Top Ten Best Skateboard Bearings

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The Top Ten

Bones Swiss Ceramics
BONES SWISS CERAMICS ARE THE BEST! I got mine 2 weeks ago and they werent all that fast... I just takes a little bit to wear them in and now they go supper fast! GET BONES SWISS CERAMICS AND YOU WONT BE SORRY!
My bones swiss bearing lasted 13 years and they still roll faster than any other bearing I ever had get swissy.

The only kind I get is reds because they roll for along time and they do not break that easy! The second I got the bearing people said that they did not roll easy I told them that it needed time to break in and get used so much.
[Newest]Expensive yes, but outlast 4 sets of the black panthers lol

Bones Reds are perfect last long roll quick and cheap for what you get! I recently brought some spitfire burners for the same price and where terrible! 3 have popped in just weeks! Also I spent 40 pounds on some new wheels and because of my popped bearings ruined my wheels! :( GET REDS!
You can pop out the inner racer on a truck axel with the nut on... I lot like popping out a bear
I have had two sets of these and they are amazing. They are super fast and roll forever. They do take a while to break in but once you do the are great.
AwEsOmE last long fast I spun them when I first got them and it didn't go fast but when they got broken in it spun 2:00 minutes
[Newest]Best bearings ever I can cost for a block on those
More comments about Reds

3China Bone Reds
Although they aren't Swiss, the difference is that the Bones Swiss last longer for like 3 years. China Bones Reds = 8 yrs.


Fast, cheap, strong, they are sick
Dude these are some fast bearings


[Newest]Fast smooth and hard to pop

4Bones Swiss Labyrinth
A cheaper version of the ceramics
I have 2 pairs of these and the both roll SUPER fast and spin for like a minute to a minute and a half on like 30 minutes of ride time they are well worth the price and I would strongly recommend them
I have em on my element board with krux trucks and I can't complain they supply what I demand smoothness in the ride and the right amount of speed given the fact mines broke in very quickly unlike other bearings
[Newest]This is way better than reds bearings

5Rush Abec 9
Fast smooth long lasting especially if your a vert skater just like me! And bones swiss die fast even with lube
These bearings beat all, with a long lasting smooth ride. I put these on some nineballs 70 mm and they are hella fast.
They are a great way to get bearings just as good as the bones swiss but cheaper. I got rush abec 9's and they are better than my previous destructo sendai's, and those were very very good.
[Newest]Super good they are fast and they are super smooth

6Lucky Bearings
I'm ultra impressed with how my luckys held up, they're only 3s, and I have enough for reds now, and I'll probly go w/ lucky reds
Lucky are just lucky, they last long, they spin very fast, my bones broke really quickly, I skate every day so I need bearings that last and don't brake quickly that's why I picked lucky, tony hawk
I used reds but thy got slow after a while. When I got this barrings man they still rolling fast and I need fast barrings
[Newest]My little brother and I both have these on our airwalk boards and the are nice and smooth.

7Bones Swiss
Bones Swiss are great guys. You should try it!
I have bones Swiss and been skating then for almost 2 years
This is better than reds

Best thing that's not ceramic, costs less than plain reds. Really fast, smooth ride, and they last forever
They are the SAME as reds they are both made in the same factory, they are just cheaper! The only difference is reds are easier to clean but mini logo has better shields to keep dirt out.
I think these are better than reds I have both
[Newest]I bot some minilogo and they suck because there are just to hard on there selfs

9Bones Reds Ceramic
I think that there ok but you should try them and see what you think

10Element Juice
Dude these spun for 4 minutes after an hour of skating!

The Contenders

11Toy Machine 10
Greats bearings, very fast

12Black Panther
Black Panther bearings are super! They're great and the price makes them even better! The ceramics cost about as much as the Bones Swiss. So go get a set right now.
Black panthers are awesome they are hella fast they kept going for 5 minutes after thirty minutes of skating I truly love these bearings
Smoothest bearings ever, I got swiss, and abec 7s abec 7s are a good price easy to clean, and roll SUPER fast, I love THEM
[Newest]Best bearings I've had

13Bones Super Swiss 6
These bearing roll forever! They go super super fast don't make any noise. My only issue is now I barely have to kick around campus so I feel like I'm getting no exercis
Favorite bearings so far lasts way longer than China reds and are faster
Best bang for the buck

