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Amazon MP3
Amazon MP3
Mp3 clan are the best!
Bang bang back ground music
Ask for FREE downloads, these are not free. Don't care for.
[Newest]It is the best
All sites have very poor mp3 content except You won't have to search for mp3 links because they will be right in front of you. Cheers to
One stop for all music - classic or hot pops!
Easy for a trial listen and simply right-click to download!
Nice carry on.. N upload nice songz..
[Newest]ITS alright easy download links. Fast and Simple!
More comments about

3Mp3Viper is one of the best mp3 websites there is. Probably bigger than mp3skull and beemp3 put together. I love this site. Try it out you guys will not be let down, I promise you!
This website is amazing
Good site. I go here on every day looking for new songs. Or whenever I need a new song for whatever the reason maybe. Check it out you will like this site.
[Newest]Very good site all songs and good interface
Easy to download mp3 here
Love it, but it's hard to download nowadays, can't find the link
Beemp3 is an excellent website to download mp3s. It provides full and completely free information about the mp3 song you are about to download, such as (bit-rate, size, and artist)
[Newest]You can download your mp3 easy
Visit Website
This site is awesome, all the songs that you need r there!
Its best for new users
The best use of all the websites
[Newest]It's great because you can find a lot of music from a lot of countries.
Visit Website

Easy, fast, simple user-friendly website.
Has wide range of music, which is always what I'm looking for.
Thanks! This is a real good site
[Newest]The most easy way to get free soni
Visit mp3Clan Website

Mp3fresh isn't good you have a limited selection of music artists for example. I went to type in Timomatic and it said no results came up for Timomatic. So no I wouldn't rate very high at all
Not a very good site. I performed several searches for songs from the late 1990's and early 2000's with no hits. Most songs are more modern popular songs so I can't rate this very high.
I love my song websites
Visit MP3Fresh.Net Website

I visit this one almost every time


This isn't free at all I went to download my selection and it brought me to a site to buy the music so false statement that it is free very low rating for this site this is the Best Site for Download latest songs and Everything you need. So Visit
EMP3 World is having over 86000 songs, music tracks, remixes available in their database.

The site is having very straight-forward look that lets you search what you wants.

Along with the search box, this site offers you to explore song archive alphabetically.
[Newest]Not many pop ups, easy, the artist I was looking for was there
Visit Emp3world Website
Best mp3 website coming after mp3skull.
I like it better than mp3skull. Somehow it has become my main source of mp3 downloads after I failed to download through mp3skull. Vote for it guys.
Extremely easy to use! Gives music genres on home page, easy one touch downloads! Perfect!
[Newest]It was horrible. Had nothing on it. Don't vote.
Visit Website
Songslover. Pk I love this site amazing kindly changed this site name they redirect site on songslover. Pk due to some country banned this website but I love this site
Here they literally list the latest music... I can always get the new songs before they appear in the billboard!
Simply the best.
Best mp3 site ever
[Newest]Loads of adverts, false links, I clicked on a link and it opened three new windows! Beware.
Visit Website

The Contenders

RaRE MP3 is an excellent website to download mp3s. It provides full and completely free information about the mp3 song you are about to download, such as (bit-rate, size, and artist)
? A bit tough on the navigation?
It's a great web site

Great mp3 site that has pretty much any song you could ever want. Highly recommended, also has minimal ads on it which is very nice.
Great site tons of mp3 song result. It gives youtube result too. Great to download songs and youtube videos.
I visited the site from this list its really great to download songs and I love the variation it offers to download a song either to video or mp3 from youtube or directly just the mp3 song great... Good
[Newest]Awesome site, find downloading here pretty good even with our poor network.. Thank you
It always have latest collection
Songs quality are good in the site
It is a very good website for downloading songs
[Newest]It pretty much sucks

15MP3 Monkey
Its quick and easy
My primary source of music at the moment
My favorite, however its not the best
Search engine very efficient
Very nice websites I downloaded better songs than amazon and mp3skull and mp3viper


Everything is on this website! Not only the most famous, I could find very rare jazz, blues and piano music! Plus : no ads disturbing.
[Newest]Fast. easy. useful. efficient. design. THE BEST.

MediaFire is much better than 4shared. I can trust mediafire more than 4shared. Plus, you can't open 4shared mp3 files in Audacity, but you can open Mediafire files in Audacity just fine. 4shared seems like a slightly dangerous website, it has those flashy ads saying stuff like "YOU JUST WON A CAR! " Mediafire doesn't have any of those.
Google any song and then type mediafire then go to the mp3 link at the mediafire site. Download and enjoy
This site has been around for years and is one of the best! It is always up to date and always working. Very personal feel to it. Cheers!
This site is the best for music.
Wow! Brand new site!
Best Best Best, Easy and Simple no ads, Fast searching and awesome result, Love this site to much
IT WORKS! It actually works
Cool apps love them
Download Free Mp3 Songs
Very Good Mp3 Search engine Check any Mp3 files online
Just awesome mp3 site.. Must Use and recommended for music lover...

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