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Electric Guitar
Defiantly guitars, I mean let's try to make this realistic, who really plays the bagpipes?
Wow I just laughed really hard, you are hilarious.. I know this comment has no point but just had to put that out there!
The most flexible instrument in the world. Whilst other instruments such as bagpipes and violin are beautiful in their own right, electric guitar can master sounds like rock, jazz, blues, classical sounds etc... Although I do like bagpipes... I respectfully crank my guitar and max distort in your face
The electric guitar can do so much. From Jazz to Heavy metal, clean sound to super distorted. You can create your own sound and style. You
Can play really simple, fun riffs or technical solos. It's mind-boggling how many different ways there are to play. You can bend, tap, use the whammy bar (if you have one), scratch etc. And don't even get get me started on different effect pedals and tunings. Basically, the electric guitar is the best instrument ever.
[Newest]The Electric guitar Rules
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It sounds beautiful! It's wonderful!
I play piano, and it's very fun, simple, and, once you've been playing it for a few years, people think you're awesome.
This is the one that sounds beautiful and awesome! The songs sound so nice! The piano is the instrument that gives everyone the happiness and joy EVERYDAY!
[Newest]It is one instrument I love to see a man or woman play as long as they are good and it doesn't matter what age they are they can be young or old

And I never get tired of hearing it when it is played in my church
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Drums gives a rhythm to every piece of music. The beat is very powerful, and the it makes every song sounds even better.
A cool instrument! Rock on!
Drums give rhythm and sound to every song


[Newest]Sweet quick and most elegant of the ten

Good luck and I play violin and it is so so fun I love it but I reckon violin could of made it to the top 3 but I don't get why the bag pipes are number 1 no body I know really has a bagpipe or even play the bagpipes! But I see their point
Violin is good accompaniment in heavy music, melodic metal, even hiphop. Dracula's favorite instrument.
I am in 4th grade and I will be in 5th next year and there is band next year and they don't have the violin and that is what I wanted to play I am very mad to play the violin is my dream
[Newest]I like Violin because it's easy to play
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5Bass Guitar
Bass guitar is probably the most underrated and underrespected instruments out there. And it's also one of the best sounding! Electric guitarists get all the fame because they make it look easy but the fact is it IS easy (compared to bass or acoustic). Bass players on the other hand, deserve far more respect than they get. If you disagree that bassists get disrespected just go to The Uncyclopedia and look up bass guitar.
Poor John Deacon is so underrated and really, all of them are, but he is my favorite. If I had to play an instrument, this would be it. But I already play drums. (I am not that good. ) But anyway, I REALLY love the sound, it sounds so cool... Listen to "Invisible Man" by Queen, and it sounds AWESOME. Also, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". BASS FOREVER
Far more important than electric guitar. A band can survive with just bass and drums, guitars, keyboards or even saxophones are merely the decoration on the musical cake that is the rhythm section.


[Newest]Bass is not even close to other guitars, it's easier to play and is usually just the same thing, while others can play solos and other things like that. This should not be this high up on the list

The saxophone is different. Sure, you meet many people who can get beautiful tones on the clarinet or flute, play the drums or bagpipes, but the saxophone speaks for itself. The electric guitar might be able to do a lot, and classical instruments like the violin, viola or cello, but the sax (alto, in particular) is so satisfying, relaxing and lovely. It's not about difficulty at all, for example, do you ever feel hesitant about getting out your instrument and playing it? The sax isn't like that. Never. It's obviously not hard to see how it can capture so many people's hearts. I used to play classical, and felt that as much as I liked it, I wanted to try jazz. And I did. And it made me realise that whilst I had been complaining about the task of practising, I had been missing out on so much that is so useful, and brings joy to people. So to all you saxophone players out there like me - keep on playing and don't give up. The saxophone has a world of its own, of jazz, waiting to be explored. I think this passage speaks for itself too.
The saxophone is jazzy, can be loud, soft, and can sound like a brass or woodwind instrument. It is the instrument that balances out brass and woodwind. This is why I like it so much.
Saxophone is by far the most romantic and sexiest instrument and its not merely any instrument its number 1 for me and I've met a lot of people with the same opinion. I really think that everyone can enjoy good sax and jazz songs cause they can be also chill out songs.
[Newest]The saxophone is a beautiful instrument. It's sleek and powerful, able to jar a crowd into excited movement and soft enough to lull people a into dream at the call of its purr. I play the tenor saxophone, and upon hearing it, I love the way its distinctive voice soars into hearts and minds alike.
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7Acoustic Guitar
Absolutely. It's harder than bass and electric, so it produces a clearer sound. I play instruments from all the categories and guitar is easily the best.
It's like no other sound. It refreshes that need for sound quality. I love playing acoustic guitar.
This is a very modern guitar! Very cool!
[Newest]For me acoustic guitar is the best. I just love it.

