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The Top Ten

Abraham Lincoln (16)
Should be above Bush, you think 911 was worse than the civil war?
Clinton balanced the budget and actually left a surplus but top 5? No.
Personally don't think Bush43, Clinton, JFK, or Nixon belong in the top 10.
JFK was not a good president, just remembered well. Nixon was a brilliant politician but remembered as a shady scumbag, even compared to other politicians. FDR elected 4 times but if it weren't for WWII his new deal would have destroyed America not to mention court packing is worse than what Nixon did. FDR = shadiest president every (adulterer, internment camps, undercutting his own party to win a 3rd term... ) Obama is the worst for the deficit so far of any president in history and he won a nobel prize because they hoped that he wouldn't vote on a troop surge, which he did anyway. Those aren't arguments for praise. Any honorable recipient would have returned it after his decision but he was probably busy visiting the last of the "57" states. Washington had the toughest job, building a nation, he should be higher. Teddy ARE was only 42 when he became president, that should be considered. As long as Buchanan or Harding aren't up there guess can't complain too much.
Abraham Lincoln is the reason the United States is still United and began the elimination of racism by ending slavery. To do this he began a largely unpopular but necessary war. This made him hated to the point where he was assassinated but he went through with his decision anyway. Would any politician today do this? I doubt it.
Abraham Lincoln was man you could change his ideas. Like slavery he first thought it was good. Then he realized that slavery was wrong. He did almost everything to fix the country. No other president thought about slavery should be wrong or even segregation. Martin Luther king jr was not a president but still fought for what is right. Only Abraham Lincoln thought slavery was wrong. He was a man of changes and does what should be right among us. If he didn't exist there still would be slavery and African Americans would not be equally treated. So I think Abraham Lincoln should be the best president in history.
[Newest]Think about in. If it weren't for Abraham Lincoln you might be a slave.
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2Ronald Reagan (40)
#40. (Republican) he was able to fix the economy, create twenty million new jobs, lower inflation rates, exempt low income Americans, create economic stability for small businesses, lower taxes, and bring in an end to the Cold War with his concise and effective foreign policy skills. He also was able to survive a gun shot and return to his duty only three weeks later. A real true American who believed in this country and a real true father to Conservatism! Even the democrats loved him. Good Bless Reagan.
Ronald Reagen is top president. He is a real but kicker, and if you see this in heaven ron I'll say you're the best president that ever lived and is still living.
The only president that was true to his word, most people that don't like him want a pacifist in charge, why do you think we are still bad ass
[Newest]Reagan is second only to Washington
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3George Washington (1)
Even more than Jefferson or Madison he fought for a balance between state and federal government. Not to mention he believed in what he was doing.


#1. (no party) The father of this nation. If it wasn't for him, we simply would not be here and would never have gotten the experience to live in the best country in the world. It is because of strong and heroic men like him, that we live free today and he is a constant reminder of our democracy and the reason why our flag stands up strong and will continue to serve us forever and ever!
Don't get me wrong. I love America. But even if the country I am about to say did have an evil, evil history and terrible leaders, it got better after a bit. I'm proud to be 1/4 of the country who brought us Albert Einstein, even if Steven Hawking is smarter. Germany FOR THE WIN!
George Washington kept the fledgling nation alive during one of its greatest challenges, and did it without circumventing the constitution. However, the most remarkable thing about his presidency is that I can't think of anything bad to say about his time in the office. Bush jr., Reagan, FDR, JFK, and Clinton belong nowhere near the top 10.
[Newest]Because he started the independence of America and was good at running our country well.
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4John F Kennedy (35)
Seriously? George W. Bush is # 1? All he did was start the Iraq and Afghanistan War, not to mention he barely helped at all when Hurricane Katrina came through. Now JFK, he was amazing. He started the Peace Corps, started the Space Race, made sure African Americans had equal rights in housing( And would've done more for Civil Rights if he served longer), made sure Steel industries couldn't raise their prices over and over, and stopped the Cuban Missile Crysis, and he didn't even serve a full term! So JFK deserves first or second for sure.
I don't disagree with you that JFK was a good president; however, to blame the Iraq/Afghan War on George Bush is absolutely ignorant of the entire remainder of the story.


