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21Waiting for the Night

AMAZING! Nostalgic and it defines my teenage years! #1 song!

24The Grass Is Green

Although the Folklore era has always been considered a financial drop from Woah, Nelly! But this is Nelly's best album lyrically. So nostalgic. It reminds me of that 2003-05 era when I was very young child, and it reminds me of my home country - Ireland. The Grass IS Green. I love it. It's personally my favourite song and will stay close to me forever. "Oh yeah, the grass is green! " So powerful. Her mellow voice really goes with it. It's several different life experiences from a decade ago in one song. Impeccable. Love it! Great job, Nelly!

It's a shame it was only released in Germany because this song defines FREEDOM.

Very special to me in my heart. The best song ever made. Enchanting.

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25Is Anybody Out There?

This is one of the knaan's melodious songs
A very catchy song and one which stays in your head whole day

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26S*** On the Radio (Remember the Days)
28Morning After Dark
29Te Busque

Just fallen in love? Then this song is for you!

30Do It
34No Hay Igual
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