For fans of bags and pipes alike!
I mean you can't get any better than BAGPIPES!
They suck a lot
[Newest]Bagpipes ROCK! True Scottish instrument.

Flute definitely deserves to be on this list because it is the hardest of the woodwind instruments to master. 60% of a flute players air doesn't even make it into the instrument. If you have ever made a noise by blowing across a beer bottle... It is way harder. I play this instrument in a symphony setting and get paid more than most of the other instrumentalists.
I would put the flute over any woodwind instruments. It is definitely the hardest woodwind instrument to play. It doesn't have a reed which makes it harder to play because it requires more air, not to mention the fingerings. But once you've mastered the flute, it is an amazing instrument to play.
I'm ten and have been playing flute for about a half a year. It's pretty easy once you have learned the basics of making constent sounds, but it can be challenging. I think flute is amazing, fun, and makes beautifull sounds.
I'm ten too, and I just started band this year. Once you master blowing into it and moving your fingers, it's really fun!
[Newest]I have been playing the flute for around four years. I love it's range, and it is rather difficult to play.

(Yes I know ELP is my favorite band, and they didn't have guitar. )
I love all guitars so I couldn't jut chose electric or acoustic, they are fun to play and are used is so many genres. I love the guitar
Guitars of any matter are amazing! Acoustic guitars give songs a nice feel and electric guitars give songs an exciting feel!


The Contenders

Keyboards are extremely passionate sounding. They can change styles, and create various moods. They also taste like chicken fajias. Have you ever tried grilled bankers> Keyboard sucsk! But, if you are interested in cheese, on the other hand...
I kind of think this is pretty much a more modern and cheaper version of a piano and the only difference is you can't look inside it for the strings and it's electrical but same sound and stuff.
It's a retro version of the piano with a lot of different settings!
[Newest]Keyboards are practically the same as pianos and they are more fun because you can try out different sounds, if you can play the key board you can play anything!

The cello is an amazing instrument, that has the perfect tone. It has a sound that no band instrument can compete with. A cello can accompany virtually any instrument, while it can also play beautiful solos. This instrument, is the best instrument ever invented.
The cello allows me to express myself in ways that I could have never imagined. It has taken me places I could have never dreamed of going, and it has given me the chance to see things that I had never noticed, both musical and non-musical.
There is no musical instrument on planet Earth that can be as expressive as a cello.
[Newest]I'm pleasantly surprised that nobody said anything about Mia from If I Stay. The cello is a very nice instrument; it has a nice range, also.