He's was the only Irish-Catholic president ever, and he was the youngest elected president ever. No one can represent the world, let alone America, as well as this guy. He would've completely solved any problems with Russia or Cuba, and who knows, even Korea or the Middle East. This guy knew what he was doing, unlike some other guys (ahem... Bush).
People who say JFK doesn't belong in the top ten obviously don't know JFK at all. He negotiated the Cuban Missile Crisis, which stopped a potential nuclear war, he was the one who started the Space Race which ultimately landed an AMERICAN on the moon, and he was a war hero, Purple Heart bearer who was willing to die for his country long before he actually did. I would cast my vote for JFK as one of the best presidents ever any day.
[Newest]My whole family loves John f Kennedy

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5Franklin D Roosevelt (32)
Lead us through one of the toughest times this country has ever faced. How could Governor Bush even be on this list. Yes I still call him governor because that's the only political position he's actually ever fairly won (remember Al Gore and Florida? )


He got us through the Great Depression and WWII, and yet George Bush (who got us IN a depression and a war) is still ahead of him. That just doesn't make sense.
Umm New Deal and Great Depression? He got the US out of their greatest economical crisis to this day! He was able to completely revive the US economy, and although some could say his methods of doing so were too involved and unconstitutional (maybe even communistic), it was necessary at the time, and I don't think anyone would be complaining on whether or not he is constitutional if he is giving you a job!
[Newest]His economic policies may have prolonged the Great Depression, trusted the USSR too much, should have listened to Patton about Soviet aggression.
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6Thomas Jefferson (3)
Thomas Jefferson is one of the most underrated presidents ever. The fact that G.W. bush and Bill Clinton were voted above Jefferson is bad enough, but Lincoln being number two is unbelievable. Lincoln destroyed Jefferson's vision of a free, VOLUNTARY union of sovereign states. If people understood history, Bush, Clinton, LINCOLN, and all other imperialist presidents would be voted down as some of the worst presidents in the history of the country. Read Jefferson's Declaration of Independence and it will become clear that every president which was voted above Jefferson (with the exception of Washington) supported policies which were counter to the founders' vision.
Thomas Jefferson was a Hypocrite... he might have come up with the Declaration of Independence but he refuse to free the slaves because their absence would make his life hard. I have not respect his efforts.
Thomas Jefferson was a hero, visionary, revolutionary thinker, as well as architect and all around genius. Any man who rejects these facts is just plain stupid and to replace them with the slavery scandal will be just as much so. What jefferson provided for this nation far surpasses any of his person shortcomings which all presidents even Washington and especially Lincoln, and to judge his political character by these would be foolish.
Are you kidding me? Thomas Jefferson was the best President! He gave us the Louisiana Purchase AND wrote the article that freed us as a nation! The Declaration of Independence! George W. Bush murdered our economy and was a gigantic hypocrite in his foreign policy!
[Newest]Genuine will for the better life of the people, great mind!

7Theodore Roosevelt (26)
An honest politician, if there is such a thing. A man who actually cared about the average American citizen and the environment. He was brave in conflicts on the battlefield and in Washington. I'm not what you would call an educated man (only high school grad. ) But I can read and from what I have read, I feel I am right. We would have no National Parks if it was for him. A great solider, sportsman, conservationist, and most of all President. Thank God for Teddy Roosevelt.
#26. (Republican) strong imperialistic leader who's influence on government is still vital to the U.S. today with the creation of the Big Stick Policy. His love for nature and keeping America's national landmarks forever reserved is a constant symbol representing our pride and integrity! He also installed other effective policies such as the Meat Inspection Act and was determined to fight for the workers rights and benefits for the many Americans affected by America's Industrial Period.
Come on, he was a cowboy for one, and was even shot before giving a speech but still gave it.
[Newest]He care about the average citizen and the environment.

