Top 10 Best Metal Vocalists


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The Top Ten

SU-METAL - Babymetal
For her age she has an unbelievable voice which will only improve over time and more training.
Definitely needs to be on this list if we are being fair here. Amazing vocalist.
She really needs to be on here. Her vocals are amazing.
[Newest]She was born to sing.
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2Bruce Dickinson - Iron Maiden
The legendary vocalist: Bruce Dickinson. Now in his mid-50's and he can still hit those incredible notes in almost every gig he plays. In many of his songs in Iron Maiden, Dickinson has showed his "scream" (most famously in Run to the Hills and Infinite Dreams) which is one of the most impressive vocal displays in metal.
What phil anselmo should be second behind bruce but why is hetfeild 3rd coming from a metallica fan he has terrible vocals the band made him go get singing lessons before they made the black album and he's 3rd?
Dickinson's the best of this group, but too take this list more seriously, besides Dickinson, and Dio. Where is Robert Plant, Rob Halford, or Axl Rose?. I may have changed my choice if you had included them in the discussion. They are legends and Household names. Dickinson Mr. Air Raid Siren gets the nod here!.
God of all Metal singers/frontmen
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3Roy Khan
Outside all the typical vocalist that people are listing on here... Corey Taylor, Matt tuck or Matt Shadows... Roy Khan can actually sing. He does not have a typical or weak singing voice... Its not poppy nor is it something that would be considered likeable by the mainstream community but he is by far one of the most unique and incredible voices that has ever been heard by human ears. His range is absolutely astounding, the only metal vocalist I've heard in the 2 decades of my listening to metal that can even top Roy is Devin Townsend. He also has a great control over his tone giving him an ability to make something sound beautiful, haunting, powerful... And so much more. He is more than just a "Metal vocalist" he is an artist, painting portraits with each note. He also is an outstanding live performer, he is charismatic, energetic when he needs to and subtle when its called for and using that he has the best stage presence imaginable. The man deserves so much respect and is without a doubt the top vocalist in metal history.
A man with a great great heart. A man with an extraordinary voice full of emotion. A man almost destroyed by his own creation. Always went on 200%. Brilliant work with vocal melodies, dynamics, harmonies, emotions, lyrics... He made every performance and recording so organic and mindblowing. Pure magic. People usually don't talk about this but I think that he's actually one of the greatest story tellers in metal genre. Listening to that guy and watching him perform is a real adventure. Roy Khan definitely deserves to be on a better position.
I truly believe he is one of the few singers that made music something more than just melodies and notes. He added emotions and magic.

His Kamelot where one of the best bands ever existed, with a unique charm. Karma and The Black Halo are simply two of the greatest albums ever made.
Just simply the best! So much emotions and talent!

My favorite albums are Epica, the Black Halo & Ghost Opera
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4Ronnie James Dio - Dio
Seeing Dio and Rob Halford not in the top 5 makes this list a complete joke. Dio is one of the greatest metal vocalists in music and has one of the most powerful and phenomenal voices of all time.
"sing me a song your a singer" is the best opening line ever in a song mainly because Dio's voice makes it sound so much better.


Ronnie james dio is the best. Rest in peace ronnie james dio. You are the best. Because your sound is wonderful. You will never die. And metal will never die!
[Newest]Dio has the most powerful voice out there that really suits his medieval themed lyrics. He definitely did not belong in black sabbath. Sabbath was not sabbath without Ozzy. But rainbow and dio's solo career are addicting to listen to
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5Rob Halford - Judas Priest
I agree that sometimes Bruce Dickinson and James Hetfield sing better SONGS than Rob Helford, but that doesn't make them better SINGERS than Rob Halford.

My favorite band is Iron Maiden, but I must say, Rob Halford is the greatest metal vocalist of all time.

Why is he the best? Beacause he can do EVERYTHING with his voice:
1. His screams are phenomenal.
2. He can sing really high- in VICTIM OF CHANGES Rob sings higher than Bruce.
3. Without even trying to be one, he the best grawler of all time (PAINKILLER! ).

