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Songs from the Christian rock band Skillet that you think is best. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Awake and Alive
I love the female part even more in the song. Gives a awesome feeling to the song.
This Song Great Hear Music And Guitar Sound and It Better Than Monster :P Have Fun Guys
I didn't what to chose between this song or Hero... but I think I chose this
[Newest]It's beautiful, conjures scenes of epic courage and bravery
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The music is really catchy... Hats of to them for creating such great music... This song made me a huge fan of skillet
My absolute favourite Skillet song! Every time I listen to it It's like listening to it for the first time. Also love the fireworks in the video.
Keep up the awesome work!
Catchy tune, great lyrics, smacking beats... I love everything about hero... Made me a big fan of skillet
[Newest]John can I have you email address and you phone number please
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3Whispers In the Dark
I can hear this song a hundred times and not get tired. Is my best rock song.
No you'll never be alone
When darkness comes I'll light the night with stars
Hear the whispers in the dark.
And dude the guitarist is amazing
I've listened to Skillet since they started. The song that they show most talent and skill is this one. The guitars, vocals, drums, and everything else is perfectly executed. Its inspiring and beautiful. There's no way this is not number one.
It's the best alter rock song I've ever heard. Surely it's a better song than HERO. Also, Skillet is the best alter rock band ever.
[Newest]Can you take a picture of you and send it to me with Corey and with Jin and Seth and you

AWESOME song. My top 5 are:
1. Monster
2. Hero
3. Awake And Alive
4. Comatose
5. Whispers In The Dark
One day Too Late is by far the best by this one is just close behind! Too bad my favorite is not on this list... This song is amazing however! My first Skillet song and will always be my favorite rockish one by them
I love this song! I think this should be #1! I like the monster voice 2 it is epic! Please vote for this song! It is awesomeness!
[Newest]Skillet thank you so much
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this song is such a beautiful song! bet those who didn't vote for this haven't heard this one!
This is definitely no. 1, the only missing in this song is jen ledger, why is she not singing in this perfect music?
Why the heck would anyone vote for awake and alive over comatose! Comatose has by far the best lyrics out of all the songs by skillet and is just such an amazing song! Please at least listen to this song before you vote for garbage like Awake and Alive. Comatose is so underrated!
[Newest]Beautiful song! No. 1, perfect music and the best lyrics

One of the most epic songs ever. They have a string orchestra doing half of the music.


An amazing s=song just pumps you up when ever you listen to it. It can make you happy or sad but good song never the less!
because its like coming back to god and let him know your their
[Newest]I feel the effort put into this song was greater than the others. Plus I love the Woman's voice in it. Plus it gets me pumped up.

7The Last Night
This song has gotten me through so much. My friend showed it to me and said it reminds him of me. Admittedly I cried my eyes out when I saw the similarities between the lyrics and my life. But the song is pure truth. Skillet is amazing
Just awesome and it speaks the truth. It made me weep and its lyrics are the mirror image of some peoples love life. Best song of the century
This song is just amazing, I cry when I hear it! <3 it is really personal to me and I just can't wait to listen to it! Everything it's good about this song especially the lyrics!
[Newest]This is my favorite song, because this song saved me!

8Not Gonna Die
Tremendous strings, a great guitar solo, rocking drums, powerful emotion, and strong lyrics makes this one of the best, if not the best, Skillet songs of all time. I'm an avid Skillet fan with favorites such as Collide, Savior, Rebirthing, Whispers in the Dark; trust me, I'm inclined to make this song in the top 2 easy.
The only reason this isn't at the top is because it was added late off their new album. This song has everything I like in a song, all mashed into one. I can listen forever and not once get sick of it. I think it's about a guy in the middle of war, and all his comrades around him are dying, and he's about to be with them. Them he remembers his wife and swears he won't die for her. Amazing song!
My favorite song from the Rise album! I like listening to it with the outro of Good to be Alive, too.
[Newest]I listen to this when I'm losing motivation... it helps. should be in top 5!

9Falling Inside the Black
Thisis one of the best by them, the singing ^^ lyrics are really great in here.
Should have been the best song, at least should have been in top 2! Skillet for the win!
My list also would not include whispers in the top 3!
One of the bes

Sklet,... You are very good. Your lyrics usually have inspired me. Now I just listen your song. You should be at number band
[Newest]SKillets most underrated song

This song inspired me to start playing guitar... how can it not be at least in the top 5 and whispers in the dark should be no 1.. not no 3
It's a really good song. Good Guitar.. Good Everything
My second favorite skillet song. The guitar is the best!
:) The drums are also rely cool. I think savior should be in third.
[Newest]This song should be at like #1

The Contenders

Live version of Collide from Comatose Comes Alive just kills all the other songs!
Epic through and through. I don't even mind that it's a little long simply because of the quality
Literally the only reason I voted for this song is the music video. Watch it, (it's the one with the heroes) I very rarely tear up, but its truly inspirational!
[Newest]This Song is Epic good best song of skillet

Probably added late
Come on guys, vote this now
I know y'all love this song
Great job, Skillet! Keep it up!
Next-generation Awake and Alive! Simply one of the best song of all time.
Frekkin amazing song, there are two types of people: those who love the song and those who haven't heard it yet.
[Newest]Rise is such an amazing song!