8George W. Bush (43)
This Bush is one of the greatest in history, but not as President... he is however one of the greatest nightmares to humanity in the 20th century. He has caused the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians - including women and children. When he "attacked terrorism", it took him 2 months to send only 11,000 troops to Afghanistan (there are more than 11,000 police in NYC) which gave Osama bin Laden PLENTY of time to get hidden. Then he lied to America about WMDs in Iraq to pull us into a ten year war to line the pockets of his family, and his friends with billions of dollars at the taxpayer's expense. He condoned the use of torture. And when he got into office the US had a surplus - when he left we were trillions of dollars in debt. Plus he scared the public into giving up rights with the Patriot act. Easily one of the worst presidents ever. A total disgrace to the US and the ideals of our founding fathers. Especially to the eyes of the world. I'm just glad he's gone now and America can start to rebuild from the damage he did.
That is very true. He probably just messes up the economy because he knew it would take a while for people to fix so that he could blame it on the next president.
Bush may not be my favorite or the best president ever, but he is definitely underrated and gets way too much criticism thrown at him for stereotypical and washed out reasons just for the fun of it from his opponents. Here's why he should be respected more for what he did, in my view:

1. He inherited 9-11 and displayed his patriotism for America by calling for assistance efforts at trying to help the country recover from the attacks, and not bothering to negotiate with the terrorists that attacked us, which would have made us look weak in the eyes of al Qaeda. Instead, he displayed our will to stay strong at home and abroad by encouraging an expansion on military spending and a full-out fight against terrorism.

2. He used tax cuts similar to Ronald Reagan's that resulted in extra job opportunities for individuals struggling to find work, and contributed to expanding the overall US GDP without unnecessary government spending.

3. Along with tax cuts, he attempted to improve the economy in light of the recession by expanding exploitation for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with no true intentions of harming wildlife in the area, and only doing the project through a method of casting a small environmental footprint.
He gets far too much crap for his presidency; he faced some of the toughest situations America has endured and did the best he could, some presidents on this list would have fared far worse than he did in the same situation.
[Newest]You need to re-write your comments as FACTS! Shame on you for your bias! My 7 year old grandson was giving me a quiz on this and I started reading your descriptions! What about the other presidents that went to war for our country! And congress voted on it too!

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9William Clinton (42)
I've lost all faith in this list and in the people who have voted Bush as the 2nd best president, though I'm not surprised if you get your info from Fox News or even MSNBC.

The economy was BOOMING fantastically during this man's terms, and he knew how to work with both the Democratic and Republican party. Gas was cheaper than it ever was under George W Bush (and Barack Obama's first term. Another thing is that Bush DID NOT inherit a recession from Clinton; he inherited a SURPLUS and drove it into the ground, and yet the man is second place on this list?!
Bill Clinton is one of the greatest leaders of all time. Awesome economic boom and ridiculously good foreign policy. Not the best overall, but definitely better than GEORGE BUSH. What a terrible list.
1. Lincoln (held union together, terrific supporter of universal freedom)
2. Washington (basically founded the nations values set precedents yadayada)
3. FDR (wartime president, ended great depression, etc. )
4. Clinton (mentioned)
5. Kennedy, if only...
6. Jefferson
7. Madison
8. GHW Bush (he was actually pretty good).
It was the best era in my life time. The economy was good. I had my first job and making good money. There was so much prosperity and so much surplus then little Bush took us to war in Middle East and took it all away.
[Newest]Bush ahead of Clinton, its hard to take any top 10 list serious after this