WHAT THE HELL!?!? JAMES HETFIELD ABOVE ROB! GRR Rob should be at the top with Bruce Dickinson!


Are you serious? All these people above Robbie? Here's what I say:
1. Bruce Dickinson
2. Rob Halford
3. James Hetfield
4. Corey Taylor
Have some sense, people!
Rob is a very operamatic high active vocalist whom can scale better than anybody bar Freddy mercury his idol.. I rest my case, if it wasn't for priest n rob you wouldn't even have maiden n Dickinson... halford is the greatest! "! "
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6James Hetfield - Metallica
How come James is #1 in best metal/rock voices and in the best metal band of all time but he is #5 in metal voices? Still Bruce is second in my opinion still he has a extremely EPIC METAL voice but James is the best.
You cannot beat James' metal vocal ability at seattle 1989. It was amazing!
Metal boss in one word. Master of Metal. Killed em'all. Amazing vocal with riffs.
How is Su Metal first? Baby metal in no way hold a candle light to Metallica
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7Corey Taylor - Slipknot
At least he has to be in the top 5. He's the best screamer their is.
just listen to psychosocial, wherein lies continue, liberate for his highs and snuff, skin ticket, purity for his lows. He is AWESOME
Corey's scream is as close as you can get without actually yelling and ruining your voice. Given how angry slipknot's music is, listening makes for a very immersive experience. You feel the genuine rage that the band feels, especially on Iowa. But what he is less known for, and underappreciated for, is his expressive singing. He has a distinct voice, one of the most distinct ever--very easy to pick out. He doesn't have a great range, but he sure knows how to use what he has. he sings with a lot of power.
His voice just raise up my spirit!


Just listen to the devil in i
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8M. Shadows - Avenged Sevenfold
Great vocalist - good range, and great variation with both softer songs (like Seize The Day, So Far Away, and my personal favourite Victim) and heavier songs (like Nightmare, Critical Acclaim and Welcome To The Family).
M Shadows in my opinion should be at least 3. He has a powerful voice and uses it in the way he should use it! On hail to the king album his vocals are just amazing. It's not like any other metal singer. This is Raw power. If the Rev was still here and he sand on Hail to the king, he would be number 1!
Really unique voice. Amazing control and range coupled with an ability to incorporate heavy raspy growl for metal stompers or extremely clean and emotive vocals for ballads with perfect execution at all time.
[Newest]Amazing range. He can pull off anything. He sounds amazing. He can sing normal and scream and go between the two without an issue. He can also sing basically any style of music.
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9Ozzy Osbourne - Black Sabbath
"The Godfather of Heavy Metal", "The Prince of Darkness" OZZY OSBOURNE!
He deserves to be up there on top!
He's way more talented than Bruce and any day way way WAY better than Corey Taylor
Ozzy is awesome. By the way Ronnie James Dio should be on this list to
Is this the best vocalist list or our personal favourite vocalist list? When ozzy sings even bats cry
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10Serj Tankian - System of a Down
I was gonna vote for Roy Khan, because he is incredible, but my loyalties will always be to Serj Tankian. System of a Down is my favorite band since I was 10 years old. Serj's has this incredible range of style and emotion. You get all these different kinds of songs like Question or Spiders or even crazy ones like Vicinity of Obscenity. And his solo work is amazing too. The big sound of Elect the Dead or the symphonic Imperfect Harmonies or the sorta punk rock Harakiri. Serj is an amazing talent.
Serj is the best!
Immensely powerful and most importantly, diverse voice. He's even doing Opera now. Get me one Metal singer who does the same.
[Newest]Serj and Bruce are my favourite singers, Serj has an amazing voice and he has a wide range of styles. Really like his Solo stuff too
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The Contenders

