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41 The Tip of the Iceberg The Tip of the Iceberg

My favorite song, excellent lyrics, wonderful music. I just don't understand why it isn't ranked higher.

This should be much higher because it's a great song!

I don't know why its under rated, it should be in top 10

Great song! I hope it can be my wedding song!

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42 Dreams Don't Turn to Dust Dreams Don't Turn to Dust

This is my favorite Owl City song! Love the lyrics, they tell you to follow your dreams and let your imagination fly! I could listen to it over, and over, and over again!

Please make it reach the top 5 slot. It's my 2nd most favorite song after fireflies,

What the hell, this song must on 10 slots at least

This needs to at least be top 10

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43 Dental Care Dental Care

This song is hilarious! This needs to be in the Top Ten! It describes my visits to the dentist perfectly, at least. XDD

I think this needs to be in the top three along with hello Seattle, if my heart was a house, caving in. I know all the lyrics to it. By the way have you heard radio active by imagon dragons?

Top 10 at least! 40?! It's amazing, well-written, and punny. Punny always makes quality shine through.

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44 Peppermint Winter Peppermint Winter

This is the best song ever! Adam perfectly describes how amazing winter is, and how he has so much fun with it. The background music is amazing and he sings it with a lovely wistful voice. The chorus is the best part. "THIS PEPPERMINT WINTER IS SO SUGAR SWEET, I DON'T NEED TO TASTE TO BELIEVE, WHAT'S DECEMBER WITHOUT CHRISTMAS EVE. Best song ever.

This is my favorite winter song. And it's great to get you in the winter mood and I could listen to it all year long. That's how good this song is. I wish it was more well known.

Greatest song by owl city. listen to it and you will agree

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45 Take It All Away Take It All Away

Awesome song of the owl city, yeah it's old school but there is the quality of the song. This should be places on the places of 30 and below.

"You tear me up when you say, you wanna take it all away, take it all away-ay-ay-ay-ay" 'enough ' said.

I realize there's so many good owl city songs, but this one definitely deserves some recognition!

Wonderful Song!

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46 The Real World The Real World

Adam's signature upbeat, electronic music is in full force on this song. The lyrics only add to his usual charm by using descriptive words that give the audience the warm fuzzies. In my opinion, his music creates a form of escapism; it's like diving into a colorful poem. His words carefully craft nature, relationships, and random unrealities. This song is no exception and can almost be treated as a theme song to all of Owl City's music so far.

This song is beautiful, not just the vocals, but the lyrics. They depict a wonderful scene of nature and the reality of the world and our life. Listen to it and you'll feel peaceful too. Seriously, guys, just give it a try.

This is a song that makes you wake up to the world. When you're walking and you listen to it and you look around you, it just feels... It feels so beautiful and sad at the same time. Should be much higher on the list! Please listen to it, everyone!

I've really surprised to find this in 44. It should be at least in top 20

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47 Paper Tigers

Why the rating? I love this song, especially with the background piano notes and the steady drum rhythm. Definitely my favorite.

Just an amazing and great melody, especially piano tune is awesome.

Brilliant. Top 5 songs and it is not on any album. - keyson

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48 Embers Embers

A Very powerful song, this deserves a place on top. It will make you feel alive, it'll give you hope. Its chorus catches your heart.

This is my favorite song! Must be in top 5.

This song should be in top position.

Such an inspiring song!

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49 You're Not Alone

Good song, and the first Owl City song I heard. I personally like some of these others a bit better, but I love this one and wish it was higher, so I voted for it. - LarkwingFlight

I love how he wrote another song about his faith, and I LOVE britt

There is lots of feelings in this one, should be in top 3

Why isn't this higher? This is the only song of theirs on my playlist

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50 West Coast Friendship West Coast Friendship

Wow I really think this is one of the best adam's songs!

I can't believe this is so far down! West coast friendship is an incredibly sweet song and the tune is very catchy with no repetition n all.W. great, maningful lyrics too

51 Dreams and Disasters Dreams and Disasters

This is so amazing. Totally pumps you up. And the chorus is oh-so-amazing, easily adam's best. Guys please listen to this song. It deserves a much higher rating

This should be in the top 5 hands down. total pump up quality, AMAAZING chorus, it gives you the chills. how the eff is this song at 39?

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52 Unbelievable Unbelievable

An amazing song that brings people back to the past and to the future.

I heard the song on a YouTube video, its way too catchy just loved the song!

The lyrics unique and cute...I like it..!

Just Unbelievably Nice Song!

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53 Strawberry Avalanche Strawberry Avalanche

Come on people! This song is amazing. It's fun and cute and just epic. One of my favorite songs of all time!

Strawberry Avalanche makes me so happy, every time I hear it. It's so great, and the beat is super fun.

77? You kidding me? Should be at the top 20

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54 Verge Verge

This song is amazing and wonderful. A perfect song.

Like most owl city songs, this one is just perfect!

This song has aloe ' black. Come on!

Bar Thunderstruck, best song on the album - ProPanda

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55 Panda Bear Panda Bear

REALLY GOOD SONG... I'm Surprised this isn't even on the chart... It should be in the top 10!

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56 Butterfly Wings Butterfly Wings

This song is spectacular. The last line sticks in my mind all the time. It isn't very well known I recommend this to all owl city lovers

I recommend all the viewers to go through this song once. It's definitely the best. - Chester-Z

So inspirational while still funny at the same time! It's an amazing song that really touches me... I would recommend it to anyone who asks!

This is one of most beautiful owlcity song. Simply what I can tell is its heavenly.

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57 I'm Coming After You I'm Coming After You

The music is just so amazing an Adam Young's voice makes it deadly competition for Fireflies

This is literally so cute :D totally underrated and I have a poem: sirens are red, sirens are blue, Adam Young is a cop, and he's coming after you. ( but seriously this song is just like, inner squee)

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58 This Is the Future This Is the Future

How come this song is nowhere to be found? It's possibly the beautifulest of all!

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59 Wolf Bite Wolf Bite

This song at least deserves to be in the top 5. It is so beautiful and touching.

This song shouldn't be this low! The lyrics are great and the music's amazing! Top 5 worthy!

This is the most beautiful song and it has the most gorgeous tune, why is it so low?

This song is legit!

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60 Early Birdie Early Birdie V 2 Comments
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