10Dwight D. Eisenhower (34)
#34. (Republican) the strong and heroic WW2 general who lead the successful attack on Normandy. He helped the Americans defeat Hitler and it is because of his efficient military actions that helped us win V.E. day (Victory in Europe Day). If it wasn't for him, Hitler would have probably taken over the world, killed the rest of the Jews, and would have the remaining people still living under nazi occupation. Eisenhower was not only a superb war general but also a great president who was a strong civil rights activist and dedicated his presidency to stopping the spread of segregation across America. Not only did he get us out of WW2, but later during his presidency, he also got us out of the Korean War. The fact that he was able to get us out of two wars is very astonishing and is something that not everyone can achieve in their lifetime! However, he did it and he did it well!
The reason why America rose to be a GREAT nation. He built our national infrastructure. He built our space program. He educated our population. He WARNED of the military industrial complex. He oversaw 8 years of peace during one of the worst periods in history. He was everything that Republicans today despise.
He was a very good president during the war.
[Newest]He left his presidency with a surplus of millions in the Government!

The Contenders

11James Madison (4)
#4. (Democratic-Republican) the father of the bill of rights who helped create the individual demands and benefits that still hold true to the American people this very day! Another perfect example of a founding father who's policies helped America succeed and improve its conditions for a stronger and more reliable nation. His strong inspiration and courage is a constant reminder of the civil liberties that represent our constitution and law of the land.
He led the nation through the War of 1812, securing US sovereignty for generations to come. He was also the father of the constitution and help to write the Federalist Papers without which we might not have democracy in the world today.
Creator of the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution, which is perhaps one of the most important documents in the Western World.

12John Adams (2)
#2. (Federalist) another founding father who's examples lead to the creation of the constitution and declaration of independence. It is because of his actions that lead to our freedoms and fought for our rights as American citizens. He is also the well known successor of our nation's first president George Washington and continued to carry out his dreams and responsibilities that made America stand strong to this very day!
With few exceptions, John Adams is unmatched in Character, morals and honor. Of those in the 'top 10' only Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson come close to matching Adams. He is one of the original founding fathers, as a lawyer he defended the British soldiers in the Boston massacre (and got them equitted in a Boston courtroom full of people who wanted to hang them). He consistantly voted for what he believed was right (including voting for Indian rights) even when it was not popular. What president in the last 50 years would do that?
John Adams Founded Our Navy. He helped write the Declaration of Independence and you putt him at number 15 and Obama at 13 I mean all Obama did is get us 20,000,000,000 dollars in debt. I don't think he is the greatest president but at least top 10

13Andrew Jackson (7)
Jackson's policies toward Native Americans will haunt the population for ever in that he went against the Supreme Court and stationed US troops in Georgia in an attempt to settle and drive all of them out on the Trail of Tears.
Andrew was the first president from humble beginnings, breaking the tradition of elite in office. His strong sense of nationalism was critical in his fight against the BUS and a strong central government
Only one time in American history did we not have a national dept... Andrew Jackson for the win.
[Newest]He was one of the worst because he made the Trail Of Tears, even though the court decided against it.


14Harry S Truman (33)
Harry did what was right not popular, forcing owners and strikers to meet, integrating the military and firing MacArthur's ass. Heck he even brought in a surplus and actually lived a normal life after his presidency.
About the only Democrat I fully respect. Without him, god knows what the country would be right now.
An underdog who got absolutely no support from his predessor but on his own merits become probably one of the best and most courageous of the presidents.
[Newest]Unpopular unknown but great the cold war was a hard time especially at the beginning he lead us through most underrated president since 1900 along with coolidge 1933 to 1961 were filled greats far truman ike

15James Polk (11)
James Knox Polk was THE best example of a leader with efficiency, promise, consistency, and was really a major unsung hero. Polk came into the presidency with some laid-out goals, promised to get them all done, ended up completing everything he wanted to do (which was incredibly significant and crucial), and then left and never came back. What a bad-ass. This guy never gets enough credit and is a true success among US presidents. Polk's my favorite of all time, and he should definitely be a Top 10 staple. Polk should never be looked past.
Should be much higher! Annexed Texas, the Oregon Territory and the Mexican Session. Lowered Tariffs and set the groundwork for our modern banking system and completed it all in 4 years. We could use more like him.
Seriously underrated President. Polk was the only President in history who achieved all of his campaign wishes. He managed to win us California, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, etc. within only 4 years. Very effective leader.