11Geoff Tate - Queensryche
No metal vocalist could do what Tate did. Geoff infused Operatic vocals with theatrical emotion and combined them with power, range and melodic maturity.
His 4 Octave vocal range was on Full display in the EP and followed into their debut full fledged album 'The Warning' with powerful vocals on the title track, fantastic emotion on songs like'Child of Fire'and 'Road to Madness' to the iconic and instant classic 'Take Hold of the Flame' No vocalist in hard rock or metal has had the ability to change vocals like Geoff Tate did. Many singers in yesterdays and todays metal scene claim Tate as their main influence and rightfully so, no one did it better.
He was one of the best in his prime the entire operation mindcrime was phenomenal my top 3 in no particular order is Rob Halford Bruce Dickenson Geoff Tate
I think Tate was the greatest ever in his prime. My top five are in order are Tate, Dio, Dickinson, Halford, and Anselmo.
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12Phil Anselmo - Pantera
Hey..we talk about metal here! Why Ian Gillan, Axl Rose and other rock/hard rock vocalist was on the list?
Anselmo is the best, his voice is so perfect for pantera's music..and that's what metal is..
Raw aggression and passionate harmonys help create this tension I cannot describe m/ rock on Phil!
Anselmo is the best
Here's one of my favorite metal singers of all time
His voice is so awesome!
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13Brian Johnson - AC/DC
AC/DC need I say more

14Maynard James Keenan - Tool
He always seems to pour deep emotion into his songs, which to me seems to be one of the determining factors of a good singer. Pure talent and singing range is good, but to to have that and be able to put for that emotion is something else.
Can't believe this guy isn't at least in the top 10, seeing him all the way down here makes me sad
Laugh out loud, Dickenson, Corey Taylot, Shadows and Ozzy above MJK? I don't think so. The Pot and The Grudge are some fine examples of MJK's amazing vocals. No one can match the progressive raw power.

15Tobias Sammet - Avantasia, Edguy
I think he is one of the best with his range and stage presence. Avantasia is the product of a genius mind.
In my opinion his vocal style is somewhere between Kiske and Jorn Lande, great vocalist composer musician and person

16Randy Blythe - Lamb of God
He has got powerful voice hear Walk with me in hell, Laid To Rest, Omerta, Set To Fail, In Your Words, Blacken The Cursed sun..


Just try any song of lamb of god.. And you will shocked after listening he's vocals... He sings like a ghost..
To start with, Randy was the one who originally got me listening to growling. He is capable of mixing the heavy, ear-ripping effect of growling, but still keep the lyrics fairly easy to hear. Combine this with intricate songs about policy and war, and you have a recipe for chills.
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17James Labrie - Dream Theater
Maybe not the best, but a good one
This guy desereves at least no.10...his voice is a high pitched voice...tye only singer that can go all the way to the F#...

18Tommy Karevik - Seventh Wonder, Kamelot
Amazing singer! New star in the genre and great stage presence.
Incredible range and power, and spectacular charisma onstage - a great overall entertainer as well as a remarkably talented singer.
Tommy Karevik is young, powerful and stupendous at leading two of the best prog/power metal bands on earth. He has righteously filled the huge shoes of Roy Khan singing for Kamelot, but he truly shines brightest with Seventh Wonder.
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19Michael Kiske - Helloween
Matt Shadows? Corey? Who are they next to the great master Kiske? He is easily one of the best vocalists out there! Even Deris (who is an amazing vocalist as well) who entered in his place has some difficulties into singing the other vocalist songs. Just try to achieve the high noted of Eagle Fly Free, Halloween and a Tale That Wasn't Right, then you'll see what a real vocal master is.
Who doesn't know Michael Kiske, and if you don't you have been under a very large rock for the last 30 years, Kiske is a metal god with a range that no one can reach, those high notes he gets out of his golden throat are just godlike
The best voice I've ever heard! God blesses him! Another vocalists are top ten because the fame: Ex: Axel? Great voice but Kiske is much better than all of them!
[Newest]Just the best high pitches falsetto singer in world.. Probably the best heavy metal voice ever. Incomparable!
PS: I can't believe that there is people who voted as better singer the Slipknot's singer or Serj or that Avenge Sevenfold guy, what do they listen?
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20Mikael Akerfeldt
Excellent versatility, and some of the best growls in metal. His clean voice is also a way beyond the norm of the scene, and in general he's a superior vocalist to many.
Basically the best with growls, & an amazing vocalist in the progressive metal arena. Should be up there among the metal vocal kings like Bruce & Robert.


