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1Zayn Malik

I'm so happy that Zayn is number ONE. He totally deserves it no offense to the Harry fans, but his voice is just way better than his. Zayn could rock a solo, and could do great backing vocals. He's just an all-around awesome singer. I love all the other four, but I don't know. Zayn has just got something really special.

Zayns voice is perfect! He has an extremely sexy tone, as does Harry, but something about Zayns voice is so special and you don't usually find the whole package as zayn has, he's absolutely gorgeous, is an amazing talent, great performer, and has an amazing personality all around (nice, funny, adorable) and don't get me wrong I love all the boys but focused on just voices alone, Zayns got my vote

Though Liam had the best audition and has one of the strongest voices, I have to give it to Zayn because of his ability to hit a good range of notes. And then it would be Liam, Harry, Niall, and Louis. Niall deserves a lot more credit than he gets, but I think Louis is just a poor singer.

Can't wait for his Solo career

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2Liam Payne

Liam has good sense of rhythm and pitch which is very important and not a lot of people have. It's called musicality that only some singers and some dancers have. Liam himself said in an interview he is easily able to pick out the notes in a song just by listening to it. He has an excellent ear for pitch and tone which was the reason why he started almost all of One Direction's songs earlier on. He has the largest range among ALL the boys including Zayn. He sings both the lowest parts and the falsettos too. Crystal clear falsetto and deliciously smooth voice. His voice sounds good on traditional pop songs as well as jazz and swing and R&B songs. He is the most versatile singer. He makes most of the harmonies in the songs and he transitions easily from low pitch voice to his head voice as seen in "Kiss You'. In harmonies, he does both low and high harmonies. He actually sings a lot more than we think. Don't understand why his voice and talent is so unappreciated. He raps and beat boxes too. Liam Payne should be on top where he belongs. I think he would be able to do excellent riffs and belts with more vocal coaching. Go Liam! Rooting for you all the way!

I just don't understand why some people are dissapointed with this list just because their favorite member isn't on the top. Not to mention their reasoning is poor. Saying that their voice sounds like an angel and getting all defensive, no. Just no. Be more descriptive! I'm a HUGE fan myself but I believe this list is reasonable. However all of their voices are different and each of them has something in their voice that the rest does NOT have. In my opinion I think Liam has the best voice but my favorite is Zayn. I think the fans are just clueless, they are obviously voting by looks. So I'm assuming that most of them are voting for Harry. He does have a great voice! But it's so obvious he's getting all of the votes by his looks. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE. But the bottom line is I vote for Liam because when he sings, it sounds so professional and warm. He's the most experienced with it and in my opinion but I really think he works the hardest out of all the boys. He shows so much leadership in the band and he deserves endless attention. Even more than Harry possibly!

Obviously everyone is voting by looks. Liam is the best because he knows when to start and he can sing any type of music you heard him on x factor he sung swing music and now here he is the best singer in a pop boyband Harry would be 2nd and has improved so much over the years the next 3 all have equaly good voices Zayn can harmonize pretty dang good though I feel like he adds something to one direction I think they'd be different without him..

Of course he is!

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3Harry Styles

When I first got to know 1D (in fact just recently) I am a Liam fan, but after listening to Harry's solo in most songs I TOTALLY fell for him. Harry is indefinitely the best in all aspect. You name it, my Harry has it all!
-looks (100/10) his smile, eyes and nose!
- hairstyle (100/10) he has the most unique and natural hair
-voice (100000/10) oh common we all know harry has the SEXIEST voice, his Rocky voice at the same time soothing is the best, makes me happy while listening
-humour (1000/10) harry makes the most humor
-British accent (100/10) I love harry accent the most, Liam s one is too fast Harry's one is more like some royal British English, zayn s, Niall s and Louis are not as good.
I personally dislike Louis, I find him cocky when I saw his interview video with you generation on YouTube he's annoying! - if you haven't seen go see it now and you ll come to hate him
I love HARRY> Niall>Zayn>>>>>>>louis
Oh and I forgot to mention that harry is so calm and he seems intelligent!
I<3 you Harry

And his looks and hairstyle has to do with his voice? No. I don't like 1D, and I respect that you do, but this is about the singers of 1D. Not about how his hairstyle is. - Minecraftcrazy530

He is amazing Harry is like the lead singer and he has a nice voice LOVE HARRY And One Direction. Love You Guys! Me and my friends all like one of them

His voice is so strong and adorable that it hurts! I think he is the best singer in the world and he could be number 1.
Actually he have most followers on twitter
Most beautiful and cute boy on the planet
He have also a good personality and good sence of humor
He is funny and cool, LOVE HIS SMILE

You are the best

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4Niall Horan

HEYY! WHY IS MY NI-NI ON THE BOTTOM? Why? His adorable smile, and hair (nice cute blond! ) Remeber the One direction doc? "This is the worst day in me life! Sorry, sorry. " (Puts head in shirt. ) - Flowerwave

Niall Horan deserves much more attention than what he's getting right now.