14Shake Junt
SHAKE JUNT BEARINGS ARE SICK FAST AND SO SMOOTH! These this will spin forever and with a price much like reds, these are the best deal, it is really worth it.
Shake junk bearings one the best bearing you get. Mine spin for 7min and 46.8 sec after 1 hour or riding. There way better then bones red and it should be worth more money then they are so go for shake junk and you won't be sorry for getting them
They are good. Especially for big drops. Its exactly what they advertise. These would probably be my choice if I was buying bearings. Very good. Lizard Kings was right! These are crispy.
[Newest]Really good bearings. You should buy them

15Bones Super REDS
These Bearings are great, been looking and researching for a while then decided to get the super reds and I honestly couldn't be happier! I do personally recommend these bearings as they roll quick, fast and move very easily. They are also quite cheap as well which is great! :D
Bones Super Reds are my favorite all-time bearings! You have to try them! There really cheap and you can pick them up at any local skate or surf shop. Just give them a try! You won't regret it!
This bearings are pretty fast they are also cheap if you can't afford bone swiss I would recommend you to get these bearings you won't regret it

Just cannot believe how fast I went. Just. Amazing.
I ain't never felt no speed like this before yo!
Dude I was going so fast that it was faster that swiss ceramics!

I got these a long time ago when they came in a kit with its own oil in a metal case, and they lasted for more than 3 years being beat up constantly and only cleaned them twice in that time. There are faster and smoother bearings out there, but these still got better quality and stand a beating much better than black panthers and China reds (which are still good bearings in my opinion.
They last longer and roll faster than other $10 bearings that are hyped. I got them on all my vintage cruisers and I've never had an issue.
FAST is all I can say, they good

18Spit Fire
They are best bearings I ever had. They spin very fast and last forever. Also they are cheap. So trust me those bearings are insane.
I have skated spit fire my whole life. I had them as my first set and loved them
Are awesome and cheap

19Rush Bombers
They're the best ones! I go super fast down hills and in the park. Definitely the best choice.
Rush bombers are sick and are 10 bucks at zumiez
Awesome I've had them for 2 years
[Newest]I love my rush bombers there great

Precision double-rubber shielded chromium steel bearings lubricated with Bones Speed Cream


21Rush Abec 7
Ok bearings, go for Rush ABEC 9 or Reds
Ok. Got my board a few years ago. Almost 14 and started into boarding hard. These are pretty good for the price. I recommend to all beginners because they roll well... Decent. There's lots of bumpy riding on my road that's dirty and rocky but helps my balance a lot. Amazing on the 'routes' one right by my house and they're pretty Smooth. There are better but these are almost half redz and do pretty well.

22Abec 7
These bearings are pretty good, they take some riding time, but then, they are fast, man! They last a long time, and are good price, too! Get ABEC 7!
Beast! And super good price!
Best barrings rides super fast

Its a new bearing company made by paul rodriguez and joey brezinski I have the andale swiss they are super fast and smooth lots of pros ride for them try them they come in abec 5,7, swiss
Amazing fast smooth and all around amazing bearings for cheap these should be number one only reason they ain't is cause they new
The reason they have put them so low is because know body knows them. They are way better that my bones swiss.
[Newest]THEY ARE THE BEST. I have andale swiss. BEAST. they can take a beating

24Indy 7's
I'm going to be straight out.. I have skated every well known bearing except for the ceramics and I can honestly say indy 7s and bones swiss are the best... they are identical in performance put the bones are easier to clean thus they end up lasting longer
Absolutely up there with Bones Swiss. I've been skating since 76 and I've had NMB, Germany speed, Speedy Lunatic, Reds, Swiss, Indys, Zero, ATM, ETC... Indy 7s are what I've been buying lately.
These roll so much better then bones reds and roll for 20 seconds with the right wheels.

25World Industry Bearings
They aren't very durable but they spin fast and last forever if you don't change the wheels by yourself
I had them they rust fast

26ABEC 5
I bought ABEC 5 pig bearings and they are better than bones reds but cost $50 still worth it though!
ABEC 5 aree dope, smooth and fast skating!