13It's Not Me It's You
Very Good Song But all of skillet is AWESOME! But you should check out 21 pilots very good stuff I would like to go to a skillet concert Also it would be cool to meet them
Great song...needs even better spot
Very good song I think needs better rank

14Those Nights
A very special song to me, my best friend Zac and I got thro all those nites with each other!
This song has a very special meaning to me. Why isn't it higher? I think this is the best song Skillet has done. I love the other ones don't get me wrong: Hero, Monster, Awake and Alive, etc. But this one is the stuff of legend.
This song is extremely personal to me. Gets me very emotional, should be way higher. Such a beautiful song

15Live Free or Let Me Die
18! this song is so underrated but 18! it needs to be in the top 10 if not the first place. maybe it's because this song is not famous as monster and hero but not 18!
This is perhaps one of the best hard rock songs ever. His voice plays in perfectly with the screaming instrumentals. Definitely gets my vote.


Everything is perfect in the song! Vocals, instruments, everything! It really deserves to be in the top 10. I think it should pass "rebirthing" in my opinion... Surely got my vote.
[Newest]Come on people vote

16Looking for Angels
amazing and unbeliveable :D

and all of us are looking for angels but they never appear
jus love zis song
I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH, everywhere I turn people are looking for angels I can totally relate to this song and the lyrics are so beautiful by FAR better than Hero up there why would ANYONE in their right minds pick hero over this!?
Another great song! Really fun to listen to and the meaning behind it combined with the lyrics makes this song unbreakable.

17Sick of It
Intense song from beginning to end and has a great beat. It's much better than #29
This is amazing live and all together a catchy tune
The screaming was amazing
[Newest]I love the ending part! & that music just moves me away! Superb

This is a beautiful, emotional song. I loved the story behind it and loved how they used rock to enhance the story. It was beautiful, heart-wrenching and brought me to the brink of tears. Listen to it if you haven't, you'll be moved, a lot.
This song is amazing and deserves a higher ranking. This song is sad and beautiful, and can apply to many situations besides what the song was for. It's about the pain of missing somebody, it hurts to think about it. One of there Best. I love Skillet
The most beautiful and moving of all the songs; written about friends who had an abortion when they were younger and afterwards their couselor told them to hold a real funeral to help them get over it- so when you know the back story its even more amazing.
[Newest]Best song, not only by skillet, but best song ever. Seriously listen to it, the lyrics mean a lot to some people like myself which just makes the song perfect. I was shocked to see that this wasn't even in the top 5. Number 1 for me by a long margin.

19Circus for a Psycho
Crazy guitar solo! An incredibly unique skillet song!
Seth gets my respect for every single guitar solo and the rest of the song too. Jen Ledger gets respect too for the drums. Korey Cooper for the rest of the guitar parts and then John Cooper for the vocals. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I like it better every time I listen to it!
Seth's guitar is insanly awesome! I don't know why this isn't in the top 5...
[Newest]The video is superb... Lovely

20Never Surrender
This song should be in the top 10. I love the feel of this song, it is my motiviation! His voice fits perfectly for the theme of this song, and I love the background music as well. My second favourite song for sure!
Probibly thier most underrated song.
Best song by far.
The lyrics are so fantastic

This song really speaks to you. Never Surrender!
[Newest]I personally have a lot in common with this song and its amazing performance is no exception

21Would It Matter
I think everyone can relate to this song at one point in their life. We all know how hard life can be and sometimes you just don't want to go on and you wonder "why am I still here? Its not like I'm important. " this song has lyrics that describe that beautifully.
This song is just wonderful, it describes just how I feel right now... This song is beautiful and I love it. It is so my favorite song from skillet, and after that his hero, but yeah, this song can make me cry sometimes, I love it!
This song is awesome! It describes your feelings when you feel unwanted and useless
[Newest]This song should definitely not be #21. It is the most meaningful song they have!

22Better Than Drugs
So was this added late?
Must be the only explanation why it isn't in the top 10 at least!

