucky to have Mistystar I'm not gonna lie. She's a great leader goes by the code, Loyal, True, Brave, Strong, Beautiful, on the inside, and that's all that matters ill promise you. Leading a Clan isn't as easy as it looks, and all these leaders especially her, have what it takes. "They don't choose just anyone to be leader mouse- brain!"

Ok, first of all, RIVERCLAN FOR LIFE!
I love Mistystar! She is the daughter of Bluestar, the second greatest leader of ThunderClan ever, and Oakheart, the best deputy in the forest, and cousin to Stormfur and Feathertail, two of the best RiverClan cats. She is wise, smart, kind, loyal to her clan and true leader material, just like her mom. MISTYSTAR 4EVA!

Mistystar is completely loyal to riverclan even though she is half clan and always puts them before her. She was still loyal to riverclan even after they joined with shadowclan and let blackfoot and darkstripe kill her brother, stonefur, even though she should've hated them for that.

7 Bramblestar

I don't think he was a bad cat. In the New Prophecy he was really stupid but Squirrelflight really was sorta stubborn and rude. Then in Squirrelflight's Hope he was the rude one. But I think he had a really good appearance in The Broken Code. He is a wise leader and I like the reason he gave Twigbranch her name ( I know that happens in AVoS ) But in broken code he also acts really desperate to keep the clans together and acts nice towards Squirrelflight. I hope his ghost gets to StarClan. ( Or even better if he doesn't die at all ) also it was probably hard for him to kill hawkfrost

I think ya guys Ain't right!
He's A GREAT leader! Even before he was leader! He led the "Great Journey"
he should be right after Firestar!
Squirrelflight picked the best mate anycat could ask for.


I know you all hate him, but I am defending him. He was ambitious, like tigerstar, but that's a good trait to have, tigerstar just had too much of it. Bramblestar wanted to be deputy so bad, but its not like he was gonna kill brackenfur if firestar chose him. He turned out to be a resonable leader, but this stupid imposter had to ruin it all. I know younall say he was a terrible mate to squirrelflight, but at first he might not have loved her. And how would you fell if you r mate had kits but they werent yours but she didn't trust you so she just didn't tell you! I 'm not asking you to like him, but I asking for you to respect him.

Bramlestar is a mean, bossy, selfish, stupid, and BAD leader. Graystripe should have been leader because he deserved it. Squirrelflight should have had a caring mate like Ashfur but that didn't happen. So many amazing things would have happened if there was no Bramlestar. I'm so glad the imposter is here and I will be glad if he ends Bramlestar's life and there is Squirrelstar.

8 Leafdapple

FYI, Leafstar is not a bad name giver. Sorry Firestar lovers but Firestar is kind of a bad name giver. Leafpool, I mean in Firestar's Quest he named his kit, Leafpool, Leafkit after his late crush, Spottedleaf. Look at this. Firestar came to see his newborn kits. " I think we should name this one with the bushy tail, Squirrelkit, and the other one Leafkit" Firestar said. Sandstorm agreed. Firestar thought, Leafkit would be named after Leafstar, maybe even SPOTTEDLEAF. Love warrior cats so much!-leafstarlover123456777

Leafstar literally had to help start a clan from scratch, which proves she has more bravery and compassion then most. She had to face the tragedies of the clan life, but still she stayed a loyal clan leader.

Leafstar is THE BEST LEADER EVER, and I can tell you why. OK first let me say that she has been through A LOT! She needed to lead a clan that had just been kittypets and loners, be a mother to kits AND be a leader AT THE SAME TIME, deal with Sol, run from a FLOOD, rebuild the gorge,escape Darktail, get what she could of her clan to safety, find new territory, have two of her kits die on the journey, have her MEDICINE CAT die on the journey, go on the another long journey with Twigbranch with what remained of Skyclan, get territory from Shadowclan, start to build a new camp in the middle of a crisis, go back to the gorge to find lost classmates, have all of Shadowclan join Skyclan, interpret prophecies at the same time, have Shadowclan leave after all that Skyclan did for them, have the HUGE storm Starclan warned them about wreck parts of the camp, in the same storm have a fire in their territory, and much much more. Leafstar is brave, loyal, smart, strong, fair and SO much more. That ...more

I LOVE Leafstar. She is a great cat, and if I keep on writing, I could probably create a book on her greatness. So (trying to keep it small) I think she was a great mother, and it was so sweet when she and Billystorm made amendments. She is a perfect Clan leader, and I hope she doesn’t die soon! (She’s getting old) I have a hunch that in the battle against the impostor (Ashfur) she will die a noble death. DON’T YOU DARE, Erin Hunter team! Long live Leafstar!