16James Monroe (5)
James Monroe should be number 14 greatest president. Obama stinks!

17Woodrow Wilson (28)
He had a strong heart by believing Self-Determination and had the right idea of the establishing the League of Nations. He deserves to be a bit higher.
Kind of forgotten now but a brave man he was to be I'll and still go on, there's a few more who did the same but this guy was great
Should be #8 at least. Kept banking system intact, keeping the Great Depression from being much greater.

18Calvin Coolidge (30)
One of the few Presidents who stayed out of the way, and the country prospered.
Herbert hoover also stayed out of the way but the country fell apart under his watch
Way underrated... He ALLOWED for America to be America

19John Q Adams (6)
Only president that I agree with all of his decisions: supported high tariffs, strong national bank, nationalizing canals and railroads, giving rights to Native Americans, and supporting the arts and academia.


20Warren G. Harding (29)
Terrible president. Get off the list. He lost a White House China set playing poker.
Most forgotten President of all time... For a good reason!

21Lyndon B. Johnson (36)
LBJ should be higher his issues came in his foreign policy. However his work in creating the america we see today is irrefutable. He passed the Civil Rights act of 64 and Voting rights act of 65 creating an Atmosphere where in which African Americans can prosper rather than be discriminated on. Not to mention 'the great Society' in this period he created a prosperous nation of equality which the US takes for granted today, it is my firm belief that as a democratic leader LBJ is the best the US has had however overall not so.
Johnson's record on civil rights, poverty, education and the environment was unequalled. This places him as probably the most influential president of the 20th century. His influence has endured and his reputation has grown steadily with time.
Over 90% of help people get from the government today is because of this guy... Yeah, he escalated the Vietnam War, but his accomplishments are enormous. The most underrated president, and top five overall

22William Harrison (9)
Only president that wasn't around long enough to screw up.


Died one month after taking office!

23Gerald Ford (38)
I have a report on him and this is very helpful

24Martin Van Buren (8)
He was alright he would have been better if Andrew Jackson didn't sign all those bills that wasted money
He was known as the LIttle magic man he did now focus on slavery
Was president during the Panic of 1837

25Richard Nixon (37)
This man did much during his term (s) in office... The public should read up
On what he accomplished.
Did he bug offices? Probably.
Obama is presently "bugging" the whole nation, not to mention other countries.
Nixon deserves better!
I'm sorry, what did Mr. Corruption do besides relate with an insane Communist Dictator and drag the useless Vietnam War on until the point where most of America was going to turn on him. Not to mention he wanted to deport John Lennon. John Lennon! The man who wanted an end to the war and to spread world peace.


Nixon is the president who is just called bad for no reason
Id say he's the best presiednet number uno 4eva

26Rutherford B. Hayes (19)
Well he obviously has the coolest name...
Although Hayes wanted to corrupt his political party, he was not a horrible president. He was a great public speaker and was known for being inspirational at times.

27Ulysses S. Grant (18)
His high moral character which is evident in his attempts of peace with the native americans, along with sending federal troops to round up the k in the south has to be appreciated considering he followed arguably the most racist president ever (A. Johnson)
I was named after him. A general and an author of an interesting book.
He was the first president in an ambulance

28Zachary Taylor (12)

29Grover Cleveland (24)
He was also 22nd president


He told Franklin Roosevelt when he was 5 that he would end up as nothing but a "scag"


30William McKinley (25)
Got us out of the spanish american war with under a thousand deaths and annexed hawaii

31Millard Filmore (13)
Not even part of history

32James A. Garfield (20)

33Chester A. Arthur (21)
This man made the white house elegant!


34Benjamin Harrison (23)
He is a great president

35John Tyler (10)

36Andrew Johnson (17)
Persevered though a difficult time as president from a state perceived as being rebellious

37William Howard Taft (27)

38George H.W. Bush
#41. (Republican) great leader economically and improved the quality of the economy after he took over from Reagan. The fiscal success from the 80's was able to continue strongly into his presidency and his foreign policy skills were also very sharp and effective. He succeeded at attacking Iraq from Kuwait and resolving conflicts in the Middle East with Iraqi dictator Saddam Heussin.
Liberated Kuwait. Other than that, not much to say about this guy.