One of the best songs by skillet so far!
The song talks about how god is better than all the other addiction the lyrics are amazing true about this life how Christ helps us get out of our addiction and it is possible only through jesuschrist to break free from such strong hold, the song's got a fantastic guitar solo one if the best of skillet
This song helped me through my addiction.

23Don't Wake Me
This is, personally, the song by Skillet that I can relate to the most; a lost love, which haunts through the power of dreams; driving a person mad with regret, rendering them powerless to the comfort that their dreams give them...
Obviously the best ballad they have great singing and lyrics


This is a cool balled. Maybe Hero, Monster, and Awake and Alive kinda overshadow this song on Awake but still think its Awesome!

Two words: Jen's Voice
Jen's first lead singer song! This song is filled with so much love to God!
Korey Cooper's Voice just makes this song truly amazing. This Should Definitely be up there in Top 15.
Its Jen ledger that sings alongside john cooper in this particular song
[Newest]One of the best skillet songs might even be the best

25The Older I Get
My song is here so low... I can't believe... I love comatose album there is no need of top 10 songs of skillet... All songs of comatose should be in top 10... Great lyrics by John cooper he is my favourite... Love this song vote for it...
The first time I listened to this song I cried... Why is this song so low down here?
[Newest]All praise to skillet

26Open Wounds
The awesomest song of skillet. The song contains a very catchy lyrics and awesome electronic music. This song should be in the top ten. I don't know why this is in 18th position. Please rate for it and make it to the top ten.
Very good song, fast pace with catchy lyrics.
The greatest song ever I love this

27One Day Too Late
It's a beautiful song that make us realize that live isn't for always and that on one day everyone must thing to do something good and listen to people, friend or enemy. So don't do stupid and life your live now it can.
Oh come on... This has to be at least in the top 15, seriously? This is a song I listen to every morning, it makes me want to try alittle bit harder every day and make every minute last longer. Excellent song.
This is my favorite song by skillet, and I agree with quite a few other people that are commenting on this that I don't understand why this isn't int the top ten, or at least the top fifteen. I was scrolling around, looking for my favorite songs and I couldn't spot this one. I was confused for a while until I kept scrolling down and saw it way down here at number 21! Was this put on later or something? I really don't think that it should be this far down on the list...
Great lyrics, always makes me feel go for it. Great song...

28Yours to Hold
If someone just listens ONCE to the live version of this that they perform these days... They'll know HOW AWESOME this song sounds... Especially with jen's vocals... Its MAGICAL!
This song is so beautiful! I cried the first time I heard it... Surely it should be higher on the list than measly 27...
I just love it this song is so amazing
[Newest]Wow what a heart melting song

29Say Goodbye
Awesomeness... Super lyrics and cool music
I don't know how I came across this song but it touched my heart so much...
I listen to it everyday and never get bored

Skillet Rocks...
The best song ever please listen to it am sure that it will take your heart away please listen to it every one
This song deserves to be in top ten... Please listen it once, you are going to love it
[Newest]Oh! Come on.. This is too much awesome

Awesome song by skillet! Should be at the top of the list and deserves more attention!
Sometimes is the best song of Skillet, my list is:

1 Sometimes
2 Monster
3 Hero
4 Awake and Alive
5 Forsaken
Best song ever. It will get you pumped.


31Fire and Fury
Gorgous music and vocals, the combination of John Cooper's and Jen Ledger's voices is amazing. Fantastic lyrics too.
Powerful song, very nice intro. This should be higher, seriously. Listen to it.
This song is amazing, listen to it!
I'm sure you'll like it as much as I do

What the hell this song is so low... Its my favourite song... This song is always in my mouth.. When I'm free I automatically start to sing this song... Its best from skillet just listen to it... John cooper is best vocalist his voice is very energetic...
Hardcore song, one of the best off the album Collide. Seriously people, where's your taste in music?!

Please listen this song guys, what a nice melody...
Are you kidding me? THIS SHOULD BE THE FIRSTTT! People have no taste of music. AT ALL!

Also easily one of the best songs off of Collide. Love everything about this song, come on people!

35What I Believe
This song is definitely my favorite. Of course, it's skillet so they all are.
Epic song! Must be in top 10 definitely!
Reminds me of "awake and alive". This is Best song on new album!

Best fast song of skillet
The most underrated Skillet song. Very powerful, especially if listened to after Fingernails (another very underrated song).
It's my favorite song <3 Just adore it

37Dead inside
Seriously people come on this song is awesome. It should at the very least be in the top 20. If you haven't heard it I highly suggest you go listen to it now.
Umm excuse me! This song must have been added late. This should be in comatoses spot! :(
Best song I have ever know
[Newest]The intro is awesome

38Eating Me Away

39American Noise
My 2nd favorite. Hero is best, but this one deserves to be higher. I can't wait until Rise comes out!


