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1 Giovani dos Santos Giovani "Gio" dos Santos Ramírez is a Mexican footballer who currently plays for Major League Soccer club LA Galaxy and the Mexico national team.

Yes, I think he should be #2, he's my favorite player very skillful and amazing shooting, this boy still has a long career ahead of him he creates plays, assists, goals, He is a team player always wanting to get better, and he has he has amazing dribbling skills I thought his best goal was in the 2011 gold cup final vs usa, now that was a real beauty. He never gives up, he's the player willing to do anything for his team

Dos Santos is better than Chicarito, it's just that's people like Chicarito more cause of his attitude, he is a girl magnet, and gives good speeches not because of his skill. If it came to skill it would be Dos Santos, also Hernadez (Chicharito) isn't even top 10 Mexican soccer player at skill. (I did research and it seems like Dos Santos has better power ranking). Also he used to play for Barcelano for 2 years, 1 yr in bench and 1 in the field) Chicharito just sits in the bench a lot and only plays 10-15 min at the end.

My most favorite soccer player sense the 2010 South Africa world cup, my idle. Plus how can someone compare this guy to Chicharito. Gio got dribbling skills, shooting, and is way more talented at passing than Chicharito. Also unlike chicharito he doesn't fall as easy. Sorry chicharito your talented I admit but not as good as gio

Should not be number big fan of his but he needs to be below Hugo, Rafa, Andres, and L. Hernandez because his career is not consistent due to injuries. So he should respectfully be at #5 which is being generous he has not lived up to his expectations after leaving barca. from switching to mid to forward his goals have not increased a fair amount to rank him this high although I hope he can get it together in the mls.

2 Javier Hernández Javier Hernández Balcázar is a Mexican professional footballer who plays as a forward for German club Bayer Leverkusen and the Mexico national team.

This guy is the best he gets Mexico goals in every game, why is he in the bottom he has scored 39 goals in just 24 international matches he's played. He deserves to be number 1.

I think he should be number 1 cause he has 44 goals. More than anyone. ( besides Jared Borguetti within goals) He is and he he is the first mexican to go to England and Germany! He has inspired many people &always the best player on his team

Went straight to the top he didn't have to wait to prove him self like Hugo he just gotten the opportunity he deserves! Amazing intuition great speed And humble!

He plays for Manchester united and his nickname chicharito is on his Jersey, he has incredible ball handling skills and is the best player on Mexico today, and ever.

3 Luis Hernandez

He is Mexico's all time leading goal scorer! He scored many impressive goals through out many games, he should at least be in top ten!

Luis Hernandez always played for the Team and for the People!

4 Andres Guardado

This guy is Mexico's best, this rankings must be outdated. There's no way Gio is number 1 just no dam way..

He always play with he's heart. And that's what it takes to be the best player ever!

He is a great midfielder. he scored a beautiful goal against Jamaica in the final.

He plays with heart and passion!

5 Vella

Ok who ever posted "Man all these chicharito fans probably some random girls who think he's cute he sucks missing that penalty almost cost the game against Costa Rica Vela the best he's scoring goals in Spain isn't he! " really? He just messed ok, he was the top scorer at 2011 gold cup, and so far Chicharito has scored 40 goals so far with Mexico and he even played with one of the best teams which is Real Madrid and Manchester United and bye I wrote this on July 20, 2015

Man all these chicharito fans probably some random girls who think he's cute he sucks missing that penalty almost cost the game against Costa Rica Vela the best he's scoring goals in Spain isn't he!

He has a bad game and people criticize him. This is probably why he doesn't like playing with Mexico. The fans expect to much out of one player. He is the best that Mexico has right now.

Vela is the best... They are starting to compare him to Messi and Ronaldo and even hugo sanchez!

6 Rafael Márquez

Won everything in Europe and a Mexican league title. Just needs the world cup to be better then hugo sanchez...

Don't forget he notched up a few free kicks back in his day.

The best he should if been number 1 and javier should of been number 2

7 Gerardo Torrado

Ya know, he may not score goals, but he was the one who set up the goal! He was the heart and soul of Mexico's team. He may be old now, but he was once a fantastic player.

8 Efraín Juárez

Great style of play you can tell her really puts his heart into it.

Gives it his all every game and always makes an impact on the field

9 Hugo Sanchez Hugo Sánchez Márquez is a retired Mexican professional footballer and manager. A prolific goalscorer known for his spectacular strikes and volleys, Sánchez is widely regarded as Mexico's greatest-ever footballer, and one of the greatest players of his generation.

How can anyone compare Hugo Sanchez to someone like chicharito who can't keep the ball on his feet (chicharito is good and I am thankful that he has gave Mexico is the win but can't compare for mow). Hugo Sanchez is for now the best Mexican player.

I think he should be number 1. He is a Mexican legend who played on both Madrid's, stinky Pumas, and the best team in Mexico, Club America.

Hugo never had a international team. Back in his time Hugo was Mexico. Even so he did what chicharito couldn't: score in real madrid.

Best player Mexico has ever had both nationally and internationally!

10 Cuauhtémoc Blanco

Sheer talent, vision and skill. A true icon in the most winning team in Mexico which is "coincidentally" the most hated, America. Hated in America but loved when he played for Mexico. Hate me more

One of the most skillful maestro's in football history, deserves to be in the top 10!

Just great soccer player

He is the heart and soul

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11 Chucky Lozano

Lozano's got a bright future ahead of him, his name will be in lights one day.

He is the best

12 Bravo
13 Raul Jimenez

He was a great player for Club America especially his penalty against Cruz Azul in the final.

Best in the world

14 Borgetti

Better that vela, currently had the most goals for the Mexican national team, chicharito in second..

15 Guillermo Ochoa

Best goalkeeper I have seen so far!

Great, the best for real!

Ochoa is the best goal keeper in the Mexican team that they ever had

He is super good

16 Carlos Vela

Carlos Vela is so underrated. Look at how well he did in his first season at Arsenal. Mexico need to give this guy a chance.

Dumb! He should be in top 7

He is a good forward!

17 Oribe Peralta

He has made very important goals like, when he made a goal against USA!

I think he should be 4

You are my player

18 Marco Fabian
19 José de Jesús Corona

Amazing goal kepper he's gained all the confidence in the world by his teams internationally as well as clubs. Certainly one of the best Mexican goalkeepers

He deserves to be the greatest goalkeeper in mexico history after winnig the olympics with incredible saves.

Why is that best

20 Arce

One of the best

21 Buatista
22 Salcido
23 Jesus Manuel Corona
24 Pavel Pardo

He is very good

25 Alan Pulido

He's the best forwards

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