Best Songs From Pink Floyd's The Wall

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21 The Show Must Go On The Show Must Go On

Should be rated higher on this list. The vocals are lovely but it is overshadowed by Comfortably Numb

That doesn't make sense. Queen has a song with the same title. I know they didn't write it first, but I'm a little confused...

It is a Queen song title but Pink Floyd made this song first. - malamJONES

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22 Outside the Wall Outside the Wall

A tear-jerking and warming end to a tragic story.

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23 Stop Stop

Short but sharp. Wright's piano work stands out here.

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24 What Shall We Do Now?

This is the real and better version of empty spaces

Not in the Studio version but in the movie.

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25 When the Tigers Broke Free When the Tigers Broke Free

I know it isn't on the album, but in the movie looks fantastic. Should be on the list

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26 Goodbye Cruel World Goodbye Cruel World

A chilling yet satisfying goodbye to ordinary social life for pink.

It's powerful. I want to pick a knife and put it in my head every time I listen to it ;-;. Goodbye

I agree with this song it doesn't talk about the word being cruel but the title is right the world is bad evil people and stuff but thank god that the usa is a safe place Canada Australia england and more but I'm talk n about North Korea Syria and Iraq

27 Vera Vera

A simple anti-war message that harks back to other generations

28 Bring the Boys Back Home Bring the Boys Back Home

One of Mason's best moments on the album and another good anti war message.

The drums rock so hard on this, and the effects at the end are brilliantly layered.

Just bring boys from war to their country

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