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82I'm Gonna Ride
83G'd Up

Best old song by him

84Young Khalifa (Burn After Rollin')

One of the best songs he has put out

85Get Your S***

Should be at least top 10. Seems like I'm the only one who likes this songs

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86My Favorite Song
87Cabin Fever
88Fly N***as Do Fly Things

One of his best. Fits his style too

Not like other wiz's songs but still awesome!

This has gotta be top 5. Such a beautiful song

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90No Social Media
91Ass Drop

Another good Wiz Khalifa song that should be on this list

Good song. Album is amazing and a masterpiece

92This Weed Iz Mine
93Till I Die

This song should be higher. Wiz was extremely awesome in this song. The lyrics and beats are perfect. Best song ever.

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Good feature all around good song

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95Extra Extra Credit

This beat is absolutely nasty. I loved Wiz back in the day, still do, just not as much. 412 all day!

96Racks On Racks

This song is just all around amazing

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98Got Me Some More

I don't know why this ain't on the list man

This song goes hard

99I'm a Star
100B.A.R (Burn After Rollin')

Favorite Wiz song by far, talk about a classic smoking song with your buds..

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