9 Thunder

OMG, I LOVE Thunder. He had such a sad life, and he still turned out to be a great cat. I totally ship Thunderstar x Violet Dawn. Thunder is like, my second favorite cat after Ivypool, and my NUMBER ONE favorite Clan leader. I think it is amazing that he named his daughter after beloved Lightning Tail. I love Thunder!

OMG I LOVE Thunderstar! Lo I despised him before he started his own Clan. He was good and strong even rejected by his fatheer Clear Sky (or Skystar) Least on this list.

Lol I despised him before he started his own clan. Like he was so gullible to Clear Sky (Stop thinking of him as a dad now Graywing was nicer to youuuuu! Also Clearsky was making up all these weird patrol changes to spend more time with StarFlower. Thunder did the right thing at last. )

Least favorite on this list. ThunderClan gets all the credit for everything. What about the other Clans? If you've read Dawn of the Clans, he doesn't even have a part in the naming or the making of the Clans! He just comes in after everything is made and takes some cats from each group to form a new Clan. He is way overrated and so is his whole Clan. Why should he be the center of everything? I hate Thunder and love Gray Wing! (Plus his parents were both gray so how did he end up as ginger and white? Because they wanted to make him special.)

10 Leopardstar

"We shall miss Leopardstar. I remember her from all the way back when I was an apprentice in ThunderClan. I always respected her, and, though her loyalty to RiverClan never wavered, she was a leader who understood the importance of keeping every Clan strong. She had the heart, courage, and strength of the mighty cat she was named for." - Firestar

Rip Leopardstar, but I have to say she did stick to the warrior code. The thing is though, she chose Hawkfrost as her deputy when Mistyfoot disappeared...

Her lake of pride ambition didn't really make up for her lack of judgment and almost destroyed the forest- But she learns from her mistakes. I know she let Tigerstar kill Stonefur... Ans she might have been rude and overprotective of her prey and stuff. But still.

To be honest, I didn't really like Leopardstar as leader. When she fell for Tigerstar, she told Stonefur to listen to Tigerstar about killing Stormfur and Feathertail, which got him killed. At the least, she should have tried to stop Tigerstar from ordering Stonefur to do such a thing. Like, she's a leader too. And she watched her loyal deputy die right in front of her! If it wasn't him it would've been Feathertail and Stormfur! :(

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11 Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of BloodClan. He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin. One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth. Scourge is a small black tom with one white paw, ice-blue eyes, more.

Scourge is awesome. If Bloodclan was actually a clan, he would be my favorite clan leader. I like him better than Firestar, Yellowfang, and Stonefur. And they are awesome characters! -impsterSIN

He was bullied and mocked as a kit by Ruby and socks, Attacked by Tigerstar when they were both younger. He had hatred on the clans ever since then, But it wasn't really surprising how he was treated by his own brother and sister because he was small and young. He deserved better than that. He left into the forest because ruby said: "Unwanted cats get throw into the river." But when he made up his own clan called "BloodClan." He basically took up an alley and got all the cats there to join his clan. His brother and sister also got karma because later they got thrown out of there homes. Scourge didn't want to care for them for what they did. He could have been good and joined another clan or stayed at his home or got adopted if it wasn't for his littermates and Tigerstar.

He was scorned and mocked as a kit, attacked by Tigerstar when they were both younger. He developed a hatred on the Clans ever since then, but it wasn't surprising, seeing how he was being treated by his own brother and sister. He deserves better than that! He even built up an entire Clan, and though he was harsh and cruel toward them, they were only life lessons that he himself thought that he'd learned. He could've been a good, strong, wise leader if his littermates hadn't teased him and Tigerstar hadn't attacked him.

I love Scourge! He's favourite cat then its Firestar! I hated it when my two favourite cats had to fight each other, Scourge wouldn't be evil if it weren't for socks and ruby! And Tigerstar, I was reading the rise of scourge and just by looking at the pictures and seeing how evil and mean and cruel Thistleclaw and Tigerpaw (claw/star) I love Scourge so much! I just want to hug him ^.^ If he wasn't evil (i'm not judging him) he would make an awesome leader he would have showed all the tiny cats that it doesn't matter if they're smaller then the others they can still be great cats, Why did he have to die, "I miss you Scourge." Go super awesome Scourge!

