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All sites have very poor mp3 content except You won't have to search for mp3 links because they will be right in front of you. Cheers to
One stop for all music - classic or hot pops!
Easy for a trial listen and simply right-click to download!
Nice carry on.. N upload nice songz..
[Newest]Awesome site.. Just love it!

2Mp3Viper is one of the best mp3 websites there is. Probably bigger than mp3skull and beemp3 put together. I love this site. Try it out you guys will not be let down, I promise you!
This website is amazing
Good site. I go here on every day looking for new songs. Or whenever I need a new song for whatever the reason maybe. Check it out you will like this site.
[Newest]Sample and buy nothing really free!
Easy to download mp3 here
Beemp3 is an excellent website to download mp3s. It provides full and completely free information about the mp3 song you are about to download, such as (bit-rate, size, and artist)
Love it, but it's hard to download nowadays, can't find the link
[Newest]This site sucks! You cannot download songs half the time and now that they changed it it's worse. I think their site got into some big trouble with their "free" downloads of illegal downloading songs
Old is gold songs
Yep that's the phrase old songs are awesome some of then
[Newest]I just tried and loved it..
This site is awesome, all the songs that you need r there!
Its best for new users
The best use of all the websites
[Newest]It's only popular music... bummer

Mp3fresh isn't good you have a limited selection of music artists for example. I went to type in Timomatic and it said no results came up for Timomatic. So no I wouldn't rate very high at all
Not a very good site. I performed several searches for songs from the late 1990's and early 2000's with no hits. Most songs are more modern popular songs so I can't rate this very high.
It easy to download

7MP3 Music Mania
Have a great kind of songs available here only
Great site! I go there everyday for the songs I need.
In all the years I've been dealing with mp3 downloaders, this one beats all of them.
[Newest]Its pretty cool iv never found one like it

I visit this one almost every time

MatrixGuy this is the Best Site for Download latest songs and Everything you need. So Visit
EMP3 World is having over 86000 songs, music tracks, remixes available in their database.

The site is having very straight-forward look that lets you search what you wants.

Along with the search box, this site offers you to explore song archive alphabetically.
[Newest]Easy downloading/listening and wide range of songs both old and new! Thumbs up.
Best mp3 website coming after mp3skull.
I like it better than mp3skull. Somehow it has become my main source of mp3 downloads after I failed to download through mp3skull. Vote for it guys.
Extremely easy to use! Gives music genres on home page, easy one touch downloads! Perfect!
[Newest]Actual legit free site MP3skull be damned! Go with soundowl!

RaRE MP3 is an excellent website to download mp3s. It provides full and completely free information about the mp3 song you are about to download, such as (bit-rate, size, and artist)
? A bit tough on the navigation?
It's a great web site

The Contenders

Great mp3 site that has pretty much any song you could ever want. Highly recommended, also has minimal ads on it which is very nice.
Great site tons of mp3 song result. It gives youtube result too. Great to download songs and youtube videos.
I visited the site from this list its really great to download songs and I love the variation it offers to download a song either to video or mp3 from youtube or directly just the mp3 song great... Good
[Newest]Wow great collection of mp3's.
It always have latest collection
It is a very good website for downloading songs
It's best site with "less Ads" especially!
Songslover. Pk I love this site amazing kindly changed this site name they redirect site on songslover. Pk due to some country banned this website but I love this site
Here they literally list the latest music... I can always get the new songs before they appear in the billboard!
Simply the best.
It, s a nice website... I often visit this site
[Newest]I love this site
Best Best Best, Easy and Simple no ads, Fast searching and awesome result, Love this site to much
IT WORKS! It actually works
Cool apps love them
Nice website to download Bollywood songs... Easy and free
All Latest Hindi Movies Songs are updated on this site
This site is best for downloading free music uk top 40, latest Bollywood songs, latest marathi songs, no ads, #JustAwsome


16Download MP3 Remixes
I don't think of site but I try it this

This site is better than all others because along with download links they also provide video and lyrics of song.
I love this site. It releases bollywood movies songs first on the internet. Also its design is better than other download sites.
Its awesome easy to download
This site has been around for years and is one of the best! It is always up to date and always working. Very personal feel to it. Cheers!
This site is the best for music.
Wow! Brand new site!
Good site for download mp3 songs
How can we forget this wonderful website! It is the largest website with having very huge database of song collection. However, the site is a bit slow but that is nothing regarding the song’s quality and your freedom.
This one the ultimate
Good site it has both mobile and web version and very clean
Its very very cool

Easy, fast, simple user-friendly website.
Has wide range of music, which is always what I'm looking for.
Thanks! This is a real good site
[Newest]Has every new song!