Should be higher, based on his ability to do death growls and clean vocals both very well
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21Matt Barlow - Iced Earth
Whilst probably not THE best, he is undoubtedly one of them. His phenomenal voice has soared into the highest reaches of sound and rumbled in the lowest depths. The masculine thickness of his voice also allows for him to be soft while still menacing and strong. His voice is a one of a kind, and it's a damn shame he doesn't get more recognition.
Anything to say? A god among humans, with a great voice tune, power and feeling, and a awesome presence on stages, he knows how to conquer the World!
He is very underrated! He is pretty much the American Bruce Dickinson. He has such a phenomenal range and power in his voice!
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22Russell Allen - Symphony X
Definitely one of the best metal vocalists of our times, both in Symphony X and in all his other side projects! He deserves a much better position than this!
Russel Allen! Symphony X stands out as one of the Metal greats. There are few bands that can combine technical ability and introspective emotions.
Why is Russell Allen not 1st? Russell Allen's voice is by far the best in Metal, as he can pull off the aggressive sound, as well as a melodic sound. Just listen to him sing on the Symphony X albums, the Star One albums, and on 'Live On Earth'.

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23Ivan Moody - Five Finger Death Punch
If corey taylor is number 7, Ivan moody should at least 8 because he sounds just like him in my opinion.
Loud and deep voice. Very loud
His voice is awesome!

24Ian Gillan - Deep Purple
Not much to say really. His ability is unmatched.

25Steve Braun - Halcyon way
Steve Braun is one of the most talented singers you will ever hear, let alone just in the metal genre. Pairing his amazing talent with this incredible band was the best thing to ever happen to metal.
Steve and Halcyon Way may be a little unknown, but that doesn't say a single thing about their talent or skill.
If you don't know this band you are missing out.
Definitely Steve is one of the most talented singers out there. Great guy, great showman, great vocalist
If there was a voice for Prog Metal, Steve would fill that category. Talent in bucket-loads and an amazing dude to match.
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26King Diamond - Mercyful Fate
What an incredible deluge of eerie falsetto shrieking, growling, gurgling... His work on Abigail is the stuff of metal legend and struck fear into to the hearts of listeners and competitors... Should be at least top 10, if not top 5.
Come on really have U. Not heard gypsy

27David Draiman - Disturbed
This guy is the giver of shivers down my spine for me! He writes his own lyrics and his music is like sex to the ears... Should be at least in the Top 10 in my opinion.
I'm surprised David didn't make it into the top 10. His voice alone could shake mountains. Especially his growls, there are spectacular and amazing!
10! Seriously? So underrated it's unbelievable.
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28Tarja Turunen
Tarja is the goddes of metal, simply as that. Listen to the album Once, her vocal range there is but astonishing, from Nemo to Creek Mary's Blood, and the unforgettable Ghost Love Score, her voice is unique and majestic.
Best female metal singer
The female Geoff Tate.

29Devin Townsend
A great and kind man with more musical talent than all of the metal community combined. He has done so much work in the 20+ years that he has been releasing music and he is now only recently starting to get the deserved attention for it... From working with Steve Vai in the early 90s... To performing in his own band Strapping young lad, the epitome of heavy, aggressive and intense metal... And to today where he performs in his solo project playing everything from progressive metal, to death metal to even ambient melo stuff. But to the factor of his voice, he has a range that shouldn't even be humanly possible, he can scream to levels that hurt my throat just hearing, do powerful growls, perform simple mellow clean vocals and to top it all of... Incredibly powerful operatic vocals that blow people away. Every note he hits is clean and spot on and he has an incredible sense of timing with each one. With all that, his live performances put his studios albums to shame. For those reading this... Just looking him up on youtube and listen to his song Supercrush or Kingdom... With those songs alone he should be considered the greatest vocalist of all time.
A god walking amongst mere mortals, Devin just is from another planet, godly voice that has an range I have never seen nor heard, great guy as well very nice and down to earth, a perfect performer
More pure vocal ability than any rock singer I can think of, incredible operatic Dio esque vocals, death growls, high shrieks and everything in between. All that and a huge range too!
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30Jonathan Davis - Korn
Davis is the best rock and metal vocalist man :/ Why is on 19? His voice is unique
Jonathan davis truly is the best singer, in my opinion, he should be number 1
Jd is easily top 3 vocalist of all time this whole list is trash
Should higher up in list
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31Axl Rose - Guns N' Roses
Easily the best voice on this list. Unfortunately, this is a metal list and Rose is not metal.
Rose has a very great voices. I can't do like him! Rank number 11 in top 100 greatest metal vocalists of all time...