The clarinet is the best instrument ever. It is right in the middle of the flute and saxophone yet is small and lightweight. It has the largest range of notes music styles and dynamics of any woodwind instrument. It is also the most important instrument to any concert band's sound. The clarinet has the largest range of different members of its family. The clarinet can be used in marching bands, symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles, jazz bands, big bands, latin jazz, rock n roll, pop, commercial music, country, samba, or salsa music. The clarinet Iis one of the most expressivec and flexible instruments ever created, having a tone and range closest to the human voice. It can sound expressive as a solo instrument or as a section. CLARINETS ARE AMAZING.
The clarinet is the pathway to learning basically any woodwind instrument. When you learn the clarinet, that makes it easy to learn any saxophone, flute, any other kind of clarinet, etc. With the clarinet there is no limit as to how high your range goes - you can define your range by how far you are willing to go, which is a unique and great quality. The clarinet sounds beautiful and has a full, dark, and rich tone. You can also play a variety of different styles of music on the clarinet. Although the clarinet embrouchure is perhaps the hardest to develop correctly, the instrument is otherwise not terrible to learn. I fell in love with the clarinet, have you?
It's a hard woodwind instrument to play. When you master it it makes it less difficult for you to play other woodwind instruments.
[Newest]You gotta learn the language of the clarinet

Trumpet is the bomb in any latin band. It's also important in any big/show/stage band. It can also can also rock a seedy jazz bar. Honestly it's like singing just better. =D
I have played the trumpet for 4 years and it is an amazing instrument to play. You can reach a range of all different notes with it and it can handle all genres.
Trumpet is probably the best instrument because it sounds, just beautiful. I love the sound of the trumpet. The trumpet is DEFINITELY the best instrument!
[Newest]Trumpet is the bomb! It has such a Beautiful sound.

The ukulele is awesome instrument to learn and is really fun to play along to songs and sing with as well. It makes an amazing sound and easily cheers up anyone on a very bad day! It is easy too learn too, and is very good if you want to learn the guitar and definitely easier to learn if you already know how to play the guitar. UKULELE = TOTAL OWNAGE
Ukuleles can play all genres and are hugely under appreciated. They are suitable substitutes to most overused instruments and deserve to be at the top of this list.
The Uke is an amazing instrument for a beginner. You can start with a very low investment and work your way up as you improve. The size is right for travel, you can take it anywhere. In fact I bought a travel Ukulele that fits in a back pack. It stands well on it's own but it is the best gateway instrument out there!
[Newest]I have one, and it is really cool. Once you can play a guitar, you can play Luke.

Where on earth is the harp on this list? To me the most beautiful sounding instrument. Wont do for every situation but for the right song nothing does the job more beautifully.
I have always wanted to try the harp before I got my flute! The sound is just so romantic and beautiful that I fell head over heels when I first heard it! :D but the problem is that they could be really hard to play and they are SUPER EXPENSIVE! I would not recommend them to any family with a tight budget because they can be anywhere up to 1,000,000 Dollers or sometimes even more! With their beautiful sounds but expensive prices I would prefer just 'borrowing' one from someone and try it out. Try your local music shop and see what they recommend.
The most beautiful instrument on this planet!

It's great for the blues! If you're looking to play some great but sad song then the harmonica is all yours
Understated. Does everything you want/can think of. From Jazz and blues, to rock and roll if you stick a pedal and an amp on it. And if you get bored, practice beatbox and play it making your own baseline!
This instrument is handy. You can play anywhere, and anytime.
[Newest]The Harmonica is a great instrument. It can do anything imaginable and they are portable you can take it out whenever you fell the urge to play!

Synthesizer should be #1 on this list because they can make literally ANY SOUND. Guitar? You got it. Piano? Yep. Violin? Absolutely. You name the instrument, a synth can emulate it.
Can make any sound, from an evolving lush pad to a robotic bloop.
Awesome tunes and the key instrument in many songs!
[Newest]A keyboard can make any sound too you know

You know why no one takes the xylophone seriously? It's because the only types that are ever seen are baby toys. It is so much more than how it often appears to us. Also, it's great to make and makes a fun project!
Those sound pretty and are easy to play.
The Xylophone often appears as a toy for babies - however, there is much more to this instrument than many think.
"Ragtime Robin" is a prime example