12 Wind

She was fast, lithe, stubborn, and wily. I like her a lot because she had unique leadership qualities, and she cared for the cats that she'd known but was distrusting and hostile toward the cats that she never met and believed could possibly be a threat to her Clan. Overall, she's a good leader who cares for her Clan and family above all else.

Wind is Windstar.. but wait, at first I thought she was a tom XD! I still think so. I love WindClan If I where a warrior I would rather be in WindClan

She's awesome, she saved one of my favorite characters Jagged Peak, and she was a good leader and she and Gorse took new names to prove that they really wanted to be in Tall Shadow/ Grey Wing's group. She is just plain awesome.
- Lindenheart proud deputy of ForestClan

I am so in love with her. Her rouge name wind was really weird though. I mean what the heck? But she was probably one of the best leaders windclan ever had hands down.

13 Blackstar

Blackstar is the BEST! I don't know why he is so LOW on this list! Name one ShadowClan leader better than Blackstar!

And am I the only one that notices that Rowanstar looks a LOT like Russetfur and that they both started with R? I have a feeling Blackstar chose Rowanclaw because he looked the most like his old friend, deputy, and possible love interest, Russetfur. I'm starting to think that Blackstar has an obsession with the letter r.

For some reason I just like him, probably because I forgot about what he did in The Prophecies Begin... Well I don't care now. But I liked him when he was leader because he could, umm, reason with other cats? That happened like once but yeah. I just liked him. (Except when he did the whole Sol thingy too)

He killed Stonefur and I will always hate him for that, but true, he was a better leader than Raggedstar, Rowanstar, and Nightstar put together.

Blackstar was basically the only good leader of SC in the 1st series. He kept the *Warriorcode* Close to his heart. He remains extremely loyal to his clan. Even tho his actions are aggressive... He was a brave cat toeven try to return his Clan to its former strength after BrokenStar and Tigerstar's *Rule*

14 Cloudstar

To leave his mate, kits, and home because of cats needing him to lead. Another true leader right here. Your life does not matter as a leader, your people do.

(Yes I'm the one that made the comment on Bluestar's)

Poor, poor, Cloudstar. I'm so glad that he finally, believes again, in Starclan. He was a good cat, to say the least. But he reminds me of a, happless, middle-aged version of firestar. Birdflight, is like, Sandstorm, totally. Cloudstorm, is an amazing name, too. But that's not the thing. He's an, overall, grest cat. Very sad, though, near the ending. I don't like, how he, denied to believe in starclan, though. I PITY the FOOL! 1

I cried so much when I read how Cloudstar was kicked out of his territory. I blame it all on Redstar and ThunderClan! If they stopped attacking SkyClan when they knew it was weak maybe they would get better. Cloudstar was forced to leave his home and his kits. Why give them to ThunderClan?

imagine getting kickied out for something you didn't do! this guy had a sucky life, and I'm really proid of him for keeping skyclan together. he really tried. imagine how sad he must have been when he had to leave his mate and kits?! he should be higher up on the list

15 Onestar

If only he had gotten over his paranoia before he died... If only Firestar had stoped poking that muzzle of his into WindClan's every second... Maybe Onestar wouldn't have felt the need to prove that WindClan was strong...

I honestly don't think he was a good leader... He lead Windclan into pointless battles and also refused help when... let's be honest he needed it.

He was a brave and good leader. He made WC live up to its name. He did what was best for his clan. I think right there he wanted WC to survive on there own. He excepted Tallstar's judgement on making him a leader and held his Clan strong against Mudclaw's rebellion. I wish he killed Deaektail when he had the chance tho. =<=

Onestar was kinda crazy when he literally let the dark forest cats rejoin their clan. Why?! And why did he also let Breezepelt?! But I like him still because he killed Darkstripe.

16 Raggedstar

To be honest, Brokenstar deserves to die twice and Raggedstar should have lived him and Yellow thing had something special, Yellowfang as a kit was the only one in her litter who didn't call Raggedstar a kittypet. And actually took him to find his father Raggedstar did kill him- Hal deserved to die. Raggedstar leads his clan well for the short time he lived. AND was the reason soL left SC. He was one of the best leaders SC ever had too.

I totally understand why he was mad that Yellowfang was becoming a medicine cat. He had to suffer watching her like that, instead of spending every moment with her! I feel so sorry for him.