if he just sang metal he would be the best


32Floor Jansen - After Forever

33Till Lindemann - Rammstein
How is Till number 35?! He has amazing vocals that can move you in songs like Ohne Dich or Mutter. He should be in the top ten.
Till lindemann do first! He is the best vocal
Till Lindeman is awesome
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34Simone Simons - Epica
Simone Simons is a really awesome singer. His voice is mezzosoprano, but she can climb to the top notes of a soprano. It can be sweet, as aggressive. Master the classical technique as style rock / pop. Her voice is full of feeling, a feeling that is when she sings live. Not the typical super sweet soprano, she has a wonderful voicepoint, warm and dark at once. Not only sings, also composed some lyrics, very philosophical lyrics that really make you think, like "Sensorium" or "Storm the Sorrow", not just a pretty face, no, she really has a melodious voice, she's a goddess of metal with a heart of gold x
It's not really epic

35Anders Friden - In Flames
Extreme guttural vocals don't get nearly enough respect! Anders is the best of the best when it comes to guttural vocals! His clean vocals are damn good as well! It was a tough call between Anders and Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden.


Amazing vocalist, and one of the most unique vocalist in metal, with black metal influence to his vocals
His clean vocals are great, and the harsh ones, eh... you say it.

36Matt Heafy - Trivium
He was so good at ascendancy era. He could sing very high pitch such as pull harder, dying in your arms, declaration, departure. I like him when he sang high.
His solos are unbelievable and the new vocals are pretty but he should scream
Loved him when he sang normal but I wish he could scream with the new vocals
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37Myles Kennedy - Alter Bridge
Umm haha that girly voice of m shadows in top 10 and myles here, way to go idiots, actually its good for Alter Bridge fans as we get quality fans and the band doesn't get overrated like A7x
Huge huge huge range, comes after Bruce Dickinson when comes to delivering metal vocals


Amazing voice, amazing man.

38Daniel Gildenlöw - Pain Of Salvation
Vocal range, color and control of his voice - it all makes a complete harmony...
The most versatile singer I've ever heard or seen
In my opinion - greatest singer! Amazing control of his voice, and large vocal range.

39Matt Tuck - Bullet for My Valentine
Matt Tuck is an awesome vocalist thanks to his skill with the guitar and to his nice style. In all the video clips he is playing guitar even though it is very difficult to synchronize with all those complicated things but now Bullet For My Valentine are in the 15 best heavy metal bands around the world. They 're just great!
He can growl and sing melodic tracks equally well... Something rare in today's metalcore bands
can't you guys hear how awesome he's vocals are?
I think youre all jealous
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40Mike Patton - Faith No More
A true vocal god right here. Can sing any genre effortlessly, and does things with his voice that I've never heard anyone in metal (including Devin and Kyo), or in most of music do. Some of these so-called singers here (even some legends), are laughable compare to this man (especially these young tools like M Shadows). Now to be fair, there are some people who can probably compete with his range... but they are outside metal and usually dwell in the experimental side of music. Anyway, the only reason he's placed so low in this, is because these lists tend to focus on popular people.
HE CAN SING ANY GENRE! , I really don't know why he's not up a little higher.
Seriously, Mike patton at #37? That's an injustice. That man is a god amongst singers, he's more versatile than anyone on this list.
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41Urban Breed - Trail of Murder, Tad Morose
By far the most excellent lyricist, and deliverer of expression and abstraction on this list. Urban is quite literally the excellence of execution when it comes to delivery of melodies.
And then he provides some of the best backing vocals in metal as well.

