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Bye Bye Bye
I listened to so many Nsync songs at the turn of the century when I was eight, this the only one that sticks vividly in my mind
It's amazing and really catchy! One of the best songs I have heard from them. Better than most of the music nowadays for sure.
Every I got problem, I always listen this song, and it gives me more spirit, the best song I've ever heard, make me wanna dance
[Newest]Amazing song so catchy!

2It's Gonna Be Me
Takes me back to the days when pop music was good to the ears, unlike the garbage now. A fantastic song
I fall for this song whenever I hear it. It's just amazing! It is one of my favorites and I love n*sync! Justin and lance are the best!
I, personally, LOVE It's Gonna Be Me although Bye, Bye Bye is another one of my favorites. It's Gonna Be Me has that anazing beat; It makes me want to dance! It's a shame that N'Sync broke up; They were THE BEST!
[Newest]I just love this song. It's simply awesome

3Tearin' Up My Heart
I think that this is a great song. I don't care what anyone else says, this song should be number 1!
One of the best song, this is my favourite :p should be #1
Best ever.! Justin in his white wife beater, wind blowing his over shirt back... Epic

4This I Promise You
Uh, best love song of all time, come on people... This is definitely their best song of this album and of their whole careers.
this is the song I remember best from nsync. I LOVE this song; it brings back many memories and emotions for me. it's a very touching song and it never gets old.
The most beautiful song I have heard in my life... all the songs now ain't as beautiful is this... totally hats off to NSYNC...
[Newest]Back when mainstream pop was all about loving each other. Nowadays it's a completely different story.

5I Want You Back
Cause your all I ever wanted, Your all that I ever needed.
Hi Nsync I your song forever you have new friend DJ Stalvey really cool guys great friend Justin

6No Strings Attached
This is BY FAR their best song! Top 3 at least! I don't see how songs such as this and Girlfriend are this far back!

1. ) No Strings Attached
2. ) Bye Bye Bye
3. ) Girlfriend

That's it.

This should be number one, although Bye Bye Bye is a close second. Top 3 should include Girlfriend, Bye Bye Bye and Pop.
Still listening to it at 20
13. Its just so fresh.

This one didn't get the credit it deserved. Brought a fresh spin to the pop sound that made them popular. I still like it better than anything Timberlake has done since NSYNC.
Because "Pop" is AMAZING!
Great pop songs ever
[Newest]Pop is my favorite here are my top 2 1( pop 2( bye bye bye

Best song to me by far. This should be way higher. It also had one of the better videos as well.
Alwayz makes me nostalgic!
Best song and most meaningful lyrics, handsdown.
[Newest]Great song! Low how it is slow so I really like to listen to it.

10Here We Go
Nsync I love you and I like j t

The Contenders

11Just Don't Tell Me That

12It Makes Me Ill
I just love this song so much. The intro by Justin timberlake is just so catchy. This is why I fell in love with nsync and Justin timberlake! By far the best!
It makes me ill makes me move.

13Bringin' Da Noise

14Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
Christmas Vocal Group NICE!

15Music of My Heart

16Space Cowboy (Yippie-Yi-Yay)

17Thinking of You (I Drive Myself Crazy)
This song is The BEST I tell you People!
This song is one of their BEST
I love nsync..specially to chris kirkpatrick..nsync for my self crazy.. Nsync reunites vma 2013..
[Newest]What... this song is the best, why placed as the 18th?

18(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You
So sad about mother n son so nostalgic
Oh come on jet kills it in this one
Talk about perfection jt got it on here

19I'll Never Stop
Love the melody and the thud thud sound that follows the line il never stop another great song from NSYNC*

20I Thought She Knew
My favorite song of all time. I relate to to this song so much.
While most of their songs showed their ability to make us (to quote "Pop") "get hyped, " this showed off their beautiful vocal ability. They were an a cappella group first, and this allows us to hear all of their voicesâ€"not just Justin and J.C.'s with a blend of the other threes'. Here we get a Joey solo (he was so robbed), Lance's bass notes, and Chris's countertenor. Definitely one of my favorites.

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