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21 Ragnarok Ragnarok

This song in its simplest form is a story. It starts dark, angry and aggressive, then suddenly the clouds move and the 'Somewhere in Time' movement comes through. The first movement is full of rage and increasingly becomes more and more aggressive as the instruments are 'pounded'. Once the rage is calmed, the emotional finale breaks through. A drastic change but it forces an emotive serge in you. To finish the'symphony', a the Capo is introduced but a calmer variation. This song can only be described as a masterpiece.

Oh god this song is definitely underrated!
I'm so SHOCKED!? This song's gotta be in the top 5! The part after 2:20 makes me FLY!
And the godly note by spencer at the end of this, god, makes me pee.
"... To ourSELVEES" :D

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22 Ji Ji
23 Froggin' Bullfish Froggin' Bullfish

Amazing guitar riffs, Shows the extent of his vocal range

24 One (Metallica Cover)
25 Facepalm Mute Facepalm Mute
26 The Summer Jam The Summer Jam
27 Buttersnips Buttersnips

So good to play it

The ending, so chilling!

28 The Bad Thing The Bad Thing

Just absolutely brilliant. The guitar is amazing. The vocals are badass. The solo kicks ass. This is one of the best progressive metal songs ever made and the bands best song yet.

Best track off both Juggernauts hands down. Slow, chugging, heaviness.

How this song is not in the top 10 is beyond me

29 The Parade of Ashes

This is a great song! I heard the first time this morning and I have listened to it more then 50 times!

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30 Heavy Heart Heavy Heart

Most easily the best song in the newly realeased periphery album. I know this is top 10 material.

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31 Marigold Marigold

Amazing intro. The entire song is just a masterpiece.

32 The Way the News Goes The Way the News Goes
33 Pale Aura Pale Aura

I'm not into prog metal. I listen to good music from whatever genre people suggest, and try to adjust to their style. I can't claim to be a person who knows good music, but I do have some knowledge of music, starting from a young age, and a good sense of rhythm. So this friend of mine suggested this band Periphery to me, and I respected his opinions, he's kind of a genius. So I checked out the band, but never really got to it. I mean, it's a great band, and they make good stuff, but just not what got me in. Every song other than Jetpack Was Yes got deleted, and that stayed until 2014, when I was just going through Wikipedia and saw these guys were releasing a new album, and that was incidentally the very day. So I hit Pale Aura on random.

That stayed for a few weeks. I usually go with whatever random song comes on shuffle. I liked the song, but did not think it was something amazing. I'm sure a lot of guys can relate to listening to a song for the first time, thinking it was ...more

I have to say that Periphery has become top 5 favorite bands. Their music and writing styles are absolutely captivating. Although Mile Zero is by far my favorite song and composition, this song is definitely my second favorite. As amazing as Misha is, Mark's writing style is so much more in line with my musical tastes. I feel like it has so much more depth and feeling. Pale Aura is definitely my second favorite song by Periphery and arguably one of their best efforts overall.

That intro guitr riff just fills you with energy!
Amazing song throughout!

34 The Price is Wrong
35 Flatline Flatline
36 Remain Indoors Remain Indoors
37 Extraneous Extraneous
38 The Gods Must Be Crazy! The Gods Must Be Crazy!

This song deserves much better ratings

Love the lyrics of this song, most underrated song in my opinnion!

39 Masamune Masamune

This song is so underrated. This song is heavy and that last part just kills!

Just take away all the numbers there all good!

40 Rainbow Gravity Rainbow Gravity

Crazy... such fun to listen to! And the riffs...

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