Brokenstar deserved to die twice. Raggedstar never deserved to die. Him and yellowfang had something special, even if hw would've been gokd mates with foxheart. Yellowfang as a kit was the only one in her litter who didn't call raggedstar a kittypet, and actualkt took him too find his father Raggedstar did kill him, but honestly hal deserved to die. Raggedtsra lead his clan well for the short time he lived, and was the reason that sol left shadowclan.

I don't like him. I think I remember some fact on warrior cats facts that he chose Foxheart as deputy just to make Yellowfang jealous.

17 River

Really wise and he was nice to everyone. GOOO RIVERCLAN it's the best clan like why do only RiverClan cats like fish in the warriors world when all cats do : / (I know that didn't have to do much with River Ripple but hei he started riverclan and that's enough for me)

Riverstar was very kind-hearted, smart, and had good judgment. His clan is my favourite, and it wouldn't exist if it weren't for him. He hated gatherings, but I can see well. He was always so calm, even at hard times. He was the best founder of the clans, and he is my #1 favorite leader. (#2 is doestar)

I love Riverstar, so calm, kind, and peaceful, LONG LIVE RIVERCLAN! I love swimming, and being a RiverClan cat sounds delightful.

Riverstar should definitely be higher on the list. Honestly, the Erins didn't really focus on him that much so we didn't get to see a lot of his character. I wish they made a super edition or novella just focusing on him. Also, everything is about ThunderClan. Why not change it up and focus on RiverClan for a change? I know they have before, I just wish it had been more.

18 Nightstar

Too bad he died. He would have been a great leader for Shadowclan. The main series Shadowclan leader who was good and not struggling to find his way. (No offense meant to Blackstar. I like him too, just not as leader.)

Nightstar was not the right cat to lead shadowclan starclan did not grant him his nine lives that how he died when he got sick he did not have nine lives to protect him so he died right when he got sick and littlecloud he couldn't do nothing so he died.

I think he was going to go back to moonstone to get his nine lives after Brokenstar died. I really think the lives he would get, would turn him into such a great leader. Understanding, loyal, ambitious to the clan's strength and health. I could see him fighting a horde of badgers, by himself for the protection of ShadowClan.

Nightstar was pretty old when he eventually became noble leader of ShadowClan! I know he was angry when he found out that ThunderClan was sheltering Brokentail, but he was a nasty Clan leader and Nightstar was very poor to have to live under Brokentail's leadership! He died sadly too!

19 Sky

Hang on, haters. This is the cat who lost 2 mates, almost all his kits, the trust of everyone, his medicine cat, and his brother and mom. Just because he did terrible things doesn't mean he's terrible. In fact, he's probably the best leader because of how many of his mistakes he's had to learn from. Skystar is the best leader. Firestar is bossier than 10 Tsunamies from Wings of Fire. He should be, like, 8.

Skystar was right in the middle of good and bad actually, but I don't hate him, nor love him. He was an interesting character, but I love RIVER for the best.

sure Clear Sky wasnt the best leader but he changed after Moth Flight's mate Micah died ~SPOILER ALERT~ he learned his lesson after Micah was crushed by a tree branch. YES A TREE BRANCH anyway he was very wise after that I read Thunderstar's Echo and even when Thunder overeacted about dogs Clear Sky was wise and told him to not worry unless they come back READ THAT TOO


Why is everyone hating on the cat that lost bright stream (his first mate), storm (his second mate), tiny branch(his son), the trust of EVERYONE except maybe gray wing
But he’s the BEST LEADER EVER-Echoheart

20 Shadowstar

My absolute favourite cat! Shadowstar was a grear leader but on question: if it is the founder,Shadowstar is Tall Shadow. I was so sad that she died of Quick Water! I can get the pattern Tall Shadow, Moon Shadow and Sun Shade, her kin is all :shadow"

My absolute favorite cat! She suffered so much, seeing the loss of her brother, Moon Shadow, and Sun Shadow, afterwards. She stepped down from her leadership position to care for her brother, and when she couldn't save him, she was absolutely devastated. I felt so bad for her when her brother died, and then her deputy, Sun Shadow. But she was an amazing cat, clever, and she advised Gray Wing while he was leader. She felt comfortable in the darkness and night, as well as in the marshy land of the pines, and had sharp senses and sometimes wasn't very sensitive to the other cat's feelings.