42Alexi Laiho - Children of Bodom
He is the best in his genre!
Alexi is great screamer.. He scream break all the silentm/

43Parash Sakya - Antim Grahan
He sings so fast. no one sings like him. Alexi is awesome too. And why the hell is Attila here when Dead is missing?
Awesome metal vocal from Nepal

44Johnny Gioeli - Axel Rudi Pell, Crush 40, Hardline
Really underrated vocalist. Everyone should listen to "The Masquerade Ball" by Axel Rudi Pell.

45Andi Deris - Helloween

46Robert Plant - Led Zeppelin
Deserve first 10 places.

47Shagrath - Dimmu Borgir, Fimbulwinter, Ov Hell, Chrome

48Jari Mäenpää - Wintersun
Jari has a great voice he can change him many time just listen to Time and then you will realise it

49Sharon den Adel - Within Temptation

50Hansi Kürsh - Blind Guardian
One of the best metal Vocalists of all time. The range of his voice and his ability to perform live is paralleled only by some on this list like Dio, Roy, or Bruce. Deserves a much better place in this list.
I think it is very popular as it should... I really like his voice, is powerful, rare, interesting... It's wonderful to live and very few are.
The best one of them. I think better than James or Bruce Dickinson. Must be higher in this list. They just voted for names but Hans Kürsh is very well.
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51Gene Simmons - KISS

Votes from jorn and jorn lande should be combined, it's the same god of metal
Come on...47 for Jorn? How can you guys mistreat the GOD?

53Robert Lowe

54Jonas Renkse - Katatonia

55Alissa White-Gluz - Arch Enemy

56Freddie Mercury - Queen

57Layne Staley
Layne had an amazing range the guitar vocal duo in man in the box, the chorus of bleed the freak, and nutshell all prove how amazing his voice is. Truly the greatest
THe only metal I don't like is hair metal. and out of every genre listen to (Death metal, Black metal, Doom metal, Grunge, Heavy metal. Layne is the best vocalist I've found
Best vocalist in my opinion. Layne could take something very dark and sad and make it one of the most beautiful things you ever heard. RIP
The man can bring sadness to metal just by using his voice. He almost sound like he's on the edge of tears even when he's hitting those higher notes that require an angrier tone. The best in my opinion
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58Joakim Broden - Sabaton
Simply one of the greatest voices in Metal!

Not only an awe-inspiringly amazing voice, but also a brilliant lyricist who easily puts history into song...

One of the best!
One of the best metal voice ever heard!
Real unique... Hail Sabaton.

59Lemmy Kilmister- Motorhead
Lemmys voice set the bar for metal and when you hear him live and see people running for the exit sign after an encore with overkill you know it's the real deal.
The voice that even a devil will fear... It sounds like a 10000 cc engine... Hell yeah!
Ok how the hell is lemmy down in 54th? Is voice is more addictive then crack.
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60Chris Cornell - Audioslave
Nobody tops Cornell, nobody.

61Dave Mustaine - Megadeth
the freaking Justin Bieber said that he sounds like he is crying when he sings... I only said

the Dave's voice is so powerful, he is (maybe) the best thrash metal vocalist; and a girl who sings like a drepessed animal says that he sings like crying!


An Icon to Metal Vocalists. Should be easily on the Top 20, even though I can agree his vocals are not for everyone, specially due to his aggressive, raw nature.
This guy is the best metal vocalist hands down system of a down has no right to be above this legend dave mustain should be first and m shadows should be second
Dave is the man!
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62Dani Filth - Cradle of Filth
Dani posses a great talent for song writing, and when he mix that talent with high pitched vocals it just sounds unreal.
Dani is a DEVIL!
Dani filth sounds like the devil. Brilliant high screams, and decent growls.
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63Angela Gossow - Arch Enemy

64Benjamin Burnley - Breaking Benjamin

65Eric Clayton

66Ville Valo - HIM
First place to this gorgeous guy..