Why is he lower than Bush43. He was a great president.
[Newest]Better than the other George Bush.

39Herbert Hoover (31)
The depression wasn't his fault. it was bound to happen the country was going down the drain and he did his best to stop it. visit the Herbert Hoover museum in West Branch, Iowa and you'll see how good of a person he was.
Was president during Great Depression

40Franklin Pierce (14)
Just an amazing guy
Caused dems to loose popularity in north

41Barack Obama (44)
Obama Is probably the most underrated president since Lincoln. Right wing propaganda shows like Fox News make him out to be some sort of Antichrist, but any logical person who really looks back on what this man has done for our country so far can say that he has done pretty well. First and foremost, he is the first African president in a country infamous for racism and segregation, specially against blacks. He's erased the ultimate stereotype by reaching the nation's highest office despite his skin color. He ended the pointless oil grabbing war in Iraq and cut off the head of AlQueda by killing Bin Laden, and by doing so avenging all those who lost they're lives in the 911 attacks. He has put millions of Americans back to work, though America has not yet reached the pre bush economic prosperity. He supports same sex marriage, facing extreme opposition from homophobic right wingers and Ultraconservative religious organizations. He has done more to help the ailing environment than any president since Teddy Roosevelt by stopping the BP oil spill, working to make America dependent on home made green energy and condemning the XL doomsday device pipeline. He had brought diplomacy back to the Muslim world and is trying to keep America out of outside intervention in places like Africa whenever necessary, thus avoiding another Iraq. He was razed in Indonesia, meaning that his childhood friends were mostly Muslim and he respects Islamic beliefs and culture at a time when most Americans don't. And finally, although it is highly controversial, obamacare (or at least some aspects of it) seems to be working now, though it has left many Americans still on food stamps and is undoubtedly flawed. Is he the best president, no. Does he deserve to be in the top 5, no. But he is one of the great ones and probably one of the best that this country will see in a while.
Beloved President Obama is literally one of "the best" Presidents this country ever had.

He had the "potential" for being "the best" this country ever had,

…but to preserve the lies of the past (that the ignorant and spiritually blind crave), he could not be so.

[even as these bewail their own created-crap. & then turn IMMEDIATELY around for another helping please (lol) and re-elect it into power over the one man trying to dig them out--anything to stop a man doing for Christ (friend of the poor), in favor of their own master’s will"(friend of the rich) who “call” themselves Christ and a “moral” Christian nation --- what a joke of pure fresh hell lies (lol)]…

…all for to stop this intelligent and powerful (without having to entertaining whites) black-man role-model from outdoing the games of the white-ones and “restore” satanic regimes of lie-greatness working for their own master and then complain about the evil befalling them (naturally) like high gas prices, high unemployment, 911 and terrorism, high inflation, mortgage foreclosures, women oppression, homo-amorous oppression, Auto-Industry-failing, Americana tarnishing, and on and on…. ALL and MORE “turned around” under an Obama Presidency" a Black-man, and therein “lies the rub” for these poll voters.

Yes, had it not been for the red-necked, Repugnant-can (typo? -NOT), anti-Statesian, anti-constitution, anti-liberty [replacing it with pro-Liber"d"y - and the "d" is for devil (lol)], Congressional home/house for the Racist white back-lashing anti-Christ Congress" a government of the ignorant & the white-male-corporation slaves, by the ignorant & the white-male-corporation slaves, and for those ignorant & those white-male-corporation slaves (which "must" pass from the earth" Mr. Lincoln], …. ALL sought to "sabotage" and "highjack" his presidency in lieu of assassinating him into martyrdom and angering the “colored” world [majority of our planet].