Another music website that I visit most of the time... Sometimes some songs can't be seen but my downloads have been 100% efficient.
Best site for mp3 downloading and also very easy to use just type name of artist or music and you will get many downloading options
You should check out this. All kind of songs can be found here. It is the best MP3 search and download engine.
[Newest]Easy and quick to use.
Best site for me...

24Parmis Media
The best Persian music website
Your First Choiece of Persian Media Website.

The best mp3 d-loads site
Thank you for giving us free downloads
This a awesome site
[Newest]Good and easy, plus free!

MediaFire is much better than 4shared. I can trust mediafire more than 4shared. Plus, you can't open 4shared mp3 files in Audacity, but you can open Mediafire files in Audacity just fine. 4shared seems like a slightly dangerous website, it has those flashy ads saying stuff like "YOU JUST WON A CAR! " Mediafire doesn't have any of those.
Google any song and then type mediafire then go to the mp3 link at the mediafire site. Download and enjoy

Amazing website for english and bollywood mp3 songs I love it
This site is best mp3 sites...
Free MP3 search engine for listen online music or download mp3. No need register for downloads the songs.
70% of people view music as a friend because when everyone else leaves, music is always there.
I've always wondered what it would be like if I started making music the way I heard it in my head and not in the club.
Really easy to use, lots of bands, and full albums. What's not to love?

Having album art for more songs.. And easy way to use
You can download original songs with original album covers. hell yeah!
Nice website, visit once and enjoy download unlimited mp3 music
Is good to using
Good quality ^^ little size of file.
Latest & Old Bollywood, English, Indipop, Punjabi and Ghazal Mp3 Songs Download Free
Best Search Engine out there, I tried the one's on this list and it just does not compare! I like the fact that it's rare and not as popular like the rest, if you want to get those tracks that nobody has, this is the place to go!
I do search for song not just English and this site provides not just music but lyrics and background connected to the music I like it its very broad not like other site so limited to English or any popular songs you get songs that majority of people don't search :D
Fair probability of getting rarest of the rare tracks here.
[Newest]The ONLY ONE you'll ever need! Still THE BEST<3!
Big list of millions of songs which you can listen before download also provide album covers of the biggest part of songs.
Very good site with big list of songs for download. Also has music top chart with ranking.
Hi, for me this site is better and faster than all other sites for free mp3 music.

Just great from albums to single tracks and videos, direct download in all formats.
Best of all its free!
Just the one stop website for all mp3 and video's,
Just a fantastic website, seeing is believing. All downloads are free and they support all download formats like Mp3, Mp4, FLV, AVI etc.
Member can create unlimited playlists. They have a very good online support. is one of the best mp3 search engines around the web, you can easy search and download songs you want without creating an account or doing anything else. All you have to do to download mp3 on in type in keyword for mp3 you want to download in search box and click on search, once you found song you want you can play it and download it.

I like this site, I could download a high quality of mp3/mp4 + I could get the lettest song.. It's my favourite website
MP3Attic is a music and mp3 search engine that has millions of mp3s stored in it's database. You can search by title, artist and album to find exactly what you are looking for.
It's alright no that bad but I like it because I can download
Easy to use... Most simple site ever

Listen, Search and Download free mp3's from a database of millions of songs.
Great site, lots of songs, always got what I am looking for

New site but great search results, I'm using a lot.
Fast and good results!
MP3 finder the great music finder

44Free MIDI Files
Free MIDI files. Over 5500 MIDI. MP3 search engine to
search for over 1 million free MP3.

