Top Ten Best Remix Albums


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The Top Ten

Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix - Michael Jackson
The best I swear

2Reanimation - Linkin Park
Obviously not as good as Hybrid Theory but still an incredible album, that has a lot of atmosphere and stays true to the songs it is remixing while still adding new elements. Brilliant remix album by Linkin Park.


The best remix album I ever heard! This album is the best!


3J to tha L-O!: The Remixes - Jennifer Lopez

4The Remixes - Shakira

5You Can Dance - Madonna

6Shut Up and Dance - Paula Abdul

7Stepped Up and Scratched - Asking Alexandria

8Remixed & Revisited - Madonna

9B In The Mix, The Remixes - Britney Spears

10Thalia's Hits Remixed - Thalia

The Contenders

11Un-Break My Heart: The Remix Collection - Toni Braxton

12Love - The Beatles

13Strange Behavior - Duran Duran

14Aqua Remix Superbest - Aqua

15Relaxed & Remixed - Lighthouse Family

16B'z The Mixture - B'z

17Janet Remixed - Janet Jackson

18We Invented the Remix - Sean Combs

19Recharged - Linkin Park
The new LINKIN PARK ERA! EDM! Obviously not better than Reanimation but still good!

20Best Remixes - Cyndi Lauper

21Alive 2007- Daft Punk
The best remix album you will ever here

22Exit Lights - Falling Up

23Awake and Remixed - Skillet

24The Chill Out Sessions - Bring Me the Horizon and Draper

25Immortal (Cirque du Soleil) - Michael Jackson

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