27Modus 7
they are better than modus 5 because they are the next level up and there the third fastest and that is a fact there was a comp

This is awesome bearings I have been skating with thEm over 3years now thEiR awesome
I think is speed demons bearings

29Diamond Bearings
Diamond bearings are spectactular
Just take good care of them and don't
Forget to clean them every time you
Use your board and keep them out of
Rain dirt mud anything that will slow
Them down diamond bearings are fast!
Just keep them clean

This is a great brand of bearings people. I highly recommend these because they are made in the USA, and are built with very accurate precision. I strongly recommend these bearings over the ceramic one because the steel balls in these bearings are smoother and much harder than the ceramic balls. Sure ceramic balls are lighter than steel balls but they are also much more brittle and rough than steel balls. The tolerances between the raceway and the ball is very minimal in Oust's bearings making it a very premium product. I highly recommend you get this bearing.
Redesigned cages for proper alignement makes these outroll all others!

These are really bad they don't last they are rusty and once it touches a bit of water ther you need knew ones

My friend has them and they are actually really good and fast
Sucks, I put them on like two hours ago and skated em 2 minutes abd starts making randomnoise and then all the sudden one bearing gets stuck and throws me off

33DISCO Bearings Hybrid
Sick Aussie company. 6 regular balls and 1 self cleaning ceramic. Heaps cheaper than full ceramic ball bearings with a lot of the advantages!
Australian company doing some really rad things! These DSCO Hybrids are fast self cleaning bearings
Fastest bearings I've ever had

34Motors 5
They are the fastest ever

Rush should be number 1 because I still have two pair and I had them for more than 4 months and they look like they are brand new rush forever. It should be at least top three
Rush Hybrid Bearings best for price... US $15

36Toy Machine Abec 7
Mate they are madd alright. They are smooth and fast I recommend them a lot to skaters
These are priced like redz, but much quieter, smoother, and faster. Plus they come in a best pez dispenser type thing that is awesome.
What are you talking about these are terrible

37FKD Sawblade
These are great bearings owned by silver trucks, so they are great quality. Fast and quiet and steezy.

Good for beginners low speed very durable and if your just now learning to do your tricks then in my opinion they are a good to use for skating
Good for begginers, durable


40ABEC 9
Stepped inner race and rubber seals on both sides keep the dirt out. Extra deep ball grooves prevent sideways blow outs. Fast, smooth, strong!

41Spitfire Cheapshots
They are very good for cheap price
There so fast and smothe these and bones reds are the fastest barrings in the world

42Synopsis Ceramics


There very good, I have had them for four years already and the go smooth, their very nice. 😙



47Abec 7 LiteZpeed

48Sick Six Abec 9
Fastest and most durable bearing ever


50Destructo Sendai

51Bear Space Balls
They are very smooth and you ride more on one pump than normal bearings also there is a built in spacer so you have less parts

52Shake Jaunt Triple OG's
They're all around great bearings and you roll in style and 7th fastest bearings

53Andale Bearings
Why are these last I had them for 2 years now and they still run fast. Have you ever seen Chris chann skate and he rides these.

54Spitfire Classics

55Element Swiss
Bought them a year ago and loved em! Still super fast!

56Shake Junt Abec 5
They amazing I have owned around 4 pairs and they have all been perfect.

57Jart White Abec 7

58Alien Workshop Super Sonic

59Bones Reds
Excellent bearings but not in top 5.
Just amaizing. Fast and cheap

60NMB Bearings
Good all-rounder indoor and out, but not as fast as Reds or mini logos!
Good bearings not as fast as Bones Reds or Mini logo's!

61Fast As Hell
There called fast as hell and they are fast as hell they are the 2nd fastest bearings in the world AND THEY LOOK BEAST
I have these are white they look awesome and they are fast and smooth

62Diamond Rings Hella Fast Abec-5
It takes maybe a day of riding with these bearings but after that I promise you that you'll have some ridiculously fast bearings!

They are more then best

They don't even exist anywhere but they are fast as hell!

Love them super fast

66Hard Luck Great Times Ceramic
These are the best bearings that I have ever ridden and they are cheaper than the bones ceramics

67Hard Luck
The best bearings I have ridden in a long time

68Sunday Bearings Abec 7
These are the best bearings I've ever had

69Independent Black
Roll fast last forever, I've never had to do maintmence. As fast as bones swiss maybe faster but for 25$

Reds bones brings are awesome they spin forever and last long I hade them four 9 years

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