He has TALENT, yet he's left out a lot and that's disappointing and sad.
Maybe some girls don't like the fact he seems "normal" and not a full blown rock star? Niall is talented, honest, cute, polite, humble and is not just a good looking face to tape to your wall.

If people could get passed the "Looks surpass Talent" state of mind, I wouldn't be surprised to see him at the top. Not saying that everyone who voted for the others were just based on their looks, but I know that a lot did because that's normally what most fangirls point out.

Niall sings great and has a voice that stands out from the other band members and he can play guitar. Also has a great personality and seems to be least likely to have the fame go to his head.
Zayn is a good singer, but his voice is similar to Harry's and just doesn't seem unique to really stand out. I can't say much about his personality because I haven't seen much of it.
Harry's story is akin to Zayn's. Though he does seem to act more approachable.
Liam seems to be average when is comes to talent.
Louis... Well, he just doesn't have too pleasant a voice for singing.

Niall should be on the top on the list! I just love his voice in every song! Back then I wasn't a directioner so I couldn't tell which is which. But my favorite part of some of the songs were sung by Niall! I was like "No wonder! " I just love him! I created my own list " Best One Direction Guys", you guys should type it in the search box! PLEASE! And tell me what you think! THANKS EVERYONE! Love you NIALL! - Awesomepurplegirl is Liam at the top? Like no offense but seriously?

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5Louis Tomlinson

Guys, the others are really good, and I know that they were on X-Factor, but look, I feel like the others are talented but there are other people who they could sound very similar to in the music industry, but when you listen to Louis, you have no doubt that it is Louis, because his voice is so unique and special and just because you can't appreciate that doesn't make him a bad singer. I think a lot of people voted for the others because they like them overall better. Everyone LOVES Harry, Liam is pretty hot, Zayn has a dangerous thing going on that girls like, and Niall is adorable in a semichildish way. And that's why they like them, and I think that they didn't try to look past that to figure out who is the best SINGER. I think Zayn might be the best, but Louis SO does not deserve to be last.

Even though my Lou has the least solos, his voice is unique, not the usual-popular-singer voice, but the warm tone to it. His voice may seem thinner than that of the other lads, if he didn't sing together with the others in the choruses, it would sound significantly different. His backup vocals make 1D songs sound so much sweeter.

If you listen to live acoustics of One Direction, his voice is very beautiful. While people say they can't make out his voice in the choruses, but during live acoustics of What Makes You Beautiful, Harry and Louis sing together for the chorus, and it's just so beautiful beyond words.

I feel the need to defend my boobear, as well as all the other boys. Lou is my favourite, no doubt, but comparing voices this way is very unfair. Think of it, if any of the boys see this, how would they feel when you insult their singing? All their voices are beautiful in their own way, there's no such thing as a poor voice in One Direction.

They just want to live their dreams, their passion for singing, not to get hate on their voices.

If you notice, Lou's dress sense is very stylish, yet simple to wear anyday, anytime. His stripes, overalls, red pants and sockless sneakers are unique, very Lou :) and he smile is so handsome, his eyes are so deep and trusting. He can dance the best among the guys, and his sense of humour is what I like in guys ) He can play the piano too, and he can be sensible and serious, yet so adorable at times. His eyes twinkle the most too <3

Overall, he's pretty much perfect to me. Louis William Tomlinson, we love you! I'm so proud of you!

-Love from Singapore

Louis is under appreciated. I feel so bad for him all the time. He dyed his hair red for charity and instead people focused on Harry, paying no mind to him. He is so talented and lovely and wonderful, and he definitely deserves more recognition.

Another wasted talent.

Good technique and great resonance for a tenor he can go way over the limits himself put on his voice.

His texture in middle range is clearly ruined by smoke and bad diet.

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