I've been playing Horn for 4 years now and I've just been so happy that I chose an instrument with such beautiful tone. Horns can be used to create such a mellifluous sound in a slower-paced song or create a devastating punch of sound when needed as well. I have no idea how trumpet is above the horn - it sounds better and takes much more skill to play (and if you don't play horn and say you can play it well, you can't play it well until I hear you play the Siegfried Horn Call accurately and in tempo)
The horn is a beautifully complex instrument that takes a long time to have a good tone. But when it's played well, it is so deeply, richly gorgeous that you can feel the song in your heart. In fast, peppy songs, good hornists can make their tone be a kind of roaring, upbeat nature. In slow songs, the warm-sounding tone just kind of melts in your ears like chocolate on a hot day. It's so... wonderfully beautiful. And on other pieces, the player can (usually) ujust their tone to fit the style of the song.
The tone quality is so strikingly powerful and amazing gorgeous that it is VERY hard to describe in words.

The horn is the most beautiful instrument ever made.
The statement is somewhat one-sided, as the Horn can also play loud, grand passages, and emulate a lively hunting horn. Techniques are also extremely varied, and this lends to large flexibility in solo and orchestral repertoire.
[Newest]Listen to any movie soundtrack. I rest my case.

The world music instrument, par excellence, central to dance traditions everywhere. The accordion can be played very, very simply or with incredible sophistication. The United States, with a few local exceptions, may be the only country in the world that doesn't take the accordion seriously. That is changing but, in the meantime, the accordion is still exotic enough in most settings to be cool!
Probably the most misunderstood instrument out there, when really it has more potential than many think. It isn't just for Serbian folk music. So please people, understand that the accordion is just like any other instrument and stop hating it.
You can have a Melody, then a bass line accompaniment. Then you can accompany your self at the same time! What's not to like?!

22Double Bass
I have played the double bass for six years in a Orchestra and it is beautiful. Most of the time it under appreciated since we almost never get solos, but nothing beets the unique deep sound (or the arm work out).
The bass is my life, period. I would not be the person I am without. So, vote for what you want but, keep this in mind. The bass has changed a life.

Very nice deep sound and the instrument does not get enough credit for being in music. The viola is used in almost every pop song that features any stringed orchestral instruments.
BEST INSTRUMENT EVER! It has mellow tones, not squeaky like violins, and not too low like a cello or bass. It's perfect because it's right in the middle. Plus, violas have the prettiest harmonies EVER! This instrument really does NOT get enough credit at all.
The beautiful sounds of a cello with the ease of a violin. This makes the viola clearly the best and most versatile of all the musical instruments. It definitely does not get the credit it deserves!
[Newest]I agree that the viola doesn't get enough credit, but cello's are not too low and violins are not squeaky.

24Bongo Drums
I have only ever met 1 person in my life who plays bongo drums and is actually good at it. I think this instrument is hard because I couldn't keep a beat to save me life
Easy to play it is a instrument if you cannot get a hang of the drums you play the bongo's all you have to to is hit it with your nuckels and palm and job dune

By far the organ. You can get every sound you can think of out of a pipe organ, and it has the power to make you laugh, jump for joy, cry, warm your heart, and make you want to dance. In a band you need multiple instruments, same with an orchestra, but an organ can be alone to play the most majestic music a person can hear. The pipe organ by far.
Why? The biggest and most powerful instrument there is. It sounds like Heaven if it is played right, and you only need to be 1 person to make three lines of music. Awesome Indeed. I cannot play it though.
Out of all the instruments I have heard, the organ is my favourite.

Without the trombone in the band, it wouldn't have rhythm and low sounds to make the melody
The trombone is AMAZING! Without a trombone in the band there would be no loud beautiful notes to harmonize with the other instruments. Without the trombone your band would sound really strange. Plus it is the only instrument with a slide.
I play the trombone and I truly do like it and it has a very nice deep sound I like that deep sound

27Electric Upright Bass

For travel, A Plastic Soprano Recorder Is at Least As Good A Choice As A Harmonica. Better Dynamic Flexibility And Cheaper To Replace.
Recorders are fun but kind of boring