45AbMp3 Songs
Free Download Bollywood Songs, English Music, Indipop Remix Album, Punjabi Bhangra And Indian Pakistani Super Hits Ghazal Mp3, Ringtone and lyrics.
Awesome site to download mp3
New and fresh search results... Also can find videos from there.
Nice site to download songs
Gre8 Website for all kind of Bollywood, indipop, English pop album, punjabi pop album songs free download lyrics and ringtone
The best mp3 site I've ever seen

MP3Panda offers an easy way to listen and download free music. You can find your favourite songs in our multi-million database of quality mp3 music by searching song, artist, singer or movie name. Its fast and provide relevant search results.
Awesome site to download free music.


You can Download All songs from It offers great variety of songs and movies.
Nice Site. Awesome! :-) Please visit this site it should be rated 1 in this list
It's a great site
It only has Indian music!
This is a nice site

PayPlay. FM is an online music store from the Ukraine. It was originally launched in the USA. The download music store currently offers over 3,600,000 songs of independent music in MP3 format. The store is available worldwithe. The music in the store is sold at fixed bitrates, mostly 192 or 320 kbit/s depending on the song.
New Website mp3 videos sreaming and download..
FREE MP3 Seach Engine. Search, Listen & Download with the worlds largest MP3 Collections anywhere, anytime.

60MP3 Siren
Best up and coming music site! Make sure to check out for all the newest songs and best links.
I love this site because this is the only site I came across which don't have any advertisements on it. And the Search Results are Very good too. And I love the way they show it's search results. I makes it easier to find quality mp3 songs

Best free mp3 & video downloads.

Lyrics and mp3 search engine

Awesome site to download free mp3 songs from all over the world.
Great and easy to download music!
Really good to download mp3 music.
Its much better than others, it has all the music
Dude this is the best
CD quality mp3 downloads, for free! This is my go-to site for downloading music!

66Super Fast MP3 Search and Download
Search, listen and share your favorite mp3 songs with
Simple and Minimalist Mp3 Sites with great design. Easy to Play the song and Download the mp3's file. Mobile Supported.

Hulkshare.i'm allow you to search new latest songs each and everyday, You could download or listen every single song you want
Best site to download free music/songs with out registration.


MP3Raid is one of the most powerful MP3 Search engine. I am sure, you had visit this site several times to get your music download. The site is having very huge collection of songs. Finding the top international songs is never a simple task. This site provides you very comfortable navigation system to get your song downloaded.
Nice site thousands of tunes
Huge mp3 database easy name to remember
Free mp3 search and listen
Large collection of mp3s. Some from most famous artists get deleted and reuploaded constantly.
Free MP3 download. More than 30 millions songs
Tons of music downloads there
Easy to listening and dowbloads

77Amazon MP3

I found of everything, mp3, albums, the mp3 downloads are editable, you can edit, cut the song, the name, title, album, year, music genre, etc...
Good search engine of mp3
Gana. Pk website is for downloading Bollywood mp3 songs, Tamil mp3 songs, telugu mp3 songs, malayalam mp3 songs, kannada mp3 songs, bhojpuri mp3 songs, marathi mp3 songs, Pakistani movie songs and many more. The website enables you to go through the latest music tracks and music reviews of upcoming movies. You can search your favorite songs to listen online and you can also download those songs directly.
Download Latest Bollwood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam Mp3 Songs


Kohit is similar to emp3 world. You can play songs online or can directly download mp3 from Kohit. Online player got support for playlists also. It got a total of 400k songs and many more are indexed everyday.
If you are in a hurry and wants to listen and download Top hits of the day then this website can do best for you. MP3 Fusion provides you very fast access to songs, whether you wants to listen them or download to your PC or laptop.

85Skidrow Gamer
Free download and play online music streaming of latest & rare old Hindi, English mp3, Top artists and hit music free Includes charts, full albums, for download and share on social networks.
Easy to use, listen, and download
Great site, Thank you.
Free download mp3skull music in hd mp3 format, awesome site.

Beemp3 got shut down and replaced by You guys can check for yourself. That site gone.

For all Pilipino music lovers

Free Mp3 Download, Free Music Downloads

This is really a great music website, seeing is believing!

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