67Tom Araya - Slayer
Amazing vocals... Evil voice

68Maťo Ďurinda - Tublatanka

69Chino Moreno - Deftones

70Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth - Overkill
The ultimate thrash vocalist. Best metal vocalist in my opinion.

71Attila Csihar - Mayhem
the best voice of all the black metal... he is amazing

72Ryan Kirby - Fit for a King

73Blackie Lawless
Great, powerful and spine tingling vocal power!
I'm wondering why he is not in this list :/

74Tom S. Englund - Evergrey

75Paul Di'Anno - Iron Maiden

76ZP Theart - Dragonforce
Old dragonforce vocalist, vocalist of I Am I and features in Pentakill (league of legends metal album) great overall vocalist should be higher

77Bill Byford - Saxon

78Sebastian Bach - Skid Row
One of the best singers on this list!
Slave to the grind said it all!

79Steven Tyler - Aerosmith

80Markus Stock

81Einar Solberg - Leprous

82Howard Jones - Killswitch Engage

83Ailyn - Sirenia

84Jorn Lande
Jorn Lande is such an great vocalist, live performances are always astounding
Jorn is definitely top 10.
Yes, top 10 indeed
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85Eric Adams
How is it that this metal legend is 99? Age hasn't stopped him at all like any true metal god. He even sang at the longest heavy metal performance ever which clocked in at 5 hours and 1 minute. I understand Dickinson, Dio, and Halford being ahead of him but he should at least be in the top 5. Long live the Kingdom of Steel and the Army of Immortals.
He is known for holding high note screams for over 40 seconds at Manowar shows. Adams's main vocal influence is Ian Gillan; Adams declared in an interview that he used to go to every Deep Purple show as a young man because he loved Gillan's voice.[4] However, he has also worked to create his own, personal style. His voice covers 4 octaves from bass B1 to the soprano B5. As Adams has aged, his vocal high end has decreased, so recent Manowar albums are tuned lower than earlier albums

86Johan Hegg - Amon Amarth
One of the smoothest voices in melodic death metal

87Rody Walker - Protest the Hero

88Sully Erna - Godsmack
Evey one votes for his favourite band's vocalist and that sucks ass. I love metallica but I know this guy is the beast just listen to the enemy

89Kyo - Dir En Grey
Should be number one. No one can ever sing like how Kyo sings.
KYO SHOULD TOPPED THE LIST! Oh I forgot, Kyo is not even human.

90Max Cavalera
Its should be in top 5 max have the nice pure metal voice and scream..

91Tim Owens
Best metal voice ever! He can really catch very high vocal notes... he has never wronged any song he expect to sing from any band he played! If you don't believe me just hear he's covers at Judas Priest - Diamonds and Rust and Iced Earth - Prophecy
Amazing singer! Great musician!
Why people have forgot Ripper?!?
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92Mitch Lucker - Suicide Silence
Epic screams, brutal lows, and plenty of heart, disappointed to see him not at least in the top 25.
I don't know what he's doing so far back. He was way better Ivan Moody.
Must be in top 10
Vote everybody
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93Danny Worsnop - Asking Alexandria
Oh! This man also gets my attention!

94Joey Belladonna - Anthrax

95Waylon Reavis - Mushroomhead

96Christian Alvestam
Clearly you guys are uncultured posers if you think Dickinson or hetfield are even close to Alvestam's talent. Go listen to his stuff for Solution.45, you'll thank me.

97Tom Angelripper

98Oliver Sykes - Bring Me The Horizon
Totally sexy piece of tattooed body ever! He's from bring my the horizon

99Daniel Heiman
Hits unbelievably high notes without wavering or losing any volume.
Highest metal singer (D6)

100Tim Lambesis - As I Lay Dying
Tim is really good, everything he does is perfect when it comes to talent. He should be in top ten at least

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