It should certainly top the list. the music emanating from sitar is divine and holy and surely everybody will agree with me once they have listened to sitar being played
Sitar is one of the richest musical instruments (which easily deserves top position in such a list) which emerged from the heart of Indian Classical Music. Sitar influenced the Western music and brought about a big change in the World Music. A layman can start listening to it by Pt. Ravishankar or, Pt. Ali Akbar Khan or anybody who is great in this instrument. Even The Beatles were highly influenced by Pt. Ravishankar's Sitar and used it in many of their songs. Apart from them, The Byrds, Yardbirds, Rolling Stones and many more western musicians and bands were fan of this great Indian instrument. So, listen to it and get enriched.
It's a different version of our guitar! It's cool

It was in zelda so it rocks
The most versatile instrument ever!
Love the ocarina. It's unique sound can't be mached.
[Newest]I love to play my ocarina

The percussion's is a very formidable instrument and has a variety of people known to use it. For example such as symbol, timpani and triangle help to prepare and progress your levels.

The Mandolin is very cool. If you like the violin, the guitar, the bass and the lute, then you will 100% like the mandolin. It is lightweight, fun, and just listening to it will give you goosebumps of being in the middle ages fighting in a huge war between good and evil. What more could you ask for, I mean Triangle? Seriously?
Great instrument with unique sound. Adds flavor to songs.
You can play anything on a mandolin and make it sound beautiful, Chris Thile primarily plays bluegrass or newgrass but also kills it playing Bach on the mandolin, its just a beautiful instrument that sounds like no other

33Electric Violin
The power of the Electric Guitar and the Violin put into one, twice the Awesomeness!
I love my electric violin. It produces such deep sounds that a normal violin can not. It looks awesome and it is. Go Electric Violin!
Seriously, ever heard bryson Andres play.
There is a vio, in in every genre of music ever, you hear violin everyday, you don't notice it, but it is the worlds most popular instrument.

Oboe is by far the hardest of the woodwinds instruments. The other woodwind instruments require embouchure, of course, but nowhere near the level of the oboe. The oboe's embouchure is much more firm than that of the saxophone or clarinet, and there is always room for improvement, whereas with a flute, once you get the technique, you're pretty much set. Even if you learn to regulate air and play with the correct embouchure, you must still work your way up to a perfect reed. The oboe ( and bassoon) embodies two of the hardest aspects of woodwinds and brasses. You still have to memorize a lot of fingerings, while striving to perfect embouchure. Without it, you sound like a duck (which is probably what turns people off of learning oboe).
The oboe was my very first instrument and has earned it's way into my heart. It is both rare and loved at the same time. The sound is very unique and makes any band complete. Without oboes, music would not be a part of who I am.
I play the Clarinet, piano, alto saxophone, trumpet, violin, and xylophone and I want to play the oboe so bad but my parents won't let me get one because they are so expensive.

I love the triangle... One of the few instruments I can play other than the piano. It's really funny when you hear someone play it really good even though it's like a really easy instrument.
Damn this is the hardest instrument ever to play. It challenges your brain and takes a tremendous amount of skillz. I mean these guys are other than football players and are in better shape then Weight Lifters! GO TRIANGLES!


One of the divine instrument. critical to play but good at color variations and useful in the church.

Hard to play a lot harder then the flute the reason is that the keys are smaller then the flutes and it makes it hard to play
Piccolo is my favorite character in dragon ball z

37Electric Cello
I don't play electric cello but no one has commented and I think electric cello's are epic!

38Baritone Horn
The Baritone Horn is really underrated. Always overshadowed by the trumpet and clarinet players, still has a smooth and low sound. The only reason I think it's all the way up here is how unknown it is.

Person A: I play the Baritone in my band, mom.
Mom: Huh? What's that?
Been playing it for 5 years, and is an important instrument in the band, as well as fantastic for solos
The best instrument in the band ensemble! Great for smooth solos

Basically a trumpet and ultra hard to learn, sounds like a foghorn at times!