One of my favorite songs and John Coopers himself. Why does no one else like it that much? :/
Way to good for 26.

40Good to Be Alive
Seriously? Why is this so low on the list? Great song!

41Battle Cry
Love this because it has the theme of war like Hero but also the way its sung makes it great to listen to.
The chorus is wonderful! Very emotional I think... Absolutely underrated!
Maybe not #1 but it deserves to be in the top ten.
[Newest]This is my third favorite song, I think it belongs much higher up

This is one of their songs that nobody has really listend to very much but it is really one of the best
So underrated! This song made me cry.. I love it! One of their best songs...
Should be in the top ten definitely

43Alien Youth
Um all these people must be new fans because theyve never heard of this song. Its the best!

Guys. Why is this song not higher up. This songs rocks
I mean this song rocks. I can't believe that it is out 'here'. This song has enough energy to move on up!
This song is heavy best sonng of skillet

I'm not sure why this is so low on the list...
It's a really important song to me, and the lyrics are incredibly relatable. I love it
This song is perfect for hellsing
Why is this song so low? I can totally relate to the lyrics and never ever get sick of it. Panheads 4 life

46A Little More
This is my absolute favorite Skillet song! It has such strong emotions about love between people, but also ties in the love of God. Plus his voice in this song! He sings so well, I wish they would do more songs like this one. (Although I love everything they do)

47Kill Me, Heal Me
Can't believe how low this is! Should be a lot higher, brilliant song!

48Best Kept Secret
How is this at such a low spot this is one of their best songs before Awake N comAtose this deserves at least top 10
Amazing song! I was singing along the first time I heard it.
Haa haa... Seriously?! People... Don't go by the ratings here... This song is seroiusly d one which shows the matured composittion ability of skillet... Deserves to be in top ten... If not @least top fifteen...

This industrial rock song is the best of skillet

50My Obsession
Come on... This songs is REALLY good I love it
This song's only number 33? I expect it'd be at least in the top 25. Seriously, it's one of Skillet's most awesome underrated songs.

51You Are My Hope
Very nice song!
I love it
One of their most under-rated songs.
One of favorite all time.

52Hard to Find
I can't believe that this song isn't higher up! It's fantastic! The chorus makes me want to rejoice and believe in God. This is for sure my favorite Skillet song.

53The Thirst Is Taking Over

54Angels Fall Down
The first time hearing this beautiful song, tears kept falling from my eyes.. this is what I call music.. I can just feel the emotions running through this music. ;-;

55Everything Goes Black
Not there best, but it should be ranked higher. It should at least be in the top ten. Vote for this!


Although I think Everything Goes Black should be moved to at least the top 20, this is a pretty solid list - Meta


57Under My Skin

58Safe With You
Stink how most of you young Skillet fans won't have heard of this song and you vote for all their latest stuff! This is classic Skillet, before they employed an image stylist.
This is one of the most awesome songs... Definitely needs to be in the list of their top songs..

59Your Love (Keeps Me Alive)
I just love it...

Skillet is an amazing band. Been a fan of them for 5 years and I get to see them live at YC 2013 Edmonton, Alberta Canada

61My Religion
Song has a great beat to it and the lyrics are pretty good. Should be higher than what it is just because the song is OBVIOUSLY Christian from other song counterparts that let you choose the meaning.
Good religious song john talks about his faith in jesuschrist

62I Can
The first Skillet song ever.

63Earth Invasion
I can't believe this isn't top 5. Probably my favorite song to play along to on the drums!

64Madness In Me
How is this not higher? Such an underrated song. He sings with such a passion. My personal favorite on the Rise album.
Definitely the most out of place on this list... One of the best Rise songs and on of the best all-time Skillet songs. Also, it's John Cooper's favorite Rise song, yet it has 0% of the votes!
Seriously this should be #1. It's my favourite song ever


66One Real Thing

67Heaven In My Veins

68Come My Way

69Hey You, I Love Your Soul

70Never Quit
Song is sooo catchy

71Rippin' Me Off

72Will You Be There (Falling Down)

73Always the Same

74Cycle Down

75You're Powerful

76More Faithful

77Should've When You Could've
Alright this deserves to be higher than 62! Lyrics are amazing. We have all wanted to sing this song to someone at one point. Or scream instead.
The Lyrics are AMAZING! I can't believe it is in the 62th place. For me, this is my favorite song for skillet.
This song is way high up on the list... seriously?! Easily one of the best songs off of Awake.
[Newest]Not the best, but easily one of the best on Awake. Yet it sits 2nd worst on this list!

Not Skillet's best song, but definitely not the worst; it's my favorite from their self-titled album.

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