Best Nike Ardilla Fans

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1Darren Henriquez - Bandung Indonesia

Gorgeous, brave one, cuties and the smart one, no contest he deserved to achieve that awards

The smart one, Nike Ardilla army, the brave one and the coolest one

2Takdir Ardilla - Makasar Indonesia

He's the men behind The Pop Culture Icon ofNike Ardilla... The founder of Nike Ardilla Restaurant in Sulawesi Island

3Ara Ardilla - Medan Indonesia
4Tati Kribo Musium - Bandung Indonesia

Who's the oldest legendary nike ardilla fans? Tati is the answer since nike ardilla fans club exsist from09-09-1990 until now... Tati always exsist too for us until now...

5JooBug - South Korea

He is a rock star musician from South Korea and he geniunfrom there and he love nike ardilla

6Chua - Singapore

The Chinese men, the father of on son, and he is nike ardilla fans

7Rahman Al Ihsan
8Ikien - Malaysia

He is a housewife and she is nike ardilla fans

9Dejan Glusovic - Cheko Europe

He is a football player

10RadenKanjeng Ardilla

The Contenders

11Prince of Brunie - Brunai Darussalam

They come from Brunai Kingdom and they are fans ofNike Ardilla

12Daniel - New York USA
13Agrian Erdiko
14Paijo Hati Hitam - Yogyakarta Indonesia
15Remonas Wilson
16Aancikal Fanz'a Nike Ardila
17Gundallas Ardillas
18Akso Niker's Ardillanso
19X Rifken Friken Nafc

Nike ardilla is the legendary queen rock indonesia

20Danks' Nafc
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