One unique quality of the bassoon is that it can blend beautifully with any instrument. Its mellow tenor range, charming bass notes and seldom used but still very pretty alto range give this instrument so many characteristic sounds. Its double reed and countless keys take time to learn, but mastering them adds all the more prestige. One more thing: Nobody hates the bassoon.
The fact that this is the 41 st choice and not in the top ten not only for the level of difficulty and the sound quality amazes me and who ever did the ratings need to get a redo.
One of the hardest instruments to play but very beautiful. It's one the most unique instruments and if you play it, orchestras will love you.
[Newest]The Bassoon has such a mellow sound and I think it should be higher on the list. Only because it is not has popular.

"I love the banjo because it's aussie and I think its reminds me of power and determination I've been learning the banjo since I was 3 years old I love and it was the only thing I played with".

"Ever since I started I've always dreamed of being a banjo superstar in a wonderful instrument and it also makes me think of my family of Australia"
The banjo is an amazing instrument!
The banjo is the most Australian instrument there is and
[Newest]One word. Mumford and sons cool.

The marimba has such a rich and unique sound that has the ability to warm anybody's heart. The sound it creates has so much depth, and the marimba has the capability to create so many different styles of music. It is one if not the most beautiful percussion instrument. The marimba is truly unique and should be higher on this list.

43French Horn
The French horn has a very mellow tone, my favorite. It's nice to have one instrument that is less sharp than the trumpet and higher than the baritone
French Horn are so Romantic!
I would say that horn is ten times better than this "French" horn you speak of.
[Newest]They are the best

This is an indian classical instrument, approximately 500 years old. It's becoming a very important instrument in modern music.
It keeps girls away so I don't have to talk to them

Digeridoos sound like culture. They produce a sound that no other instrument can. When they are played you can feel the vibrations off the earth and it gives you a feel of sensation.

How is this so low? Just listen to Slipknot's (Sic) or Linkin Park's A Place For My Head. Turntables are such a cool instrument, especially in genres like Nu-Metal; if I'm ever in a band, I will make sure that someone is playing turntables


The tuba is actually an extremely verisitile instrument and is not super easy to play. For example it is usually playing a bass part but it is a great solo and duet instrument. To see some examples of this look up Canadian brass (the song "the saints hallelujah" is a great piece to show case the tuba)
Almost always the lowest instrument in the band and stands out. It is classified in the low brass section with three or sometimes four valves (keys)
The tuba is a EPIC instrument. It sounds like the titanic but it's so low its amazing! I really want to play the tuba!

48Classical Guitar
I can never get enough of the sound of classical guitar. It's so romantic and calming. I love it!
Great Instrument it sounds great but the electric is better

49Bass Trombone

Inspired most baroque compositions. A favourite of Mozart and Bach. In fact, there was a point in history where nearly every household would have had a harpsichord. Should be higher.
Sweetass instrument, should be implemented more often in contemporary music.

They are spoons. WHY ELSE!?
I don't know why this isn't #1

Pretty much the coolest 12 stringed Middle Eastern guitar I have ever heard.
Magical voice, will make it go into serenity...
Magical number one instrument in the world period.

53Bass Clarinet
Having tried the clarinet and bass clarinet, I can say that the bass clarinet is harder to get familiar with, especially the high notes. However, once mastered, it allows the player to fulfill almost any role in an ensemble, and keep a melodious tone the whole time. The lower notes are sonorous and riveting, and the higher notes can have the voice-like tone of a clarinet or the flair of a clarinet used in klesmer. Also, I think the piano and cello should be even higher on this list.
The Bass Clarinet is physically a beautiful instrument. But nothing is as good as playing a rich mellow low note the shakes your mouth in a very funny way. The Bass Clarinet can also play high notes beautifully. Once mastered the bass clarjnet can play good repertoires, orchestral excerpts, Etudes, and any other types lf songs. Once you master it it becomes aa awesome instrument
I think it should be in the top five along with the bass clarinet


It makes me think immediatly about japanese temples.
Gong and Shamisen:
The Best of the Best
The Rarest of the Rare
The Asian of the Asians
Two Great Harmonious Musical Instruments.
I like these instruments because they stand out from everyday boring ones, such as Guitar or Drums.

