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21 N Krazy

I guess he is better than all mentioned here. Must Check.

22 DJ Tabish

Teen rap star good luck brother

Awesome and great rapper and DJ

You Are Awesome Brother
You Are Rock
I Like Your All Remix Song And Your New Remix Song GADDI

Great rapper and person

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23 Ikka

His resently rap with deep money was rock the floors and he is a good person I know him last 9 to10 year

Ikka is unique and very good desi-hip-hopper

Ikka I am your big fan of half window down song

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24 Ali Gul Pir

He got good rapping skills.

A new creative singer

Rap god we like it

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25 Bali Desi Rapper
26 Desi Rap Guru

Awesome Punjabi Rapper...
His Hap in come back..
Just awesome...!
We should learn punjabi rap from him
But still he is a big fan of bohemia like me...
Hw should do more hard work... If every one support

Nice Rapper... He does the rapping at bohemian level..!

Awesome rapper..! Best Punjabi rapper..!

Gonna soon represent at big level. :-)

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27 Pj Khera

He needs to come out with new songs

Way better than Honey Singh and I love Honey Singh!

Beamer, benz or bentley best song every!
Really good punjabi rapper

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28 Hard Kaur V 2 Comments
29 Jaz Dhami

Teri Chadti jawani nu sitarey lag GE I love your everyone songs keep it up jaz

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30 Rapper Mac Jones
31 Hip Hop King Mac Jones
32 Mukbil Mukund Rapstar
33 Abhayz Rapstar
34 Yo Yo Ali Jaan

Pakistani yo yo punjabi rapper

Yo yo ali jaan is best dos bless you dude


I was following you all this time and I see you singing your own songs not singing covers or something like that. at the first time when I listen to yours songs I thought that your never gonna be a good singer, but now you are so much better, really I can't belibe you how much you change and now I understund that nothing is imposible keep it up bro!

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35 DJ Sanj
36 Singhsta
37 Willy Malik

Awesome lyricist... Well he is better at English lyricism

Just read his freestyles on the internet... Good lyrics

I've heard him that he's an undergroung emerging talent... I just heard his song smokin kills... Nice song

Why he ain't on the list maan

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38 Alfaaz
39 Max Rasool
40 HBC

Hbc is the punjabi rap guru

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