Shadowstar was a great leader but question: why is Spottedleaf here? anyway raise her please Shadowclan had many bad leaders (Aka Brokenstar and Tigerstar/claw) anyway raise higher please. thx!


If it is the founder, I give her a 10/10 because she was very shy and quiet at first, but when the cats were fighting and the before-starclan cats came down and decided that they were warriors, she spoke up and was confident that she could lead all of the cats of all the territories.

21 Hailstar

I love Hailstar's way of leading. He doesn't judge Crookedkit once he returns from the barn and allows him to begin training soon after. And unlike some other leaders I've seen he has personality and is willing to battle other clans, but is not reckless and quick to attack, such as when he reclaims the sunning rocks. A strong and smart leader I say.

I loved Hailstar. Not my favourite, but He was nice, calm, strong and noble. All characteristics a clan leader needs!

Hailstar was fine. I didn't like the whole kits from WindClan and RiveClan thing, though. That was not fair and Hailstar almost drowned someone.

I like his bravery. He did not give up on sunningrocks ( If you read Crookedstar's Promise you will understand).

22 Pinestar

Why Pinestar? I'm so sorry but PINESTAR didn;t EXILE MAPLESHADE! Like I know that he lived as a kittypet for his last life, he WAS a brave and loyal leader, I was kind of upset when he left but I understand why. But shouldn't Pinestar still live in his Clan and when Tigerkit (Tigerstar) gets apprenticed, a better mentor than Thistleclaw? It was kind of Pinestar's fault he made him evil, and a little bit of Sunstar's giving him Thistleclaw a mentor

Why, Pinestar? Why? Why'd you have to run off to be a kittypet? I thought the warrior code told you to DESPISE kittypets. Unless they'd save the Clan, of course, but...

I'm sorry but PINESTAR didn't EXILE MAPLESHADE! PINESTAR WASNT EVEN ALIVE WHEN MAPLESHADE WAS IN THUNDERCLAN what. OAKSTAR IS THE ONE WHO EXILED MAPLESHADE! And I don't blame oakstar for exiling her, it was a different time and she lied, saying that she was expecting his dead sons kits, but in reality she's expecting the warrior who killed them! BUT since we're talking about PINESTAR not OAKSTAR, Pinestar was a noble leader and is one of my favourites along with heatherstar and Crookedstar, Bluestar exa. Yes he left to be a kittypet, but different cats have different paths. His was to become a kittypet. And hell, he got into starclan so he MUST have been a good leader.

Like I KNOW that he lived as a kittypet for his last life, AND that people SAY he broke the Warrior Code, when actually, he MADE a rule OF the Warrior Code!:D He WAS Tigerkit(AKA Tigerstar.)'s Daddy, but he wasn't evil!

23 Morningstar

Morningstar led his Clan through a harsh time. He tried to keep peace, he tried to unite the Clans. But they were not ready for his wisdom.

How she becomes leader is a lie but she is my second favorite leader. Oh and did I mention that SHE IS awesome. - Star

I just like him. He gave Rabbitstar what he deserved. By the way, he is from Battles of the Clans.

Hey, this is like my name Morningshine!

24 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf is a tortoiseshell she-cat in the series "Warrior Cats" by Erin Hunter. She first appears in book 1, Into The Wild. she was killed by a cat named Clawface. more.

I so wish Mapleshade and Clawface didn't set a paw on the earth's surface. Spottedleaf is so awesome yet so many people underestimate her. Hello! She saved so many people's lives and helped Firestar and went to the endless void protecting Sandstorm! As far as I'm concerned, she deserves to be 1st! #SpottedleafBanwagon
- Gingerfur

She and Firestar should have been lovers. I don't think Firestar and Sandstorm are good mates. It should have been him and Spottedleaf. She even died for her clan how is she not loyal enough

Why is she in here? She's not even a clan leader or a Warrior? She's a medicine cat! (I'm not saying that she's bad #Spottedleaf&Firestar4eva

I so wish Mapleshade and Clawface didn't set a paw on earth's surface. She and Firestar should have been lovers. Why is she here? She's soooo underrtaded. I have just one question: why is Spottedleaf here, SHE IS NO LEADER! SHE IS A MEDICINE CAT FOR SAKE!

25 Cedarstar

Cedar star is barely known and he killed a cat in a cold blooded battle but he's one of the only non evil shadow leader

If anybody has read tall stars revenge then you'll know he basically killed a cat in battle

Oh wow Cedarstar rules why is he down here.

That is true. He did give away a life for him

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