And the President (poor-fellow, to save his career (& the hopes of other aspiring young black-males of course), Presidential legacy" all well earned through hard work and not privilege, and, indeed, even his life too; had to play their satanic-game to appease these evil ones -- which he already knew, being an "intelligent" back man, was impossible for "one like him" to do and now (being past the political fall out possibilities will now "govern" like he knew that all along.

NO, President EVER in this country had to endure so much from the very souls he is going grey trying to help. (even as we; as black-men have been saying for generations and told we were just being “too sensitive” even though we lived this nearly every day of our lives)

I am a devout priest of G-D since child-hood Bible-belt Black Christian and I KNOW satan was behind the last 6 years. For he is a liar and the father of it AND all those “Americans” duped by their idol: the great-RRR 666 and the other Republican Presidents who have preceded EVERY Great Recession & the Great Depression (ie. Harding, Coolidge, and HOOVER too? , ALL Repugnicans, ALL white-male and ALL of those Presidents America has voted as a “Greater” President by far….

ALL Voted greater over a man who SAVED their butt from the Second Great-Depression and pulled them out of a Great-Recession, to bring about low unemployment and Home-Industry recovery, and lowest gas prices in almost a generation!, A man responsible for the capture and taking from the earth, one of the most evil men to this country in American history (mastermind of 911) when the president before him (republican) lied and said “he” would do so…. And fought his own private beef instead with another world leader.

And Republican criminals (i. E Warren Harding and NIXON of all People) beat out a known Christian humanitarian (Jimmy Carter" bottom of the list, no less, where all true Christ-like Presidents belong in an anti-Christ country) …and this man (President Obama who GOT the evil and others working under B-Laden of 911. (a man whom they had to make up scandals as they go" I. E the embassy attack reporting-scam and Obama Cares (-watered down by you guest it" Republicans and then passed the more failure-prone watered down version program in Obama;’s name, the colored man can take the rap and the stupids will run out and re-elect US Republicans their hero and we can finish them off with the hell we started (LOL) what a mass of blind-idiots! ).

Yes, all this and a whole-lot more; as black men have been saying for decades; just is NO SURPRISE to us, and can only can happen to an intelligent and powerful black-male"hated by self-[white-idol]-worshiping white-America and the ignorant (of all races who play along) blinded by satan.

Why even William Harrison even beat our beloved President out as a “Better President”, and he was only in office for only ONE MONTH. Did he “DO” more than all these good things mentioned that President Obama has done? Or was he just the RIGHT COLOR. Did he work harder in One Month than this shiftless-black man who pulled your butts out of hell AGAINST the evil working against him…ALL THE WAY…even BEFORE he was elected? Or was Harrison the color of satanic worship in his spiritual Deception? While your EMOTIONALLY looking at color, Satan is robbing you blind of your own country that he had you steal from others in the first place.

So, the LORD in HIS mercy has protected this relatively young and stupid country (insulated by two great oceans) from both the economic chaos and terrorism of their parent continent Europe (where all state-leaders are the right “color” for American self-idolatrous taste) with only yet another warning unto you. But a Great Recession, a damn near-Depression, and 911 evil itself: seems not to be enough for the arrogant to repent the wickedness of seeing color at their own peril.

Well, as it is written, “Pride” does indeed cometh before a FALL. Even So, COME LORD JESUS
Obama should be near the bottom along with carter due to the fact he is all against are four fathers an what they have done to make this are home. He simply taking away what America has always stood for God freedom and patriotism adding more an more rules an regulations. When the people fear the government there is inequity and when government fear the people there is freedom
You mean our, not are. You mean forefathers, not four fathers. Clearly, the worst thing about this country is the education system.


[Newest]All of you who say he's not good, go die in a fire!
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42James Buchanan (15)
My name is jeff
Buchanan caused the cival war by making the south angry

43Jimmy Carter (39)
He vetoed war with Russia and he continues to work for world peace. He also greatly reduced world hunger.
I'm a Democrat and even I know he was not a good president at all.


Peace that all it matters
[Newest]He was a great president!

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