56Wobble Board
What is a wobble board?


58Pedal Steel Guitar
Just such a beautiful sound, great for sleepy zen people but can be upbeat too, I love this instrument, also very hard to play so that's why there's so very few that can play it very goof
Best sounding instrument in my opinion... just awesome
Usually 10 Strings E9 Tuning Very nice sound used in country music a lot

A flugelhorn is an instrument similar in appearance to a trumpet, with a sound resembling a mixture of a trumpet and a horn, also taking the best of both instruments. The tone is absolutely gorgeous, the mellowness of the horn in F and the versatility and range of a trumpet. Chuck Mangione is a great example of an amazing flugelhorn player, an amazing performer and songwriter.
I want a Flugelhorn! *screaming (high pitched) I want a Flugelhorn.
The purest, most beautiful sound ever! Absolutely gorgeous

60Marching Snare

61Tin Whistle
Fun, inexpensive and easy to play.
Beautiful clear sound, can play A LOT of songs
Can't say it any better than Mr James Walway already did "It's very expressive, in the right hands, in the hands of a master it's a real virtuoso instrument"

The Euphonium is a seriously underrated instrument that is capable of producing the MOST beautiful and intoxicating melodies. It name is Latin for beautiful sound and it's characteristic rich, warm, dark tone is a valuable contribution to any ensemble. It has an extensive range and has been said to be the closest brass instrument to the human voice. If everyone took the time to look up " Euphonium" on YouTube then it would be at the TOP OF THE LIST!
For all people who want to know why euphonium is the best instrument:
-The euphonium has the mellow and harmonic sound of the French horn, but in the low brass section.
-The euphonium literally means well sound in greek
-It keeps the baritone section together
Not many people know what this band instrument is. The best I can describe it is as a mini tuba. It is classified in the low brass section.
[Newest]This instrument is amazing please take a look, only if more people knew it it would get more love.

They are exactly like bongo drums, except they have stands.




Makes the prettiest sound in the world. I have never played it but I have heard it. It's an instrument from South America and used in the soundtrack of the video game "The Last Of Us"

An underrated instrument with a pretty sound. Makes you feel you're in the old west.

Armenian wind instrument that has a beautiful ancient desert quality about it.

Definitely it is the imbred retard of a trombone and bassoon and it couldn't be more beautiful.

71English Horn
Its like an Oboe, but better, Dvorak knew what he was doing when he wrote the New World Symphony!
This instrument has the greatest sound of all.
Look it up.

Is a Persian musical instrument. It is a member of the lute family, which is played with index finger of the right hand.

It is so beautiful and relaxing!
Reminds me of a beautiful chinese bird singing



DON'T skip this insturment comes from heaven. I believe every human will love this legendary tunes.

A punjabi classical instrument

This is the best and most relaxing instrument in the world!

Pretty much like a trumpet...but better.


81Nose Whistle



What in the world is this instrument?


86Hammered Dulcimer
The hammered dulcimer is epic.

87Soprano Melodica
i play it


89Lap Harp

It sound out each note so perfectly and give ones who hear it a sudden remote feeling of each unique song, either a malevolently fast beat one or a clear slow show of beats.

91Alto Horn
The alto horn is a beautiful instrument. It can play, a rich and deep melody, and the same goes with the harmony. It is very versatile, as it can play jazz, classical, marching music, whether in a solo, or an ensemble. I love the alto horn!
Wonderful sound. Very loud. I like that it's higher than a tuba, but lower than a trumpet.

It sounds just wonderful!

93Jaw Harp
Gives a great western sound. I play the jaw harp along with the drums and harmonica. A simple instrument and very underrated.



96Tar (Lute)



Traditional Croatian Music instrument

100Tubular Bells
How are Tubular bells all the way down at 100?!?! They can make music sound so beautiful!

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This list was created 7 years, 165 days ago and has been voted on over 4,000 times. This top ten list contains 122 items, has been remixed 26 times and has been blogged about 2 times.

Updated Saturday, April 18, 2015

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